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Well, I got this deathadder dirt cheap, that's why i bought the old version. Didn't know that downgrading is dangerous, esr forums suggest that you downgrade. I have tried many different combinations, and the scroll wheel is still buged. Would black edition firmware work on a regular 3.5g, since they are basically the same mouse (now I ask the question before flashing
Got my self deathadder (had to see what's all the fuss about...). Out of the box it worked ok, didn't try to test it extensively. However, reading on the internets I did hear that 3.5 (mine) is best to be used with firmware 2.33 and driver 3.03. Almost instantly i downloaded the stuff, installed and downgraded the firmware (at first it was on 2.45). Problems arose immediately. When i boot into windows with the mouse plugged in, it seems that it's bugging out windows....
I managed to solve low PCS with upping my sensitivity to 5 @400dpi. Works great
Why the disappointment with g100s? I think it works ok @400dpi. Yes they should have copied the g1 shape 1:1, the buttons could be better, and the plastic is not to be compared to the mentioned g1, but the rest isn't so bad.
Thanks for the opinion!Certainly changed my mind. I have tried DDR3 with 771 Xeon, and honestly there is nothing to be gained. Maybe some higher scores in synthetic read/write benchmarks, but in real world, FPS stays the same.I'll keep on looking for a cheap upgrage. Currently I get 150FPS in 5v5 competitive (with all on max, without SMAA), all I need is 300+ Cheers
A question for all g3258 owners. I am thinking about upgrading my xeon E5440 @3.8GHZ, to a g3258. Would this be an upgrade? I mainly play Counter strike global offensive and some old games for which performance is not an issue. What do you suggest?
I'm a somewhat limited gamer, only play counter strike global offensive, and some oldie games (GTR2, etc). Currently I'm doing the "work" on Xeon e5450 @3.8GHZ. But I am thinking of getting a second computer with a Pentium G3220. I have heard it's a great little chip, and I fancy it because of low power consumption. However, I do wonder what perfomance would I expect to get from it in CS GO, and how would it pair against my old Xeon 771. For instance, with HD6850,...
A stupid question may I ask. I have an E5440 @3,4GHZ. How would an I3 4160 fare against it in counter strike global offensive (the only game i play). Would i gain anything in the exchange, or lose?
Let me be stupid. Would and G3258 be enough to push HD6850 to 100% in Counter strike Global offensive. And possibly Bad company 2?
Dunno if this is the right place to ask this, but lets try. I have encountered an issue with my xeon setup: Gigabyte p35c-ds3, E5440, 4gb ddr2 800 patriot, HD6850, OCZ fatal1ty 550W psu, some HDD's,etc. My setup runs fine @3,4GHZ (passes 2 hours of OCCT with no problems). Gpu passes Heaven benchmark for 1 hour no problem. Memory passes tests with no problems. The problem is when I try to play games. I always have MSI afterburner running, and I have noticed in game...
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