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Perhaps the pump failed, the water began heating up and the increased pressure was too much for the acrylic to handle? Then, the pump, which was still running (but not spinning the impeller) eventually burned out from running dry? Very strange indeed.
You're not the only one. I like that Asus has branched out and tried to do something different, but it looks terrible to me. More and more it seems like heatsinks are becoming tacky gamer art.
Thanks for the comments, everyone!Pretty much. If it was an expensive unit, I would have just sent it back for a warranty repair or replacement. But because it was such a cheap unit and the problem wasn't serious, I figured it couldn't hurt to tinker.
Too true, I've been overclocking since Phenom II and C2Q days and I always manually set everything when I'm finalizing my 24/7 overclock. Here is a quick and dirty 4.7GHz run at 1.243 volts... I could tweak and go lower, but I'm excited to see what 4.8GHz takes!EDIT: batch number is J516C717
Thanks. My old 5960X started out as an average clocker (1.3V needed for 4.5GHz) but degraded over time. I was feeding it 1.38V for full stability at 4.4GHz before I sent it back.I only had time for one stress test tonight, so it is possible I can lower vcore even further. I'm excited to see what this processor is capable of.
I just got my replacement 5960X from Intel. I'm a bit of a pessimist, so I have this nagging feeling that I'm missing something obvious, but I'm cautiously optimistic I got a great CPU. Everything in the UEFI was set to Auto except vcore, which is 1.2V
To answer your question, yes, you can put just about any type of connector on the end of the wires. It depends on what you want to plug them into, but most likely just some basic soldering involved; very easy. You may loose the ability to control the volume with the knob, and they might also be higher impedance speakers, meaning a loss of volume and bass. The real question: is Houdini alive? Edit: just noticed your user name
Long-overdue update: PSU seems to be fixed, fan has been behaving normally for 24 hours now. I removed the thermistor and took it to work, where I measured its resistance while hitting it with a heat gun. Resistance rose and fell normally as it warmed and cooled, so that wasn't the problem. The part I labeled "voltage regulator" with the blue arrow turned out to be culprit. Turns out It isn't a voltage regulator, but a transistor. I googled the part number, found an...
Good question, Newegg's Gift Card Terms and Conditions page doesn't say anything about it. Worst-case scenario is the checkout page doesn't let you, so you have to start a live chat or call them to manually enter your cards. I think I'll send Newegg an email right now and ask.
Weird and confusing title, but a decent deal nonetheless. The bonus $5 gift card deal also applies to the $50 and $100 gift cards. If you're planning on spending over $300 at Newegg anyways, might as well pick up four more free $5 gift cards.
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