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if u want to go cheap buy cpu/mobo/ram/gpu on craigslist or kijiji you'll get way better deals. also use the buy/sell section on ocn.
id really love to see another bioware offline star wars rpg
it doesn't really fit your criteria but the most fun i ever had in fps games online: -Left 4 Dead 2 Versus Mode -Battlefield 3 In battlefield if you don't like vehicles thers lots of matches with no vehicles. it sounds like Counterstrike GO would be more up your alley
meh thers always a bottleneck with consoles, last gen was ram, this gen is cpu. Can depend on the type of game too id imagine, open world like infamous vs say a driving game or fighting game. Also pc's will have bottlenecks usually. perfect balance for all types of games and engines doesn't really exist.
I was holding out on upgrading my video card until maxwell rolled out, I thought they were going to have unified memory, arm cpu's or some such evolution in graphics card tech. Doesn't look like thats going to happen now, so is there anything special with maxwell?
Hi Guys, I live in a small apartment. I have a single air conditioner window unit that you switch on and off manually. There is no thermostat or other temperature control in my apartment. My idea was to design one that turns the air conditioner on and off according to the temperature target i set. I imagine this would require a temperature sensor and possibly an arduino or other circuit board. I don't know much about programming, any thoughts?
the live speed runs are the best
your best bet is probably the 2k sports series for wii. the nba 2k12 and such.
this looks like a prank, it looks identical, lol Excellent game though
a ps4 or xbox one is a pc, with imposed restrictions, lol
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