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this mod > < but, instead of crappy LEDs with crappy light distribution you use an NDS screen which has build in LED back light and use that as back light, for unrivaled image quality AND battery life i've been taking pictures of steps along the way to make a guide for other a more in depth guide.
well unless Asrock makes wonder ram i have no idea what your talking about. i'm mad at Asrock not samsung.
i think my Game Gear's motherboard may have died during the NDS LED screen conversion. it might be time to try and fin another mobo.
if that's the case how did they ever have a top tier single gpu card? also can you explain the GTX680 issue/ordeal?
maybe so but, 1 thing to consider is black themes well, as in it goes will any theme utilizing black like black blue or black and red. a good theme can do wonders for a machines look's.
I JUST got the first 2, i haven't even had time to beat dirt 2 yet. still haven't gotten to play my copy of dirt 3 yet.
what looks? it is as plain as can be.
idk how long the previous owner used it, all assuming baking does fix it. i did "the mod" to it so i was blown away when i locked up rebooted and had artifacts. hopefully my AIO isn't failing, or maybe it was baked before but, i wasn't told. it's always run so cool best i cam figure if it's not a reflow issue some of the VRMs might have blown, which isn't a fun/easy fix. (i've done it on a GTS250 once) would the GTX770 be any faster than GTX480? i know a GTX570 is us just a tiny bit slower than the GTX480
how much could i get out of my MSI GTX480 if it works but, was baked once?
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