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Hello, Ami, that is so correct. My 3rd try at this using free software was a hit. I used "Wondershare DVD Creator". It has good video quality, audio is in sync, did not take long to burn BUT (always a "but") the DVD has the Wondershare logo very lightly imprinted on the screen. I believe if I got the "pay for" version I would be A-OK. Thanks a million +rep Ameri EDIT: ConvertX DVD worked fine.
Hello, I took on a small job (well I thought small) downloading someone's wedding video and burning to disc. It now comes to my attention the people want to watch the wedding on their DVD player. The download and burn to CD went fine (views perfectly on a PC) but I can't seem to get it to convert for DVD viewing. I used our "search feature" and the same software I have been working with was the only software mentioned (DVD Flick). I was using the free version of DVD...
I think I found someone that can use this RAM.
Sold, listing closed
Interesting. What was the load on the card (what was it providing power for?). Perhaps the card was not even being used but I wonder about load.
I list my aluminum black anodized radiator fan guard. The center sections can rotate. I do not remember the manufacture but you can feel the quality. Some very light scratches (I never installed it, I used it to get fan spacing layout to transfer to acrylic). Price is 30.00 and I pay shipping. I hope I picked the right section to list this product in.
Previous customer wants, I believe it may be sold.
Sold, payment pending. I will chage to closed and note payment received.
Sold, payment recieved
Sold,payment recieved
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