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System specs? Dont seem up to date. PC shutdown as in windows closed down or it literally cut out and stayed off?
Modded bios that makes 760 into 970 ?
Exactly this
Looking for something 1366 or above with i5 or i7 On par with i7 950> nothing lower Ideally with decent air cooler or AIO as wanting to overclock. For my sons build. What you got?
Awesome. Thankyou Will have a look at some of these later as i may have some free time.Mainly looking for just graphical mods, i have not played this much and would like to play it first as intended before adding any mods that will change the gameplay or story etc.Just my focus is on graphical changes right now but i have bookmarked the guide. Cheers
So i have just been playing again lately in my spare time and quite enjoying the game so far, bought it a while ago on sale and now have some free time after recently becoming single Playing it on my sig rig which is bit old but still good enough for the job. Im basically looking for a list or sugestions for the best set of graphical mods to try and make it look a little better. I have been using Nexus to install a few and so far so good but looking for more. I have...
Welcome to OCN and yes thats normal. Its just where its been machined. Nothing to worry about and entirely normal. Worry if you see any corrosion, flaking or gunk
Also make sure nothing is currently assigned the IP your about to allocate, check in your router under currently attached devices to see whats been assigned. Even then its not going to take more than a simple reboot of router.
Xbox One S 500GB £249 here in UK.
Ebay is full of them, had many removed by reporting them as counterfeit
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