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Whaaaat?! What the Frank Sinatra could you dislike about Win10?!
8.1 is fast, smart, and ugly.
The throttling is an integrated safety mechanism. It doesn't allow you to channel too many amps through the card's VRM or core. Raising the power limit is the only solution, and it only works up to a certain extend.
And if you flash a bios with insane volts and clocks, designed for water-cooled cards, on your single-fan reference exhaust cooler? No amount of integrated GPUs and re-flashing will save you then I agree, I have been OCing for 10 years, and don't dare to flash BIOSes around
Keep in mind that it can brick your card beyond repair. I personally do not advise it.
Throttling, 100% certain Upping the power limit is the first step in OCing AMD GPUs.
You're not stable anymore. Simple as that. Revert OC back to clocks that gave you the most score.
I think it wasn't a big deal back then. Seems to me people had more awe and respect towards the game and the community. IDK, may be just my impression.
Didn't you just say the game was boring and you're not gonna play until something major changes? Like, 4 posts ago?
Opposed to what? Too "guessing and luck"? 1 technical for me, please
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