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Great, thanks!
It won't affect it at all.
If you choose "Refresh" with deleting your files, it essentially does a clean install from the source, stored on the recovery partition, created during the initial install. If that partition is corrupted, every subsequent "Refresh" will also have problems. That is the only scenario I see where a clean install would yield a different result than a refresh.
Isn't CPU mining worthless these days? For half the power of a GPU you get 1/1000 of the work done.
That's not how power limit works. It just controls throttling. AFAIK your model is not known for very efficient cooling. It is more on the quiet side. Have you tried setting a more aggressive fan curve? Also, what do you mean by "lower states"? If you want lower load temp, you need to undervolt the performance states. Also, if you can, replace TIM, I got -10C idle, -6C load from that alone. Is it safe to show this? Can you guys rob me? Anyway, not too shabby, I think. Turns out the 19.5 MHs was wrongly calculated. 25 is more in line with what I expected in the beginning.
I don't know, I hope Truth be told I have no friggin idea how this whole thing works. It looks like my account is local, but then I can see my balance (or lack of) from websites? It asked me for password when creating the address, but nothing else ever asks me for password. So I am totally clueless how it all ticks, but like I said I'm just feeling the ground for now, we'll see. I'm adding another 470 soon that I won't pay for. If I turn some profit in the next few...
I was mining solo at first, so there was no payout limit. Now I'm at nanopool and my payout limit is 0.2.
I think I joined Nanopool now, I'll wait for a while and see how that turns out. It seems to use a different mining software, and now I get 19.5 MH/s
Hi, yes, I did see your guide, it is almost identical to the one I followed. I was asking for a guide on pools in my previous post.
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