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I have a blu ray player on an older HDTV via VGA. anydvd does not work and nor does another well known dvd/blu ray software that i forgot the name of. i wonder if i can plug a n EDID/monitor spoofer in to my HDMI or DVI-I port and make it think it has 2 monitors and put windows in "duplicate" mode.
sometimes SPARC servers are free but, usually really really old
is the superstack 4228G any good? this is the main production switch, is it worth keeping or would it be easy to upgrade?
drives don't last forever but, they can fail at any time.
no need the exe made an automatic floppy that flashes automatically once booted with not input required what so ever.
i've never heard of any of these oses you guys are talking about.
No windows, linux. and i have it installed already. it just boots to the uefi setup when i disabled CSM. i was hopinh disabling csm would make it boot faster, the os boots fast but the bios takes FOREVER.
Well those are the kinds of SANs i'd LIKE to be able to buy with no drives used. that may not be possible hence going with some sort of BRTF, ZFS or unRAID, or FREE NAS or something. Suppose i could pop in a fiber cards or more likely due to drive read/write, a standard gigabit Ethernet. IF i can make my own NAS and my own router i wonder if i can make my own layer 3 switch and if i could if it's performance would be worth a crap.Also maybe i shouldn't jump on soft-raid so...
have you seen this yet?
does an SSD have to be EFI compatible for CSM to be disabled? I have an Intel SSDSA2M160G2GN thatdoesn ot show up when CSM is disabled.
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