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Not really, im pretty sure steamOS isnt actually tweaked for optimum performance, it just takes the native pro's and cons of debian (linux) and adds steam on top of it. I'd much rather have a windows 10 OS that was trimmed and modified.
It's a good move, the average consumer is literally an idiot when it comes to performance specs.i3/i5i/i7 might as well be 'bargain bin/mediocre/buy this one' and intel does a good job at making sure customers do not know that i7 in their ultrabook is really a low power dual core piece of junk, yet they buy it because ''an i7 is the best!'. If amd is going to suck at marketing, they might as well borrow from intel.
Wow that looks nice. Wish it wasnt curved though, and hopefully it has low lag though, as you can say 1ms GtG and 144hz or whatever, but there is still signal processing lag and pixel response time which can cause some monitors to have up to 30ms of lag. The XB270HU (I own) has that annoying crosstalk with ulmb but has the lowest lag of any monitor according to tftcentral, even the revamped xb271.
I understand that many of these changes will impact daily use for most people, such as ditching java/flash and stopping windows services, however that can easily be mitigated by dual booting and having one OS for pure gaming and the other for daily use. I dont think anyone would go about making a tweaked image of windows for $100, but I definitely feel like there is a larger market for one. There are 12M people that are actively running the steam client, lets say 1% of...
You guys are crazy with this, 3000+ posts over 3 years. I wish someone just made a definitive list instead of having to check all these different posts, or made a program that would perform ther majority of OS tweaks (I'd throw $100 towards it), because I simply do not want to go through this entire thread to figure out what to do, what has been debunked, etc.
Seagate actually has better reliability than WD these days, the seagate failure numbers from backblaze a few years ago were because of a single model they shucked from external hdd's.
The problem is they will probably raise prices for WD name
Streaming is a mixture of sports and entertainment. How many millions of people watch soccer, football, cricket, etc? They could clearly just go play themselves!
Unfortunately OCN is terrible about its rules. You can post biased opinion pieces from a blogger on an investment site, but are nazi's about foul language and other silly things.
You have no idea what youre talking about, and it's sad because youre on a tech forum and this is basic stuff. Sending an email to [anything], is going to go to microsoft or get rejected. The email domain is clearly microsoft, not micr0soft or whatever, so unless someone malicious has access to the microsoft domain or server, OP has nothing to lose. You can spoof email addresses, but they wouldn't be able to receive the emails sent to them by the OP. Also,...
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