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My Pentium 3 satellite has, 98 installed on it for retro gaming goodness.
unRaid has docker.
I'n always had good luck with their laptops. We are slowly rolling out their Tecras at work and those have worked out alright so far. The only laptop brand I hate is Asus, (love their desktop parts which i have literally had get struck by lightning, catch fire and continue to run while in flames no problem) but, their laptops are designed to fail or to be hard to upgrade, designed to break on disassembly.
the original version was the direct X/windows version in a wine wrapper or so i've heard so it wouldn't necessarily see much of a boost.Not really but, it doesn't hold you hand as much MS APIs do so a little more work might be required but, the on up side it may end up being faster than dx12. video is a little outdated in recent light of these vulkan ports / games starting to come out now.
The only problem with OLED is the latency which i'm sure by another 3-6 years ought to be better. I split the difference bought an FW900 which is so good photos of it can look like screen shots. Ultimately i'd like to upgrade to OLED and keep the FW for retro gaming.
Would a DUAL 10 Gbe nic on an x4 slot cut the nic down to 6 Gbe or would it work just fine?
WOW! Say it ain't so. Is it hard to track episode naming errors?
no, it would require enough force damage other components even if it was possible. if your really good you could loosen and remove them obo and video card screws and scoot the mobo over a wee bit to fit it in. most of the time with used parts i don't even get the I/O shield so whatever, it works and maybe even runs a little cooler.
That's awesome! I need to get schooled on this stuff. From what I have been skimming over, you can more or less, nearly automate the growing/additions of content to the library.
worked for me but, i also bought some things too.
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