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Use the code CANYOUSAVE5 for $5 off any order of $25 or more. Expires 7/6/2015.
That "WDDM v2.0" means Windows Display Driver Model version 2.0. It's a driver(?) that Windows update will annoyingly automatically install over your current driver. For me, when I had my 290X, I lost sound over DP and game performance took a small hit every time it was installed. I just had to roll back the driver. So it isn't an actual engineering sample, it just appears that way to your system because of Microsoft's new display driver.
Are you running Windows 10 by chance?
I haven't been keeping up on Samsung monitors, but I would wait for reviews before purchasing this one. Samsung's last 2160p monitor, the U28D590D, didn't seem suitable for gaming with its ridiculous amount of lag and PWM backlighting when the brightness was below 31%.
I want the thing on my screen to be here, now.
Thanks for the quick response. I recorded the login and failed attempt to change my password with Jing twice: once with Chromium, all extensions disabled and a second time with Spartan, bone stock. I tried to do it on my MBP with Safari, but Jing wasn't working on OS X. Because the videos contain my current, uncensored password, I'll send you a PM with the .swf videos attached. Thanks, Aaron S.
+ Rep, thanks for posting this. Just bought an ASRock H97M-ITX/ac motherboard: normally $76, -$20 with the promo and another -$20 MIR makes it $36 shipped.
What happened? When I try to change my account password, I get the error message "You did not enter your old password correctly!" after correctly entering my old password. Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently? Frustratingly, yes. What steps did you take to reproduce this problem? Tried to change my password about a dozen times. What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared? A message that will pop up and say "Password successfully...
The site seems to be loading now, I'll stop posting individual graphs.
I think I can get more, hang on.
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