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Is that including VAT? The previous leaked prices were a lot lower at "only" 1200 USD for the 7920X.
I don't know, it still seems a lot more practical than peltiers, a 200+W peltier is a very hot monster that isn't very stable and there are big worries about condensation. However, once soldered up, running 24/7 would be a non-issue when simply soldering to a waterblock.
Anymore? Sub-ambient was never practical was it? If it works really well I might give it a shot too.. It sounds great, crazy, but great.Edit: to be honest a naked mount with liquid metal to the water block is probably just as good and a lot easier/safer to work with, it is not nearly as cool though.
I would say it is actually more accurate to call it Haswell IPC, if you have to pick one, but the question isn't really important. A ~23% clock speed advantage for Skylake-X swamps whether or not Zen's IPC is 2% better or worse than Haswell.With some loads Zen seems to be have better IPC than even Broadwell, in some it is similar to Haswell, and with others it looks more like Ivy Bridge. Zen's IPC doesn't have to match a generation of Intel's exactly.Everyone knows it is...
A very important point, because the difference in IPC between Haswell and Broadwell-E is so significant.
For a 30" 4K 120Hz OLED? Instantly.
No, 4.3GHz for all cores. 4.5GHz for two.
Wrong? I never said any of that was actually true, I was attempting to continue the conversation from this post:Of course Threadripper isn't going to hit 5GHz, I was saying a 25% increase in clock speed would probably be worth a 100% more.Also Threadripper's quoted price was for the lowest model 16 core, not the 12.
Anything under 8-core is pretty silly on X299. Get a coffee lake 4 or 6 core if you want to save money and other then saving money why get a 4-core at all? Future upgrades is not a good reason to get a much more expensive platform, it will be hard to resell that 4-core so you probably end up wasting everything spent on it. Get X270 with 7700K or wait for Coffee Lake, getting a 4-core in an X299 platform is pointless.Sure, in the rare case where you can afford a nice X299...
If Threadripper had true better than Intel performance everywhere (e.g. Athlon 64 FX-55) they could probably charge $1500-$1800 for the top of the line 16 core now. If a golden 16-core Threadripper hit 4.8 GHz under water they could probably sell a lot of them at $1500. The price goes up fast as you near the top and the only reason it is under $1000 is the probable 200-700 hundred MHz stock clock speed disadvantage. They would still need to offer lower clocked models with...
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