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sounds like your psu has finally given up. (not strong enough to keep powering that R9) What model is your psu and how old is it?
man you're probably experiencing a huge bottleneck. Don't get the FX8300, not worth the money and effort. My R7 360 2GB gets 80 to 100 average fps in Insurgency maxed out 1080p, while my friend's FX6300 and R7 460 4GB cant even get 60fps average. Wait for Zen while you look for a better deal. $300 for a non K i7 2600 is too much. You don't need a complete desktop, just look for cpu and board, you can use your old ram and hdd. I got my 3770K and motherboard for $200 3...
this guy is getting 90fps average with a GTX1050ti and i5-4460 WOW is at max settings 1080p.
If those are your only options... Get the HD5770. Its very old but it can play 2016 games at medium settings 1366x768. Any resolution higher and it will crap itself. Dont get the GT730 its only 64bit and wont be able to provide playable framerates with any game after year 2010. When buying budget gaming cards, look for DDR5 memory and at least 128-bit. If you have a reputable 500 watt powersupply with 6-pin connector get an R7 460 or GTX1050. If you have an unknown...
install some temperature monitoring software like HWmonitor and GPUz, just search for them, they're free. Use that to check temperatures, its possible that the R7 is running without problems and something else is making the smell. I've noticed that amd videocards from R7 to current generation dont turn on fans until you start gaming. My R7 360 fan doesnt spin when im just browsing the internet. Update us with your temperature while idle and while gaming, then we can...
keep the i7 2600K, its still good for a few more years. If you prefer nvidia, a GTX1060 or GTX970 will easily max out overwatch at 60fps or higher. Personally I'd go for an RX 480 for the higher 8GB VRAM.
I dont know about WOW, but an i5 and GTX950 2GB will play Elder Scrolls Skyrim at high settings on 1080p. What i5 model are you looking at?
If you wanna keep the same video settings with the new resolution, an RX 480 would be a good upgrade. Its on par with a 390X, and a bit faster in some games. The 8GB RAM will come in handy at 1440p compared to the 3GB RAM of R9 280
some Novalogic games are available on steam.that canopus 6mb version of voodoo1 was like the holy grail of 3d
Unfortunately, I dont know of any shop that repairs videocards. Test your card in another PC to double check. If it still doesnt work, you can try the oven bake method as a last resort. (search the forum for oven bake) Next time you look for a used gpu, go for the one that still has a few months left in warranty.
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