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Why do you play casual? Play competitive, much less hackers A lot of toxic players though.
Yes! Do you mean to sell it or give it away? One colleague of mine really wants the game, and it could make her day
Oh, I see, but I'm MGE, I don't think I'm on the level to pull such low punches In most games on my level people don't really concern themselves with what their teammates do, unless it's to say "lol silver noob u so bad" And, to vote kick.
What does baiting mean?I have voice chat disabled due to too many Russians who've slept with my mother.I call out positions constantly via team chat.Nah, man, quite the opposite, I'm active all the time, have a lot of assists too.The thing is that, say, 21st round, we're 10/10, my teammates die, I'm left alone vs 3 or 4, I kill 2, the last ones kill me, and I get votekicked immediately... I don't get it, they are all dead, obviously they are not better than me, why kick?!
Why do people kick me when I'm first?! I have highest score, and I died last, and I get kicked? WTH?
Why would you even buy such poor brand, don't you research before purchase?
Ladder anxiety is a serious issue, I play ranked every game that I own, SC2 is much more stressing. I'm Master Elite in CS:GO, I feel next to No anxiety when playing. I am silver this season in SC2 and every game is stress non-stop.
+1.Also, try DVI-D if you can, it gives best results on my TV.
Issue is SOLVED, you will not believe this... Apparently, you have to have Windows Firewall ON to be able to install, or as it seems - use fonts from Google Fonts in IE. My firewall was off. The moment I turned it back on, the site loaded normally, font and all.
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