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Tried it, didn't catch me though.
Could you get decent gameplay from the most powerful double GPU released to date? Of course not, what were you thinking? Also, what does "by 25month" mean?
we were discussing plot.
Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls anyone?
Hey, guys, I think I'm doing rather well lately, what would you say?
I'm confused, what is the "big thing" that is supposed to impress me here? With Dx9 it was Bloom, with Dx10 it was HDR, with Dx11 it was Tessellation. I don't see anything here that we don't already have.
You need another motherboard, this one is terrible for Overclocking.
Will CrossFire nicely with my Sapphire 270 DualX Will go in my sig rig, fave color is purple
ah, yes, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks
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