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Here's how I mounted my Res/pump and 240mm rad at the front of my 925. and here's a few more of the whole setup before I switched to a single 980Ti
I'm using 2.5" drives because I couldn't get the level of redundancy that I wanted with 3.5" drives in the space I had available. In the past I have suffered a double disk failure in a RAID5 (8 X 2TB disks) which took over 40hrs to fix (lost 300MB out of 7TB) so I didn't want to go through that again.The disks are configured in the current way: -1 x RAID6 (6 disks) Read/Write @ 450MBs/125MBs2 x RAID10 (4 disks each) Read/Write @ 210MBs/193MBs1 x RAID0 (2 SSD's) Read/Write...
Thanks EvilMonk The HDD's are WD Red 2.5" with NASWare 3.0The actual build took about 20hrs in total. The research into the right hardware (system board & PSU took longer (a lot longer )The hard part was choosing the right PSU. I did look a lot at SFF PSU's but I just wasn't really happy with them so I went with a Silverstone 850 Gold. But then I needed to figure out how to mount it. At that time I visited a friend who had just got a DimasTech Test Bench and when I first...
Below are a few images for my new NAS I've build. It in a Cooler Master Stacker 915F case. The specs are: - Motherboard: Gigabyte H97N-WIFI ITX CPU: Intel i5 4440 RAM: TeamGroup Elite Black 16GB Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 612 V2 RAID Controller: LSi MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i Port Expander: Intel RES2SV240 Controller The host O/S is Windows ServerCore 2008 Hyper-V.
In follow-up to my previous picture, below is my completed build. It's based on the 915F case...
1) Yes, the side panels come off2) It is possible to mount a 240mm rad at the front of a 925. For mine, I had to drill out the holes for the fan mounts.3) that could work
Here's a quick picture of something I'm working on with a Stacker 915F
On my test rig, I installed Server 2008 Core (from Win7 Enterprise) and all I did was delete the existing partitions on the SSD during the setup and I've had no issues As for GPT, I've always used a MBR on SSD's without any issues. Normally the only time i use GPT is for drives that are over 2TB.
I know the feeling, my gaming rig still does everything I want.
On my NAS (spec in sig), I've currently got 18 HDD's powered via 1 molex cable from a RM750 PSU. The HDD's are connected to a LSi RAID Controller (via a Intel Expander) that does do a staggered spin-up of the drives.
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