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Most of the ones on Newegg are fine. If you are going through a heavier wall and you are able to run a cable through it you might want to get an access point to get better signal.
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Yeah probably. 1080p playback doesn't take a whole lot of resources.
Hip key is one. I remember there was a big kickstarter project for one last year too.
What makes it better than the other products that do the same thing?
5.0 is supposed to have a big performance increase. I don't know about he coolpad though.
It would be nice if you could say what the phones were considering there is a lot more to consider than that.
Yeah not yet though. The devs got to make the ROM first which I don't think they have yet. Check on xda.
I don't get what you are asking. You want the Nexus 6? Okay get it. Want an Android watch? Okay get it. Want a bunch of charging stations? Okay get them.
I've actually never heard of a Coolpad so there might not be one, but go check for an Android Development section in the XDA Dev forums. From looking at that picture it seems like it is running a customized version of Android, not stock, so if they do find a new ROM that's vanilla Android it will look a lot different. What kind of features were you looking for in the upgrade?
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