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Q9650@3.00GHz(9x333), ForceWare 310.64, Win 7 x64 GTX4601GB@675/3600MHz T3031 GTX4601GB@975/4400MHz T3948 Q9650@4.36GHz(8,5x513), ForceWare 310.64, Win 7 x64 GTX4601GB@675/3600MHz T3259 GTX4601GB@960/4600MHz T4352
what about 400 and 460W siblings ?
no more performance pro :/
M5P is going to be out tomorrow in the US.. It's already been selling in Japan for a week..
1kW and never seen over 520W from wall lol
256GB Corsair Performance Pro on SATA 2
my first psu was a Delta 200W, then went to a 300W Codegen fake psu which killed my lovely Ti4200 with itself.. later went to a 300W Thermaltake made by Sirtec/Sirfa HPC-300-202, it served well for 6 years, still have it. after that i had a 500W High Power(HP-500-G12CS) it's a Sirtec/Sirfa again been using for 3 years.. a few monhs ago i finally have a Seasonic unit, it's excellent although it's pretty much overkill for my current needs..
nonoif you want best, get The Plextor, if you want bangs for bucks, get M4
3 x MSI 7970 @ 1100MHz core / 1500MHz Rams, Cpu Intel Core i7 3930k @4.8GHz, 4x4GB Gskill 2400MHZ, SSD Corsair GT 120GB, pumbs and other water cooler stuffs pulling 1300W(AC) from wall, its around 1190W DC power(furmark+prime95).. 1600W Lepa would be sufficient
indeed the best modern sandforce drive was intel 520 and it died a few days ago but good controller doesnt save the day, V4 and Octane died so early that even a good controller can be ruined by bad firmware..
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