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Depends on your hands. It's not under my thumb, it's a bit forward. If I didn't use it, I'd never know it's there
As a person who went from quad-core AMD to dual-core Intel - DON'T. Save money and upgrade to Core i5, dualcore Intels are not worth it against a quad AMD. Try a mild overclock on your athlon and save up for something decent.
I just got the G402 as well, but haven't tried it yet in SC2, that's why I'm asking Amazing mouse!
Hey, guys, what mice do you prefer for SC2?
Fair enough
I think it will track, but with much reduced accuracy, which how do you measure at 5 m/s? I may be wrong.
Are you sure? How can this be established for certain? Maybe a registry tweak can disable it permanently? I'll dig around
double post
Look here:G402 can be stripped to below 80 grams, but the lift-off distance is indeed high.
Not yet, but I don't do many fast swipes, and my fast swipes are not that fast anyway. Perhaps it has to do with switching to and from the Fusion engine. Try disabling it and see if that solves the issue. Also, there is a firmware update that solves some issues with Fusion, maybe that would be it.
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