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I like the G-SR over my Hayate, the rubber base on the G-SR is really nice, and I feel more control. However, the Hayate quality feels like it will last longer.
The one thing I liked when I tried the Mamba was the shape. I never found anything else that had a similar feel in my hand. This new one looks different, more deathadder-y.
Why do you want a Zowie? You also play League, Dawn of War(RTS?) and PoE, all games where you click a lot. Most people can't seem to handle Zowie clicks for those games. The EC1-a will have better clicks than the FK1, my FK1 clicks are really stiff, but my EC2-a were great.
Using EC2-a and FK1 on the G-SR from Zowie, no issues at all.
Better is personal preference. Which shape do you think you would prefer? Ino has reviews on both of them if you do a forum search.
I just got a EC2-a from Amazon yesterday. Scroll wheel seems to be good for me. Also the clicks require less force than my FK1. I was thinking about trying the ZA12, but they aren't on Amazon prime.
I used fine sandpaper on the edges of my Hayate to stop the cord from getting caught. I was thinking about a Zowie G-SR also, I feel like I need more mat at times also.
That could be true... Zowie RMA is pretty awful isn't it? Wonder if I should even bother.
What's wrong with them saying the sensor feels good? It's your own opinion if you can tolerate the shape of the mouse. I think the 303 feels more responsive than my FK1. The FK1 almost felt a little sluggish. After testing with for about an hour (I rather not load up a game to test, to many variables), I was constantly out performing the FK1 with my 303. Is the FK1 a bad mouse? No. I actually like Zowie mice. Could the shape be the reason I did better?...
Just got mine from Newegg and it's perfect. I never knew 144hz was so smooth for gaming, what have I been doing with my life playing at 60hz.
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