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Somebody had to
My temps improved by ~8C when I replaced the stock with Cooler Master IC Essential E2 (the gold one). What did you use?
Thank you!
Oooh, thanks!
Punch Club Deluxe, please and thank you!
Whoa, congrats!
Got my first primal!
That might get me to actually play WD, as I'm not giving extra money for D3, and so far I've used WD only for mules.
I'm noticing something on my 470, please confirm if it's the same for you: When I enable VSync or FPS limit on some game, the Usage of the card stays at 100%, but the core freq drops to something between 200 and 500Mhz. Older cards I've had stayed at top clocks, but usage was 10%, for example. This one stays at 100% usage, and drops the clock as much as it needs to just make the 60 or whatever FPS I need, and no more. If I disable VSync, it goes back up to OC clocks. Is...
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