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Same here, although I'm sure that my approximate location is still being recorded somewhere from my cellular signal and WiFi connections.
How much of the 1930s racism will be in this game? Surprising to hear they will try to port it to a console from the '80s. Does this kind of thing happen a lot but it never makes it into video game news?
I predict we will see 8 memory slots on all X99 motherboards except mATX and the absolute cheapest of ATX motherboards. I'm betting the performance hit of adding switches is either so small that it doesn't matter or that the switches are not active if you only have 4 DIMMs installed.The feature/selling point of having 8 memory slots on a motherboard will probably far outweigh the cost and loss of performance that switches and additional traces bring... despite how few X99...
Haven't Unix and Linux operating systems used virtual desktops since, like, the '80s? I probably won't use this feature but it's good to see Microsoft returning to a more traditional UI for PCs.
Why are international release dates typically three days after North America? Oh, and SWEET!
I agree. The rear I/O looks fantastic but the southbridge is just ugly (it's not simple enough to be "clean and professional" nor is it flashy enough to be "gamer") and those VRM heatsinks look like they would be better at insulating than cooling.If it has voltage read points though, I'll consider it. Also, no 90-degree 24-pin ATX connector .
What does that mean? If it was a driver causing the freezing, and you reinstalled a bunch of drivers again, I'd say we're back to where we started.
Hopefully Intel can crank out some of those NVMe PCI-E SSDs for the consumer market.
If it didn't happen in Safe Mode, I'm 99.9% sure it's software-related.An easy way to test the hard drive would be to unplug it and boot a Linux distro off of a thumb drive.Edit: forgot all about latencymon, definitely try Derp's suggestion!
It's either a bad driver or a piece of hardware causing your problem, usually USB-related in my experience. Try booting in Safe Mode (no third party drivers or programs automatically start). If you still get the freezing, it's probably hardware. If no freezing occurs, it was a driver or program. If it's hardware, my money is on a USB device or a hard drive. Try unplugging all USB devices other than the mouse to see if the issue still occurs.
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