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How is Roccat's RMA process compared to Logitech? Do they just send out new mice if yours broke?
When you guys grab your g-pro, do you hear the plastic creak sometimes?
Ino, do the buttons wobble like the G900? One thing that annoys me with the G900 is sometimes when my finger is damp it lifts up the button.
Ino, any chance you could post a few more pictures (or video) comparing it against the 303? I kind of liked the 303, but the diamond shape with narrow butt and bulging sides always felt awkward. I guessing this G Pro fixes that and fits better in your hand?
Couldn't have said it any better. I was hyped watching the first few seconds of the video, right until I seen some "champion" shoot some spell with his hand. Then to top that, that stupid hooverboard and bull rush across the map put the nail in the coffin. No old school Quake fan wants any of that garbage.
I got mine last night. I must say I am really liking the shape. I tried it for a bit in wired/wireless I couldn't really tell the difference using I will have to game a bit more to see if I can notice. Coming from the G303, the weight difference is hardly noticeable. My only dislike so far are the button clicks, bit more stiff than G303, which is nice for FPS, but in MOBAs the spamming feels a bit off.
Great review Ino.
Have any of the pro-players from Cloud9 or TSM in CS:GO used this mouse yet and have a opinion? I know you could donate on Twitch to get their attention, but I'd rather not.
How about a test of the G900 wired vs G900 in wireless? Any chance you could give us that info?
Looks like it's going to take an hour to clean with q-tips when it gets dirty.
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