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Before the update it also went boom at stock in Kombustor or Furmark.
I know, however for some reason on all GPUs I've had, connecting the TV via DVI has always looked sharper than HDMI or DP.
DVI is the superior format regarding IQ, but they no longer put it on cards, and it's even getting hard to find cables.
It's normal, depending on your definition of "slightly". Mine wobbles slightly too, the weight of the cooler bends the mobo a bit.
This generation of xfx appear to be great.
Not possible, AFAIK.
Yes, I have read of many Strix owners having the exact same issues. Don't know of a solution yet, but try to experiment with dropping freq, raising voltage, and running fan at 100% for a while, so we can narrow it down.
Wow, that's some pro level benching right there! Thanks for the results! I suppose you ran the game in Exclusive Fullscreen, correct?
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