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Decent idea, but one that shouldve been disabled by default. Ive always run into the problem of asking or giving out wifi passwords, and while you can use tricks like QR codes, NFC chips, etc, its still a hassle. However leaving this on in the default express options isnt cool. binary version=free for everyone*source code version= developers buy unless they have a close partnershipOther gameworks assets=developers buy unless they have a close partnership
Exactly.You all are fools if you dont think Nvidia knew the PC version of batman was gimped prior to the public outcry. Batman is one of the franchises that Nvidia gives free gameworks components to in order to promote the gameworks program. You dont see AMD making positive comments about it, only Nvidia because their in bed with the devs.
The problem is each of the cards is a little different and none of the review sites wants to test them on similar settings. For instance one card may run hot and quiet, and another cool and loud, but for all we know, the coolers could be of equal quality and the only difference is the fan speed. I wish a review site would test them all on the same temp threshold or something.
This is not really a forbes writer but forbes allowing bloggers to write under their url. The guy is just a random dude. With that being said, Geforce experience is terrible, it makes poor decisions to optimize game settings and the current iteration actually slows down windows booting (google it). If im unhappy with the way microsoft pushes these drivers ill just disable the update service and do manual updates, ezpz.
LOL. You realize their last dozen have had quite a few problems..
I give up on the PG279Q. They shouldve been pushing to have this out sooner, when the furyx/fury and 980ti came out. Now they are planning to release it when there is a lull in gpu sales, that makes no sense. Maybe they will keep delaying it till pascal, haha. Time to roll the dice with acer.
Great news for people who want to spend the extra money, terrible for those who wanted to buy from EVGA and have a chance at getting a great card,
Ah yes, the classic "leak" that makes a company look good right after they announce layoffs and delays.
I dont own a 980ti or new Nvidia GPU but i hope they offer MGS keys to the people that bought cards with the bundled Arkham Knight. That port was a disaster and there was no way that nvidia didnt know that as the batman series is one of the franchises the receive free gameworks components.
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