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Radio guys have been doing it for years. You can source higher quality studier components. Higher grade resistors and quality capacitors etc etc. You can look up schematics and every thing. You just have ot have the batteries to hook it up to.
Yeah it can be VERY dangerous! Especially when you have that much juice in parallel you can start welding metal. Also If it's acid it can make explosive fumes so the boxes need to be ventilated. I believe it may be possible given enough components to make my own inverter as well.
long enough to consider using the the spare deep cycled RV/boat batteries we having laying around (fairly new)
Dang that thing looks good. That's like a dream build for me. That is like my end goal for when i build a machine that is what i'd like it to look like theme/color wise.
T1045 under prime 95 so far is not topping any higher than 38-40c. Interesting to see what happens after about, say 5 or 6 hours. So far AXP 200 muscle runs FAR FAR cooler than i thought it would with 95 watt six core.
I think it looks pretty decent but, i think these screen shots like many games may be digitally enhanced.
No and yes. We don't NEED to OC but, we do. But, really it could be useful but, also i'm in my "learning server stuff" phase. Something to do that i can learn form and prove useful. Also it's place where power outages that can last over an hour happen once every year. or at least it seems that way.
This cases flexes a lot AND the boar is used for load bearing purposes after looking at the setup tonight BUT, i think you hit the nail on the head it's not needed. I technically fits but, causes the motherboard to sag when screwed down.
I wonder if somewhat standard Generater can be made from a pull start unit. then again i might guess not to many computers guy are also grease monkeys? I may have 2 big Deep cycle batteries and generater at my disposal. I have seen mod guided where they use such deep cycled batter for exactly what i want, long run time and what i imagine is not very much "sag" time. They most likely draw these little units you can buy seeing as these deep cycle batteries are so much bigger.
it looks to be the same size and similar price? does it nearly double the battery capacity?
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