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Almost to 1800 right now. I'm certainly in the market for new headphones, though mostly for gaming than music, so I'm not sure I would really benefit from these.
Steam Gift Card.Solid deal for sure, though not quite as nice as the $50 DA + $50 GC some months back.I might have to make a stop and pick one up on the way home from work tonight.EDIT: Deal isn't showing up for me when I add both to cart.
They have (I think, I've never actually been) a big physical store in Manhattan in a pretty prime location a block or two away from MSG. They're as legit as anyone.
That 480 is tempted me...
I don't do anything that warrants having it, but boy do I want it. Just worried about Windows scaling.
To the people saying to sell off those Ubi stocks, what you really are going to want to do it *short* them.
Game has some of the weirdest enemy design I've ever seen, and it fits perfectly. It's free, and certainly worth the download.
Didn't know how the Surface Pro 3 was packaged, and I was opening the box in the air. Dropped it before I had even finished opening the box. Thankfully I have carpet (and of course it partially hit the mic stand I have), and it's built solid, so it turned right on no issue. Also still had the plastic on it. I was just scared I was going to break the screen.
Problem with light guns is that the technology that made them work required CRT TV's. Unless someone figures out how to invent a new technology that allows light guns to work with LCD/LED TV's, we're stuck with work-arounds like the Wiimtoe and PS Move controller. (FWIW, I've never used the PS Move, but I have a vague understanding of how it works, so it might actually be fantastic, I don't know.)
I was about to ask how you were going to aim, forgetting how the Wii/Wii U controller works. The problem with the Wiimote is that it won't have that incredibly loud spring-click sound of the gun. That sound is up there with the Tetris theme song for nostalgia, even though I'm not sure I had it when I was very young.
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