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No, MY rig is getting old, it has a core 2 quad in it. I shoved a GTX 770 4GB in it and called it good.
people like what they like and hate what they hate because they are human, nothing you can do to change that. most you can do is change a few opinion and that ain't gonna happen. The distaste for 8 and 10 is a on a massive scale and when it's that big there isn't something to it. Very few people like Vista and i remember when peeps were trying to defend it. Then an optimized and stripped down version of vista called windows 7 came out and many of us are still using it. ...
DOH Why didn't I think of that? Will give both ideas a try!
ESXI 6. also you for sure can NOT passthrough any HID device of any kind what so ever, thum drivers, USB sound cards, wifi modules you name it and you CAN but, no KBs and mouses, no way no how! HOWEVER, i did passthrough a the video card like wanted AND i did finda way to passthrough HID devices using a software called net usb. found at and this particular OS doesn't necessarily like being handed an entire USB controller. Other wise that probably would have...
Yes, i burned that specific ISO file to a CD and rebooted. i even tried to "Burning" it to a USB thumb drive, same exact result. then i tried the Samsung magician windows utility and it won't flash either.
I'm wanting to know if there is a way to update my old craftbukkit server form 1.6 or .7 or whatever version i was stuck on after that rouge dev DMCAed the project. I seem some tuts on YouTube for making a new server. It looks like code has to be compiled. That's about all I know. I've been out of the game for some time. EDIT: I don't even know the current version of MC, if any one knows that, that would be nice to know as well.
That is the ISO Samsung provided. it won't flash in the windows ultitiy or the provided iso.
that's weird i've never used AdBlock just AdBlockPlus.
IPS and LCD can only show GREY no black, it just black in comparison to other bright colors. CRT and OLDE can actually show black, they can just shut of those pixels cause they have no back light shining through the pixels. each pixel is it's own back light. LCD and IPS wash out because they have back light that shines through the black pixels and all the pixels so the colors are always slightly off. CRT and OLDE have much much much higher static contrast ratio.
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