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+1 for the 980Ti SLi
And some X58 motherboards will let you use 48GB as opposed to the 24GB they specify they support, its just that they cant guarantee it will work or be stable. If it works then it works
What GPU exactly? EDIT: any chance its a 650Ti?
Videos kinda remind me a little of PlanetSide 2 on Esamir with all that snow.
Did i win? It thought it was a GTX460 and it sure was, cooler looked familiar.
I feel that same pain, but ten fold OP, have you had a look at Pillars of Eternity? I think im gona scoop it soon as it looks ok.
GTX 460?
i can relate to that like most here.Welcome back, nice overclock also
Hello, small update they got this one: Seems to be ok for the money, build quality is fair for the money also, i mean yes its plasticy but not flimsy. All good so far. Thanks for the help anyway.
Hi.That fan placement is not really a good idea TBH.Reason is that your Titan X have centrifugal fan that pushes air out of the back and front of the cooler. Forcing in air in the wrong direction will if anything cause hakok with airflow.Change the orientation of that fan
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