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Thanks. Touching the jumper pins seems to get it to switch between chips. They both have separate overclocking profiles, so I need to save changes to both to make sure they are always there. Other than that, seems to be working fine. I'm waiting for F7 and a Corsair heatsink adapter - then I give it a good workout before it goes to its new home.
Hey all, Someone hired me to build them an awesome Ryzen PC. Budget was constrained, so they ended up with an R7 1700 and Gigabyte Gaming 3 ATX board. I flashed it to F6 and was stability testing an overclock in Win10. After a few reboots changing settings... it failed to POST a few times, and after one reboot, it was back on F5! (All...
I have been searching Google... I'm finding a lot of people asking the same question, and never an answer. Edit: Well, I found something on Wikipedia. E5-2665 has a 2.4ghz stock speed and 3.1ghz 4/4/5/5/6/6/7/7 Turbo.That means that 1 or 2 cores = 2.4ghz+700mhz, 3 or 4 cores = 2.4ghz+600mhz, 5 or 6 cores = 2.4ghz+500mhz,...
A slimmer fan would have more airflow, but I suspect a dremel would be the best bet if you want airflow.I can feel with my finger that there is a tiny amount of airflow moving behind the motherboard tray, but it isn't much. My HDD bays are full, so it could be that the air is slipping between and around them. (Near the side panels.)
You could probably rig something up on a Fractal Define R5. There's plenty of space behind the motherboard tray for a full size fan, SSDs, cable management, etc.I have no idea how much difference it makes to temps. I'm tempted to find out, though. (I have that case.)Look up some reviews with photos to see if it'd work.
Last time it was between them at a higher clockspeed. Now it's between them at a lower clockspeed. That's worth consideration.It's those graphics cards. I had two R9 290X's litecoin mining for a while. They were pulling about 600-650 watts on the +12v rails according to my Kill-A-Watt. Add in potentially another 200w for the CPU, and you have no hope of running it on even an 850w PSU.
Hey! Don't insult my measly overclock! (It appears to be yours too. )Good article / comparison.
OCCT lines up with SpeedFan, so I'll opt for believing the higher number. Thanks.
Quick question - is it normal for Speccy and SpeedFan to have such different temperatures? If the lower one is correct, I probably have a lot more overclocking headroom than I think. Right now Speccy is at 29C and SpeedFan is at 45C.
Sorry for the thread necro, but I just went through this adventure myself: got it stable with 4 DIMMs (32GB - 4x8GB) at 1866mhz CL10-11-10-28 1T 1.5vFX-8350 is running 4.6ghz at 1.425v, High LLC, 100% current.I'm running it on a Sabertooth 990FX. If you check my thread, you'll see some good info from other posters. Someone pointed out that UD3 boards have a lot of trouble with...
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