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They arrested him because it's illegal. Money is exchanging hands, not only in the tournaments but with legal gambling and the players sign contracts with teams and sponsors, etc. It's more or less fraud. He will have to pay a fine and is possibly looking at jail time if found guilty. The kespa thing is just salt on the wound.
The data is coming from backblaze, a company that buys external HDD's rips them from their chassis and sticks them into servers. This does not represent 99% of consumer use. It's very misleading to go by their data, as it would be like taking a soccer goalie and playing him as a forward, the skill sets are vastly different. For all we know, seagate may handle head parking and power loss much better than hitachi, but since backblaze runs the hdd's 24/7 it wouldnt show up in...
The dumb part is, the guy has made over 100k a year since 2012 from sc2 prize pools. Not sure how much his sponsors give/take, but 100k USD is good money for esports. If the guy was making a barely livable wage, like some pro players do, then I wouldnt blame him, but 100k is the top 1% of pros.
Things have and are being changed from the f2p korean and russian versions, since the international version is p2p. Anyways, this is easily going to be the best mmorpg of 2016.
That isnt true at all, I own a 980 ti and acer g-sync monitor, the reality is the quality control on the 'good' gsync monitors are trash, they cost more, and are closed off. Mine works okay, but I regret my purchase
I think they should have a cap of a few thousand for people who torrent and leech songs. The people who they really need to target are the ones that seed a vast library all day everyday, those are the people that really make piracy possible. If people only seed until their download finishes, the torrenting concept will start to collapse.
I would believe the LG rumor but not the sony one. LG has a lot more marketshare and continually tries to push their phones. I could see LG continue to slowly take marketshare from samsung over the next few years. Sony on the other hand puts out good phones, but they have abandoned NA, have tiny amounts of marketshare and are struggling for cash.
I agree. If they DDoS nodes, they have to keep that going (years) until the user base stops using TOR, which I dont see them doing. Unless the goal of this is to flush people off those nodes and into honeypots.
Funny, but the tomb raider reboot sold more copies than any previous one in the series, and obviously revitalized a dying ip. The reboot has given the IP another 5 years at least.
TF2 started out amazing. Defined classes with pretty high skill caps, balance between teamwork and solo skill, quality balanced maps. The game was like a slower, team and strategy focused quake.Played it at the highest competitive levels and the game was a blast. Pugs (not pubs) were great too. Valve did pretty well with their first few class updates, but once the hats, skins, and several weapons were released it was clear they no longer cared and only wanted to make...
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