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just got my PNY 256gb USB 3 from amazon a week ago, works well so far paid less than $90 usd for it.
someone who games, multitask and runs more than one VM all at the same time!! also they have ram drive software that you can run from in the OS now. you can manually cache to ram now.
any one heard of flan's mod?
they declined it major time i'm stuck with the $70 bucks for the mcaffee. it was late on the evening of the14th my time, so tiger direct labeled my receipt as the 15th, so they doced that then because i didn't sign up for auto renewal i was docked for that THEN, to fix i would have to resubmit by re mailing in the all the documentation over again except for UPC. ALL of tiger direct deals go through 3rd party and and mail in rebates. they are close to tanking or should me...
i wonder if they have a normal 3.5" sata drive inside or proprietary
thanks bud! just picked one up on amazon. i'll see how it works.
Tempting. i really wanted a deskjet 6600. it reviewed well and odes color and all sorts of wifi and email printing but, most of my printing is shipping lables.
dual westmere EP XEON with, 5+ HDDs, RAID card, port Ethernet and room to grow. i ifgured 750watt fit the bill perfectly. some overkill and room to grow.Good to know.
is the photon any good? i'm looking at that or used a hX750 corsair modular for $80 shipped. one is new with 5 year warranty and one is not. EDIT: maybe that link helps. I can't find a JG review on the HX750.
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