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Since you just got the GTX460, I would go for a quick cheap upgrade. As of now your Athlon 255 is a bottleneck for the GTX460. A tricore athlon would be enough to get rid of the bottleneck. Check your bios if you have core "unlock" feature or ACC advanced clock calibration. If the board can unlock, look for a used Athlon X3 455 Rana (90% chance to unlock to a stable quadcore). It probably goes for around $20. If you want a sure quadcore, just look for a used Phenom X4 955.
looking at this bench the R9 280 is among the bang for buck as pontiacGTX suggested. Although I think the money would be better spent on a balanced build. Replace the cpu with an i5 and get a mid tier gpu like R7 260X. A monster gpu will lower render time but not as much compared to replacing the pentium with an i5 Scroll down and look at the cpu only benchmark. The gap between the Q6600 and 4770K is 327 seconds. I imagine the...
Go with win7. You should consider replacing the ram with a 2gb stick. I would only use xp if the hdd capacity is less than 40gb.
Keep the stock amd cooler. It blows air downwards and will keep the vrm cool. You can safely go to 3.5 ghz with that board without any additional cooling. I had a Sempron 140 unlocked to Athlon x2 and it was stable at 3.7 Ghz with just the stock cooling and a similar Biostar N68s3b board. Keep in mind, you're R7 260X will always be bottlenecked by the Athlon X2 even if you can hit 5.0 Ghz. Overclocking it will help increase FPS but there are games that are too much for 2...
Hi guys, I just found out about this when I installed steam on my netbook and both monitors popped up the in-home streaming icon. How do you set the host computer? does steam automatically detect the stronger pc? Host computer should be sig rig i7 3770K, 4GB RAM, HD6570 Client will be a Lenovo S210, 2GB RAM, Pentium 1.8Ghz dualcore ivybridge, intel HD graphics. Both have wired ethernet 100mbit. Does the netbook have enough juice to run the games?
isnt that a notebook cpu? It should be slightly faster but probably not worth it if its clocked at 1.3ghz. Cant you find another dualcore cpu that's at least in the 2 Ghz range? Maybe build a mini itx rig instead.
This.My friend has an E7200 and its bottlenecking his GTX750 badly. Like 20 fps slower compared to pairing the GTX750 with a fast quadcore.I got higher FPS in the same games with my FX6100 and weaker HD7730.Maybe at launch, but it has better specs, and drivers have matured so its almost double the performance now. closer to an HD7850 compatibility problem. It will...
No point in waiting for zen and skylake since new high-end cpus are always expensive. If I were you, I'd buy used to get the most performance for the budget $150-160 = i5 2500K and board $100 = HD7850 2GB You'll be able to play DX11 games now, and the 2500K would still be good enough in case you upgrade the gpu again.
I'm surprised there's only 2 of us that voted for "Yes, i oil my fans anytime they get loud" especially since I see a lot of threads complaining about fan noise
looks like wrong readings. Have you tested other software to check temperature? Try MSI afterburner. Or better, touch the gpu heatsink after turning on the pc, and observe if it gets hot while idle.
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