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Hopefully it's not $1000, $899 seems a little better, but still that is expensive for a monitor. I would love to see them charge what the Swift is going for.
The link from TFT to a UK pre-order was around $1000 USD (£689.99) sadly...
$69.99 for the Digital Deluxe bro. Extra Battlepacks.
What he said. Shipping from Japan is also pretty quick from them.
How is this mouse compared to the 3310 Zowie? Wonder if Ino plans on testing this mouse out?
DICE Sweden basically ruined the DICE name to me. They gave us this awful product filled with so many problems, then ignored it along with their devs tweeted a-hole comments to anyone bringing up issues. It was not until DICE LA took over 7 months!?!?!?!?! after release that the netcode(game) was finally playable. I have no idea how some of these people at DICE Sweden still have a job.
I like battlelog because it allows me to see if my favorite servers are populated without having to load the game. Only issue I've ever had was using like Chrome dev channel and the plug-in not working.
treav0r, is the LOD higher on the EC2-A compared to the FK1?
Well this explains why I've had to RMA my 3TB Seagate drive 2x already.
Yea, you are probably right. I'm just dying to try out one these fast response 144hz monitors.
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