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no one uses that setting? tested ? saw improvement, anything?
Do you disable HPET In the bios also ? and bcdedit /set DisableDynamicTick Yes ? did anyone check that ?
How are your temps so low ?? did your lower your voltage or something ? because my cpu voltage is auto.
Do you guys use bcdedit /disabledynamicTick Yes command ?Do Prime 95 test Small FFTthen show the temps
no one had this happen?
does anyone here has gigabyte x399 aura 7 gaming and has issue with CSM Support Enabled, I keep it disabled but randomly after restarts or when restarting? it happens to me when restarting or shutting down. I don't know what causing it.
Can anyone tell me about the Corsair H115i , do I need the Corsair Link to keep it on performance profile ? and to let it run every windows boot ? and still keep it connected ? Also every random time that I restart my computer CSM Support turning Enabled for no reason. that's the only bios who goes stupid. How do I fix it ? I updated as soon as I got the motherboard to F3G from F1 . so I don't know if the bug happened before. Does anyone knows the fix ? it change it...
How can I get the 1950x without overclocking to reach the Turbo mode 3.9 Ghz ? because it always stays at 3.4 and only 1 Core is 3.7 Ghz. can anyone explain it ?
I'm using FlareX QUAD Gskill 3200 Mhz 14-14-14 . Ambient will obviously change , now it's cold, It will be insane when it's hotter.
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