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Go with the mac if you really want to try it out. But $200 plus the cost of a new hdd and battery, you might be better off buying a new laptop. For $300 you can get a new one with an ivy/haswell pentium. Those are pretty good and can play some mild games like diablo 3
hope the fx8300 will be available in asia too. Ive wanted one since I first saw that 95w TDP for OEMs
great idea, poor choice of colors I expect everyone who plays this will get eye pain within minutes
Wish they made it 1.8ghz clockspeed at least. im in the market for a backup netbook but 1.4ghz dualcore would be too slow
Rendering is not really a problem since the Vray plugin is well optimized to use all cores. Its the Sketchup program that really lags both on his athlon x4 and my fx6100. This is why I'm thinking of going with 2 cores with very high clocks over 4 cores at 3ghz. Budget would be around $350. We can reuse his old 500gb HDD and 4GB DDR3 1333.
My bro is asking me to build him a faster rig for Sketchup 2014 Pro with Vray for rendering. His current PC is an Athlon X4, 4GB RAM, HD3650 I did some tests with his sketchup 8, and compared to my sig rig, there is hardly any difference. If the 2014 version is also single threaded then which CPU will perform better? 1. Pentium G3258 overclocked with air cooling 2. i3 4150 3. i5 4440 SSD? GPU? dont know if it makes a difference
I'm sure even your old HD6870 was already being bottlenecked by that A6-5400k. Anything faster than an HD6670 will be heavily bottlenecked by current amd dualcore cpus and intel pentiums except for the haswell generation. The least you can do is get a quadcore athlon for your board. But for a 6970. I'd get at least an i3 3220 or FX4300
Your psu is fine for 4ghz. Its actually the motherboard that will break first before the psu. The board doesnt have vrm cooling so I wouldnt run that higher than 4.2ghz for long periods. My fx6100 could reach 4.8ghz but I only run at 4ghz because of my crappy board
keep your board and get an ivy bridge i5. It will be cheaper but faster than those two options.
in your screenshot above, its the cpu over voltage. change the auto to 1.36 then run prime95 test. If you get bluescreen or error, gradually increase it until the cpu is stable. you'll need somewhere between 1.36 to 1.40 vcore for 4ghz, since not all cpus are the same and some require higher vcore to be stable
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