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It's old, and it's not freeroam, largely due to technological limitation of the time, but is one of the best space games I've played.
Have you played the first game, Starlancer?
As opposed to genre-similar, thematically-similar games are FarCry 2, 3 and 4.
That's cool (no pun intended), but you can't apply the same principle for all CPUs, and certainly can't advice people to just drop the reigns on voltage and let stuff fry, regardless of model. like OP does.
No, it will not alleviate anything. If, for example, on 1.2 volts the CPU has expected lifetime of 50 years, and at 2.0v it dies instantly, 1.4 volts may keep the lifetime at 50 years, or it may reduce it to 5. Especially in combination with specific load/unload scenarios, specific "noisy" PSUs and specific coolers. That video, albeit interesting, does NOT hold the meaning you're trying to associate with it.
I think you can contact the Russian retailer of the laptop brand you desire, and get them to send you a keyset. Replace the US keys, and you're done.
nVidia GeForce GT720, 2GB will be able to play Minesweeper, Tetris and Solitaire, and that's about it.
That should not be possible! Are you sure?
What is the reason to not just run all displays off the dedicated GPU?
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