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So, the 1000 times faster quote would better apply to, say, 4K random read at QD1?True, the DIMM-based version will certainly be capable of the highest bandwidth. Heck, PCIe 3.0 interfaces may bottleneck Optane SSDs
I've been hearing about how 3D Xpoint technology is 1000 times faster than NAND... but what are the chances that the controllers will also be "1000 times" faster? Intel advertises their single-controller, NAND-based DC P3700 PCIe SSD as up to 2,800 MB/s sequential read and 2,000 MB/s sequential write. I sincerely doubt we'll be seeing PCIe Optane SSDs hitting 2,800,000 MB/s sequential read. But, I'm no expert, either. Thoughts?
To be fair, the X4 965 is a 140W CPU that launched at $245 MSRP. The 7890K is a 95W CPU with graphics that launched at $165 MSRP.But I agree, in terms of performance, it doesn't seem like much progress was made. Here's to hoping Zen is successful and Zen 2.0 gives me a reason to upgrade from my 5960X.
This. Plus, for just $30 more than the 880K, the i3-6100 runs 12% faster than the G4400 and has hyperthreading. Or, save $15 and get the 860K. Personally, if I was looking at budget CPUs for a gaming PC, that's where I would start.
I have a question for VR headset owners: what is the picture quality like? I've only ever tried VR through my Galaxy S7, and although it was fun, low resolution (screen door effect?) and significant blur everywhere except the very center of my vision turned me off pretty quick.
Excellent points. Ever since motherboards started automatically adjusting settings other than RAM timings when choosing a SPD/XMP profile, I've always had to go back and fix the voltages, multipliers/ratios and other settings that were, annoyingly, adjusted for me.However, the problem is you can't load the advertised timings from the XMP profile unless you have an Asus motherboard. This means that, best-case scenario, you get a complete list of primary, secondary and...
Of course the price/performance ratio will be a major factor here, but so is overclocking headroom. The 5960X runs at 3GHz (3.3GHz boost) and 99% of them can reach 4GHz. The good ones are capable of 4.4GHz and the best can hit >4.6GHz. If stock Zen can match a stock 5960X at a competitive price, great, but I'd be disappointed if it didn't at least have the same OC headroom.
Hopefully this doesn't start a bad trend of components being artificially limited to certain motherboards...
If the change happens slow enough, too few people will notice/care to make a difference.Do Bethesda games count? I know I got more hours out of Fallout and Elderscrolls expansions than most single player games/campaigns.
The lesson to be learned here, summed up in one sentence: let the game makers design the games, not the publisher. I started reading this article, expecting Microsoft to ruin things from day one. Instead, it seems like Microsoft was reasonably hands-off for Fable 1, 2 and 3... and surprise surprise, the games were profitable and well-liked. Then, Microsoft started telling Lionhead how to make a game; free-to-play, cross-platform, multiplayer, DX12, etc. Pretty much the...
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