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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. The Witcher 3. (not out yet) Star citizen (not out yet) GTA V (not out yet) INSURGENCY (not as stunning but people say they don't know how they lived with out it)
oh man i could have used this. :/ it's expired now.
hallow ween, thanks giving, Christmas/new years. this is how it goes down every year. steam sale for just about every holiday.
as uusal i will be able to buy games but, thanks to my home internet cap being 250GB i will not be able to DL any, also my 1TB HDD is now too small to hold all my steam games.
AMD has always been amazing with backwards compatibility FM2 is the exception to the rule. there non APU desktop AM2 >AM2+ > AM3 > AM3+ are BC with the socket before it.
you should check out the socket 771 mod.
just because it fits doesn't mean it will work, early socket 775 boards did not have chipsets compatible with core 2 series. just Pentium 4 and Pentium D. Pentium D is just 2 pentium 4 dies slapped on 1 PCB. we need to know the cpu compatibility with that chipset, that fact it's 1066 bus is pretty interesting and makes it seem likely it's compatible with at least early gen core 2s.
well it is socket 775 but, it's Pentium 4 so i wasn't sure how early of a revision. it may even support further than Pentium D.
not bad. although i wonder if if it has AHCI, also there is a chance it's sata 1. I have sata 1mobo from 2009 on my mom's machine with an SSD it runs like it has a hard drive.EDIT: it's sata 2, should have AHCI too! should be able to benefit from SSD.
you can get 1TB Hard drives now at $65 bucks a pop, cheaper if you go used.
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