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The color shift with TN panels will be immediately noticeable to someone that's used to IPS. If you sit dead center to the screen and don't move, it's okay. Color accuracy and spectrum coverage will also take a hit compared to IPS, but not too badly. With that said, 144hz monitors with a strobing backlight are amazing for fast-paced FPS games. Compared to a 60hz IPS, the increased refresh rate makes biggest difference, with the blur reduction of a strobing backlight a...
Yes, this is how Freenet works. Nothing about anonymity is mentioned, so I'd guess that the Bittorrent protocol trades privacy for speed when compared to Freenet.
You might have a bad setting or overlooked something. I had your exact same setup and ran the RAM at 2500MHz with 9-11-11 timings daily. I managed to get to 2700MHz at 10-13-13 but could never go much higher (never knew why, I still had voltage and timing headroom but nothing worked).
You know you're doing it right when a hand-held device comes with a shoulder strap On topic: this is pretty cool. And the fact that each LED can be controlled really is awesome when you think of the possibilities.
Does the "fastest" image look like what you are experiencing?
Can you elaborate on this? Are you referring to the overshoot from an overly-aggressive response time setting?Edit: never mind, I see you already posted a picture already. That looks pretty bad. If messing with the overdrive setting doesn't help I'd get a replacement.Thanks, by the way, for posting your review!
Picked one up too, although 5% off 349.99 comes to 332.49, not 331 EDIT: looks like Dennybrig corrected the price. Although it is still a good price for a 4k monitor, Amazon is selling this monitor at $350 as well.
I promised my self that I was going to wait for a 32" 4k IPS with Async/freesync. Then I saw this monitor at Newegg for $400 with a free printer but held fast. Now that it's back and under $350, I fear I will give in. Getting a MacBook Pro with the 1600p Retina screen ruined my 1080p desktop monitors for me.
So I did some reading and apparently DPC Latency Checker doesn't work correctly on Windows 8. Embarrassingly, this is even stated on their website. I downloaded LatencyMon from and am now seeing sub-100us readings with occasional spikes up to 500us. Much better
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