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Yeah sometimes when you tweak the mobo and do screwy things to it they do screwy things back, like odd readings.
ask on NBR forums.
you may also need a v bump / v mod on the north bridge too. ??? Also any POLY mods or VRM heat sinks?
It's not even the same game it might as well be a new IP. That sure doesn't look like Tommy.
He right entire raid 5 and 6 arrays can just up and die redundancy drives or;s not so bad if it's just steam games and what not but, video and photo editing or file storage you'd want something better.
Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh baby!EDIT: MY optiplex 7xx SFF guide has been cleaned up a little bit. I need to cross post on OCN sometimes when i have more free time.
It looks like he just gave up so no chance of trying to re create the issue on our end. Sorry.
It's like how at most rallies and riots and what not, there is always 1 person who has a bring back Fire Fly poster. It's sucks when a good story's left with no proper ending.
Never though about that! btw I almost forgot that HDD hass fn under it that cools the chip set and and the under side of the hdd.
I think the vents and the 65 watt CPU helps quite a bit. It's been running for a while now. over a year for sure maybe 1.5 years now?I have lot of movies that drive is like at least 60%-65% full already and I have more movies to dump. it's nice so if i take it some where i don't need i net i watch my movies. I have another dell that's pretty much just as modded. it's an old pentium 4 system upgraded to Pentium D that I use for HDD recovery and...
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