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2.5" vs 3.5" form factors though. But I don't know if that's of great importance in enterprise.
I would be surprised if there was anything more than a negligible increase in IPC. Cannonlake was supposed to be the followup to Skylake. Kaby Lake is a stopgap because Intel couldn't keep up with their tick tock releases.
Coffee Lake because it's a wake-up call for Intel.
That's actually a really captivating scene. I like it.
They're still using the exact same two power contacts as microSD. UFS slots would likely have the new row of pins for the UFS contacts as well as the second row for microSD cards.
I don't think "good enough" has ever stopped anything. Looking at the design of the card, I think UFS slots will likely support current microSD/XC cards as well. So on devices with a UFS slot, you can choose cheaper microSD cards or faster UFS cards. Eventually, UFS would phase out microSD and become the new standard.I'm sure any power difference compared to microSD would be negligible. Samsung already switched to the UFS format for the internal memory of their phones...
I just caught a Charmander! This could get addicting. I hope you don't have to climb a mountain to catch a legendary...
Tesla's self driving system is pretty cool, but it's definitely an assist and not something totally autonomous that you can leave to its own devices. I think a competent and safe self driving system would at least require that every car on the road directly communicate with each other.
WTH? Do you have microscopic eyes? That was a common problem with the S3 because it was only 720p. But when 1080p came, very few people could notice it. And I've not seen anyone say it's a problem with 1440p phones. Well, I don't know if your eyes are a blessing or a curse, but the fact is that it's no longer an issue for the vast majority of people.Actually, pretty much every AMOLED phone after the Note 2 is pentile. It's the higher resolutions that have taken care of...
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