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HECK YEAH IT DOES!!!!!! OH man the machines i've loaded 10, oh man it runs well even with 7 and vista and xp drivers!!! Even with 2GB of ram. My MacBook Pro has a Core duo No not a Core 2m a Core ONE Duo and 2gb of ram and an x1600 and a used SSD and it runs just fine. you'd never guess it's literally 10 years old.
now you don't need to click ads, just them loading will stuff on there. surei have A/V-less machines too but, i don't use them inet. Even my main machines pick up one or 2 items a once a year with MBAM scans and that's with every kind of ad blocker, tracker blocker, https force, A/V, IP blocker etc etc.ABPHTTPSeverywhereGhosteryPeerblockAvastMBAMPIAI feel an AdBlocker does more than A/V these days,
is there a known difference between the PS and P2?
i noticed THIS unit is not on there, is it bad?
indeed 7 and 8 are wdm 1.2 and win 10 is wdm 1.3, no driver support other than single card use. i haven't looked up if nvidia is the same way for simiar period cards or not yet. i usualy have better luck software wise with nv but, generally both brands are usable.
already there . cant run my hd4850s in crossfire on win 10. ask for help and get called stupid for using old hardware, even if it fits all your needs.
Yes it's getting better, i bet the OP news article has one form a year or more ago. we have yet to see if Seagate continues this trend of lower failure-rate ... or increased WD failure-rate, which it is, lol!
Doesn't mean you should limit people's freedoms, it's not a subscription service it's money tendered for a physical product. you should be able to do what ever you want to it. and on that note i'm sure hacked bioses will be made.
For some reason when my friend saves torrent files on their win 10 machine . they keep disappearing unless saved to an external this a setting or does safernetworking win 10 beacon fix this?
i think we will just run a sngle 4850 and if that doesn't work just get a 4gb gtx770. at least nivida supports older cards with a unified driver.
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