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Rebenched with PCIE 3.0 correctly enabled in BIOS (Thanks ASUS) deadjon --- i7 6800K/4.2GHz --- 1080 Ti Lightning X 2088/6310 --- 168.4 --- 4241
deadjon --- i7 6800K/4.2GHz --- 1080 Ti Lightning X 2088/6310 --- 165.4 --- 4167
I can't comment on the quality of Gigabyte boards (All my boards have been ASUS) but a few people are running them with the BW-E chips and getting results close to or the same as ASUS Boards.The reviews for your board seem pretty good too.I'd be curious to see if you can overclock your CPU properly with only 1 stick of RAM populated. It would indicate a bad memory controller.Also, the VCCSA and VCCIO voltages need to be increased to run XMP, in case you weren't aware.
You've tried running the RAM at 2133mhz and then overclocking right? Make sure cache is at stock (x28) and RAM is running at 2133 before starting an overclock. I learnt this the hard way. If you've done that stuff, then yeah - RMA stuff. I thought my chip was bad but that takes the biscuit.
Just read this post, thought I'd help out - Clock_Watchdog_Timeout is indicative of the need for more Vcore. Usually an indication of an unstable overclock.I used to get it when running Firefox, even though I was P95 stable. A small bump in Vcore fixed it for me.[EDIT] This BSOD CAN be caused by many other things, but upping the Vcore should be the first step when overclocking.
I know from talking to a few people and from experience that once Broadwell-E hits a wall, its more like Mt Everest. You might not be able to get more than 4.5 out of the chip full stop. That being said, 4.5 on a 6850K is around 4.8 on a 5820K, a very hard to hit number indeed, not to mention your ridiculously low voltage. You might get a few more Mhz by bumping the BLCK a notch or two, otherwise I'd call it quits. Are you overclocking the cache at all?
You got 4.5 on 1.3v? Holy crap. I'm at 4.3 - 1.375v - as far as I know thats around about average for a 6800K. Are the 6850Ks binned that much higher?
Update I've run Geekbench, Passmark CPU and Userbench and they are all reporting scores in line with my expectations or higher. Noticed that Sisoft Sandra uses AVX and AVX2 for its processor arithmetic. Maybe this is the cause?
Adding single core score - please edit spreasheet where possible to include correct score Score - 176
OCN Username -- Deadjon CPU -- i7 6800K CPU Clock -- 4.2Ghz CPU Score -- 1340
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