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People get paid to say it's happening too. My buddy started making big bucks on chinese built E.Vs years ago when "green" became the "new thing". Lot of industries make bank on stuff like catalytic converters and solar and batteries and what not. I'm not saying that makes it not so but, that door swings both ways.
I skipped and Vista and ran XP for some time. Man I need to keep you around more often! Beer, tea, crisps?
has it been tested with diablo? II requires an nglide dll to work. Years ago when 7was new and people were complaining about it, I don't think that was around. i'm sure I'll use it anyways since i still have some 7 machines.
I've been using Pro most of the time. I might assume most or all 10 privacy type addons would use GPO to disable stuff like cortana. I'll check it out.
it also shuts off services every boot but, is there one more update? can i run it in tandem? I thought they have been updating it periodically. I don't seem to have any performance loss using it, if anything a gain that's been my experience so far. if you have any suggestions for anything better, i'm all ears and willing to try it out.
are you using spy bot search and destroy windows beacon? if not, it fixes/disables this stuff automatically at boot.
i use windows beacon and shut off UN-needed services. I do this because 10 seems to work better on my laptop than 7 did. low ram usage, a little quicker and doesn't barf colors all over my screen when i play classic 90s games like Sc1 and Fo 1 and 2 and Diablo 1 and 2 like 7 did.
yeah but, i'm not gonna waste shin etsu on office computers.
better than run of the mill white paste?
Remember this is OCN, people aren't looking to pay top dollar for items but, rather for buddy buddy prices. Or maybe i'm misinterpreting things.
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