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But who told you HTCs will be getting Windows 10?!
I have a problem when maximizing the form and I can't find a solution in either the resources you linked, or google. What I've done is: Code: bool clientAreaOverride = true; public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); borderWidth = (this.Width - this.ClientSize.Width) /2; titlebarHeight = this.Height - this.ClientSize.Height - 2 * borderWidth; } private void AdjustClientRect(ref RECT rcClient) ...
lol was that hard to read.
IMO siege tank should be renamed to mobile artillery. That thing just CAN'T TANK! Therefore it can't be "a tank".
When you expand the client area, how do you know by how many pixels? Environment border size gives me wrong values. Or is it the same every time?
Is there any way to disable the "Dial?" prompt when I try to dial from a third party contacts app? Essentially I want to be able to call with as few clicks as possible. Thanks.
Unfortunately, this also works only for other windows and buttons, but not for "Uninstall" in My Computer.
Is there a way, via registry or whatever, to remove this from here? I found this tutorial: but it doesn't seem to apply for that item.
Welcome to OCN, mate! I hope your stay will be a productive one
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