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Has the MSRP for these Compute Sticks changed or is NewEgg charging a premium?
I was one of the lucky ones who got their order in early .I'll post some quick benchmarks when mine arrives. I haven't seen any reviews for the 256GB model yet.
4/12 edit: Looks like they sold out within 24 hours of being listed. 4/13 edit: Back in stock, but limited quantities. 128GB model: 256GB model: RamCity, the Australian retailer, has just sent their first shipment of Samsung's new M.2 PCIe SM951 SSD to Amazon warehouses in the US. Just like the older XP941, these are OEM drives, meaning Samsung provides no warranty or support directly to customers...
Grand Theft Auto V is available in: 2d 20h... ahh! Rockstar, why did you release your game on a Tuesday? I want it now.
I wish somebody would explain removing windows legacy...
Oops, you're right. Maybe I was thinking of a different monitor?
I was hoping it would only come with one DisplayPort. The Acer Predator has only one DisplayPort and it TFT Central calculated it as having just 0.25 ms of signal processing time. For comparison, the ASUS ROG Swift comes in at 2.55 ms. Unless ASUS puts in a "Game mode" feature, those extra ports mean additional cost and latency.
Why does Best Buy list it as "Sennheiser - Audiophile Over-the-Ear Headphones - Titan"?
A bit heavier, yes, but totally reasonable. I'm genuinely confused why people say the click pressure is too high and unsuitable for rapid clicking.
My FK2 arrived today, packaging was a little overkill. I was afraid it would take awhile to adjust to the Zowie from my Logitech G9 (very different shape), but it felt comfortable and natural within minutes. I am happy
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