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3 MSI cards left.
I know the position of just about everyone on here when it comes to ASIC's, but I've got a chance to get 2 AntMiner S1 with power supplies for $160. That's not a bad price when you consider the power supplies right?
Price is back up to $180.
I know they don't look as professional, and I'm not sure about how long they will last, but the DX Racer chairs are apparently really good. I sat in a store brand one at MicroCenter and I have to say that thing is comfortable. It makes sense though. It's styled after car seats, and those things are designed to be comfy for a long time.
Just looking at a few of the parts, I think he did the total cost of that part for all the machines in total. Otherwise, how else would he be spending $600+ on Windows?
Asus Vento?
A game I forgot I had wanted to try out, thanks for the heads up!
I used DD-WRT on an old WRT54G to do exactly what you want to do. I can confirm that it works flawlessly (as flawlessly as it can when the router is 8-9 year old and acting up a bit on its own ) If you've got a spare router lying around, definitely go for it.
I hate to break the discussion at hand, but has anyone else had trouble with mouse tracking? In CS:GO my mouse is fine, but in nearly every other game I try I try to play, I just spin around in circles looking either at the floor or the ceiling, with no real middle ground. It only started happening since I got my Ti. I tried a few different drivers versions as well.
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