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On what resolution? FPS seems a bit low for Doom. Is it running in Vulkan?
I think it is much better to start weak and boost, than to start strong and nerf. There is always an incentive to play a new class, even if its weak, so there will be lots of necros even in that case. And when a patch boosts your hero, it feels great. On the other hand, if they start it strong, there will be necro flood, then nerf, people will hate the nerf, everyone will be disappointed again... Nah
The Crusader is the worst thought hero in the game though, isn't it? There are very few viable builds, even at T10 I'm struggling to find 3 different builds that work good. Thorns obviously very strong, then there's some room to wiggle with shield bash / glare / blessed and hammers and stuff, and that's it! Slash is weak, I tried Akkhan with Heaven's Fury - very weak... I have at least 5 different builds for Wizard at T10, all working, same for Barb, and with the Crusader...
Experiment with "Min Acoustic Limit", I believe that is responsible for how the fans "calm down".
That's a good choice, you're saving yourself a lot of headache there But even in that case - I've played through SC2 campaign 3 times - stable FPS is critical for surviving on the harder difficulties.
Meduim sounds more doable on that GPU. Don't know about Diablo, haven't measured FPS there because I've never had issues, but I know StarCraft can be tricky, especially on some maps, and especially during intense engagements. And that is a game where you just can not afford to miss a beat. In D3 if FPS drops from 75 to 50 for half a second - whatever. In StarCraft if that happens while you're trying to EMP, you're DEAD.
The game is SOOO worth it. D2 has better atmosphere during the campaign, however D3 is superior in every other aspect.Some classes in D2 are plain boring to play with, while every class in D3 brings something great to the table.D2 has a joke of an end-game, while D3 is all about the end-game, the game has a metric poopload of content (I'm probably about 2000 hours in, some people here have way more).That's also why D3 has way more "quality of life" features, it no longer...
Witch Doctor's "Basic Attack" has been replaced with "A good old-fashioned Punch"
Pressing Shift while comparing two items now causes the calculation to ignore any socketed gems. Is that new, or has it always been a feature and I never knew?
Wattman can use some profiles though. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if it can show some popup notifications when the driver crashes and it resets its settings, and pushing even further - a setting on which profile to switch to after driver reset. I don't want it to nullify my fan settings every time it crashes.
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