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I ended up just putting a piece of scotch tape around my cord to stop it from snagging on the Hayate. I wish the cord was more like Zowies.
Got mine. The sensor, mouse clicks, and mouse wheel all feel great. I have to say, the shape really doesn't feel too bad in my hand, it almost reminds me of the FK only fatter. The braided cable is annoying as hell, it keeps getting caught on my Hayate mousepads top edge, any anyone with Artisan pads know a good fix? I just put a piece of scotch tape across the top for a temp fix.
I noticed no difference in tracking on my G502 when I calibrated it to my Hayate from the factory default.
Speaking of the Logitech software. Does it need to be running for that surface calibration to work? I noticed after I formatted and re-installed the software it doesn't save the mouse pad I calibrated.
The shape of this mouse looks a little strange... I really liked my G502 sensor performance and button clicks, but I also like the smaller size and lightweight of my FK1. Tempted to get this. I am a little disappointed about the $70 price tag, but I guess not going out lunch one time this week makes up for the additional $20. Are most people palm style gripping their G302?
Hopefully it's not $1000, $899 seems a little better, but still that is expensive for a monitor. I would love to see them charge what the Swift is going for.
The link from TFT to a UK pre-order was around $1000 USD (£689.99) sadly...
$69.99 for the Digital Deluxe bro. Extra Battlepacks.
What he said. Shipping from Japan is also pretty quick from them.
How is this mouse compared to the 3310 Zowie? Wonder if Ino plans on testing this mouse out?
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