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Yup, and its why companies like Intel have gotten ahead despite losing lawsuits, firstly because the fine is usually less than the company profited from it, and that the fine can be ignored for decades with legal tactics.
I got one check for $47, but forgot what options I chose.
Cool that they are finally doing this, however it looks like they didnt really get any top xbox exclusives onto the PC besides GoW and I guess halo wars 2 but those games definitely are past their prime.
Nice design, too bad the 1080's performance is lackluster
Blizzard is within their rights to do so, the people were running the server illegally, and blizzard obviously felt it was effecting their revenue or image of WoW. If there are 150,000 people who want to play vanilla WoW, make a petition for blizzard to start a server for that.
This repeated headline is such clickbait. Could a high school kid make an app that does the same thing? Yes. Could the high school kid make an app that can be run 24/7 without issues? Probably not. Can the high school kid provide 24/7/365 support? Definitely not. If the app crashes and delays TSA lines for 5 minutes once a year, the cost to airlines (and the general economy) is WAY more than 50k. Anyone that works in an enterprise job knows that costs are inflated...
Looks good, the main issue is a melee medieval combat game isnt going to draw in a huge crowd. Also no matter how good you are, if you are doing team fights, its not going to turn into skill but who can maneuver their players better to allow 2v1's
Bash them for their cheaper quality designs, but when it comes to repairing laptops, Toshiba was the easiest and most affordable to fix. As someone who has worked on a few thousand laptops, I loved Toshiba and Acer. I could easily replace any part in a few minutes, and I could pretty much build a laptop for cheaper than it retailed using parts ordered directly from them. Parts from asus, dell, apple, hp, sony, etc all have much higher markups, and are a hassle to deal with.
The problem is that games have to support variable speeds that arent just your typical normal/stealth/run, which is a bit rare. The keyboard looks great though, but im going to assume the asking price is $199.99 which will be way more expensive than mass manufactured mechs
Its an Enterprise drive.. They will eventually trickle down into cheaper consumer drives.
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