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Ya i looked at least 20 reviews, its trueBut the idea of 3d transistors is greatThey will be able to fit ALOT more stuff in the die nowProblem is, it wasn't really needed for ivy bridge yet.....Iam getting the 3750k if i do get an ivy bridgeAnd if i did get a 3770k, i would instantly turn of HT to keep the temps down so i can over clock.they do have more overclocking potential, but you need a major water cooling setup to drive well over 5ghz...
I did all the windows tuning etc..... Installed the latest firmware and install the latest intel rst drivers For some reason the write speed starts dropping at larger read / write amounts Its a microcenter brand, but IT IS the S510 adata ssd
I HATE, atnt.No point in having a $500 phone , and have a limit on your internetThis is why i switched from t mobile to metropcsYes, thats right metropcsI have the lg connect 4g (1.2ghz dual core, 1gb ram)I can get up to 800kb/s if iam near a towerWorst i have seen connection is 100kb/sNO DATA CAP, REPEAT, NO DATA CAPI cant have a data cap because i take 100s of ebay pictures a month and i have to email them from my phone.I also have to look up part numbers ......
It wont, and anyone with brains would know that.If anything Microsoft paid the press, because i keep seeing these articlesabout how windows phone is soooo great.But after playing with one, it is clear android has already won.
Man i lost soooo many tutorials because mega disappeared.... IAM IN RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
google is going to be the main founder. They generate more income than nasa And to make such large claims of trillions to gdp, they must already have a plan drawn up. Its about time we spent money on something different besides killing each other like a bunch of monkeys.
Unless your an expert in the law, its pretty hard to see whats happening. But soon you wont have any rights, they are trying to push another bill though so the us government can shutdown websites without a warrant / trial. If you dont have a trial that means your guilty just because the government says so, with no evidence to back it up. This is why we have a judge that can rule in our favor. This is basic protection for us citizens, and its their to keep the government...
No the Pci-E slot wont bottle neck the revo drive.
We like to spend 740 billion and an oversize military and kill people now. we number in cancer prison populations obesity autism police state overall crime They dont even spend 15 billion now on NASA Shows how screwed up we are as a country.
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