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Quote: Originally Posted by NoGuru I doubt you need a BIOS update. They don't do much in terms of your OC, and avoid the version I have, it locks and can not be changed with out much difficulty. Might have to try MCH, CPU Skews. Or I have noticed if you crank the MCH way up it the 1.5 range, you can get past bumps. Also I have noticed this board loves the G.Skill F2's, I am sure your ram is giving you some trouble. Well I believe the the...
Quote: Originally Posted by stanglx302 More vCore!!! Not the problem had it to 1.425 No change At 1.4 the way this acts I should be at 5.5 or better at least, no its something else I just can't find it yet
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord Xeb Set your vcore to 1.4 and see hwat you can reach! I have been as high as 1.425 it don't have any bearing. I think when I find the setting that or the memory issue that this thing is going to 5Ghz@1.3 volts The volts are not the issue. I hit 510 FSB @4.6Ghz 1.28 volts stable. I have hit 4.74 but borderline stable but no voltage would help to gain complete stability. Not one time when I have lost the stability...
Quote: Originally Posted by DraganUS Nice chip, btw that thing can reach 5Ghz stable on water easily. I seem to be stuck right now I had this stable at 1.26 volts 500mhz FSB and 4.5Ghz here I used a mulit of 9 but as soon as I go up one multi it gives me a fit, with the volts so low I just don't get what I am doing wrong. I am going to try a Bios update and see if that helps
Here is the last on for the night 4.5 stable I will run prime longer tomorrow [IMG][/IMG]
I am stable when I do small FFT's but not when I do a blend so I think this point to memory. Does any here agree?
The top one is going to be a little harder and a little cutting is a must [IMG][/IMG] Don't mind the grubby fan it was just something for me to see were thing where going tp end up. The rad will be mounted thee with the fittings facing down the plastic bezel will need some modding too. the fan will also be on the inside and should just clear the PSU this is going to be real tight then one I get it done I will have to work on the wire management. This is still a work in...
Ok that seems to be where I will go with it 2 HL Black ice 240 GT one in the top and one in the bottom. The bottom one is in now I need the 2nd 240 and the 2nd Swiftech Caldera and a set of case feet. Here is a pic of the one I just put in the bottom [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] It's going to tight and the case feet are a must but this looks like the best I can do here
Quote: Originally Posted by mazza- good to see your still trying. Oh Hell ya I have not given up no way I am real close Like I said it just one of the deals now to find the right setting thats giving me trouble. Time time it not just as easy and throwing some voltage at it I think just one bump in the right setting and this will rock the closer to the edge you get the more important fine adjustment can be
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