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The new BEKT models now have the free-fall sensor, so those will do. Newegg has them really cheap.
lol he didn't read... I guess $250-300
1366 mobos will be on their way out, so they will be dirt cheap. It'll be an i7 930 + decent mobo(P6T Deluxe, perhaps) for $300-350 on the egg. 2TB HDD for $60 shipped. I'm guessing 470/480 will be outdated by then so you could pick up 460 SLI for $300 shipped, 470 SLI for $375 shipped.
are there females IRL?
I just got my first issue today! I signed up for the last free offer. babes in 3D...
Quote: I want to continuously shove my flash drive hard in your USB port. That would not get blocked but could be taken the other way
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDreadedGMan SATA 3 Gbit/s or SATA 6 Gbit/s makes no real difference for HDDs since even fast ones at 150 MB/s sequential are only 1.2 Gbit/s this. SATA 6 is such a horribly confusing marketing scheme right now for people new to computers. In the future, yes SSDs will saturate it, but right now a platter drive definitely won't. Compare the SATA 6 fiasco to someone saying this: "DUDE THIS GIGABIT ROUTER IS...
Quote: Originally Posted by cdesewell I hope this stops apples dominance in the mobile market the iphone/ipad is awfol
How good are these in xfire?
I have HEPA filters on my 3 intake fans so I have no dust in my case. I sealed the inside with packing tape so no air gets in through the crevices.
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