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you guys just made my day
Check this benchmark comparing the Q6600 against newer cpus paired with an HD7950 Get the HD7950 now and overclock your Q6600 to 3ghz to relieve the bottleneck. It will perform like a stock FX4170 and provide enough fps for high settings. You can enjoy gaming in the meantime, while you save money to buy a new board and cpu in the future to fully utilize the HD7950. I'm against doing a total overhaul...
$200 including monitor?
In my experience, both cuda and opencl have no noticeable benefit.Get that desktop set but go for a lower gpu like R9 280 / GTX760 so you have money left for another 1TB drive.Your hdd setup would be like this:SSD: windows and adobe / editing software1TB: project files1TB: adobe cache / games
If you have the time to swap out the parts then by all means, get the 3570K. It will be a bit hotter than the 2500K so you might not reach the same clock, but its higher ipc should cover the difference. As for the ram slot not working, have you tried cleaning the slots with a piece of cloth or use a different ram stick?
is this your motherboard? I think you should keep vcore below 1.47 just to be safe because that board has no VRM cooling. Your cpu is cool enough at 52 degrees, but the motherboard vrm might overheat.
1.35 cpu vcore is still low for a phenom, Try raising cpu vcore to 1.37 and see if you can reach 3.5Ghz stable. Did you run Prime95 stress test to check for stability?
You could wait for the R9 390 which could be out in two months or get a GTX970 / R9 290x now and crank up your settings. If you also do some work on that rig, I'd go for a 1440p monitor. That extra landscape will be great for photo/video editing, or even just excel spreadsheets
also dont forget to disable corec6state.
ok thanks, im halfway through the game.Currently stuck at limansk, All my saves after the bridge to limansk wont work.Im gonna try the suggestions I found while googling to finish limansk in one go and just make a save after.
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