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Greetings. Looking for some guidance after extensive and unsuccessful googling on the topic. As the title suggests, im wondering about the ability to enable freesync on a central 21:9 monitor whilst flanked by two non-freesync 16:9 monitors on either side. After loads of searching i found one user mentioning that this works, but couldnt verify it anywhere else at all. The idea would be to buy the 21:9 Freesync monitor now for use with my sig-rig, then build a new gaming...
Youve got PM. Cheers and good luck!
Haha, that damned upgrade bug strikes again! Kudos mate, good choice in the end. This will be a significant upgrade, to say the least, and you'll be happy for a long time on that platform. Enjoy!
Hey Pointy, sorry to say but I'm pretty sure that Intel stopped that feature after Ivy Bridge.I can get my i5 3470 (3.2ghz) which boosts to 3.4ghz to boost all cores up to 3.8ghz with Asus's feature, so I know what you mean. But I remember reading somewhere that Haswell locked CPU's can't do the same.I may be wrong on the off chance, but I'm pretty sure that it's not possible unfortunately.
Off the top of my head, you can probably get an i5 and reasonable motherboard in your budget. If you can scrape around and find an unlocked "k" model then great, but otherwise any locked i5 will still give you the best price performance available with that budget. You can probably recoup some costs by selling your current CPU and motherboard, and your RAM is probably reusable in a new platform. A mate of mine on a budget just got an i5 4460 for a cheap gaming rig, and...
Subbed for interest. Loved Lando but can see where there was room for improvements, which i think youve addressed in here very well. Looking forward to more updates
Subbed. This is a glorious piece of work - truly masterrace worthy
Please don't quote me as Tegiri Nenashi But yeah, you're absolutely right re: multitasking in a desktop TV watching type environment. I was more thinking of an HTPC use, but both are legitimate of course. And I do watch things in that way, even when on 16:9 frankly. But it's not how everyone thinks of it, is all.So what do you think of yours?
I partly only come onto threads discussing 21:9 on here to see what kind of fanatical and dogmatic crap Tegiri Nenashi has come up with now. Check out his old posts - he's on a veritable crusade against anyone purchasing 21:9 monitors. Tegiri - you're boring at this point. Crawl back into your hole. Personally, I am 100% buying a 29" ultrawide in the next few weeks, and I've been planning it for months reading everything possible about the format and various screen...
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