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lulz @ silverpotato I smell 5850 X2 and 5890 around the corner.
Intel probably won the auction.
Thats funny, how should i know to believe if it says an i7 is at 5ghz than?
Yes they would, just has your current dx 9 cards support previous versions of direct x
No i dont but what was just my 2 cents, i will move on to another topic now thanks. Just staying active in the forum, but thanks for you concern.
Quote: Originally Posted by TwoCables But read through the thread.This thread as a whole shows that DX11 is better with Tessellation than both DX9 and DX10. DX11 is able to provide superior performance while using Tessellation.Besides, with over 280 replies, do you really think you're the first person to say this? Ya your right i was watching some videos yesterdayand i wont lie direct x 11 is AMAZING but though pictures are miss leadingbecause they are not showing...
compare a 5970 with a gtx 295 PLEASE Its sad to see a single card be almost just as fast as a double GPU card. Nividia is lagging behind badly...... PS its not everyday you see a card release this fast that has 2X the horsepower
Sure it is, you have multiple pictures showing the difference of of DX 9, 10, and 11. What these pictures tell me is that what you see in DX 11 cant be done Dx 9 and 10. Your just falling under a marketing strategy, more detailed and flush graphics can be rendered in a Dx9 and 10. That roof top CAN be rendered in direct x 9 and 10.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nautilus Wanna bet? It's a 9400GT Mobile chip with 16 CUDA cores and 55nm process. hes right
A have a large problem with these dx 9, 10, 11 pictures. Crysis for example, dx 10 vs dx 9 when all you had to do was change the .ini file and get dx 10 effects in dx9 rendering........ Sorry but i have to disagree
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