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I found Silver to be much easier than Bronze and quickly made my way to Gold, where I was near top for some time, but then stopped playing. I suppose I'm back in bronze now
I had my first win with Protoss vs Bronze zerg
You are playing it too safe for a MadProfessor
Since Bulgaria is still a part of the Ottoman empire by that time, I'll go for Serbia
Price is good and you can max all those games on R7 265, however as an owner of a R7 260X and an R9 270, 265 isn't a particularly powerful card. My suggestion is to save your money, as your HD 5770 is quite enough to last you until you can afford a 270X or 280X. In fewer words, if you buy the 265 now you will regret it next year
I often have the same feeling, but it gets better when I remind myself that it's the journey that matters, not the destination
Probably you're not smart enough. Now on a serious note, think about it, this game will be played for Decades! You don't sound like a 60 years old guy, so you have plenty of time to get to GM. And time is all it takes, mate Yeah, sure there are some 16 year old pros with better nose for the game, do you seriously think they are smarter than you? What we can't match with talent, we match with brain, it just takes longer. Perhaps they were born with that better sense, but...
If you have functioning AM3+ rigs, why change them for FM2+? That would be a sidegrade, not an upgrade. I say keep what you have, scratch that upgrade itch with something else, and wait for better FM2+ tech to come around
Disagree if you will, but after 4 years in marketing you start to notice certain things Also, your fine example of integrity doesn't disprove an argument based on what "most people" would do
You really don't know? Buff zerg in WOL, more players play zerg, more people buy HotS. Buff protoss in HotS, more people play protoss, more people buy the whatever it was called toss expansion
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