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Seagate actually has better reliability than WD these days, the seagate failure numbers from backblaze a few years ago were because of a single model they shucked from external hdd's.
The problem is they will probably raise prices for WD name
Streaming is a mixture of sports and entertainment. How many millions of people watch soccer, football, cricket, etc? They could clearly just go play themselves!
Unfortunately OCN is terrible about its rules. You can post biased opinion pieces from a blogger on an investment site, but are nazi's about foul language and other silly things.
You have no idea what youre talking about, and it's sad because youre on a tech forum and this is basic stuff. Sending an email to [anything], is going to go to microsoft or get rejected. The email domain is clearly microsoft, not micr0soft or whatever, so unless someone malicious has access to the microsoft domain or server, OP has nothing to lose. You can spoof email addresses, but they wouldn't be able to receive the emails sent to them by the OP. Also,...
Then what's their motive? Replying to the email will just go to MS's catchall or nobody, they didnt ask for anything either, so I dont see how they could gain from this. Could it be someone is angry at you or trying to trick you by sending a spoofed email just to get you to sweat?You should reply to the email, if someone responds, its microsoft, if they dont, youre good, there is zero way they can harm you buy sending an email to that address.
Agreed, but sadly by lying or at least hiding stuff from people and running the pr hype train, he made millions.
Assuming they are programmed correctly, and have the physical abilities, robots are vastly superior than humans in precise or laborious tasks. I hope you realize our world has already taken a half step into autonomy. Electric or gas ovens replaced someone who would have to tender the fire and coals, cars replaced carriage drivers and horses, etc. Jobs will continue to be replaced until the only job left is creating new robots and free thinking, as no AI is even close to a...
Game looks boring, the only thing it has going for it is the nintendo polish and mario name. Otherwise this is just another one button tap to jump running game. I'm sure it will get a bunch of downloads, but the same thing that happened with niantic's pokemon go will happen here. The game is too basic, boring and repetitive and 90% of the users will quit in 1-2 months.
I am disturbed that they keep referring to it as "iPhone 7" and not "the iPhone 7", it really bothers me..
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