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Before CRTs totally died they made flat screen wide screen CRTs, that's be the only thing to compare it to as far as colors and blacks.
correct! i plan getting more of these because i don't think the APC units are pure sine. I got one of these on eBay week or 2 ago brand new for $80 shipped but, it's snail mail from Canada.
wow the last time i checked 4l OLEDs were 11K USD. I would like a 1080p flat OLED TV, assuming it was cheaper and lower latency. cause i know that many feet from the TV won't make a huge difference. EDIT: also under 55" like 46" or 50"
I'm not sure i know CPU over clocking is, then again CPU OCing isn't done on the FSB any more and that's what i'm used to, so maybe the memory doesn't oc with CPU with i series CPUs?
is it possible to find 32GB 1866mhz DDR3 SODIMM @ CAS 9 or 8? The same goes for 32gb kit of SODIMM 2133mhz as well. Basically I'm trying to find out what the fastest memory i can get is for 32gb sodimm.
is there any fan speed controller or software for Intel DH61DL? If not maybe someone can help understand the bios fan speed settings? EDIT: ended up using the temp targets in bios, they weren't easy to find but, you can press enter on the various chips listed off in the "fans and blah blah" area of the bios where you can then set temp targets.
well it looks like i have about 1 inch and 3/16ths but, it looks like i MIGHT be able to stuff the SSD over by the 24 pin, which would get me another half CM or quarter inch.
should benefit laptops and tablets
one mentioned this
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