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This happens to me when I have a dust particle or hair stuck in my mouse's optical sense, clean it up, it may fix your issue
Yes, thanks, that works for me too.I had it with the full path initially, and that's when it doesn't work. But all is fine now, thanks
Internet says it has PCI-Express x16, so as long as you can provide the required PSU, all should be fine
Open the start menu, type "ClearType", go through the calibration process, and all should get back to normal
Virus check? With at least 2 AVs and 2 anti-spyware
I own an 8X and if they don't roll the update, I'll buy a Nokia. I'm sick of this waiting. This wasn't supposed to happen.
I don't think you can crossfire, unfortunately. Only R7 250.
My brother plays on 1280x1024 LCD, he uses a 4Ghz Athlon 750K Quad-core and R7 260X. The 260X is bottlenecked by the CPU and never gets to 100% usage, even on Ultra. Performance is meh, due to the CPU, but he is able to play even the newest and heaviest games, like Ryse or The Evil Within on medium or low (which isn't much of a difference on that monitor anyway).
C&C is Command and Conquer. Maybe you mean C&Q - Cool and Quiet? And to answer you question, I have no idea what "diabled by CPU" means, but I'd rather leave it enabled. Yes, it may inhibit OCability, but it exists for a reason.
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