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Not at all. It's odd that the only examples I can find online look awful.
Missed this post, so I'm replying out of order...I might be able to get a picture soon, but everything I've used press nuts on is installed in an aircraft currently.I agree, that's a bad example of a press nut. It looks like he de-burred the hole or really messed up when drilling it. There should be no sanding needed; just drill a clean hole, press in the nut and you are good to go.
True, PCs don't vibrate much. Nylocs being re-used depends on who you ask. I've talked with several FAA-certified A&Ps about this and they say it's okay. True, a basic but reliable rivet squeezer starts around the $75 mark, it seems. The arbor press works great, but makes getting to spots near bends difficult.
I've only ever used a plain 'ol rivet squeezer, like the one I posted earlier, which can be found for pretty cheap. I haven't used a setting tool, so I'm not sure what else it does And I didn't think of it until you posted that link for push nuts, but OP could simply use some Nyloc nuts: like a regular, removable nut that won't come loose over time.
The squeezer tool (for lack of a better name, I don't know if there is one) looks like this: The size of the heads allow you work just about anywhere, including the 90 degree lips, but the depth of the hook/claw limits how far in from the edge of a sheet of metal you can go. The press nuts I had in mind look like this: The inner collar slides through a hole in the metal, while the teeth sink part way into the metal when pressed in. They will look like this on the...
For thin sheet metal, you'll want to use self-clinching press nuts, nut plates or rivet nuts, like Lady Fitzgerald posted. Nut plates are the strongest, but stick out the back of the metal a bit and require a lot of surface area to mount. Press nuts are the easiest to install and lowest profile, but can only be installed near the edge of the sheet of metal (because of the limitations of common hand-held squeezing tools). Rivet nuts are also easy to install, but stick...
Limit three for me. Thanks OP for posting the deal!
An 8-core Haswell 5960X really needs watercooling when you're pulling over 400 watts through the CPU alone
Selling my Zowie FK2. I purchased in March, 2015, but it only has a few weeks of use. It works perfectly, but I couldn't adjust my grip to its shape. Zowie has since updated the FK2 to use a white scroll wheel and logo, mine was purchased before then.Comes with second set of unused feet/pads.Superbiiz link Asking $45 $40 shipped [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Used for about 6 months when I replaced it with a Samsung 950 Pro. This is the AHCI version, it does not support NVMe (great for older motherboards that can't boot from NVMe drives).Amazon link Asking $125 shipped (shipping to Canada is extra). [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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