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There is no option C! That is the whole point of the question, you have to choose one OMG!
You're one of those guys that always answer with "both" when asked which one of two things he chooses, right? - Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson?- Both.-
RTT - unit control is everything.RTS - unit composition (and therefore - economy) and map control.The amount of thought you have to give to economy and map control SC2 is nothing compared to other RTS games. SC2 rewards muscle reflexes and guessing, while RTS is supposed to reward thinking. My
SC2 is becoming less RTS and more RTT with every change they make to it. I'm sorry to say that if this review applies to the end product, SC2 will no longer be the game for me.
Some months ago I posted comparison screenshots between SC2, Dawn of War 2, and C&C 3, it was pretty obvious that even among such old games, SC2's graphics are objectively sub-par. These days they just add effects, and don't care much about details. "So, models are low-poly, textures are low-res, animations are bad? Have some realtime shadows here and there, some ragdoll, some postprocessing, all should be nice and pretty now." It's not. It's excrement with glitter.
FTL is love, FTL is life.SC2 engine is aged AF.You should not be playing on hard Campaign is meant to be played on Normal. Hard is for those poor bastards that find Normal too easy to be interesting.
Whaaaat?! What the Frank Sinatra could you dislike about Win10?!
8.1 is fast, smart, and ugly.
The throttling is an integrated safety mechanism. It doesn't allow you to channel too many amps through the card's VRM or core. Raising the power limit is the only solution, and it only works up to a certain extend.
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