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That would be worth watching, please post the replays, or even better - stream if you can
There will be a slight bottleneck, depending on how far that 860 is OCed, but the bottleneck won't be big enough to justify spending so much money on changing mobo and CPU. You can try and buy mostly CPU optimized games in order to avoid the bottleneck It's not that the CPU is slow, it's actually crazy fast. Just the game devs don't care about optimizing their code. As a programmer myself, I am disgusted with modern games
I suspect the final version will have more stuff. I get the occasional hiccup while objects are dynamically loading, I suspect that will be gone with 16 gigs.
Yeah, it's a very basic game so far. Not to mention the graphics should look a bit better for how heavy they are.
Me and my Candle Pumpkin with a Bat on top are IN ! As a bonus, here is my favorite old-school Halloween-themed song:
What unit is the skin for? I don't see it on the product page.
The new UI is great! The game needed it badly.
Find a second-hand Scythe Ninja 3, they are dirt-cheap these days and are one of the best performing air coolers in the history of air coolers, especially when fanned properly
So DDR4 2133 CL13 gives slightly lower result than DDR3 with the same specs. I sure hope we will see some stellar speeds from DDR4 in the future, because right now it seems like terribly overpriced failure
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