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And it's one step closer to making sense too If they reduce the firing and moving speed 2 times, and make them able to shoot on the move, I might just rediscover my hope for humanity
No, it means not having to re-target the cannon on every stop. You still have to stop in order to shoot, but it takes less time to perform the shot, because it has been tracking the target while moving.
I like how since the release of WoL everyone is only dancing around the subject of un-sieged tanks being f-in worthless
That'd be some seriously broken "lore", so to say.So the medivac picks up the tank, which reverts back to normal while being carried, unless a magical upgrade is done, which "allows it" to not revert to tank mode? That's not serious
The second link I gave you contains a table of AMD motherboards, along with data on how good their VRM can handle OCing
Here you go: This is the highest resolution of this image available. EDIT: There is a 1920x1080 image here: but it's just this thing, stretched.
I agree on nuke buff. Something called "a nuke" isn't allowed to be that much of a joke as it is right now.
Windows is weird Linux is weirder. It's just how OSes are, stuff happens and you don't always know why
Right-click on the svchost process that is using all these resources. Click "Go to Service(s)". Scroll up and down, the services associated with this process will be marked. Write them down. Go back to processes in Task Manager. Right-click on My Computer on your desktop -> Manage Go to Services. One by one stop (don't disable, just stop) and start the services that you wrote down. After each stop, take note if the RAM and CPU usage problem has been resolved. Once you...
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