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i didn't know you could go over 125% in 7.
sounds like there already is from some of the comments i'm reading, or i miss understand.
how does changing the video card reduce mobo VRM thermals?
check the date on the video.
I think UnkleVito has 1 or 2 left I bought one of the last one's he had/has. Shipping is costly.
great for retro gaming.
slated/vented closet in the main hallway across from the bed rooms. lolspiceworks forums and server the home forums would also be great places to inquire about the mikrotik. maybe Twerk can confirm but, it seems perhaps a crappy UI.
since it's a Cisco i might assume it's safe to assume i'll need several noctua fans to quite it down. def added to the watch list
oh man, +REP for that! did not know that was a thing!
the mikrotik i linked a page back is 24 ports, managed with 10G no POE and only $135. i'm just wondering if 10+ POE injectors would suck significantly more power than a single PSU/transformer. would save me since i have a pile of them.
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