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Didn't you just say the game was boring and you're not gonna play until something major changes? Like, 4 posts ago?
Opposed to what? Too "guessing and luck"? 1 technical for me, please
Game should be redesigned to remove fog of war. That's when the real genius can shine.
Same for me, WoL was very fun to play, HotS maybe too for a while, now it's just boring, intimidating, and hard. I install and uninstall it several times without even playing a single game.
And the game runs fine on every other machine These generalizations don't always help pinpoint the problem.
Time to reinstall Windows maybe?
You should find this interesting
It should be seamless.
HTC 8X, no slot for card. I have 0 photos, 0 videos, 0 images, emails, just a few apps, and only 6Gb storage left of 16Gb total. I don't want to reset because reasons.
Guys, I have 3.8Gb of "Other" files and Storage Cleaner doesn't help! How can I delete them?!
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