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Could in theory probably run with OSX since X99 is not an easy feat with OSX.
this happens with a GTAV V all the time. happened during the last big sale, it blips up fora few minutes then it's full price.
I wonder if any better CPUs that can still let me have 8gb of ram and still have 2x 1mb cache exist.
you also have to be able to pay your crew and employees too. one of the major things swift brought up in her open letter.
i'll be sticking with 7 fora while BUT, on some of my machine i might clone the windows 7 installation to a spare hard drive and do the upgrade and if all else fails re clone back to 7.
overclocked Q9550 owner here i can play GTA IV in a VM in OSX in parallels witha windows 8 guest. GTA IV being a steaming pile of crappy code.
i have 3x 4gbs in my p5e3 deluxe now that work. non mathcing though.
I've since installed a cfx bridge. also these gigabyte wifi cards are pretty good. i've got them in at least 3 machines now. I may have made a grave mistake seeing as it's an nvidia chipset i see no crossfire option in catalyst. maybe i'f i'm lucky a hack exists. other wise the only other single GPU i have is a GTX480. Also i need to re over clock this thing. my old OC as pictured below was with 4gb of ram. EDIT: I can only hope i can find a...
dan. my exiting 12gb gets eaten up quick these days running 2 browsers let alone VMs and gaming.
yeah 1500 mhz at cl9 which the 1866 should be able to handle. i even let the bios go back to default speeds and no boot. i guess 16gb is the true limit of the board is my best guess.
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