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Well this explains why I've had to RMA my 3TB Seagate drive 2x already.
Yea, you are probably right. I'm just dying to try out one these fast response 144hz monitors.
Is ULMB really needed? Considering you can only run ULMB or G-Sync. I wanted to pick up a Swift, but this information on Acer monitors comes out and now I don't know what to do.
I was just about to place a order on the Swift.... Guess I'll be waiting now.
Fully agree with that. When I look for monitors it honestly stresses me out, because there is no "perfect" one. I wanted to pick up the Swift few weeks ago, I actually placed the order but canceled at last minute. This thread is such a major turn off with all the "issues" people are reporting. I'm dying to try out a 120hz for gaming because I've been 60hz forever. I'm not going back to 1080p, so it's my only option.
I got my Blue Yeti for $70. Audio-Technica AT2020 is like $130. This Razer mic seems way over priced, plus its razer, you will end up having to RMA for problems in a week.
Good information. I guess it's like one of those things that I wont truly understand the difference until I see it for myself. I've been using 60hz for years now. I keep looking for the Swift on Amazon since they have easy return/rma process, but the past 3 times I have added the Swift to my cart it was out of stock by the time I went to checkout, lol, it's so annoying.
Do you consider yourself an above average FPS player? And have around 20% accuracy at least?I played a lot of FPS games on my Dell 1440p@60hz and I seem to do quite well, i'd consider myself well above average in battlefield, as well as any other FPS I put time into. Did going to 144hz(120hz) actually increase your skill? Anyone good gamers actually make that change from 60hz to 144hz and notice a night a day difference in play? I kind of really like the colors of the IPS...
I was in similar situation as you. I was wondering what I should get, LG 34um95 or the ROG Swift. When it comes to gaming, from what I've read at least, g-sync and 120/144hz are supposedly the best to have. I am trying to buy the Swift but it's never in stock. I'm kind of curious on how much better these higher hz monitors + g-sync really are.
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