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Awesome! Superb cable management and top notch watercooling system. Now OC away
Yea I rarely see a reason to OC when having multi-GPUs. That's just me though.How's the performance gain on OC'd multi-GPU setups?
Aaw, hope you enjoyed your stay! Take care and enjoy your new cards
Crap FPS even on CS? Your setup seems perfectly capable of running even BF3/4 at max settings. So who's getting the 760's? They're beasts and cheaper than our 660Ti's (at least around here haha).
Guys I've been out of the loop for sometime. Are the 760's superior to our 660Ti's?
Your card will probably last until the end of this year.Ti's use a nerfed 670/680 Chip (GK104). 660 uses the GK106 and has less cuda cores and stuff.
Aw man, that's so bad! Specially considering Gigabyte cards have quality electronic components for better and safer OC room. Well,good luck with the new card! 670's are even better OC monsters than the Ti's!
An excellent card indeed! I'd love to see 1080p benchs though.
It downclocks based on temperatures and "overclocks" if the application is demanding enough.
I had a 5850 before, and the difference is considerable!660Ti can MAX BF3 @1080p and 60fps, while the 5850 couldn't with stable performance.1GB VRAM isn't just enough nowadays.
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