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Fantastic news. I'm a little jealous honestly - how's it perform so far?
So? What happened when you put the CPU in? Did everything work okay?
Lol, seriously? That's terrible. I was totally set on a Gaming 5 board for my next build, but this is incredibly disconcerting.
You're jumping the gun. Practice some patience. If the motherboard doesn't turn on once you've installed a CPU and RAM, *THEN* you've got reason to be posting this thread. Just chill for 24 hours, and stop looking for problems that may not exist. Finding someone who has this board and has strangely decided to try and turn it on without a CPU in it and freaked out when it didn't do what it's not supposed to, is going to be near impossible.
Well from the start ... you *KNOW* that this is going to cause a flame war, right? I don't think they're obsolete, necessarily, but their market has been significantly encroached upon. Lets face it - Ryzen offers a whole spectrum of very attractive options across the price points. They're not perfect, and are not the absolute choice for every circumstance, but a lot of people who were considering i5's, especially the budget locked ones for a build around $700 or so, will...
Subbed for the hardware pron.
If crossfire works and scales well in the application ... yes. But not without issues. Is there a reason you are considering the move? I can think of much better ways to use your money if you're choosing to buy something. What is your current rig and budget?
GTA V, Civilization V and VI, Assassin's Creed (latest 2 at least), The Witcher 3 ... plus because of Frostbyte it's reasonable to assume Mass Effect Andromeda will too.Do we count Ashes of the Singularity? Does anyone actually play it, or just bench on it?
I've done a little internet snooping and digging, and have found a thread of evidence running through forum profiles, a Facebook profile, and a certain hardware review site tester currently leaking bits of RyZen information which suggests that RyzenChrist is, in actual fact, all of these sources, as one person.It's a hunch, and I'm going to approach him with it privately, for his privacy's sake, but I'm inclined to believe him.The amount of work required to build this back...
Subbed. Should be interesting to see what comes up in here.
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