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OP, 200$ vs 300$, equal performance, 480 IS smoking it
Wait for 490.
My CPU has locked multi at 32, I can't do anything about the multi.
Does it stay at those clocks when you run Intel Burn Test?
The CPU from the title, running at stock speed.
Sorry, I... what does that have to do with anything?Yes.
Yes, that is what I'm currently doing, but it doesn't seem to be activating. I tried "Primary Plane Current Limit" at 1, 2 and 10 for the sake of experiment, the PC didn't boot at all. Any clue what exactly it does? Googling doesn't help at all.
Hello! Mobo is AsRock H81M-DG4. In BIOS, there is a setting "Primary Plane Current Limit". The description says something along the lines "determines the power limit of turbo mode, lower for safety and power saving, higher for performance". Am I correct in assuming that setting this high enough will make the CPU run always in Turbo mode, because it will always be under the limit? The CPU is undervolted and nicely cooled, so I'm not worried about busting VRs or...
It's not a good idea. Those cards are old now, high power draw, crap performance by today's standard. Use 1 until you get something better. Two of these is just burning money
If I were you, I'd cool with this: I don't know about i7 and the Cryorig, we have i7 6700 in our server rig, and beQuiet Pure Rock, which is a 150W TDP cooler is finding it had to cool it down on STOCK! The Cryorig is rated for 140W TDP, so I wouldn't slap it on an i7. EDIT: I have a Ninja 3b, the previous model, it's the best cooler I've had.
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