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Hey, what weather app is this?
I don't want my games to swarm my app list Any solution to that?
It was that way with Siri, it took her a while to figure out what she can do. And Cortana is supposed to become even more flexible, so it's only natural that she's a bit stiff in the beginning and can mostly show you Bing's search results I believe she will get the hang of being a virtual assistant and a nerd crush even faster and better than Siri
Well, I suspect Cortana is still in her educational phase
I got my HTC 8X for 250$, best purchase I've ever made. The phone's design is exemplary, has Gorilla Glass 2, enough power under the hood to run the best AAA graphics games, and great pixel density Highly recommended if you can find it that cheap. If it is more expensive, better check out some of Nokia's higher models
I'm low gold this season because I play terrible, and for some reason I keep getting matched with plat and diamond players only!! That sucks! I'm on a 20 game lose streak! I want to play my own rank for a change Or even silver.
Surprising to who?
Oh this brings memories
Some punctuation would do you good. From what I understand, if you have no internet, Max freezes at start, but if you do have internet, it runs fine. A colleague of mine had the same issue with Inventor, so I don't think you or your computer are at fault here. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a working solution.
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