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A year late, but for anyone else wondering - you are not supposed to place standoffs on the bumpy things, they are standoffs of their own. You just screw the mobo directly to them, and place the standoffs below where there are no bumpy permanent standoffs, if you have a taller mobo.
The default load voltage in Windows 7 is 1.050, and the GPU is unstable. The default load voltage in Windows 8.1 is 1.087, and the GPU is stable. This is fraud in my books. They force you to upgrade, because "Windows 7 doesn't work too well with new hardware".
Yes, Afterburner is unable to change or view voltages on my GPU, so I use Trixx + GPUz.
I raised the voltage from 1.164 (1.050 real) to 1.200 (1.086 real), and so far no crashes after 8 hours of Battlefield. Looks promising Thank you, Rep+
Does anyone have an idea about the upper voltage limit of the 280X? I don't want to damage it... further.
I'm thinking that too, but I want to try everything else before I try to RMA, since it might not be successful
Uninstall Rive Tuner Statistics Server. It installs along MSI Afterburner and must go if you want to have working input. Setting Stealth Mode doesn't work, just uninstall.
Just did that, doesn't help.
Hi, guys I get a TON of "driver stopped working and was recovered" while gaming, of course games freeze or crash, sometimes temporarily, sometimes they need restart. Also it has happened twice that the PC just reboots. I'm using the latest driver from AMD GPU is Sapphire 280X Dual-X OC edition PSU is Superflower 550W, two rails, 22A each. I tried removing the CPU overclock in order to make it easier on the PSU, but the problems remained. I even underclocked the GPU to...
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