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I got mine last night. I must say I am really liking the shape. I tried it for a bit in wired/wireless I couldn't really tell the difference using I will have to game a bit more to see if I can notice. Coming from the G303, the weight difference is hardly noticeable. My only dislike so far are the button clicks, bit more stiff than G303, which is nice for FPS, but in MOBAs the spamming feels a bit off.
Great review Ino.
Have any of the pro-players from Cloud9 or TSM in CS:GO used this mouse yet and have a opinion? I know you could donate on Twitch to get their attention, but I'd rather not.
How about a test of the G900 wired vs G900 in wireless? Any chance you could give us that info?
Looks like it's going to take an hour to clean with q-tips when it gets dirty.
I got my EC2-a from Rexflo, seemed okay at first, but then I started to notice the right click kind of rubs on something if you click to hard, kind of annoying. After looking at the Rexflo RMA process I rather just take the $60 hit than have to fax some form to them after filling it out, not to mention the ship back cost, I got better things to do. This is why I hate dealing with other place outside of Amazon. Other than that they had fast shipping...
Is this your review?
I was just looking at his personal mouse ranks he listed. You seen to analyze a lot of these mice, what is your personally opinion on the top 5?
You ranked the DA4g #2... I thought it had a bunch of smoothing?
EC2-a would be a smaller version of the DA, if you liked that style you would probably like it more than G303. G303 is more like a fingertip/plam hybrid grip mouse... at least that's how I used it with 19cm hands
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