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I hate to be dumb but I can't seem to figure it out . Where do you get them on cryptrader?
Your parts look good. Using copper pipes is an interesting task though. I have seen it a few times, but very rarely. I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. I don't believe you can just slap on a compression fitting/alligator clamp like you do with normal plastic tubing, you have to either put cement/lubrication in between the fittings with a copper compression fitting, or solder them together with a torch and all. I don't see that working with water blocks that...
So if you have an ethernet connection avaliable, all you need is a wifi access point or a router (both will work). Just find a cheap on and place it where you like. It will let you connect to wifi from that point then. If you cannot get an ethernet cable then you need a wifi repeater, or get better antennas/direction antennas for the existing router.
I had something similar to that with my GTX 480, but after it would pixelate/shift it would either go back to normal or freeze and crash. It turned out to be a bad card. Hopefully that isn't the case with yours. I would try moving slots with it and reinstalling drivers.
What does it feel like?
Sounds good man. Case is completely up to you and what you like visually.
Tradingview doesn't have many coins though, does it?
When you say trading spikes do you mean in the daily volume without a big swing in price?
I honestly haven't seen a big difference between phones. I have heard the One M8 H/K edition is good. You could also get a separate portable amp if you really care.
Yes it will probably be faster. If you install a new kernal you can probably save on some battery life too. If it is worth it is up to you. It took me about 3 hours to get my first ROM flashed. You have the chance of bricking your phone though, so take that into account. A lot of people on here flash ROMs so it is worth it to them. Good luck!
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