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Over 60 other countries around the world require GMOs to be labeled, including China. It isn't some impossible undertaking, it doesn't send food costs through the roof and it doesn't stop people from buying GMOs if they want to. I'm genuinely confused why people are against labeling (unless they own stock in Monsanto/Dow/DuPont).
My bad, you are right. Admittedly, I've owned mostly Android phones... I've only owned the original iPhone and I just bought an iPhone 6S.I'm pretty accustomed to reviewing an app's permissions before downloading in Android. When I downloaded an app from Apple's App Store and it didn't prompt me to review permissions, I just assumed you had no control.
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but my text editing tools are really big:
What thermal paste did you use? If it's that Coollaboratory liquid metal stuff, you are going to have a bad time. If it's regular TIM, just keep heating it and trying to twist the heatsink clockwise or counterclockwise.
If you're one of the 0.3% of Android owners currently on 6.0 (or rooted). iOS and the other 99.7% 95.6% of Android are SOL. Edit #1: I forgot to include the 4.1% of Android users still running 4.3 with access to App Ops.Edit #2: You can control permissions in iOS, I was mistaken.
That's normal. I have a 5960X clocked to 4.6GHz and my GPU usage is rarely at 100%. At 1440p, all settings maxed and limited to 120 FPS, my framerate regularly bounces between 100 and 120 FPS.If you get stuck at a terminal, you pretty much just have to load a previous save. Game physics and speed are tied to your framerate, and limiting it seems to fix a lot of problems, including terminals. I got stuck at terminals every time, until I lowered my refresh rate from...
The other attack vector is from a TV commercial (doesn't have to be a smart TV, either): A commercial plays the sound, and your desktop/laptop/tablet/smart phone will pick it up, if you have a program or app installed that is infected with this audio beacon.
Lol, it's so true. And yes, I'm enjoying the game too. The graphics are a bit of a bummer, but the guns and their animations are awesome. I don't plan on using VATS at all.
As a veteran of FO3, NV, Oblivion and Skyrim, I unconsciously save about every 45 seconds. I hear you on the gamma thing. Also, why do all the on-screen "choices" have a bracket at the end? "Enter)", "C)" , "Esc)"...
I have about an hour into my game. Bugs I've encountered:1. The baton became invisible when I picked it up (first-person view).2. After poking around a terminal, I exited to find my body stuck. Had to load a previous save.3. My body became suck again when hitting the vault open door button. Had to load a previous save.4. The lip syncing for every NPC is completely out of sync.Fortunately, I have had no stutter or crashes yet.
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