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All the VAs i have seen are 3000:1neither. IPS doesn't lag as much but, has crappy darks, VA has great darks but, lags. CRT is low latency and amazing darks but, takes up tons of space and requires an where from 90 -150+ watts of power.
Overclcokers do this so the PSU doesn't explode. although they sell 300+ laptop PSUs now and the correct end is usually retro fitted.
all good panels and displays do, CRT went bye bye, then Plasma and now VA. i'm not surprised. The cheap crap stuff are the only ones that sell well. I'm gonna bite the bullet and just get an FW 900 and a nuclear power plants and air conditioner. one guy has his FW900 doing 4k interlaced though i'd be happy with 1440pOH REALLY!? hopefully the latency isn't as bad as some of the stuff coming out lately.this isn't all that scientific but, check...
yeah they are like OCN in some ways but, there are very many skilled folks on there. they core 2 quad booting a on chipset that only supports dual cores with super advanced pin and bios mods. the modding scene is great as far as laptop reviews being skewed i didn't care too much assuming that's what you are referencing.
i'll try and check it out.
This the camera is the limitation it is amplifying the issue. it's is on par with nukemaster's photos.actually yours is right on par with mine. That's pretty much how mine looks or fairly close. i've always had these black levels with flat panels so i assumed it was normal. I might have to try VA, i hope they cna get the latency down in the future. or better yet OLED.
throttlestop is good place to start looking also checkout NBR forums, it is OCN of laptops.
did it fix it? you are right all about CRT beating out all on input lag. Most all TVs have post processing, once it's gets the image it further processes that image. this takes time. Not to say something wasn't wrong with your TV, that is possible too.
any of these good for radiators? i have a 120 CLC
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