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Count me in
I've been a die-hard Chromium user myself, but it will be interesting to see what Vivaldi and Spartan bring to the table. Heck, even Safari on my rMBP is seeing more and more use lately.
I like that this board is significantly less expensive than its rivals, the Asus X99 Deluxe, Rampage and MSI XPower. I like that it cuts out all of the unnecessary features: no integrated WiFi, no dual-LAN, no gazillion USB ports, etc. My only complaint is the color choice. I realize this board is aimed exclusively at benchers, but I believe they could sell many more units if they went with an all-black or black and white color scheme. Sure, the orange creates instant...
Article is not very informative, but he gets his point across well enough. While this all sounds awesome, I won't get my hopes up because I know it will take a long time before we see the majority of new games utilize DX12. Properly utilize, I might add (not just calling it good at 4 threads, but scale up to 16 or more threads).
1) Is your UEFI (BIOS) up to date? If not, get version 1.6 from here: 2) Overclock just the CPU to the lowest unstable speed so far (4.2GHz?) with plenty of vcore and voltage input 3) Start your stress test. After a few minutes, touch the motherboard heat sink directly above the CPU: is it uncomfortably hot? If so, put a fan on it to cool it down. As the owner of an Asrock X99 mATX board, I can attest to...
I bought the 4K TN Acer ymjdpprz when it hit $350. Unfortunately, my unit was defective and was sent back, but I fell in love with the resolution.It also reminded me why I stopped buying TN monitors: the color and brightness shift is annoying outside of gaming. Even without moving my head, it's hard to get a good balance between the bottom looking bright enough and the top not looking yellowish. But that may just be me
This looks pretty sweet but I'm waiting for 4K. Specifically a 60Hz, IPS, 2160p with Free/Adaptive Sync. It will compliment my 144Hz 1080p monitor. It's good to see some manufacturers still care about us PC gamers.
Link NewEgg is running a 10% off code on select Corsair DDR4 memory with a code. Expires tomorrow. First time posting a deal, go easy on me if it's not great 16GB of Vengeance LPX starts at $206.99, and 16GB of Dominator Platinums start at $292.49 (usually around $400 for that particular kit).
The Asus boards stand out for overclocking the cache and memory, although these two things have a pretty small effect on overall performance. Overclocking the CPU under air or water is a different story though, as most high-end motherboards will perform similarly. If you are planning on a mild to moderate overclock (4.5GHz or less), focus on comparing features. Stability of the UEFI (BIOS) is pretty solid on most boards by now, so you don't need to worry about major bugs.
That's great news, thanks!I did some digging on my own when I saw this thread and some people are already getting their hands on these: can find them on Ebay right now, being pulled from laptops. They are order-able from at least one retailer but with a 16 week lead time (which would make them available around Q2 2015).But i'll wait for a retail version with warranty!
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