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To be honest I think 16gb is waste the cpu would be to slow for anything that uses that much ram. at least for the most part. i think 8gb is the sweet spot. I wonder if the first AM2 cpus had ddr1/ddr2 controller if they did i wonder if it's possible to adapter the socket like the did tualatin cpus and 771 to 775. i'm hurting for CPU power. maybe i can get a gold chip for cheap-ish that will support ecc ram.
WHAT THE!!!??? 16 GB!!!!?? It was big deal when SEAFs got us running on 8GB!!!?? with an SSD and GTX480 my rig is fully tapped out on CPU power. whats the fastest cpu i can get with ecc 8/16 gb setup?Oh man 3.2 with 8gb or 16gb would be amazing, i'm tapped out at 2.6 ghz.
That looks to have done nothing at all, even with an elevated CMD.edit: that command line parameter is not correct. so at least we have an error of some sort. ill play with it some more.
i'm looking at the 480gb model but, it looks like for sure the 240gb and below dye in 12 months or less. it's sandforce and MLC. EDIT: what ever I bought 2 lightly used ones for $85 each. its an older CS111 version the reviews for the 840gb version look decent.
8K because pixles!!!
the only thing they will do is cool the plastic off, in theory unless these things are filled with a filler, you would need to remove the plastic and attach the metal back plate inside to the heat sink. at least as far as any relay i've ever taken apart. in theory fans alone might cool better if it's a typical relay inside. if it's solid inside then yeah the heat sinks will help. that is in my experience i can't claim to know about all relays.
just got mine form unkle vito. its the SGI version. kind of wished i had got the silver bezel instead would match the in-win 909 better if i get one.
why not just use fans alone?
skimming through the photos here. why do the plastic covered relays get screwed to giant cpu coolers without any type of paste or cover removal?
YUP! The SONY FW 900 while not 2K does 16:10 version of 1440p (so technically not 1440p)
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