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My first computer was a Commodore 64 with a tape drive
Try here --> or here -->
try CM's EU store -->
Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005). The 2012 version just sucked (imo).
Its a pic of the 915R with a Scythe 120mm fan in the front with a Intel RES2SV240 Expander card behind it (92mm fan mounts have been removed).
Here's a few pics of what I'm working on with my 935 (sorry for the crappy pic, taken using my phone) ^^^ the drill did slip a little ^^^ need to level those cages
I know you can get Cougar fans (CF-V14H) from Amazon UK
Look what arrived for me today at work 2 XSPC GTX blocks for my GTX 780's (I've already got the matching backplates at home) edit: sorry for the bad pic. used someone elses camera phone as mine doesn't work any more
Thanks. I guess time will tell
I've added a second EVGA GTX 780 SC to my rig and today I've noticed that it appears I have a A1 & B1 versions (going by the firmware versions). Will this cause me any issues with oc'ing them? btw - I will be putting them under water this week
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