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If AMD were to drop out of the picture and Intel was the only manufacturer of x86 processors, would they be considered a monopoly and be forcibly broken up?
I have a hard time believing there was no added latency from the device sending a request over the internet for textures/shading and the server transferring the results back over the internet again. I'm guessing the trails performed were using an on-campus server over a local network.
More and more it seems like the greatest threat to my freedom and liberty is the NSA, not whatever the NSA is allegedly protecting me from.
I was being silly on purpose. It was to put in perspective how important that 1.8 number really is.Yes it is:I never said I disagreed with the author. My post was mainly complaining about the lack of professionalism in his/her writing. As the saying goes, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." I'm also kind of surprised you picked my post to ask for an intelligent debate, when a lot of the other responses have been a lot less... constructive (and I...
I would take this op-ed more seriously if the writer was more professional. Seriously, ease up on the italics and exclamation points. So let's assume that not only is the author's math correct, but that Folding will never meaningfully contribute to a cure; 1.8 deaths per year is comically insignificant in the big picture. I'm pretty sure more people die every year from eating too much salad than pollution from the production of energy for Folding. He/she may have a...
Woo, sign me up for that 15GB model! If that thing is priced at $1/GB or less, that would be a cheap emergency SSD. But I doubt it will be
Has the MSRP for these Compute Sticks changed or is NewEgg charging a premium?
I was one of the lucky ones who got their order in early .I'll post some quick benchmarks when mine arrives. I haven't seen any reviews for the 256GB model yet.
4/12 edit: Looks like they sold out within 24 hours of being listed. 4/13 edit: Back in stock, but limited quantities. 128GB model: 256GB model: RamCity, the Australian retailer, has just sent their first shipment of Samsung's new M.2 PCIe SM951 SSD to Amazon warehouses in the US. Just like the older XP941, these are OEM drives, meaning Samsung provides no warranty or support directly to customers...
Grand Theft Auto V is available in: 2d 20h... ahh! Rockstar, why did you release your game on a Tuesday? I want it now.
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