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should be interesting.
i know about the guide/steps they are outdated. it DOES show up in device manager have disk method does not work like the old guides say should be official receiver and controllers EDIT: FIXED
no 904 owner's thread?
i would just focus on 400mhz. with 4gb of ram AND overclocking full 400mhz wasn't likely until this awesome server ram showed up.
I actually have such licenses. Good thinking.
Proxmox vs ESXi vs Xen? Is that even a coherent comparison?
O_Oalso i though PC3200 was DDR400?EDIT: oh seafs posted unbuffered PC2700 4gbs.EDIT: i wonder if the modules on the PC3200 buffered could be removed and installed on the unbuffered with the SPD data flashed?
sounds like 6600K is the way to go.
try amazon but, yeah a lot are out of stock.
it it faster? like way faster? because the one is only 65 watts
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