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Well not faster, I exaggerated there, but can definitely play games. For a while I played on my i5 4460's IGP and it was great, CS:GO @60FPS, and i3 6100's IGP is faster than mine.
Just use the integrated GPU, it's faster than a 750 and you'll save money, maybe get a better CPU or some other extra.
In that case get a 950 and call it a day
No source, so I wouldn't trust anything on that link for now.
If you can find a cheap 470 or 1060, that's where you wanna be. Configure it right and you get 480 performance. 460 is utter crap and you can't play games on it on anything above low-med.
What is wrong here? You get more FPS for higher clocks, and less FPS for lower clocks.
So when you go to Library in your profile, there's nothing there?? That's very strange, I've bought ~30 games from them, never had a problem.
Athlon 880K, any AsRock FM2+ motherboard, cheapest Rx470, any case, any ~400W PSU from the list of recommended PSUs here on OCN, free SSD, and any keyboard/mouse combo, and you should be able to fit in budget and play almost anything on Very High / Ultra. I just assumed the PC is for gaming, if it's for something else, please explain in detail
I bought my 470 for 260$, but a 1070 is 610$ here, so quite a difference
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