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2 MSI cards left.
Is Cryptsy having problems right now? I'm trying to withdraw to LocalBitcoins and it's just taking a really long time right now.
BL:TPS not available in my region.
Actually, I just noticed I don't have volume in the HDHR View program either, just video. I just restarted my whole network including the HDHR.
I've been trying for the better part of a day to get this connected and working right. I've set up the HDHR with the CableCard and got that activated. I can see video but no audio from the built in software, and WMC detects the tuners (all 3). The problem however comes when I try to watch live TV with it. WMC tells me "Tuner Not Available" and that it's in use by another device, even though almost nothing is running on my PC period. I'm really at my wit's end with this....
Almost to 1800 right now. I'm certainly in the market for new headphones, though mostly for gaming than music, so I'm not sure I would really benefit from these.
Steam Gift Card.Solid deal for sure, though not quite as nice as the $50 DA + $50 GC some months back.I might have to make a stop and pick one up on the way home from work tonight.EDIT: Deal isn't showing up for me when I add both to cart.
They have (I think, I've never actually been) a big physical store in Manhattan in a pretty prime location a block or two away from MSG. They're as legit as anyone.
That 480 is tempted me...
I don't do anything that warrants having it, but boy do I want it. Just worried about Windows scaling.
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