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IN-Win is pricey but, some of the cases like the 908 or 909 are timless like some of the old Lian Lis
do the RED bits pop off?
That OLA would be nice for builds featuring a certain darwin based os. Also no heat sink sharing.
Can anyone here mod this bios? Bios modding is above my head.
The new doom, not doom 1 or doom 3.
it is indeed analogue only. 1440p @ 85hz with emissive display. darker darks than VA and brighter brights than IPS and half the latency if even that.
specialized emissive display monitors (think OLED) . until now Nvidia has been pretty good about including at least DVI-I port.
No DVI-I, think i'll pass. and no active adapters aren't fast enough if that's what your thinking.
yup failure all the way around supposedly that file download link has the bios rom in one of those folders. when i dled it did see a bios.rom, does it look correct or is it a dummy file?
that is what i mean ecc compatibly, and 1mb x 2 cache and whatever clocks i can get stock or oc. oced on my current cpu is 2.6ghz. idk if i might find a good clocker here or on ebay if like for certain revisions?
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