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single 8gb ddr3 dimm (1333-1600), what might i expect to pay?
Well they couldn't just dump it, it's just not feasible. hence why they discontinued new titles, while older titles can slowly git rid of it. Not all titles will have it removed. sometimes when companies finishes out game that's it. Hopefully more games get rid of it though. some games like batman series suffer though. Batman AA no longer has a benchmark and AC, now shows two copies in everyone's steam library.
I'll DL a copy of that.Yeah guys i'm calling it bunk reading. i've seen failed cooling before the CPU area is always at least warm if not hot, every thing i touch except for the coils in the VRM area (normal) are room temp. it isn't kicking down CPU speed and it's really snappy.
there is no where to get pump speed even with usb cable. that or corsair link was the wrong software to download.okay after+ hours of stressing, i did the touch test and pcb and back plate are room temp. i can feel the pump and water flowing when i touch the pump and tubes. I've seen bad heat pipes and and stuff before the pcb and general cpu area get at least warm if not ...I guess i'm calling this one bunk and kicking it out the door.
it's a same we can't make this a recommended FM2+ board or something. just did the old touch test after running for 10-16 hours and the VRMs temps feel cooler but, the inductor coils are a bit warm but. it feels like the VRM heat sinks are working well.
AS5 glue, picture is not affixed, just set in place. It should be NOTED that cut tiny piece of electrical tape and placed them over the brown SMDs before gluing the heat sinks, since there are pretty close in height to the MOSFETs, THEN glued the heat sinks on. the VRM/MOSFETs do get warm/hot with out the heat sinks.This should be a solid board now.
what that heck? maybe someone one in the else popped on my machine well i as way and copy and pasted something. (shared machine), sorry about that.
if i run 3d balls 3d stress test at the same time as prime 95 vs 3d balls by it's self, 3d balls runs 10 fps slower with prime 95 running at the same time. EDIT: i wanted to go through the trouble, i could try and find the bracket for my siedon 120m and test it out and see if temps change. i might try that. EDIT: CPU-Z shows no throttling.
wait i don't see how that can help because i'm using the stock AMD clips. maybe the old style socket would help better if i had 1.
thanks for the info guys. looking in to it now. also that explains the really screwy and funny temp results for some people.
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