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Maybe worst case scenario. Most of the benchmarks I'm looking at the 820 CPU is usually 2x faster or more plus the GPU is several times faster. No doubt Qualcomm is behind Apple in SoC's at the moment, but I'd wait to see their next one before writing them off. It has happened before where Apple had a small improvement in performance (iPhone 6) which allowed its competitors to surpass it the following spring. I don't think Apple has ran away with it just yet; it's still a...
Best LCD display ever is good to hear but I, too, will choose OLED any day. I use my phone in bed at night all the time, and once I experienced those amoled blacks, there was no turning back. It's one of the main reasons why I went from the iPhone 4 to a Samsung phone years ago. But now that Apple is getting ready to ditch LCD as well, I'll really have to contemplate whether to stay with Android or go back to an iPhone, but that's for another day.
The storage capacities are 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It's nice that 16GB is finally dead, but the way they keep skipping one tier to encourage buyers to go for the next one is cheeky. Still, one thing I like about Apple is that they're at least offering the choice of the higher capacities, even if it's so expensive. 256GB is really damn nice. Anyway, won't be too interested in an iPhone until next year when they finally get OLED displays.
2.5" vs 3.5" form factors though. But I don't know if that's of great importance in enterprise.
I would be surprised if there was anything more than a negligible increase in IPC. Cannonlake was supposed to be the followup to Skylake. Kaby Lake is a stopgap because Intel couldn't keep up with their tick tock releases.
Coffee Lake because it's a wake-up call for Intel.
That's actually a really captivating scene. I like it.
They're still using the exact same two power contacts as microSD. UFS slots would likely have the new row of pins for the UFS contacts as well as the second row for microSD cards.
I don't think "good enough" has ever stopped anything. Looking at the design of the card, I think UFS slots will likely support current microSD/XC cards as well. So on devices with a UFS slot, you can choose cheaper microSD cards or faster UFS cards. Eventually, UFS would phase out microSD and become the new standard.I'm sure any power difference compared to microSD would be negligible. Samsung already switched to the UFS format for the internal memory of their phones...
I just caught a Charmander! This could get addicting. I hope you don't have to climb a mountain to catch a legendary...
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