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I guess I'm not. Sorry to disappoint, in the age of "graphics don't matter", I seem to be the only one who still holds the 80's ideology of "look at those reflections whoa!"
Oh, this topic again.And I disagree again The god awful graphics are exactly what stopped me from getting into SC 1 and BW.
It did not for me. Regional settings perhaps? Whatever.
Can't read through the whole thread, so sorry if someone already suggested it, but FTL is the game for you
AMD RAID still does not work, btw, for anyone interested
Open REGEDIT and delete HKLM/COMPONENTS/PendingRequred Reboot. VC++ should now install fine. This solution is posed only as a solution for stuck Windows Update, and the accepted solution for VC++ install error is checking .NET and TrustedInstaller (AKA Windows Modules Installer) service integrity, which led me to pull my hair and consider reinstalling Windows. Gladly, some poor soul at the end of the Internet finally suggested if for this issue as well, and I managed to...
OP was last online 4 weeks ago.
FPS is in the top left side. I couldn't find it too at first
To me it seemed the other way around...
I don't see any FPS, am I doing something wrong? Sorry, I see them now
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