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That 480 is tempted me...
I don't do anything that warrants having it, but boy do I want it. Just worried about Windows scaling.
To the people saying to sell off those Ubi stocks, what you really are going to want to do it *short* them.
Game has some of the weirdest enemy design I've ever seen, and it fits perfectly. It's free, and certainly worth the download.
Didn't know how the Surface Pro 3 was packaged, and I was opening the box in the air. Dropped it before I had even finished opening the box. Thankfully I have carpet (and of course it partially hit the mic stand I have), and it's built solid, so it turned right on no issue. Also still had the plastic on it. I was just scared I was going to break the screen.
Problem with light guns is that the technology that made them work required CRT TV's. Unless someone figures out how to invent a new technology that allows light guns to work with LCD/LED TV's, we're stuck with work-arounds like the Wiimtoe and PS Move controller. (FWIW, I've never used the PS Move, but I have a vague understanding of how it works, so it might actually be fantastic, I don't know.)
I was about to ask how you were going to aim, forgetting how the Wii/Wii U controller works. The problem with the Wiimote is that it won't have that incredibly loud spring-click sound of the gun. That sound is up there with the Tetris theme song for nostalgia, even though I'm not sure I had it when I was very young.
MP has CTF and a game mode like Harry Potter Quidditch. That's all I needed to hear. I mean, I hate what the series has turned into, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't miss crazy games of CTF.
Just drop it in Feb/March like Bioware did with Mass Effect 2 or 3 was it? And 2K did with Infinite? I'm all for it, but backlogs are part of what PC gamers PC gamers. The fact that we have always have games to play.
I would pick this up for SLI, but, 1. I don't have a PSU that could drive that. 2. I don't have a motherboard with 2 PCI-e slots (mITX). 3. One card saying Classified and the other not would drive me nuts.
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