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Better lock my PC in a safe.
MicroLED displays?
There's a longer write up on AnandTech if you're interested.
Paint 3D is faster with basic tasks like saving screenshots and cropping. I mean, you open it up and there's a big Paste button right there. I wouldn't miss MS Paint at all.
Could this mean cheaper external TB3 GPU enclosures?
Galaxy S8 running Dolphin
That was more like motion detection and was indeed useless. The S8 uses actual iris and facial recognition to unlock the phone and it actually works really fast. I would probably use it more than the fingerprint sensor.
I wish Nintendo the best of luck in the coming times because I don't think this is going to turn out very well at all. I thought third time would be the charm, but nope...another underpowered console.
The just released/updated Gigabyte Aero 14 with the GTX 1060 is really good, but it's 14" and probably outside your budget. Thin, non-gawdy design with good specs. Most importantly, it has a huge battery for very good battery life.
I would say play it safe and have an Apple store do it, but that's more expensive and maybe not worth it for an older phone like that. In that case, iFixit seems reputable for battery replacement kits.
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