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I don't get what you are asking. You want the Nexus 6? Okay get it. Want an Android watch? Okay get it. Want a bunch of charging stations? Okay get them.
I've actually never heard of a Coolpad so there might not be one, but go check for an Android Development section in the XDA Dev forums. From looking at that picture it seems like it is running a customized version of Android, not stock, so if they do find a new ROM that's vanilla Android it will look a lot different. What kind of features were you looking for in the upgrade?
People seem somewhat one sided, so I will add my two cents. I think there are really only a few key differences between the two. Processing specs really don't matter at this point since someone has already pointed out that android can lag compared to the fluidity of IOS even with the latest quad core. IOS and Android are personal preferences. I mean you can customize android a lot, but is that something you would actually do? IOS just tends to work all the time, no real...
Let's face it, Apple does phones the best in the areas where most people care about like function ability, looks, and connect ability.
Was thinking of the note 4 but I hate touchwiz and I'm not sure if I can take a selfie with one hand with it. IPhone 6 is awesome but I enjoy the features of android a bit more. The one m8 seems kind of tall to me and the camera isn't that good.Was definitely thinking g3 but I have heard the battery isn't great.Will check it out.I need the invite thing for a one plus one.I don't really like windows phones, I want to stick with android.Nope, they don't have any if the...
So I am looking for a new phone with the following stuff: Good build quality metal or high quality plastic Over 5" At least a 1080p screen Decent battery I am coming from a note 1 which I have been running with kitkat for 3.5 years and it's been really glitchy lately so that's why I am looking for a new phone.
This. For me I mainly do it to get vanilla android. If you don't think you would want any of that stuff then don't do it.
I mean all of em are garbage really. I have att and their lte seems to be the fastest with pretty decent coverage in urban areas. Verizon has more coverage if you want that. Get whatever is cheapest though. I don't know how much data you use, but Verizon is more expensive on lower tier plans compared to att and vice versa on higher tier plans.
I would buy an iPhone and keep it.
I mainly do it to get rid of the weird carrier apps and eventually install vanilla android.
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