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Looks like a 1080p monitor with slight upscaling distortions (1080p to 1440p). As for the refresh rate, I don't know a reliable way to measure the displayed refresh rate but my monitor accepts up to 1080p@125Hz.Using 3D Vision there is an indication that something isn't right. Either a software incompatibility between forcing 3D Vision to the monitor or the monitor scaler cutting down frames.I tested the monitor with the Refresh Rate Multitool and there is an indication...
My monitor syncs up to 85Hz at 1440p and more (120Hz) at 1080p but sometimes after booting it will not sync up without a reboot. Possible a graphics card problem because if it was only a monitor problem, turning it off-on should fix it. Also can't be sure if the reported refresh rate in the monitor is really displayed in the monitor or simply converted in the internal scaler because while testing 1080p@120Hz with 3D Vision the displayed rate was clearly not 120Hz. The...
Blowing at a fan while on power might have unwanted consequences. Years ago a fellow technician used an electric blower on the psu of a PC while it was running and the psu burned up and started blowing sparks. Probably something to do with lower electrical impedance or the fan working as a generator or just bad luck. And don't make the fan turn too quickly, might break a blade.
If I remember correctly the only thing the EVGA SLI enhancement does is to install profiles for newly released games that were unsupported by the drivers on the time of their release.It seems this program is not updated anymore so it's obsolete. If you install the latest drivers you should get the latest profiles and through Nvidia update or Nvidia Geforce Experience any updated profiles.
BIOS file for the RIVE at the article is version 4401 and hosted at a google-drive but today there is also a new BIOS at the asus support site with version 4310 with support for Intel IVB-E series CPU.
Current pending sector count, 15 sectors are unstable and are waiting to be checked. If they can be read/written again they will be marked as good else they will be marked as bad sectors and remapped. Usually means the drive starts to die. I suggest you zero fill the whole drive which will force the checking of the sectors. I had a hdd that developed Current pending sector count errors which after the zero fill they disappeared and still works ok to this day. Another of...
You must change you overclocking under Windows 8 and then test, changing from BIOS is a waste of time and proves nothing.
From what I understand problem should appear only when you change your overclocking from within Windows 8.Did you change your overclocking from within Windows 8 and not from the BIOS?
New RIVE bios 4206.
My 3D Vision Glasses seem to be broken, bad battery I assume after so many years. I will them charge for a day but I have little hope, they just don't turn on and if they turn it's only for 1 sec.I get the double vision in the monitor when 3D is enabled and OSD shows 120Hz but no idea if it would display correctly with 3D glasses.
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