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like the other guy said way newer and faster than these old xeons. however you will always be fighting an up hill battle, some of these triple AAA game turned out in a weekear only optimized so well if at all, one of the issue with big games companies now. even with new stuff you might not be able to max out the gfx with over 30 or 60 short it's more about extending the life of these old system for cheap and getting bang for your buck. if your getting truly bad FPS...
I think i may have DLed it in the past but, i do not have access to mac to loginto the app store and check my purchase history. In an ideal i'd have local friend who would let my teamviwer in and login and DL and burn it to a DVD dual layer or thumb drive. Since neither of these are really an option for me does any one have an idea of any other possible avenues to get an original unmodified apple mavericks dmg? Also does any one know exactly how many GB it should be?
does it work with PS3?
back in 775 days some Asus boards would accepts more clock options if you tweaked the PCIe freq a little bit, it had to do a with a clock skew, other wise they had a black hole of clocks, any thing above or below would boot the black just did not thing like it had been OCed too far but, if it was right where your cpu limit was had to do some tweaking to get it work. .... or something like that. my buddies OC worked/worked better with a PCI/PCIe clock tweak. (775)
i wonder if would fit a HAF212 some how.
would it fit socket 775? does it require low profile ram?
would the darek knight fit a 775 board? would the noctua fit in a Haf 212?
my thoughts they went from title screens to playable in matter of several months to year. the only other emulation moving that fast is Dolphin and that's because they knew so much about the GC architecture. Grant it this is just super alpha basic probing and testing and that's another reason it's so amazing they got a game working.
SOURCE: As you can see work on PS3emulation is progressing. Not your average news since it's purely in video form. EDIT: So yeah this is a thing and it's happening, corroborates earlier new posts about PS3 emulation that we saw some months ago.
YUUUPP! all my old 8000 series cards from nvidia are still getting updates and work in linux really well wit nvidia prop drivers.
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