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Playing with some heat sink ideas. I SERIOUSLY need a bandsaw with a metal blade. i have 45+ LBS of heat sinks to cut down. I could sell them cheaper whit shipping cheaper than newegg for the amount heat sinks and cooling performance given.
Thanks guys. Also your user names combined might allude to a rap group or rap album. This is King Who DAT and MrTOOShort, it's 2014, we gett'n on it, here we go....
the last time i looked, i was probably looking for X5690 's on ebay and if you look now there are some in the 300 range but,m several months ago i was seeing, 550 and up for them. my board takes 2.
the big companies agree ans fully stand by the red = gamer. i have talked to them about it. they haven o plans to make blue editions. I tried reasoning with them. plastic is pennies on the dollar they could easily make the same boards in multiple colors but, branding aka the color red means every thing to them they refuse to have non red or all black parts.
i think some of the EVGA and Asus all black editions can have the red bit updated with testor's black model paint and small paint brush. so at least a black mobo is possible.
it's getting really hard to an up tier build with blue since every one is forcing black and red.
i have 30 meg and i hate my 250gb cap i destroy it in 2 days, then i have to stop using the internet.
does amd have this too?
so do L> converter for LGA1567 CPU's even exist? so running LGA1567 CPUs in socket 1366 is not possible then? i'm still stuck with 1366 CPUs such as the one you just listed?EDIT: my motherboard doesn't do overclocking.added it to my watch list.
is the L converter the same as the 771 mod?this is my mobo, as far as i know the fastest officially support CPUs are 6 cores and cost just over $1100.00 USDis i go by codename mine is tyler'sburg aka x58. was x58 the only socket 1366 chipset?going back to look up OP.
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