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Battle Toads NES Streets Of Rage Genesis Fallout 1 and 2 PC Starcraft 1 PC GTA 3 PC I play a lot of old games though.
I joined OCN because it kept coming up in these google searches regardless laptops and computer upgrades EVERY time, I was like "WHAT IN THE WORLD is up this OCN place and why does it keep coming up" and soon i joined. Not long after it snow balled and now computers and electronics are kind of my thing. I've gone from complete novice to overclocking laptops in probably a 10 year span thanks to nice folks in various IRC channels and on OCN. I would use this for a server,...
on my HD4850s i extracted the bios and re wrote all the 3 performance modes with 3D clocks. you could also use an OC software like after burner to force it .... i think.
it's PAE capable chipset but, it's NOT enabling the rest of the ram. all of my research shows 7 and prior it must be manually enabled. (i could be wrong or miss understanding) and little no info for 8 and 10 regarding the matter.
[WANTED] 90 mm socket 775 cooler or arctic freeze 7 (775) $16 USD shipped to 64503
Does any one know How to enable PAE on win 10?
in xen server my understanding i have to run some commands/scripts in terminal to reconfigure a CFG file for the DomU, is this correct? does ESXi load balance and allow VMs to be moved to another server like Xen/XenServer does?
i wanted to but, i have no os installed ATM. sounds like i have to bench test it a bit longer. I was hopping i misinterpreted the manual and i suppose that could still be the case.
Supermicro X7DBE+ won't sell all 20gb of ram. I've tested all ram sticks in all 4x number 1 ram slots. so i don't think it's a bad stick of ram. i made sure all 3x of the 4pins are hooked up so all the ram can get juice. I have 8x 2gb sticks and 8x 512mb sticks, it seems no matter how i organize it, it only sees 12gb of ram. if i do just the 8x of the 2gb sticks in all 4x of the slots 1s and all 4x of the slots next to the slots 1s it sees all 18gb of ram add in the 8x...
Ebay, i got like 7 sticks for $24 USD shipped
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