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i remember you could get mitx board that ran core 2 quad mobile cpus with so dim. basically i think overclockable mitx laptop board. mightn ot have been over clockable. don't think they sold very well.
thats what i'm thinking too some times i can't get over having my cake and eating it too. it's not all that much work with someone who can weld and scrap steel. maybe i should post back with weather or not the cryorig CAD fits or not.
world work VERY well.Needs a bios update which possibly may only be possible with an older CPU.
I think it should, the question is how much cooler is the AXP 200 over the AXP 100? Depending on how things fit the cross brace could be cut and welded, putting a big square around where the cooler goes, replacing what would have been a straight bar, or giant notch, aka 2x 90 degree bends/angels.
if all else fails the thermalright AXP muscle 100 is 10mm shorter than AXP muscle 200, turns out the muscle 200 is the same height as the cryorig, you can print a pdf for the cryorig that is origami, you set it it o nthe CPU and see if it fits. so if the cryorig will fit so will the AXP 200. Once i get a 95watt six core i'll i build one and see if it fits.
I think it makes a it a bit more rigid, maybe for when it's being moved/transported. i'm not sure if i can keep it AND upgrade the cooling. possibly not nessary any ways.
WANTED: Audigy 2 ZS Front Panel Adapter. Offering 4 USD shipped.
Does this count? does that GTX750 Ti run?
are those still sealed?
System overloaded, please shutdown and reboot.
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