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LLC is supposed to be the thing that regulated VDrop and VDroop, so yes, they are related. And the default setting is not always the best
It could be crashing when it tries to switch between C-states. Does you BIOS have options for disabling certain C-states? Like C1E? EDIT: Also, experiment with Load Line Calibration if your mobo allows. That is known to crash idle CPUs. EDIT2: Also welcome to OCN! I hope you enjoy your time here
+1, still very relevant CPU.
OptionalFeatures.exe is empty when ran through code, but works fine when I open it manually. Any clue on what the problem might be? I tried running as admin, that didn't solve it.
Unless you hate Radeons, go with R9 270 non-X, or R7 260X instead of 750Ti - cheaper and faster. And R9 270 non-X can easily and safely be OCed to 270X levels (it is the same exact chip, lower stock frequency).
That's not how a memory leak works. You probably have a defective or broken GPU, or your are installing a crapped GPU driver, which restarts on fault, causing screen to flash back and forward.
My account is currently muted and can't add or be added as friend. It is a technical issue, not me being reported for inappropriate behavior I've contacted tech support, as soon as the issue is resolved, I'll add you Have fun playing!
I need your battle tag formatted like this in order to add you:Mine is Ronnin426850:2161, add me
I'm silver protoss from EU, I'd be happy to play with you and teach you a thing or two
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