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Haven't play it yet, seems alright. a game doesn't have to be perfect to be fun. I really really enjoy FC3 Blood Dragon because of the comedy and nostalgia trip. Both version of FC3 are far far far far far far FAR better than extreme linear modern military FPS that's for sure.
holy crow! 4gb ddr1 sticks. i guess you could run just 2 to have 8gb of ram and only 2 sticks for better clocking.
so the computer can't even get in to the bios, it doesn't even display an image on the screen and you don't get an audible beep. In this case it's fail catastrophically there is a short some where,like busted VRM or something, baking/re flow won't help, it's worth no more than the heatsink is.
it won't boot or it won't post or both?
history says it will, in the past any time they adopted a new game engine... as far as GTA goes, the first game ran like crap and the the following game(s) were well optimized.
Do you by any chance frequent the forums? It's the OCN of outdated platforms also i think it is the home of the DOSbox devs.
how dead? what kind of dead?
so what is that 80 some odd C? what kind of cooling AIO?
GTA IV is so terribly programed it can run better on a low end system than top of the line cutting edge system, it's purely luck just about.
also the sensor accuracy varies, also sensors are less accurate the cooler/lower the temp.
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