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Nothing. There have been countless amazing demos but developers never implement them.
What the heck were you expecting? The H series is meant for people who just want to put it on and go, not some custom loop show rig. They don't make them expandable by all means lol. I mean with the H50, H60, and H100 you spend over $200 right? Just bust out your wallet and shell out the $$$ for what you want.
Lol what that is a computer?
Ooh that is very cool! The problem is getting there .
Okay here we go! Finally got some stuff in today . I found 2x 1GB sticks of DDR2 ram, nothing special, but it works fine! Also got in the E8400 Motherboard has been in the case for over 2 years, so it's a bit dusty . After the dusting. I decided to give the northbridge a cleaning for a fresh start. Unfortunately the SB heatsink is absolutely glued to the chip so I decided not to push it any farther. Got to love this stuff . CPU heatsink needs some love...
Hi in
How can you trust a used GPU from Amazon when they don't even give you pics?
I really loved how you had to work for prestige in Crysis 1 to buy things. It worked really well in getting people to do stuff and was a ton of fun. Too bad they are shutting it down .
She was actually running an E4500 originally, but about a year ago I sold him because I wasn't using it. So I just bought an E8400 from a fellow OCNer and it should be here next week.
Very cool thanks for posting
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