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Very cool, but I'm curious how they're powering these things.
The main camera is actually worse. It's the exact same camera but they removed OIS, which was one of the better selling points of last year's One. Instead of making the camera better, they added a secondary one so you can take pictures with some nice bokeh. You may or may not like to use that feature (personally, I don't care for artistic photos and don't like the idea of taking pictures with less information in them), but it doesn't justify or make up for the loss of...
Still a long ways off from being playable, but damn this is exciting.
Voted for Technology. Can't go wrong with the Tron look.
Don't expect "HD remasters" and such to happen for 7, 8, or 9 because they use prerendered backgrounds. There's only so much you can do with low res images. FF10/10-2 happened because they're 3D with very little prerendered backgrounds.
The 30-pin connector came out in 2003 and was finally replaced after a decade. That's soooo evil, right?
Android is really, really good nowadays. But if we're going to talk about rooted phones, it's only fair to compare them to jailbroken iPhones. I would never touch a stock iPhone, but a JB'ed one is awesome. The main reason I'm on Android is because the iPhones' screen is too small. If Apple came out with a 5"+ iPhone, I would be really tempted to switch back.
I'm glad it's not much of an upgrade from the S4, which I'll happily continue using. 1440p would be pointless. IP67 does nothing for me except for putting an annoying flap over the USB port. The increase in screen size is nice, but I was expecting the bezels to get even smaller to fit the bigger screen in the same sized body (like from the S3 -> S4). But they're just making it bigger to accommodate it, which is really meh.
Upgrading to another Sandy Bridge CPU won't do anything for your graphics performance. And I doubt you could upgrade it to an Ivy Bridge CPU. I think you're out of luck....
Try AdAway, maybe? It doesn't use any data at all.
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