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omg MDK, it looked amazing for its time. I wonder if you also played Redneck Rampage, Shogo or shadow warrior? Descent always gave me motion sickness though.
Question regarding installation of Clear Sky complete. It says I need the game version v1.5.10 Do i just install this patch over a fresh install of clear sky retail dvd? or do i need to install the older patches first?
game looks great! Needs some new game modes though.
amd really needs to start lowering prices to compete. Sell the FX 8350 at i3 pricing, and go for bulk.
I think they posted the wrong system requirements. CPU: Q6600 or Phenom 9850 GPU: 9800GT or HD4870 those were barely just enough to run GTA IV at 1080p medium setting GTA V minimum system requirements should be: CPU: i7 940 or FX8320 GPU: GTX680 or HD7950
If you haven't bought the parts yet, I would recommend an i5 ivy or haswell, although any A8 quadcore will also be good. The faster cpu she has, the less performance hit it will get when it starts to bog down from her usage. I got my mom a dualcore A4 APU thinking it was enough for her facebook needs. Turns out that I shouldve gotten at least an i5 because the llano gets bogged down just a few months after format and reinstalling OS. People who dont have much experience...
Check your bios if you have any option to change multipliers (although I doubt there is if its OEM emachines) Its always better and more stable to overclock in the bios. As for bottlenecking, do you mean in games? That athlon x2 wont bottleneck an HD5450, in fact its the other way around. The HD5450 wasn't designed for gaming, it was made simply for desktop usage (browsing, videos, etc, for motherboards that have really crappy integrated graphics) Any 2.5 Ghz dualcore...
all right thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm gonna go for a 7950 or 7870, whichever is the better deal I can find. The site I linked before is down right now but im hoping I can get one this weekend.
that's a great deal, but it says May not ship to Philippines.I'm afraid my psu cant handle the power requirement, my psu is almost 3 years old If I remember right and only 500 watts.2.4gb ram usage for medium setting!? now I understand why I get 19fps at 1080p lowest settings.There's a local guy selling a used 7870 2GB for $122 you guys think my psu is still enough for a 7870 or 7950? I could go for it.Its why I wanted a...
ill be putting the gpu in sig rig 3770k the HD7750 in this bench gets 19 fps at 1920x1200 ultra Im hoping an R7 240/250 or HD7770 can do 40fps at 1080p medium Prices here: used HD 7770 ddr5 = $60 used HD 6870 ddr5 = $75 new R7 240 ddr5 = $70 new R7 250x ddr5 = $90
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