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First of all the only game I play is Solitaire and then only when my girlfriend is gone. Where is that girlfriend!   Yesterday my new Tahiti had its first failed WU. The log shows it occurred at 84% and was a BAD_WORK_UNIT. It has completed 4 more WUs since then. (that's me in a bruising fight with #1 & #2)   Also yesterday I noticed that one of my main heaters was leaking. To get at the leak I had to take its twin down.   While I found the culprit I didn't...
If you want some confusion check this out.   XFX AMD Radeon™ R9 270   XFX has three versions of the R9 270. R9-270A-CDFC R9-270A-CDFV R9-270A-CNFC   To select each of the XFX cards move your cursor over the list under where to buy. Then select the Specifications tab and tell me what you see for stream processors.
I first found this AMD Radeon™ R9 Series Graphics Also shown in this spoiler.  [[SPOILER]]  Down at the bottom you'll notice that the Stream Processing Units for the 270 says 'Up to 1280'. Now here's a Newegg 270. ASUS R9270-DC2OC-2GD5 Radeon R9 270 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card   That's all folks!
I got the above data from the TechPowerUp GPU Database but when I looked at the Radeon R9 270s on Newegg most are listed with 1024 SPs. Right now I don't know what to believe.
Quote: This is how I look at the AMD cards.  Video Card SPs Radeon R7 240 (no X) 320 Radeon R7 250 384 Radeon HD 7750 512 Radeon R7 250X 640 Radeon HD 7770 640 Radeon R9 260 (non X) 768 Radeon R9 260X 896 Radeon HD 7790 896 Radeon HD 7850 1024 Radeon HD 6870 1120 Radeon R9 270 (Non X) 1280...
This is my 280X @ 1150 (stock) doing 153k. If you look at HFM you'll notice that my new Sapphire TOXIC is about to complete it's 6th WU.     x
I was looking for some catchy image and then I found the nude skyrim girls.  
I've got some good news.   Enthusiast Inc. just sent you money with PayPal. Payment details Amount: $90.00 USD Transaction Date: February 4, 2014   Thanks all!!!
The 9401 is a new beta WU for Core 17. What is your PPD with this WU?   If you're using 'beta' then I'd bet by switching to 'advanced' you should get the 8900 WUs.
 Those -offsets occurs when someone is replaced. When I woke up our team was in 2nd with 6 minutes to the next update.I brewed some coffee and when I returned the Navy had pushed us back a notch.  I hope that image will be viewable. Notice that Zealon has moved up to 2nd while we have a trio in 3rd (Hatchet, QuietGamer & Lanofsong).Sometime next week I should be able to compete with the GPU-E combo guys. Go Team!
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