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Government and enterprise markets are their last lifeline. For consumers, Blackberry is dying a quick death and quickly becoming irrelevant. Their marketshare is now only 0.5%, down from 2.8% just last year. Won't be too long until that becomes 0%.
Personally, I'm waiting for the Galaxy Note 4. If current rumors hold true, it's going to be an absolute beast. Currently have the Galaxy S4, and none of the current flagships really interest me.
You're not any better than them... >_>
You're fine. Alienware laptops are meant to be customizable, and they won't void your warranty when swapping drives, RAM, CPU, or GPU unless you damage the motherboard while doing so.
I definitely think 60fps should be a standard for racing games. I still remember playing Project Gotham Racing 2 (30 fps) on the original Xbox after playing PGR1 (60fps) and immediately felt something was really wrong with it.
Garbage? I'd say they're some of the best gaming laptops you can buy. I don't think anyone beats them on cooling. I had an M17x R3 with an overclocked 7970M that never got more than 75C. I was even folding with it (CPU and GPU) for several months.
The Wii enjoyed a lot of early sales due to being the cheapest option with unique functionality. But then it started dying pretty quickly as its lack of power meant all the big titles were skipping it over in favor of the 360 and PS3. I think the same thing is happening with the Wii U much sooner in its life.
Very cool, but I'm curious how they're powering these things.
The main camera is actually worse. It's the exact same camera but they removed OIS, which was one of the better selling points of last year's One. Instead of making the camera better, they added a secondary one so you can take pictures with some nice bokeh. You may or may not like to use that feature (personally, I don't care for artistic photos and don't like the idea of taking pictures with less information in them), but it doesn't justify or make up for the loss of...
Still a long ways off from being playable, but damn this is exciting.
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