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Well, no wonder. You'd surely feel differently if you'd play 3 first. My memory of playing GTA 3 for the first time is very vivid. My brother's friend had brought it over. I had never before, or since, been so entranced by a video game.
Hoping this is true so I can grab a used 290/390/X or even a Fury for cheap. I got a used 7970 last year for $110 that I recently sold for a profit o_O
Well, it is using the longer 110mm form-factor compared to Samsung's 80mm drives.
But does it have Blast Processing?
Twice now they've made an underpowered console and lost out on a bunch of third party games. Hopefully third time's the charm. Nintendo used to be about the POWER. What happened to that?
With the Snapdragon S7 being locked down tight, I'll probably get the international Exynos versions of Samsung phones in the future. I get unlocked SIM with all the bands I need on AT&T, unlocked bootloader, superior DAC, and possibly better battery life. Debloated ROMs + Xposed tweaks = good times.
Like I said, "since the Note 4..."Note 4's AMOLED displays are definitely better than LCDs at this point. More and more phones are using them, which is a good thing since I would...
They've been very accurate since the Note 4 and especially since the S6 which many reviewers declared was the best phone display ever. BTW, "basic" is the accurate mode, not cinema.
I had the Galaxy S4 like some of you, and I upgraded to the Note 4. I'm NOT getting a smaller screen, so the S7 is definitely not on my list. But it's looking really good and bodes well for future Notes. The S7's camera looks sick. The S6/Note 5 was one of last year's best cameras, and they're still bringing big improvements this time. The new fast autofocus is insane:
Unlike what the sensationalist title of this thread suggests, Windows 7 will work on new hardware for years to come. AFAIK, MS isn't physically locking anyone out. You just won't get the same updates as those on Windows 10. So, those on 7/8.1 on new hardware may not be able to use features of that new hardware compared to Windows 10 users.
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