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It's for 2016, so it better be better. I'm more interested in Qualcomm's return to custom cores next year.
GTX 970 arriving in a couple days, so I'm definitely one of those guys
Isn't there a better way to call it other than 12K? 8K = 4x 4K 12K = 3x 4K
Awesome. Can't help but notice the lack of lighting from the police cars' lights though. We've all seen them at night...they light up everything around them.
Touchwiz goes much deeper than launchers like Apex and Nova. You won't lose TW features unless you install a non-TW-based ROM.
It'll be expensive, but maybe not unreasonably so if this is true:’s no word on pricing yet but Western Digital says, somewhat unbelievably, that the 10TB drive will have the lowest cost-per-gigabyte and power consumption-per-gigabyte of any drive on the market.
With your display preferences, yeah, you definitely should have gone with the Galaxy S5. If you liked the Galaxy S's display, you'll love the one on the S5. AMOLED displays have improved tremendously since then and especially in the past couple years. LCD has been around for so long, and I think the technology has pretty much reached its limit. It'll never have true blacks and LG struggled to bring 1440p to the G3 while Samsung did it effortlessly with the Galaxy S5 LTE-A...
Government and enterprise markets are their last lifeline. For consumers, Blackberry is dying a quick death and quickly becoming irrelevant. Their marketshare is now only 0.5%, down from 2.8% just last year. Won't be too long until that becomes 0%.
Personally, I'm waiting for the Galaxy Note 4. If current rumors hold true, it's going to be an absolute beast. Currently have the Galaxy S4, and none of the current flagships really interest me.
You're not any better than them... >_>
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