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i upgraded to my current Q9550 build in 2011 lol. Now I have an alienware M17x R4 i picked up local for $650 a year or 2 ago. shoved 32gb 1866 ddr3 and 1 tb msata in it and a 980m and swapped the internal screen for the 1080p 120hz. i should have chosen the 1070N ans the "N" series are the desktop GPUs + or - 10% as you can imagine my 980 Mobile pales in comparison the 1080N being literally double the performance, perfecting for a traveling gamer. ...shame a i don't...
looks like a gaming computer to me.
i've used USB NICs before but, only to download drivers never for actual use and never for anything other than windows. what you linked is REALLY a converter. Ethernet is one of the few types of copper cable DESIGNED to go long distances, HDMI and USB specs/cables are designed for short distances like 3ft. A clever "hack" is to use Ethernet to jump or extend your non long distance cables like HDMI or USB longer distances. I think your on the right track there, i'm...
That actually does make me feel better, another advantage is it won't suck the UPS dry as quickly. By chance is yours POE? I figured i'd get a rack mount POE injector if i ever needed POE.
is it loud? or would that even matter with a noctua fan swap? Wondering if this switch used for $200 USD makes my purchase of the D-Link DGS-1510-28X @ $400 USD new dumb and ill advised?
Ok, so am i soldering in series or parallel with the pre existing resistor, it sounds like the pre existing resistor is not being removed.
I'm rusty but, if i remeber right i can measure the resistance at the first resistor then hook a POT to ground and FB and either slightly increase or decrease the resistance, though if i'm not mistake 2 resistors in parallels changes the resistance so mit might be wise to remove the stock resistor if i want a POT?
i've read that before but, idk if that's world wide or US only. Idk if it was upper middle class only, then again most everyone i knew was 1 generation behind, they either has play station or N64 or play station 2.
I wouldn't say the N64 failed, just about every household had one, at least in the mid west. Command Conquer 64 has enhanced graphics mode that only works with the expansion module. There were a number of games that had enhancements if the expansion pack was present or like you said didn't work at all.
What GPU do you have installed to run the remote FX?
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