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Subbed - for ideas, and because wow ... just wow.
Subbed for ideas. Love the work
Subbed to steal ideas ... even if only for dreams
These are my thoughts: For 1080p, the 6gb of that gtx780 are probably wasted. The gtx780ti is overpriced and out of a niche - 3gb of VRAM is just now being breached at 1080p (though rarely, it will probably increase with time) so i wouldn't pay that kind of price premium any more without going 6gb, which is best suited for very high res. If you're dead set on nVidia then a regular 3gb gtx780 would be the best value spot. However if AMD are on the table, the r9-290 cards...
Awesome news! I'm hugely interested in this card now - my old but well overclocked HD7850 just *barely* fits, and the gtx760 is not enough extra performance to justify an upgrade cost, so I've been biding my time for short form-factor next-gen cards. This would meet all my needs however, and the size is perfect!
^ this is true about the price. Just wait another week and save the extra 40 bucks. Worth it in the long run. And even if you don't get an aftermarket cpu cooler for overclocking now, best to have the equipment from the start. The r9-290 is the peak of price/performance right now R9-290 overclock review.
The r9-290 is significantly faster than the gtx770 - a solid 25% (the r9-290 is equivalent to a gtx780, where the r9-280x trades blows or beats the gtx770 in most situations), and in the vast, vast majority of gaming situations you'll see very little if any difference between the cpu's.I vote for the r9-290 package for sure. Are you gaming at 1080p? May I suggest getting the unlocked i5 4690k and an r9-280x for the best of both worlds? Or better yet, just get the r9-280...
I've done this on my phone. It's a good starting point. Could shave a few bucks off here and there, and its not got a dvd drive or OS, but it is over clock ready and will definitely handle current and future games at 1080p with reasonable settings.
I would just drop down to the r9 270x for now. I had crossfire HD7950 for my previous 1440p rig and now on my single HD7850 @ 1080p I don't find myself wanting more at all. Sure, I can't max out everything but who cares? I'm never far off and the experience I get is as good as it gets in bang for the back terms. It's all about what you want, need, and can afford but I say keep them both get a 2nd r9 270x and test crossfire. The new drivers are great for that, and...
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