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I know the feeling, my gaming rig still does everything I want.
On my NAS (spec in sig), I've currently got 18 HDD's powered via 1 molex cable from a RM750 PSU. The HDD's are connected to a LSi RAID Controller (via a Intel Expander) that does do a staggered spin-up of the drives.
I've used a Cooler Master Trigger for a while and had no issues with it.
This might be helpful, the CM Stacker 925 already has a pci mounting that might meet your needs.
I created a raised platform so the drive bays were level with the side.
CoD AW on the PC
Check the size of your C:\Windows\winsxs folder
It sounds like that the pump has a fault. Try contacting Corsair and request a RMA.
Here's a couple of pics of what I'm working on with my Stacker in the 925.... And in the 915R
My first computer was a Commodore 64 with a tape drive
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