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From that perspective looks a bit wider, and flatter than g100s. Nevertheless, I hope it's cheap like g100s so I can try
Well your suggestion fixed the synapse trying to install problem. But it seems that it's still lodged some where in the system, because I still get no mouse detected from the legacy driver. Tried to uninstall/install several times.... Any more suggestions?
Problem is this. I have windows 10, and deathadder 3.5g (I use legacy driver) which I sometimes use to play me some quake. Stupid widnows seem to have downloaded some update which tries to install razer synapse when ever I plug the deathadder in. Mind you I have legacy driver already installed. I cancel the synapse install, but then the legacy driver does not recognize that the mouse is plugged in. And I can't change mouse settings. Is there a way to completely delete...
In company where I work we have a design bureau (they work with autocad, catia and pro-e). Almost all have g300's, and some have g402*s. They say that the extra buttons are a must for them (for shortcuts). I've actually seen some guys run g300 (all day) at 2000dpi, and they say for them it's precise... Stupid engineers don't know what precision is. Me personally for work likes logitech m500. The sensor is ****, but I love me some tilt wheel and hyper scroll for enormous...
Performance question for all of you with overclockocked quads (12mb cache). How many fps do you get in cs go all at low @1080p, and with which gpu card. I presume some of you must have cs go installed.
So if he overclocked a bit, he would be golden?
Back on topic, is somebody willing (has the game of course) to try an FX 4100 with CS GO @ 1080P with everything on auto/high for a couple of minutes. Feedback would be much appreciated.
All will be used of course. I almost never ever buy new computer components, I like to haggle...Dude you are getting only 60fps? Something must be wrong there. I've got one computer - Xeon E5440 @3.8, 4GBram, HD6850, an it never drops below 110FPS in dm (dunno how many players that must be) no matter which map. This is at 1080p with everything maxed out (with no fiddling in catalyst control).
I would like to make my self a cheap-o AMD with FX 4100, some (dunno which) mbo, 4gb ram, hd7770.... This would be primarily be used for Counter strike global offensive, some surfing of course. From you experience, what performance can i expect from this cpu in CS GO? Let's say compared to an Intel q9550 @3.5 (my second alternative). Thanks in advance.
I've noticed that on 900dpi and on 450dpi it doesn't always track the same to the left and to the right. Meaning the correlation between distance traveled physically by the mouse and the crosshair isn't always the same. And I'm not talking about speed above it's control rate (for which enotus mouse test reports at about 3.8m/s). This I have noticed in cs go @ 1 sens, raw mode on. At 3500 dpi it stutters like hell. Although I don't mind it since i do not use it ever ever.
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