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I went ahead and ordered one. I bought the FK based on Ino's review, so I am looking forward to this mouse. Great review as always Ino.
I don't get it?You do not need a sound card, an external dac is similar. D1 is fine, depends on what you are looking to do. Fiio is also another good brand, and Schiit products are also good.
I replaced my Logitech z-5300 with the Audioengine A5+ and S8 sub and I couldn't be more happy. The sound quality is great. I used the A5+ without a sub for awhile and they still sounded great, I was actually surprised how well they sounded. Adding a sub makes them even better, you don't even need to get the S8, you could probably find a cheaper alternative on Amazon. Another speaker option are the KRK Rokit(my second choice), I've heard they are pretty good, however, they...
Mine shipped out Monday. I should be getting it this Thursday.
How is the ASUS RMA process? Is their customer support good? 2: dunno about anyone else, but I have been waiting 2 weeks now for even a status update on my RMA. I am a few days away from just ordering a EVGA 780ti.
They told me that on Monday. But still, it has been 2 weeks since they received my card. How long for you? I don't think some company's realize how easy it is to lose a customer by having such an awful RMA process. EVGA can ship out a replacement the same day they received the defective card. Moving to another warehouse or not, you better have your ducks in a row and not have your customers RMA process take a ridiculous amount of time. 2 weeks(so far...) is unacceptable.
I still have not received information on the status on my RMA. They keep sending e-mails with, "We have made a follow up on our RMA department.". I haven't heard anything other than that since last Tuesday when they said it would "ship shortly". Maybe it did ship and they have no idea? All I know is, the communication between departments seems abysmal.
That's pretty messed up... paid for the HOF and when you had to RMA they sent back the GC version.They said they were having a power issue in the e-mail, but they said it would "ship shortly", that was Tuesday evening, not sure what their definition of shortly is...
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