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Definitely in ... loved the first. Cheers!
Awesome! There's no better news than a helped and happy camper enjoying their new purchase. Congratulations, and you're most welcome mate
One more review of exactly the cards you're considering, but in german -google tranlate The r7-250x (hd7770) wins overall. In some games the gt740 ever so slightly beats the r7-250x, but in those cases it's practically neck and neck. However, when the r7-250x wins, it absolutely slaps the gt740 around. That Sapphire 7770 i linked is great value and will serve you very well,...
Sorry, the r7-250 is a rebadge of the 7750. The r7-250x is a rebadge of the 7770. More evidence why you should buy the 7770:,3747-4.html
Evidence, remembering that the r7-250x is a rebadge of the hd7750. The 7770 performs a fair bit better again.
And this is better for the price too, as a back up option. Both with significant sale reductions.
This is a MUCH better card for that price bracket
I had a crack at it too ... quite close to Agoriaz's builds frankly, just a few changes here and there; faster RAM, smaller SSD to increase the storage (need a programs/storage drive if you're doing professional work) and Haswell-refresh CPU for the better thermal performance thus overclocking, plus a "fatter" AIO CPU cooler.For another $50 or so you can double the SSD ... over-budget, but probably worth it frankly. [[SPOILER]]
At this point, I would most certainly only consider the Devil's Canyon Haswell-refresh. The i5-4690k is the choice for gaming (and reasonably regular upgrade cycles) IMO, and whilst nobody can absolutely guarantee overclock performance, theoretically the 4690k will overclock much better 4670k due to temps at the minimum. As for the 4770k, I would suggest that the 4790k is the choice you should be considering for the obvious reasons. I would only suggest it being...
I was waiting for the confirmation of specs for the Nexus 9 before making my decision, and thanks Google - my decision is *EASILY* made ... that price, with no microSD expansion (yet again ) ... it doesn't make the 64bit Tegra chip or extra 1" of screen-space of the Nexus 9 at all appealing enough to choose it over the Xiaomi MiPad, the 64gb version (with a 128gb microSD) now being 100% what I am getting, and still seems to be *THE* price/performance tablet choice (with...
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