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hey @Blameless can you post back when you've played it? im gonna look for my old bloodlines cd and try this as well. @Zer0Morph are you the developer?
I went for the jackson, I think its neck is a bit better than the epiphone. Its not a floyd rose and has a similar looking bridge with stratocasters, so tuning it was easy enough. Our local game store has the rocksmith cable for $50, I guess that's cheaper than shipping it from amazon. I'll probably grab the cable this monday or tuesday. Thanks everyone for your help! hope to test the game soon. I was wondering if rocksmith will run on intel HD4000 graphics? in case I...
I was gonna pickup the squier tomorrow but decided to visit a few more stores and I found these two on sale!the sales guy was kind enough to let me take photos$189 epiphone$178 jacksonim kinda leaning towards the jackson so Ive got some spare for the rocksmith cableoh, that's good to know. I'll just start with songs that are same with my tuning.Anybody here tried using a usb guitar interface on rocksmith?
so rocksmith will still show standard E tuning on its fretboard? and ill just have to move my fingers depending on my tuning?
reviving this thead as im about to buy this squier Ive got a question, can rocksmith see your tuning? Let's say I dont use the standard E and use drop D or C, will rocksmith change the position of markers on the screen? what if I use a 7 stringed guitar?
1) What were the best things to happen to computers over the last 10 years? What stands out most for you? What are your favorite memories? Storage size is the biggest change in the past decade. HDDs come in Terrabytes now. Back in 2004, 80GB was plenty of space for anyone. Today we have microSD cards that hold up to 256GB, with majority of consumers having 16 or 32GB cards in their phones/tablets. I suppose the increase in cpu core count is also big, but not as much of an...
4GB = enough for majority of current games 6GB = plenty for any game 8GB = leaves you room to run other tasks while playing 16GB = waste of money if the pc is used for gaming only
ok thanks ill see what I can learn from them. Ive already played it for a few hours. Copying its folder in steamapps/common and transferring to another pc worked fine, just had to wait a few minutes for verifying.
sorry to steal the thread. But I gotta ask boredgunner.Is there a way to increase maxplayers of No more room in hell? maybe to 10 at least, I just saw the videos and it looks awesome, im gonna introduce it to our next lan party.Also wondering if you know of a non steam installer since downloading it on multiple rigs on lan day isnt a good idea. Unless there is a way to just copy paste it to another rig
I forgot that one. The 2nd game was pretty good OP should check it out.I will always suggest State of Decay the best open world rpg Ive played last year. Its got everything you'd want from a zombie apocalypse.Scavenge resources, find other survivors and work together to setup defenses.
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