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i have. bought a used M17x R4. put in a 1TB ssd and have 3 hdd bays left over where i plan to put 2tb HDDS. installed a GTX980 8bg but, i didn't know the 1070 was an option as the 1070 is 5-10% slower than FULL DESKTOP version, which means it's 30%faster than my 980 and my 980 can run games like gta V on medium high, or high medium @1440p. i was also able to upgrade the cpu fan and get a 330watt power adapter, 32gb of lower latency 1866 ddr3 and an over clockable i7...
I once had an arctic freezer 7 pro that wouldn't work. conducted heat form a soldering iron just fine but, the CPU was running way hot. bought another heat sink and it was running fine. my friend took the arctic 7 and it worked fine for him. never did figure out why it wouldn't work.
i'm curious as to why you say that but, i'm gonna def gonna try it without modding the bios first.
BTW, i drilled holes in the dell heatsinks to match the 603/771 back plates and it totally works like a charm.
You can de solder the caps and lay them down on their side and connect them to the motherboard with wires, like so. It requires basic / novice soldering and hot gluing skills. Just be gentle when pulling on the caps, so as not to the rip or pull the leads out. EDIT: read this link above, there tons of mods parts options. i even recent purchased a Xeon with the 771 mod and the...
I've seen clear films on metal brackets and products and parts that was ALMOST indistinguishable except for the reflectiveness or it being hit by the right light. I guess that would be why they use big white stickers instead. I say that for OTHERS fiding this via google search. Another way to prove the block is seating correctly is the spread patter when using the rice grain method on the TIM. (also stating for others) Hope...
which model? POE? SFP or SFP+? Layer 3?
assuming you are running an os or hypervisor other than windows that sucks. IF you are running windows,
could put the game servers on a separate VLAN.
Got tired of USB 2.0 wifi speeds and didn't wanna give up VGA in case of parties/portability.
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