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It has nothing to do with how new or old the machine is, or with the operating system. It has to do with processing power of the CPU and GPU, and to be honest most mid-range phones today have better hardware than your notebook Sorry
People who say that have 2.5Ghz quad core processors and HD 7750
Those are not low-demanding games, mate Try something in the lines of League of Legends on minimum. Unreal Tournament 2004 and 3 (on low or medium) should also be playable to an extend. But on dualcore 1Ghz and HD 8180, you'd be limited to mostly 10 year old games. On that front I can recommend:Quake 3 HD editionFarCry 1StarWars Battlefront 1 and 2Terminator 3 War of the MachinesDiablo 1 and 2 (3 will probably not be playable even on low)StarCraft 1 and 2 (on...
I have a criticism of the "watch pro matches to improve" practice, tell me if that sounds valid to you: In pro matches, players invest a lot of time investigating their opposition and their habits, and change things up accordingly. You can't really be applying their tricks on the ladder, where you have no idea what kind of person you are playing against. From what little I know, the three things you need to learn to get to platinum are: - Learn the rock-paper-scissors...
Did you just watch that Life vs First game on IEM ?!?!? This has GOT to be the most amazing game in SC2 ever. The deciding end battle - 33 minutes in the game!! - 2 zealots vs 15 drones with 5 *empty* carriers watching the skirmish, and several voidrays blocked by static defense. I cried. Ended in draw
It makes all the difference. 5 degrees more can make your CPU totally unstable.
What is the point of clock by clock comparisons on radically different chips?!
The moment a caster says "The nuke bomb is a nice harass unit", you know your game is broken.
OMG Snute vs Hero on IEM, two amazing series, 6 amazing games, so amazed, much amaze, too wow to post right now!
Come on, dude, don't take it so seriously, it's all for giggles Our opinion means nothing anyway, we could be joking with how you are hacker for the rest of your life. Imagine it as we being a bunch of crotchety old guys, this thread being the village bar, and we are joking about how you kissed a male prostitute once back in 1955 so now you eat nothing but sausage to remember the good old days Same way, it's just a joke edit: ^ this is some signature-grade stuff btw,...
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