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With my 100Mbps connection, it would take about 15 days of downloading at max speed to fill up a 16TB drive. I have a 350GB cap, with a $10 charge per extra 50GB, so I would end up with a $3,200 bill
I like how the BX100 250GB SSD is $1 less than its normal price of $85 for the past week or so.
Nothing of interest to me. This doesn't seem much different than the deals that Newegg emails me all the time.
I hope they'll have a PS4 Slim by 2017 in time for FF VII and Shenmue III.
No you didn't.Which is the same point Kinaesthetic was trying to make i.e., most people don't buy both Pokemon games. The fact X/Y still sold so much is a testament to just how popular Pokemon is. Looks like you're both in agreement on this point, yet you're arguing for some reason. You should be directing yourself at kishagi who claims X/Y are separate games that most people buy both of.
No answer to SanDisk's 200GB microSD card?
There are plenty of Ultrabooks that fit your needs, but the 2015 Dell XPS 13 is the one to get. You can choose between a 1080p non-touch screen or a 3200x1800 touchscreen. The 1080p version has very good battery life, so get that one unless you really want a touchscreen. Dell's Australian site doesn't offer much choice, and I don't know anything about computer shopping in Australia, but see if you can find the 8GB RAM...
There are tons of features built into Windows 7 that even so-called power users never use. Why don't they complain that? Next, they're going to demand MS make individualized builds of Windows with only the specific features they need.
You probably have a slow drive. Just because it's USB 3.0 compatible doesn't mean it's fast enough to make use of that bandwidth. You need to check the specs (and reviews) of a flash drive to see how fast it is.
Funny, the main reason I stick with Samsung is because of their displays. They've improved tremendously each and every year while LCDs have been pretty stagnant. The Note 4 and S6 have the best displays in objective tests and by many subjective reviewers. If iPhones get an AMOLED display, I would actually highly consider one. Until then, I will not consider a phone with a display that can't produce true blacks. To quote AnandTech's review of the Galaxy S6:With this...
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