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You probably have the 64-bit Pro version installed (as do I). The entry-level, 32-bit Windows 10 version will take up a lot less space... heck, the x86 ISO alone is almost a gigabyte less than the x64 version.My Windows 10 install is under 11GiB, but I disabled hibernation, the pagefile and system restore points to get there
Source title says 390X, this news thread says 380X?
A fair point. But with a 9-hour battery life and coming to your presentation prepared (fully-charged laptop), that shouldn't be an issue.Plus, if you regularly give presentations, you're used to lugging around a projector, speakers, paperwork and more, so throwing an Apple USB hub into your bag isn't asking too much. Edit: Plus, wireless projectors are getting popular. Or, if you give a lot of presentations, buy the larger Air, Pro or any Windows laptop instead.
If you're watching Netflix and Youtube on this machine, how many ports do you need? Maybe one, for charging. If you're doing social media on this machine, how many ports do you need? Maybe one, for charging. If you're taking notes or typing an essay on this machine, how many ports do you need? Maybe one, for charging. This macbook is designed exclusively for portability. You will not be doing complex photo editing, serious gaming, heavy spreadsheet work or massive...
Pretty much all 9-series motherboards (H97, Z97 and X99) will get NVME compatibility, but it is up to the manufacturer. MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and ASRock all have NVME support on some of their boards (probably other manufacturers too, I haven't checked).There are some people saying that the Samsung SM951 SSD isn't NVME:
I doubt it will exceed 3MB/s reads. Intel's 9-month-old P3700 SSD advertises "up to 2.8GB/s sequential reads" (meaning even lower in real-world tests), and that thing costs over $1000.Very excited for this thing though! Here's to hoping it is inexpensive and doesn't come with a green PCB.
I believe that map just means there is a store or distribution center in that country. I could be wrong, but maybe try ordering something from the country closest to you?
I've owned smart phones since the original G1. I have never used a case and I have never cracked or broken a screen (although I have dropped them countless times).But you are right, making the battery non-replaceable and the storage non-upgradable are great ways to increase revenue. I used to be pretty, um, passionate about removable batteries and sd slots in phones. Now that 32GB is becoming common and cheap, and that I've learned to not leave my phone plugged in...
I think the general consensus is PPCs has a big selection and good prices but hit-and-miss customer service. I once ordered a reservoir from them that was clearly used but sold as new. When I asked for a replacement, they gave me the cold shoulder and told me to contact Swiftech (who sent me a replacement, despite it most likely not being their fault).@Ahsan04 I've heard Aquatuning is well-known for shipping around the world. FrozenCPU also shipped just about anywhere...
Very true, FAA TSO'd batteries are in an entirely different league compared to consumer batteries. I doubt very much an iPhone battery would meet FAA induced destructive overcharge and explosion containment ratings.Personally, I was for using True Blue Power batteries. But Lithium's reputation (and cost) wasn't worth it to the decision-makers.
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