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No, they really aren't. The tracking makes it feel completely different. If you turn your head the display updates so fast you don't notice the lag and all the objects move as if you were really there. It is oddly convincing and it changes the experience a lot.
Move on and find a better way? What do you mean? That you are comparing something like Kinect or 3D TVs to VR makes me believe you have never tried decent VR. VR is not the same. Current VR headsets are finally at the absolute minimum needed to trick your brain into thinking you are there. I haven't used any AR yet and I don't know how good these first AR HMDs will be, they probably won't be good, but the way our brains work means it is oddly more convincing then a...
A sub 50 watt card isn't going to cut it for an HTPC, you need a Titan Xp or big Vega, of course. What about madVR with NGU AA high chroma upscaling and NGU Sharp veryHigh image doubling?!?
No, radio is blocked by very short distances of water or ice. An orbiter, base station on the surface, and a teathered borer, could get the data back to us but the swimmer would need to be very autonomous, which makes it even harder. There are people with ideas working on it.The entire project is outside a reasonable mission NASA could actually get the budget for.
There are always those breeder reactor heat batteries, i.e. radioisotope thermoelectric generators, that deep space probes use. Even solar power is pretty bad out by Saturn. It might need a few...
This is absolutely true. I don't think anyone at NASA thinks there is enough evidence for deep oceans on Enceladus to warrant sending a mission capable of reliably getting through even 2 km of ice to investigate (if we could at all). At least a few more smaller and cheaper missions are needed to pick the best moon for something like that.It is probably worth sending a lander of some kind that could get better measurements on the surface.
Ah, I think you are right. Disappointing but it makes sense. There is a wccftech chart that has more pci-e lanes but I think it must be a typo (46 instead of the 44 for Skylake-X, should be 16 but they only changed the last digit).
I don't think you were paying attention to what I was saying. Ryzen is a great CPU and if I was in the market for a 4GHz 8-core today I would definitely grab a Ryzen over anything from Intel.However, as someone who has owned an 8-core CPU at over 4GHz with Haswell IPC for well over two years, Ryzen doesn't offer me anything. Moving from a 5960X to a 1800X would be a side-grade at best.
That is due to the local dimming, if you were to measure the non-dimming contrast it is probably around 1000:1, as you would expect from a decent IPS panel.
PCI express lanes.
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