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I was simply telling you how Apple should have engineered their hardware better, only in my opinion, of course. edit: And really, they probably could have used a smaller taptic engine though we don't know what tradeoffs that would require. I will agree that statement came off as very armchair designing but I also felt yours was overly dismissive.
They probably won't put them in shipping lanes. I think regulation will be ok, 15 miles isn't to completely unregulated territory. From Wikipedia: International waters:
Well it is obviously a design choice, Apple could have figured out how to put in a headphone jack if they wanted to.Do you really think the choice was simply hardware design limitations or do you believe being able to sell more $160 AirPods also factored into the decision to remove it?
None of the Type-C headphones I have seen have had nice DACs and amps. Do people really think the headphones should have the DAC and amp in them?
I imagine floating helps a lot with that, move with the waves don't fight them. Also I am sure they can remotely disengage the turbines to avoid damage from high winds. Assuming they turbines can be made robust enough this really does look light a great idea.
Sadly that link to Windows XP command line arguments is more misleading than helpful. It is true that this tool uses a built in feature of Windows 10 called compact.exe but the new interesting part is missing from that documentation and it changes the behavior of the tool a lot.
For the same reason the iPhone has been? It is easier to make a slimmer phone while saving money on the BOM and pushing people to buy $160 accessories. Google wanted in on it too.
Most people I see use the analog out from the iPhone with an extra stupid dongle, if you want digital out you could still use the Type C/Lighting even if there was a headphone jack.This was a decision from Apple to limit consumer choice to try to make the garden walls higher and push people to buy their Air Pods. Probably also saving money on the BOM.Any phone without a headphone jack is a no buy for me. It was very disappointing to see Google also remove the headphone...
Nothing, and it pretty much always over clocks worse.
You should simply change the BIOS option to OS Native instead of Driver Controlled, if you uninstall Turbo Boost 3.0 and then reboot and change that option it will stop reinstalling itself.I haven't seen anything official but it is easy to spot. All threads are assigned using the same core priority list Turbo Boost 3.0 used.
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