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LVDS is just the standard/cable supply the video signal to the screen. Think about an active DVI-D to VGA adapter it's totally un-related to the drivers. on the same principle a video card isa video card and a chipset a chipset. the driver as far as i know has no idea it's MXM slot in fact it think it's it's a PCIe slot because technically it is. On that note look at asus PCIe sound cards if you look closely you will notice there is no such thing as a PCIe asus sound card,...
the pci i quoted, is of a an external gpu hooked up to a laptop with a game on the laptop's screen and not an external screen. which might hint that the external video card's signal is being pumped in to the laptop's LVDs cable or something similar to that. the closest i have seen would be PCIe to MXM but, no one has been able to make one due to lacks of datasheets and pinouts but, that was the last time i looked.
does this utilize the internal screen? i haven't seen this yet.
because this product has already been out for YEARS by other companies.
Same here, sometime around 08 or 09. this place kept showing up in my Google results CONSTANTLY. So I figured what the hey might as well join and ask questions.
i can tell you 85hz CRTs are pretty smooth, like REALLY smooth. They already have low latency over over flat screens because of their analog nature. i i have one hooked up to a GTX480 and played FC3BD with v sync on (85hz) and it just felt soooooo smooth. i'd almost say stupid smooth. sp 120 hz is probably insane.
man SGI made some nice cases.
Just acquired another 939 rig, it's BTX and store bought but, it's in immaculate condition. gonna post specs later and also see if I can find an unlocked or modded bios.
Joy2Key just stopped for working for no reason. Do i need to pay for it? I can't find ANY contact info or email.
single 8gb ddr3 dimm (1333-1600), what might i expect to pay?
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