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I only like Landlubber
"Then maybe you haven't seen a really funny retarded person." -Borat
It's what I do
This particular i5 isn't a big deal, so maybe I'd vote for the A10, due to in being an APU. Sooner or later Intel's IGP won't be enough
+1Also, #RoadToPWSAKL
There is no reason to come up with new names for ranks either, but here we are What comes after the AK rank? SN (Star-nut), ES (Eagle-stars), ESL (Eagle-stars-leaves), PWS (Planet-wing-stars) and PWSAKL (Planet-wing-stars-AK-leaves) rank?Ok, that's what I'll call them from now on No reason to twist your trousers.
Why? You think it's more funny or smart the way you say it?
Just say MG ranks, not AK ranks.
Sounds like a bad driver or GPU, did you try DDU + driver reinstall?
When the same thing happened to me, it was dead mobo. I hope you solve it soon!
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