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Bump. Is there anyone out there on this forum anywhere? (Sarcasm of course, I know how big we are. )
So I've been searching the internet high and low, and I've just come to my wits end with trying to find what I need to do what I want. I'm looking to build a small HTPC/media server to use with an HDHR Prime CableCard. I've got it set up and working just fine with WMC, but that creates copy protected .wtv files for most of the shows I would end up recording. So I'm looking for a solution to record TV shows on DRM channels, possibly convert them into a more common file,...
Very interesting for sure. I wish I could personally get my damn Solidoodle Press to finish a single print...
Ah, they made it a lot more shallow. Suppose I could always put my monitors in the corner for the extra depth.Thanks!
Is that the Ikea Bekant?If it is, would you mind telling me 2 dimensions? The depth on the long side, and the depth from the curve to the corner. I'm trying to figure out if it's deep enough for my monitor stand.
So I know I haven't been around lately, but I was in a thrift store looking for old video games with my friend when I saw this thing. I have no idea if it's mechanical, what it even is, or it it's worth it. I was hoping maybe someone here could figure out what it is. Price is marked at $99.99. Sorry in advance for potato picture.
What he said. Welcome to OCN!
I think the BlackWidow Classic has "blue" switches (Razer's own in house green colored switched, which I believe are nearly identical to blues, just with a slightly shorter travel distance.
Fixed it the same way I fixed another odd mouse issue with Minecraft. Run as Administrator. For some reason, this makes things work.
I'm not sure where you would be able to find one at this point, but I know that the old Alienware P2 cases were pretty damn long. I've got one sitting in my basement right now and it's probably as long, if not longer, than my HAF 932 (which I believe has the same dimensions as the X).
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