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It is a bug, I'm having the same issue. I think it is related to how threads are sorted by last post's date.
This building look like something to you?!
It's not a good time right now for mobos, RAM or CPUs. You can invest in a new AMD GPU, because their prices are great right now, you get hell of a kick for the price of a low-mainstream card.
Yeah, but the G-Skill is already at CL7-7-7. You won't get much better if you downclock a faster RAM. And it's 1.5V which is great.
oh ok then This G-Skill looks fine to me
1333Mhz in 2014? There's 1866Mhz on almost the same price! Please investigate the prices of faster RAM and invest in it, because 1333 is a joke by today's standards
It's not that easy, really. If we assume GPU and CPU computations were identical, then perhaps in some cases the high number of shader processors in a GPU can prove useful. However if you try to run 20-some threads, they would run faster on an 8-core CPU than on a 600-core GPU with similar power draw. Also, CPU and GPU computations can't really be compared unless we talk in Gflops, which isn't really a good comparison, because GPUs are optimized for this, and CPUs are not,...
Mine is OC edition, so it probably had default voltage raised a bit, which allowed me to hit the Ghz.
Mine doesn't have programmable VRMs, so I don't know. If I can't change it, I don't care Edit: Mind you, this is 270, not 270X
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