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I have a 4-year-old SS-650KM and a 2.5-year-old SS-760XP2. Both are still running great to this day, despite powering PCs pulling more than their rated wattage during the LTC mining craze. I can't pick a favorite because every Seasonic PSU I've had has exceeded my expectations!
Except problem not solved, as laptops with these CPUs are much more likely to be lost or stolen, putting them in the hands of an attacker. It may even be as simple as a victim leaving their laptop unattended for 15 seconds while they get up to get their coffee at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, not plugging unknown USB devices in doesn't solve the problem.The article even hypothesizes that this could be done at the point of manufacture, before the PC is delivered to the...
If you limit yourself to just gaming PCs, then yes, 4K has a low percentage of market share. But if you take into account TVs and monitors for non-gaming purposes, that percentage changes drastically. Generally speaking, technology advances faster every year, so I won't be surprised when the next five years holds greater change than the previous five.I should have said "8K will be the norm popular in five years". Norm might imply majority, which was not my intention. ...
Gotta start somewhere. Less than five years ago, people were saying "There's no point in 4K right now. No idea why they would do such thing"... and just look at the popularity of 4K monitors and TVs now. In another five years, high-end 8K monitors and TVs will be the norm.
Nominated for the genuinely best necro I have ever seen... award
Most likely. If it is a mini ITX or Flex ITX form factor PSU, it will be loud and annoying, just FYI.
Because official XP support ended with Ivy Bridge, installing XP on anything newer becomes very... interesting. What are the chances you'll find an XP AHCI driver for your shiny new Union Point chipset? Not knocking XP, I understand a lot of classic games only run on XP or older. But someone could upgrade to a used i5 2500k with motherboard and RAM for less money and much better compatibility. Or, if they insisted on having an overclockable dual-core, a Clarkdale (i5...
The unlocked, dual core G3258 MSRP'd at $72. That was a good buy. But in the age where 4c/4t is the minimum for most games, a dual core for $175? Unless this thing will be breaking overclocking records, I don't understand who would buy one.
Very few, if any, laptops come without an integrated webcam. Same goes for tablets and cell phones too, now that I think about it.I think he meant, playfully, that the type of person who is very utilitarian and pragmatic about stuff like their cell phone is rarely the "life of the party".
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