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Would 13.6" x 13" eATX fit in an Antec Eleven Hundred V2?
THANK YOU!!!mobo jumpers I can find every jumper and pin BUT, pwr sw!
sorry folks. i am indeed looking for ddr2! i corrected my listing.
IF you get the rebate
looking to get a deal on a DDR2 2gb sodimm ram stick @ 667mhz. offering $11 shipped US48 (MO). Saw one on ebay for $13.90 though maybe i'd poke around here for a cheaper deal. the whole laptop cost $30 shipped so i didn't want to spend a lot of on ram.
so omobo plus 20gb of ddr3 plus cpu. i made alright since i have quad 1333mhz xeon and ram. and possible.
how much would 20gb of ddr3 cost?
iv'e got 20gb or so of FB DIMM
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