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Because mainstream Broadwell was so delayed, mainstream Skylake is right on its heels and I suspect that will probably translate to the HEDT lineup as well. Broadwell-E may be short-lived with Skylake-E right behind it. I could be wrong though . Looks like my 5960X will be with me for a while.
Is the author of that article allergic to using commas? Anyways, anybody want to take a guess on the chances that stacked memory like HBM will be the successor to DDR4?
I had heard Bitcoin mentioned before, but I started mining and trading Litecoin when the OCN cryptocurrency ban was lifted.
Sin0822's Haswell overclocking guide says up to 2.4V Input voltage is okay on air. I don't know if I would be okay running that much 24/7 but 2.3V should be okay with good cooling.
Guys with 5960Xs, what are your motherboard VRM temps like? Even with a 120mm fan blowing on mine, running Prime95 at just 4.3GHz makes the heatsink almost too hot to touch.
Sad face. When did 8 Pack post that? I was really hoping to get the EVGA X99 Micro for my 5960X but it looks like EVGA still has a lot of work to do with the BIOS. I guess I'll get the ASRock X99M Killer has a brief review of a pre-built Scan rig that uses the X99 Micro:
Waiting to buy my 5960X until a review comparing EVGA X99 Micro and ASRock X99M motherboards comes out.
Same here, although I'm sure that my approximate location is still being recorded somewhere from my cellular signal and WiFi connections.
How much of the 1930s racism will be in this game? Surprising to hear they will try to port it to a console from the '80s. Does this kind of thing happen a lot but it never makes it into video game news?
I predict we will see 8 memory slots on all X99 motherboards except mATX and the absolute cheapest of ATX motherboards. I'm betting the performance hit of adding switches is either so small that it doesn't matter or that the switches are not active if you only have 4 DIMMs installed.The feature/selling point of having 8 memory slots on a motherboard will probably far outweigh the cost and loss of performance that switches and additional traces bring... despite how few X99...
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