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Model M SSK on CL.
PM sent.
Saved some money by not jumping on the Poker with clears. Still waiting on my Poker with browns to get here.
One of our own is the latest one to join the drop for the Poker with clears. I'm still on the fence.
I believe around the $100 mark or so, if not a little bit higher. Someone else could probably provide the exact amount, but hopefully the ballpark is enough.
To ask a stupid question, once you get all the gear and specs for running T6 rifts, what exactly do you do? Is there a leader board of sorts, just satisfaction that you can take on the game consistently on the hardest setting?
I'm actually starting to think it's the PSU and not the GPU. In a Prodigy is a bit difficult to determine the source of sounds.
So I did miss the stickers on the center of the fans. I ran Precision and increased the fan by 5% from 30 to 100, and no noise. However, when I play Trackmania 2 (Don't worry, not the only game I bought the card for. ) it almost sounds like I can hear it processing. Is my hearing just way too sensitive, or should I just move my case off my desk to the floor so it's further from my ears?
One day, I'll understand artisan caps. Today is not that day.
My EVGA ACX model makes some odd noises, which sound like fan scraping I guess?, when under load. I'm not sure how normal this is.
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