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Games looks boring and uninspired. Car soccer is nothing new, heck its even been done with full impact in real life. The rocket physics dont add gameplay besides hitting the ball harder, how many times was it used in the video to do anything productive besides that, zero. I look at this game and feel like it should be priced $10 or less.
This looks like it was in development hell for as long as DNF. Bad animations, bad graphics, story looks terrible, etc.
These last few drivers have been terrible. I havent had driver crashes in months and then boom, 8 in 2 weeks.
Furyx crossfire vs titan x SLI: Looks like the furyx crossfire wins in games and temp, but loses in power and synthetics.
Sarcasm? It allows cards to be smaller, more power efficient, and require less vram because of bandwidth. Get your hands on one of the first Fury X's?
This is worse than they handled the Xbox One PR. Jesus Microsoft, get it together. We have had like 3-4 updates on this already.
People will start the whole 'windows 10 is NSA's idea" or "windows 10 is going to sell all of our data" arguments again, but this is great. It means people dont have to buy windows 7/8 oem to get a cheaper license, and it means people wont have to pirate and upgrade. I will definitely take advantage of this offer. This essentially means windows 10 is free for all those who are willing to beta test for a month. Would like to know if you can clean install the OS using this...
DVI is a dead standard, and those who bought DVI only korean monitors should have known better. Intel was one of the founding members of DDWG and they as well as other companies like AMD, told people they were dropping the standard in 2013-2015, and this was back in 2010.. and guess which two of four standards that were proposed became adopted? hdmi and displayport.
Kitguru and eteknix are acting like children. These review sites are not entitled to have a free or loaner GPU from AMD, yet they act like they are. You know why? Because they want that sweet sweet launch day review revenue that they wont be getting. Also Eteknix posting emails that were probably not given the okay by AMD as a childish act of revenge. I see no problem with AMD not providing them with a review sample, for all I care they could stop providing review samples...
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