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I used DD-WRT on an old WRT54G to do exactly what you want to do. I can confirm that it works flawlessly (as flawlessly as it can when the router is 8-9 year old and acting up a bit on its own ) If you've got a spare router lying around, definitely go for it.
I hate to break the discussion at hand, but has anyone else had trouble with mouse tracking? In CS:GO my mouse is fine, but in nearly every other game I try I try to play, I just spin around in circles looking either at the floor or the ceiling, with no real middle ground. It only started happening since I got my Ti. I tried a few different drivers versions as well.
I need to stop posting at 2:30 AM... In that case, I'll just say that Intel probably invests more money into CPU R&D than AMD does.
You're talking about different types of chips. Intel makes CPU, AMD and Nvidia GPUs. What works for one doesn't work for another. It would be like asking why Ferrari doesn't copy a quality pick up with how to make an engine. Engines for two different purposes.
I meant the slight leak from the fans, not the coil whine.
Do MSI cards still have that problem with the ball bearings in the fans?
Not much to be said about these, title says it all really. Used for a few months for mining, never OC'ed, run in basement without heat during colder months. Come complete with box, except for may an input port cover or two. Price is shipped to US48. Discount for multiple, discount for folders (because losing money should at least be for a good cause ).
From playing with it in the store, I found it really weird to not have buttons for screen on/off and volume up/down. If that doesn't bother you, or you don't imagine it bothering you, the size seems really fantastic and fits nicely in the hand.
And to think I just got a M&L edition and ALBW for Christmas this past year. Has Nintendo made it easier to transfer games over between systems yet? because I'm about to pick up EOU, but I wouldn't want to lose the ability to play it on a new system. I'll have to wait and see what exclusives come out. ALBW was basically what I got the 3DS for.
6 millisecond typical gray-to-gray response time 80,000:1 maximum dynamic contrast ratio 16:9 aspect ratio 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz maximum resolution Glass laminate glossy panel with antiglare coating Copied right from Monoprice's site.
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