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Most modern games on steam don't need that much horse power anyways but, when running skype and a web browser some time the CPU maxes out when multitasking and or gaming form time to time.
Does DOS gaming on period correct, old school hardware count as retro gaming? If any one else also likes DOS gaming as well check out the VOGONS forums, a number of OCNers are over there as well. They are the OCN of 16 and 32bit computing. Though OCN still has some stuff those forums lack, like a trading and sales section. Anyone else here rocking a Sega CDX?
I ended up using that command after cloning a failing HDD to a brand new SSD. I knew it did /r but, also something else but, wasn't sure. I doubt /b really does any thing on a new SSD because I doubt clusters clone, just the data. FYI for those coming across this via google, DO NOT perfom a check disk on a dying drive!!! clone it first then run the chkdsk on the new drive.
What does the "chkdsk /b" argument do?
are the HD7850 and GTX750 TI still the fastest low profile cards available?
X7DBE+ in obsidian 750D. no the best combo but, it started as some free parts. i have a dell heat pipe cooler that i think i can make fit if i drill how in the base. Having realized that bracket lines up with the mounting holes /back plate it looks like it can be used as template since the base is just solid/cast metal. The best part is that this cool is like 12 bucks shipped. I can add my own fans. i think i can set it up so 2 of these coolers use 3 fans in push...
i'm trying to find something for my X7DBE+ that won't sound like a jet fan. but, doesn't all cost an arm and a leg. i think dell has some that might fit.
so maybe i should i have specific ITX. then again maybe they sell an ITX board with the mobile GPU soldered on it?
if the hard ware is not too new. it might just be. specialy if you can find an old core 2 setup or an early i series.
quote to save for later. cdoublejj sff 755 optiplex
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