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Not sure why everyone is excited whenever these corporations come they dont bring the excellent deals they offer the american market, the prices are as lackluster as other shops in the region. I was exicted when Newegg came to Canada, but the deals suck and the shipping is so outrageous it makes more sense to go to a ncix or tigerdirect and just buy it in store. Same with Target and Amazon. Sorry guys even with the graphics sliders turned all the way up, the game still looks like crap and not what was promised.
He said this is not final, regardless its being made by one person and it looks pretty damn good. However I see Nintendo shutting this down
ThisIf the guard noticed the jewelery missing the game would be pretty much unplayable unless you knocked him out. In fact I cant think of any game where guards notice something was stolen, I think people are expecting some super human ai.
Honestly did not care much for it. Graphics and gameplay is pretty bad, physics based puzzles do not stand the test of time. The story was interesting but it seemed like such a chore to play.
AC4 honestly has the best protaganist since AC2, also the ship based combat finally changed up the gameplay mechanics which the series has needed for a long while. Honestly its just a good game in itself, I like but not because its an assassins creed game or because of its assassins creed gameplay.I played it on my 6950 with all the graphics settings turned up except phyx and one other setting which was set on the second highest. The game still looked phenomenal and ran...
I thought the Hitman Absolution was a disaster in so many aspects. The story was awful. The legendary Agent 47 was captured twice one time was by roided out freak who was dumb as hell and the next was by a redneck masochist police officer in the sticks. This is the same agent 47 that is described as a ghost, silent assassin who infilitrated the white house and managed to get captured twice in one game by a bunch of dumb villains. The story was also really bad, I honestly...
just tried a firmware update no luck
I could try a router firmware update, tbh I never did it before. But I have another laptop, a desktop with a wireless card, an ipad and 2 cellphones all connected to this network and they all work fine. Any other ideas?
Hi guys, OCN has been a big help to me in the past and I hope you guys can help me again. My sister recently had a windows update a few days ago however after that whenever she tries to connect to our home network it doesnt work and gets the "limited to no connectivity" message. I have literally tried everything, repairing the connection, disabling and enabling the network adapter, restoring the system to a few days ago prior to the problems, updating the network drivers...
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