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Yes, yes it does. The main reason i chose ESXi over Xen as passthrough doesn't require CLI. it also has virtual shared graphics and shared pass through graphics. which means you cand GPU accelerated more than VM as opposed to passing through a single GPU to only 1 VM.
Correct this what i'm asking.
Will this intel EXPX9502AFXSR work with a dell x1052?
looks good
and it run with heatsink hanging off! my buddy's core 2 duo started chugging one day when playing flash games on the interwebs, so we sat there and watched it lag stuff while we ponder what could bogging the system down for about a week until se started poking around inside and the heat sinks liggled. one of the plastic lock downs on the stock cooler gave way/broke.
i wonder if on my dual gigabit nic server if it's even worth wasting the 4x slot on a quad nic card if it's gonna get a dual 10gbps fibre card anyways. I wonder if i can just direct most of the vm traffic through one of the 10gbps ports.
it seems it wants business phone numbers and addresses. just give it personal? not that i can't come up with one.
Any tips for signing up for the VMUG because the website wants my finger prints.--BTW, XEN and ESXi "benchmark" similarly.
This gonna be lab/production server. it will store all of the stores ISOs, utilities etc etc. possibly recovered data from data recoveries as well my stuff like media files for plex and stuff. If it could be reasonably reliable against data loss is what matters. speed and up time would be nice too but, reliability would be better if said data didn't need to be stored on the workstations and back up on the unRAID but, kept on the unraid and backed up once in while but,...
Yes, parity drives. Found the snap raid comparison. unRAID seems kind of frail with only 2 parity drives. However a close eye on vitals on health and 2 of the nicest, largests drives available may help with parity but, parity on unRAID works kind of like a data difference comparison so bigger drives might not make any difference on fault tolerance. I also haven't found out what kind of fault tolerance snapit has, nor flexraid for that matter.
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