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I would say play it safe and have an Apple store do it, but that's more expensive and maybe not worth it for an older phone like that. In that case, iFixit seems reputable for battery replacement kits.
^ AFAIK, Tinyumbrella is only useful for iPhone 4 and older devices. The downgrade method was blocked after that meaning no one's been able to downgrade for several years now (except to whatever recent version of iOS is still being signed). So if you're using an iOS device, you should generally assume that an upgrade is permanent. If you don't want to lose your jailbreak, don't update unless there's a confirmed JB for the iOS you're updating to. And if you need to restore...
I love that it gets four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Ever since USB Type-C was introduced, this is how I imagined laptops would be. The fact that you can charge with any of them is especially nice.
Unfortunately, "closer than ever" doesn't mean "close". This is still decades away.
I'm ambivalent about it. I don't want the gameplay to be radically different, but I definitely don't want it to be exactly the same. Waiting 20 years to play the same game I've played many times will inevitably result in an empty feeling after I've gotten over the graphics, and it'll feel like a wasted potential. Personally, I would love to see something like the FF X-2 battle system again. It's ATB but with a good amount of stuff happening on screen; not too much downtime...
"relative to the iPhone 6s the Galaxy S6...was fairly thick as well..." iPhone 6S: 7.1mm Galaxy S6: 6.8mm
I find it really hard to be excited about these phones. Like others have said, this screams Google iPhone, complete with the big bezels and all. I'm happy to see OLED displays at least.
Maybe worst case scenario. Most of the benchmarks I'm looking at the 820 CPU is usually 2x faster or more plus the GPU is several times faster. No doubt Qualcomm is behind Apple in SoC's at the moment, but I'd wait to see their next one before writing them off. It has happened before where Apple had a small improvement in performance (iPhone 6) which allowed its competitors to surpass it the following spring. I don't think Apple has ran away with it just yet; it's still a...
Best LCD display ever is good to hear but I, too, will choose OLED any day. I use my phone in bed at night all the time, and once I experienced those amoled blacks, there was no turning back. It's one of the main reasons why I went from the iPhone 4 to a Samsung phone years ago. But now that Apple is getting ready to ditch LCD as well, I'll really have to contemplate whether to stay with Android or go back to an iPhone, but that's for another day.
The storage capacities are 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It's nice that 16GB is finally dead, but the way they keep skipping one tier to encourage buyers to go for the next one is cheeky. Still, one thing I like about Apple is that they're at least offering the choice of the higher capacities, even if it's so expensive. 256GB is really damn nice. Anyway, won't be too interested in an iPhone until next year when they finally get OLED displays.
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