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I believe he meant MSI's particular model. Perhaps from cooling standpoint? Sonikku13 pls clarify
Ah, I see, sorry for misunderstanding.
The fact that the bench didn't manage to finish means you still have instabilities and shouldn't be drawing conclusions from these results. Also, +- 10 points is within the margin of error of 3DMark, also not indicative of performance effects.
If I have to guess, I'd say the lack of interest is due to the long-arse title written in all-caps, coupled with this being your first post here, and the three A.K.A.'s at the very start of the article Try a bit more cold, professional, and scientific approach next time, especially when just entering a community. To balance all that I have to say I like that you've included photos and not just a huge wall of text.
I have posted about this and other cases from Asus in other threads, but you are right, I probably should add it here. This was initially supposed to be a quick one-off post, but since we have gathered so much evidence of shady marketing over the years, why not systemize it here. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably go with it.
How do people still fall for phishing in 2016, honestly....
Always Scythe Ninja, latest is v4.
Here is a question for everyone - if i just solder the missing parts on - mosfets, chokes, everything -will it work?
Well in the case with Rx's driver control, I personally believe that the people who wrote the fan speed algorithm did a very decent job, and with the correct combination of minFan/maxFan/maxT/targetT, there shouldn't be a scenario where it is not enough. MSI AB's way to regulate fan speed indeed is very costly and results in prominent FPS drops in some cases. Which is why I think if the driver can be configured to handle it satisfactory, 3rd party software should be...
Have you tried setting a lower target temperature in WattMan? It speeds up pretty quickly for me. Which brings me to my next point:I take it you mean it only does a linear acceleration. That's not entirely true, fan speed in these cards is not a simple function of temperature, it also takes under account temperature delta over time. So it's a pretty complex algorithm, it's not a straight line from min to max.
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