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I agree, there is a reason why uninformed peer reviews are a major part of some project development methodologies When you spend a lot of time working on something you just start to ignore some details. I'm the same way with my projects.
Good job! Theme is too bright for my taste. A lot of people read reviews after work and late evening, cater to their eyes, don't blind them with overbrightness. Use same size images for reviews. When an image is PNG or with background that matches the theme, apply a 2px semi-transparent border in a lighter or darker shade. Experiment with fonts and font sizes. I'm not a fan of the "Latest articles" section in a review page. If I want the latest, I'll go to the home page,...
[tinfoilhat]The misrepresentation of stats helps some people make money. Therefore freely available accurate stats are against some individuals' interests, that is why there are none.[/tinfoilhat]
Raptr is the most horrible piece of software that I have ever seen, so glad it's dead. Raptr's statistics were terrible as well, first of all they only reflected AMD GPUs, and second, most people uninstalled that crap right after noticing it. Perhaps GameSpot will have some stats related to most popular games?
Isn't it the same price as Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2? I don't think it will be getting any cheaper...
What? 402 is not a claw mouse. Yes, you can do it, if you try really hard, but it is a palm / finger mouse IMO.
What does that mean?
1080p 27" 144Hz TN Freesync all the way. - top performance in any game due to standard res - 144Hz is like sex (the good kind) - Freesync is cool
So that is a whole other game made as a mod? Neat.Story looks cliche as fff though.
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