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Do these people really have nothing better to do? Next it will be #DisarmTheDictionary: take the word "gun" out of dictionaries.
Didn't know you had to pay to read WSJ articles, I don't have an account or anything and was able to view it. Added several other sources just in case. I agree though; it may not be much consolation to those affected, but it is good to see he isn't getting away that easily.
Wall Street JournalNew York TimesCoinReportCoinDeskI hope this isn't a repost and in the correct section. Added alternative sources.
I ran the developer previews for a while, but went back to my copy of Windows 7 because there is no reason to buy 10 yet. I'll probably switch to 10 when good DX 12 games start coming out, but until then, Windows 7 does all the same stuff as 10, except auto-installing drivers .
Call 811 before you dig!
I know the CX series are not great, but for $15 after rebate, it makes a great backup/emergency PSU. Anyways, I could certainly toss it and buy something else, but I like tinkering and am repairing this out of principle. Thanks for the response. I found a thermistor that's mounted to one of the heatsinks and removed it. It looks like a 10K Ohm, NTC type thermistor (I took pictures of it but haven't had time to upload them). I'll stop by a Radio Shack soon, hopefully...
I looked into it and you are right, AV-Comparatives charges companies to review their products. Thanks!
Does anybody know why Comodo isn't tested?
Hey OCN, I have a Corsair CX430 power supply that works fine except the fan always spins at 100%. I've read a handful of threads around the internet of other Corsair PSU owners experiencing the same thing, but they all end with an RMA. Here's the thing: shipping this unit to Corsair for RMA costs more than buying a new one. Corsair also refuses to help me fix it myself as it voids the warranty and safety issues and blah blah blah. So, here I am. If anybody out there...
The password change feature works for me now, thanks!
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