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I think I found someone that can use this RAM.
Sold, listing closed
Interesting. What was the load on the card (what was it providing power for?). Perhaps the card was not even being used but I wonder about load.
I list my aluminum black anodized radiator fan guard. The center sections can rotate. I do not remember the manufacture but you can feel the quality. Some very light scratches (I never installed it, I used it to get fan spacing layout to transfer to acrylic). Price is 30.00 and I pay shipping. I hope I picked the right section to list this product in.
Previous customer wants, I believe it may be sold.
Sold, payment pending. I will chage to closed and note payment received.
Sold, payment recieved
Sold,payment recieved
I list my main folding rig. I will still fold but I pay the electricity in my new place, this thing must be hard on the meter. You may say "odd price", and you are right, it is what I need. The "new to me board", the I7-970, Corsair Dominator-3x! 1600 and the water block (Koolance cpu 360). I have only had the board about 3 months but I ran it 24/7@4.05GHz. I have run this cpu @4.05 for probably 2 years. Same with block and RAM. I am not so big on "you wore that out"...
Hello JtVD. While waiting at the pharmacy I picked up a computer mag to pass the time (man those mags are expensive). There was an article that stated that it was the motherboard itself that most often is sent for RMA. Here on OCN we have always stressed getting a quality power supply (and still do) I would like this warning to include getting the highest quality motherboard that you can afford.
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