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Big MP numbers on DSLRs? That's fine, they typically have good sensors to make use of those resolutions. Big MP numbers on cell phones? Pure marketing, like the inhuman levels of DPI some gaming mice are advertised with.
I'd love to have one of the HHHL PX04P SSDs, but when they start at 800GB and are "designed for servers", they probably won't be cheap.
HitchBOT might have survived longer on the West coast.
Do these people really have nothing better to do? Next it will be #DisarmTheDictionary: take the word "gun" out of dictionaries.
Didn't know you had to pay to read WSJ articles, I don't have an account or anything and was able to view it. Added several other sources just in case. I agree though; it may not be much consolation to those affected, but it is good to see he isn't getting away that easily.
Wall Street JournalNew York TimesCoinReportCoinDeskI hope this isn't a repost and in the correct section. Added alternative sources.
I ran the developer previews for a while, but went back to my copy of Windows 7 because there is no reason to buy 10 yet. I'll probably switch to 10 when good DX 12 games start coming out, but until then, Windows 7 does all the same stuff as 10, except auto-installing drivers .
Call 811 before you dig!
I know the CX series are not great, but for $15 after rebate, it makes a great backup/emergency PSU. Anyways, I could certainly toss it and buy something else, but I like tinkering and am repairing this out of principle. Thanks for the response. I found a thermistor that's mounted to one of the heatsinks and removed it. It looks like a 10K Ohm, NTC type thermistor (I took pictures of it but haven't had time to upload them). I'll stop by a Radio Shack soon, hopefully...
I looked into it and you are right, AV-Comparatives charges companies to review their products. Thanks!
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