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It's pretty much expected Legacy of the Void will be talked about this year... I'm thinking maybe it's something unknown.
Very disappointing. Doing this before Blizzcon is sucks, I was hoping this was the year for some footage of Titan... Maybe they will recover with a big announcement there?
Call of Titanfall: Advanced DLC
I loved 2142, titan mode was worth $60 alone. I have no issue spending $60 on a game if I enjoy it. However, most of the BF4 owners are pretty skeptical about this game because of the disastrous release of BF4. I think people would have a different tone about Hardline if BF4 was amazing. As far as the content they are going to provide, you are correct, we can only speculate on what EA's plan is from previous game releases.
I feel the game was a kind of fun at times. I prefer the focus on infantry combat, rather than having to deal with tanks, etc. as a medic. However, as most people have said... I just don't see how this can be $60, and you know they are going to have a premium for it also. This game would of been great marketed as some sort of BF4 expansion pack for $30. I will need to play the open beta in a few months to fully make up my mind. The sad part is, if this was 10 years ago,...
Oh, it can support more... that's interesting. I wonder why they haven't tried testing anything higher yet?
Pretty sure one of the devs said Frostbite maximum is 30hz. I doubt we will see a higher tick rate.
I've played some on the CTE. The "netcode" is much better than it is on live, closer to BF3 now... which isn't great, but better than the live BF4 hit detection which took 10 steps backwards from BF3. Frostbite client side hit detection will always be inferior to an engine that does server side.
Ill just go head and list 2 game breaking issues. Dying behind cover and dying to random objects when jumping over. What an amazing game. This is the worst battlefield game ever released and people like you who support it like this allows them to release this garbage again.
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