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Yea, kind of curious if anyone else notices it. I hope it's just my mouse.
Had to RMA the G502. While playing Diablo I noticed when I let off mouse 1 softly there was a bump that felt like it unclicked, but actually it was still held down. I am guessing that is a defect. Amazon RMA 1-3 weeks for new mouse . On a side note, going back to my FK, I forgot how light this mouse was... lol
Coming from the FK to G502 was a little different at first. I like both the FK and G502 shape, but I don't love them. In my opinion the best shape mouse I've held was the Mamba, disregarding the sensor obviously. As far as the weight goes, yea it's more, I don't really have an issue. I'm not a 90lb frail woman, a few more grams isn't going to tucker my arm out, but to each his own. Played some Battlefield, Titanfall, Diablo this weekend for way too long and didn't get any...
I went ahead and ordered one. I bought the FK based on Ino's review, so I am looking forward to this mouse. Great review as always Ino.
I don't get it?You do not need a sound card, an external dac is similar. D1 is fine, depends on what you are looking to do. Fiio is also another good brand, and Schiit products are also good.
I replaced my Logitech z-5300 with the Audioengine A5+ and S8 sub and I couldn't be more happy. The sound quality is great. I used the A5+ without a sub for awhile and they still sounded great, I was actually surprised how well they sounded. Adding a sub makes them even better, you don't even need to get the S8, you could probably find a cheaper alternative on Amazon. Another speaker option are the KRK Rokit(my second choice), I've heard they are pretty good, however, they...
Mine shipped out Monday. I should be getting it this Thursday.
How is the ASUS RMA process? Is their customer support good? 2: dunno about anyone else, but I have been waiting 2 weeks now for even a status update on my RMA. I am a few days away from just ordering a EVGA 780ti.
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