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Very few, if any, laptops come without an integrated webcam. Same goes for tablets and cell phones too, now that I think about it.I think he meant, playfully, that the type of person who is very utilitarian and pragmatic about stuff like their cell phone is rarely the "life of the party".
I've been watercooling my PC's for quite some time and it seems like the pump is always the loudest component. Is that Alphacool DDC310 you've chosen a particularly quiet pump?
First the KeRanger malware, now this?TorrentFreak sourceOriginal ESET article
I won't buy another motherboard, CPU or SSD until PCIe 4.0 motherboards and NRAM / 3D XPoint SSDs are available. Remember, back in 2010, when a 40GB SSD (compared to an HDD) was 2x faster sequentially and 10x faster in random reads? That is what I'm expecting these new SSDs to be like when they come out. Performance will take a huge leap, but people will be debating on whether they should get slow, cheap storage (1TB NAND SSD) or 10x faster, expensive boot drives (128GB...
"Perfect in every way". I don't think I've heard anyone say that ever about a game, certainly not modern games.Delaying expansions to focus on improving gameplay and fixing bugs... take note, other developers, this is how it should be done.
Thanks for the link. OP's link just goes back to this OCN article.Besides passwords, did Anonymous get any info a random advertising company couldn't just buy?
I disagree. To illustrate my point, consider security at an airport: the TSA doesn't just check terrorists, they check everybody, including common citizens. Same with the NSA; they don't snoop on just bad guys, they snoop on everyone, including common citizens. The NSA doesn't work off of hunches and anonymous tips, they monitor and record everything about everyone they possibly can, because they don't magically already know who will turn out to be a bad guy. The NSA...
PCIe 4.0 bandwidth won't do much for GPUs. It will, however, be a big deal when the 3D XPoint and Z-NAND SSDs start becoming popular.
So, the 1000 times faster quote would better apply to, say, 4K random read at QD1?True, the DIMM-based version will certainly be capable of the highest bandwidth. Heck, PCIe 3.0 interfaces may bottleneck Optane SSDs
I've been hearing about how 3D Xpoint technology is 1000 times faster than NAND... but what are the chances that the controllers will also be "1000 times" faster? Intel advertises their single-controller, NAND-based DC P3700 PCIe SSD as up to 2,800 MB/s sequential read and 2,000 MB/s sequential write. I sincerely doubt we'll be seeing PCIe Optane SSDs hitting 2,800,000 MB/s sequential read. But, I'm no expert, either. Thoughts?
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