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Nice, but this is wrong on so many levels...
Hi! 30 FPS sounds very much like some sort of power saving mode. If I am not mistaken, Nvidia drivers have a power saving setting for laptops, which limits FPS to 30 in order to extend battery life. Google around that topic, it might solve your issue.
Of course it is. It was over -hyped, pricey, poorly optimized, it didn't deliver, and got the hate train rolling. To add insult to injury, game was abandoned by devs shortly after its peak sells. If that is not enough reasons for you, I don't think you are capable of being disappointed
Because it was 60$.
Really?! Game is new! Shame... From what I read and watched, the whole game was an epic fail from the moment they decided to dress it in Battlefield colors so it would sell better.Titanfall is also terribly bad, but at least servers are relatively full.
As a proud owner of 3 awesome Athlon 760K's - Get an Intel i3
It would have been nice and helpful if you didn't delete your question AND posted the solution, instead of this "nvm" Google Indexes are precious, don't waste them!
If T ain't got no vipers, then T better get some diapers *insert bad joke eel here*
I hope so, I have nobody to play with All my friends play League of Legends...
From what I learned trying to fix my issue, it happens with every AMD RAID controller. Magician 4.4 does not recognize the drive at all. Magician 4.6 recognizes the drive, but "can't communicate" with it, and a lot of things don't work.And not only RAPID, but important things, like write cache buffer.
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