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Side note, because i feel mischeivous: im runinng 4x4GB in Triple channel Some motherboards will allow it like mine. You wont see it advertised but it will be in the manual if your motherboard allows it. Either way running Triple channel or dual on 1366 only has a very slight improvement in benchmarks, nothing you would ever notice in day to day usage or gaming. I would think nothing of running dual channel on 1366, it just so happened that my motherboard has some black...
Sounds like you ran both software packages.Dont try that.Install the latest driver package, both GPU will use same driver.Then try to extract the actual driver from the older package 337.88 set using winrar/7zip etc.Then try and direct device manager to the extracted driver 337.88.May not work but its the best possible shot.I do doubt it will work but if its possible then i think thats the route to go down.Simply running the old package followed by new package will result...
Oh lordy, one of them posts. Stuck between post#2 and post#6 but seriously #3 is asking a legit question, there may be a way of making use depending on what you were trying to acheive.
Maybe it was already patched when you tried it?This thread was made in the last 6 hours, i read about this and how it had already been patched 8 hours ago.
In the exact place it needs to be imo
How is this news and shouldnt there be a source to the news article? EDIT: Source ? Another Seems thread got moved
Seen as they are seperate devices within device manager you could try to extract the actual driver itself from the Nvidia software exe and see if windows will let you install a different driver for each. By driver i mean driver, not the whole software install package. Not sure if it would work at all as have never tried it but i think that would be along the lines of any possability. I will not go into how to extract the driver package etc
They already addressed this by releasing an update that gives you the option to...block updates. /
Meanwhile in Rip Off Britain....
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