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Thats the board I'm running in my ITX system (see signature)
I use Server 2008 Hyper-V Core for my NAS host
I agree. That is the same method I use on my hyper-v guest (Windows 2008 Core). Over my gigabit network I get around 110MB/s when transferring file to the VM.
Thats one of the reasons I went with X99
I didn't think they would make a full water block for the ITX/ac
Here's a few (crappy) pictures of my new AsRock X99 ITX/ac rig
You could try the WAIT or SLEEP commands after the gpupdate NOTE - the SLEEP command is part of the NT Resource Kit So the full command would look something like: - start /wait cmd /c "(psexec \\* gpupdate /force) && (c:\ntreskit\sleep 5)"
Change the /K to a /C /C Carries out the command specified by string and then terminates /K Carries out the command specified by string but remains
Microsoft first announced this over 9 months ago.
Strange, I updated the firmware on my LSi 9260-8i via the MSM
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