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No surprises, C3 has 0 replay value
So has anyone claimed this yet?
I personally never considered Half Life to be even half decent FPS. Way too slow and story-heavy. HL2 improved on the action and graphics, but still a far cry from classic genre-defining FPS games like Doom, Quake and UT.PS: "Half Life 1/2" looks like you're saying "Half Life Half", or "Quarter Life", to be mathematically annoying
You're not much into reading, are you?
Every indie studio has all their eggs in one basket, you can't expect them to risk spending more resources on a title that can bankrupt them.
Why do you always have to make posts I totally agree with? Why?
That is because the processor spreads the workload internally. So say you have 8 cores and 50% utilization on all 8 cores. That figure (50%) is average workload recorded over 1 second. In fact, the game uses 4 cores at 100%, but the CPU switches dynamically which exactly 4 cores that is, in order to keep them evenly utilized. Earlier multi-core CPUs didn't do that, and additional software (like the AMD dual-core optimization "driver") was needed to coordinate core...
Yes, quite a few ideas, although most of them come from that profile photo of yours.On thread topic - looks like hardware problem to me, but you may try to update the BIOS of the card, it could fix the issue. Are the fans noisy? If they are relatively quiet, just run them at 100% all the time.How much RPM is 100%? Test it out and see if they really spin at 100%, if it's a hardware issue it is possible you are getting less than 100% RPM>Also, take apart the fans themselves...
On my 75Hz monitor I played with just display scaling on R9 280X. Forcing GPU scaling brought me down to 60fps. I don't know if that info will help you in any manner.
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