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I suspect the US will go down just like the roman empire, too much money spent on self regulations and policing our own citizens. its all done in the name of making our society more civilized, when in truth it always leads to a slow collapse. Empires never last, not once has one remained on top, nor shall they ever.
or they will just raise lcd prices, either way the little guy ends up getting screwed. Problem is you still have some people that think authoritarianism is the way to go
Well i know i will get called a conspiracy theorist for this. But the idea is eventually to have an internet id, and you wont be able to logon to the internet unless you have that id. Because the web is global, the UN wants control of it. The only way to stop it is for sites like these to stand up and say no. instead of "we dont allow political discussion on the forums" Until their web page it self gets a 404 not found. History shows us how these things work, no one...
Its just the old system trying to hang on to its profits. Even if you look at the mainstream media, The internet is already starting to dwarf tv ratings. 3million views on Msnbc during prime time 500 million logins per day via Facebook. Even the new tvs are plugging into the internet. There is no competition. Be my guest, do a google on tv ratings, just try it. The old system is on the way out.
i dont see the point of petroleum usage, when we can just power everything off of hydrogen gas that you can get from water when running electricity though it. Now people are running their cars all over youtube doing this. Guess there is a conspiracy to keep us all on gas. 3.50+ a gallon from 100+m people
This is very scary because we are now setting a new standard, get ready to see more of this stuff happen. Anyone as a consumer should be horrified, because we will now see limitations of available innovations for the consumer.Because apple may have a patent on just about anything you might want to build.
Its predictive physiological advertising.
I told people over a year ago that the main reason for Facebook was to create a global facial recognition system that will be implemented into law enforcement and government. Eventually entering the public domain. I was told i was crazy. Same thing goes for the internet bandwidth capping and internet regulations. Can anyone explain why i know how to read the news?
It does not matter how much you love windows 8, it will still go down in history as the worst os release to date. The media is already clearly showing us this.
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