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Afraid there's no tweaks for this since 1GB VRAM is barely enough to run the game, and the stutters seems to be a consequence of low RAM/VRAM requirements.
These are the main performance murderers: Grass (Set to High), Extended Distance Scalling (max 20%) and Shadows (but it's worth on very high). I run at 1080p and it rarely (if ever) drops below 60fps. I have everything maxed except for Grass, Extended Distance Scalling, Reflections (High, not worth at Ultra and Ambient Occlusion (worthless and affects performance). I use FXAA+TXAA+MFAA (nvidia control panel) at 2X. I have a GTX 970 btw. Read this...
lol this new patch has definitely decreased the performance
New member here, got a GTX 970 ACX 2.0 and I'm pretty happy with it so far. But apparently it doesnt have the BIOS selector! Is anyone's else card like this?
It seems they somehow improved VRAM management, since I never get unplayable stuttering unless I blow up the suggested VRAM limits
You all should get the new NVIDIA Drivers, game's running better for me. The stutterings that made the game unplayable are pretty much gone.
Best combination without blowing up the 2GB VRAM limit is either: Everything Maxed + 4xAA+ Normal Textures = Decent FPS (40~60fps) and no stuttering Some things on High/Normal + 2xAA + Very High Textures = Better FPS (50~80fps) and casual stuttering This game is pretty ugly without AA, way too many aliased edges.
Yea, usually when driving fast.It's playable without MSAA and other stuff though, it's just that I get good frames but bad stability later on.
1080p.Now, if only I could figure the reason why the game stutters badly after 10~20minutes playing. Is it because I get beyond the VRAM max limit?
Yea I'm aware of that. Welp, the game is still playable with the yellow bar (almost maxed VRAM) so yea just gotta turn some candy eye down. Thanks for clearing things up
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