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Hello! Is that heavily modded, or is that how the new updated edition looks? Sorry for the dumb question, just I'm behind on everything Skyrim
The "best" Rx470 depends entirely on what you want and what you don't want in a card. For example, I want full compatibility with every piece of software and every third-party cooler, and I don't care about noise, that is why I got the reference Sapphire Rx470 Platinum, which is noisy, but everything works. If you want a more mainstream option, there is the Nitro, which if I remember correctly doesn't allow you to adjust the fan curve (not sure?). And forget about the...
Borderless Windowed + PrtScr + Paste in Paint should do the trick
Damn... I can cook and clean for you if you let me play on that
Damn, sit down and listen The specs of every chip are not specific numbers, they are a curve. Take some random, made-up chip - it can run between 5Mhz and 90Mhz, between 0.8 and 1.6v, and depending on the chosen configuration, you need between 15 and 33W cooling capacity on the heatsink, to keep it operational. Place frequency on one axis, voltage on another, and heat dissipation on a third, you get a weird unique 3D graph for a chip, and you take ANY point of that graph -...
3DMark has a stability test, just use that, it's great IMO
"- Hey, my grandpa got a heart transplant two months ago, he's recovering well, he's even jogging now, can you believe that? He hasn't jogged in 30 years, and now he's into sports all of a sudden, I'm so impressed with him!- Why would you be impressed with him? He'll be dead soon, his days are long gone. Instead, be impressed with the miracle of medicine that allowed a better functioning heart to make life bearable for him".Just some perspective on exactly how wrong you are.
Last I heard it's a tie between XFX, Asus and MSI, unless you're one of the lucky few who got a Sapphire with Samsung chips
Here's my old run:
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