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Unlike what the sensationalist title of this thread suggests, Windows 7 will work on new hardware for years to come. AFAIK, MS isn't physically locking anyone out. You just won't get the same updates as those on Windows 10. So, those on 7/8.1 on new hardware may not be able to use features of that new hardware compared to Windows 10 users.
I feel...insignificant.
The Alienware 13, Lenovo X1 Yoga, and HP Spectre x360 with OLED displays were all announced at CES, and availability for all of them will be later this year around April. So let's just say these are the first OLED laptops and leave it at that.
Um...I hope Dell isn't announcing anything special concerning laptops because I just ordered an XPS 15 with Infinity display yesterday.
Ozma is pretty fun frustrating to fight. I like that it's not your typical superboss with a ton of HP (several normal bosses have more HP than it). It just attacks really fast and really hard.
Source:, it was only a matter time seeing as almost every other Final Fantasy game has gotten ports.
Not really fair to compare those since the 820 is actually going to be used in phones. Put the X1 in a phone and it would probably be throttled to hell.
1. It's using the M.2 (PCI-E) SSD form factor. And according to the configuration you linked, you got a model with the smaller battery so there's also a regular 2.5" drive slot to use. Personally, I would keep the 256GB SSD that comes with it and add a 2TB HDD for general storage. But it's up to you. If you do upgrade the main SSD, make sure it's an M.2 SSD that uses PCI-E and not SATA. 2. I think laptops these days have the Windows product key embedded in the BIOS so if...
Don't know about the S6, but Samsung stopped that nonsense with the S5. It wasn't that much of a difference anyway.
The S3 is kind of a dinosaur these days. Unlike on PC, mobile chip performance is still getting pretty decent increases each year. On modern phones, Javascript performance is several times faster than the S3. On the Antutu benchmark, the S3 got ~16,000. The S6 is almost 70,000. That's a 60%+ increase every year. I'm pretty happy with browsing performance on my Note 4.
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