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Thanks everyone. I'm going for the ASUS.
I am debating this as well The ASUS one only has one 8 pin power connector does anybody know yet if it has a negative impact on its overclocking ability? Im from Canada and the MSI one costs 420$ compared to the ASUS 380$. Is it worth the 40$ premium?
Anyone know if the MSI 970 is worth the 20$ more than the evga 970 sc acx 2.0?
Hi guys, I have 2x4gb stick of Gskill ripjaws ram which I am currently having problems with. It all started when my windows kept crashing so i reformatted. However when trying to reinstall win 7 it kept saying that install files were not on the usb or something however they were. I looked online it could be faulty ram and so i removed the 8gb of ram and voila it worked. I tested the ram with Windows memory diagnosis tool and it said it was fine, I then tested with...
People will probably hate on me but they should really adopt origin's policy of having a 24 hr return period.
Keep dreamingThe games that they are talking about are games like WOW, LOL and Dota 2. Most PC gamers rigs wouldn't even be able to run GTA4 much less GTA 5.
Whats funny the guy mentioned the only game he bought at full price was arma 3. If I were to base arma 3 off the first 15 minutes i would still be in the boring tutorial discussing the finer points of walking.
Anyone think there will be a chance of them being around $400 on launch?
Hi Guys, There are several games coming out later this year and early next year which I want to play at great settings; AC Unity, Farcry 4, Witcher 3, Division, GTA 5 etc and I dont think my 6950 is gonna cut it anymore. I was thinking about either getting this or this I will...
Actually you are asking for extremely intense graphics, the farcry 3 trailer is the perfect example, the graphics in that trailer would be too much for our videocards, when you factor in that most pc gamers have equivilant or worse cards than us I consider that intense graphics, especially when the 6950 cannot max out farcry 3 as is. How are they treating PC like consoles? PC still gets superior graphics. Ubisoft PC controls are great, I played through all the assassins...
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