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Well I finally picked up a laptop, me being a desktop only guy for so long. I have discovered that my audio stinks (HP Pavillion G60). I am asking for recommendations for a USB DAC, price is from free to right at 100.00 (closer to 50.00 most likely). I will at times be using headphones (nothing special) and at times computer speakers (mine are Logitech X-230). I do wonder if there could be a conflict with a USB DAC and the Logitech X-230. Thanks for all tips.
Hello Everyone. I ask to save myself some time, can I homegroup Win 7 rigs with Win 10 rigs? my feeling is yes, but a quick "google" search leaves me wondering. Second, should I install an AV program (Avast has been my favorite). I turned off all the "send reports to Microsoft" fields just because it felt so odd leaving them on, if it does help with product development I will re-set these fields, any opinions? Lastly, has anyone tried folding on a Win 10 rig, anything of...
I like how "clicking" on the file explorer icon brings up so many everyday items (downloads is one of them). Not a full "my computer" display but real good, still exploring this OS. I was watching a video (linked to another site) and as soon as the video finished a message appeared asking me if I had any trouble.
Thanks 21. I guess I could post on the EVGA site and ask if PrecisionX (16?) supports this older gpu (9800GTX+). The install of PrecisionX went good into Win 10. +rep
Hello all. I am one that decided to install Win 10 Technical Preview Evaluation Copy (I like it, I can navigate this OS right out of the box). I installed on a rig that already had Win 7 Pro 64-bit installed (unactivated). The installation brought over the drivers for the EVGA 9800 GTX+ that was installed but a download of PrecisionX (latest version) resulted in a "hardware not supported" error message. All worked fine (well so far this is an evaluation) except PrecisionX....
Hello, Ami, that is so correct. My 3rd try at this using free software was a hit. I used "Wondershare DVD Creator". It has good video quality, audio is in sync, did not take long to burn BUT (always a "but") the DVD has the Wondershare logo very lightly imprinted on the screen. I believe if I got the "pay for" version I would be A-OK. Thanks a million +rep Ameri EDIT: ConvertX DVD worked fine.
Hello, I took on a small job (well I thought small) downloading someone's wedding video and burning to disc. It now comes to my attention the people want to watch the wedding on their DVD player. The download and burn to CD went fine (views perfectly on a PC) but I can't seem to get it to convert for DVD viewing. I used our "search feature" and the same software I have been working with was the only software mentioned (DVD Flick). I was using the free version of DVD...
I think I found someone that can use this RAM.
Sold, listing closed
Interesting. What was the load on the card (what was it providing power for?). Perhaps the card was not even being used but I wonder about load.
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