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Fingers crossed!
Oh. Ok, I was confused by you saing "the same thing seems to happen" when I said my Firestrike and Skydiver rise, while Ice Storm drops. Sorry.
Mine is a Sapphire Dual-X as well. I believe as long as I get better score in Firestrike, the lower score in Ice Storm is a software glitch or incompatibility that I shouldn't bother myself with it at the time IceStorm is for mobile devices and integrated GPUs anyway
Please report further, so that I know if it is worth my time trying to navigate around the hideous "you need to register with Sony to play" screen that gameblocked me last time.
I listen to metal and they didn't do it for me. I am a bit strict towards mids, and this pair didn't deliver what I expected in that range. But the bass sure rattled my brain
Sony's MDR XB line has awesome bass
Does this happen in all 3DMark tests? Because with my R9 270 I get raises in Skydiver, Cloudgate and Firestrike, but a drop in IceStorm. I suspect there's a bug with the lighter test that causes the drop, while the GPU is actually performing better in heavier tests.
"Oh, now I know you farted, Tasteless""Whenever I see the S on Superman, I think This guy is definitely a vampire".
Guys, I think to try and get into Protoss, can you recommend a tutorial for noobs? If there is an article somewhere that explains things in plain text, that'd be great
Talking more about Tom Cruise and less about the game. I hate those guys, they are ruining it for me.EDIT: SICK game!
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