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So i'm working on photo graphing my process for converting Dell SFF 755 Optiplexes in to SFF gaming machines capable to low pro dual slot video cards like the 750 Ti. as well as giving the PSU a slight bump in efficiency and a bit of reliability via massive cooling improvement
That's what i think happened to me the seller listed it as an 850 so i would buy it and hoped i wouldn't notice.840 EVO
The last fix i tried some time ago wouldn't apply to my Uncle's 840 either his doesn't have the issue or i need to retry with the later updates. Thanks for the replies guys, learning a lot here!
all they are good for now is email and even then they suck at that. if i didn't have such an ungodly, insane, unheard of amount of accounts tied to it'd have be exsclusivley with gmail.
So After being scammed on eBay and being given a 840 EVO instead of the 850 EVO i payed for, i found out the 3D V-NAND in the 850 is newer TLC and not MLC. On side note at work i've been finding it harder and hard to place purchase orders for MLC SSDs as everyone is switching over to TLC, even after the Samsung 840 incident!!! All the news articles I can find are from 2015! What news am I missing? Is V-NAND improved to not the have the voltage leak in the cells like the...
any advantage to sound card if you your gonna run a DAC and amp via optical?
I see the last READILY available powerful low profile card is the GTX 750 Ti, the HD7850 low pro isn't so common in the wild. maybe they can come out with new low profile card, if there is indeed an opening in the market?
Here is what's on the the CD-ROM,
after the first fault TLC SSD i'm just gonna stay away from it until they run another mu8lti year stress test on an umber of TLC drives and or see what happens when they sit.
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