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I don't say this to come across sarcastic, but duct tape is a wonderful tool for nearly everything. If 20 pieces can hold up a 4 door sedan (Mythbusters), I'm sure a few pieces could hold a monitor to a stand/mount/whatever you end up attaching it to.
I'm pretty sure posting CL links are disallowed here, so I've been surfing my local Craigslist, and came across this deal: He originally asked 600, then 450, then 375, and now 300 for it. I know it's got huge bezels and that's bad for gaming, but I'm still thinking about it for my racing rig if nothing else.
Price drop to 100 shipped per card.
These links just make me sad that I paid what I did when I did for my Ti.
3 MSI cards left.
I know the position of just about everyone on here when it comes to ASIC's, but I've got a chance to get 2 AntMiner S1 with power supplies for $160. That's not a bad price when you consider the power supplies right?
Price is back up to $180.
I know they don't look as professional, and I'm not sure about how long they will last, but the DX Racer chairs are apparently really good. I sat in a store brand one at MicroCenter and I have to say that thing is comfortable. It makes sense though. It's styled after car seats, and those things are designed to be comfy for a long time.
Just looking at a few of the parts, I think he did the total cost of that part for all the machines in total. Otherwise, how else would he be spending $600+ on Windows?
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