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I have a Vapor X in my sons rig. It has a dodgy fan, it only comes on after about 60% load and the bearing feels like its damaged. I looked at doing similar but its a case of finding the right fans, although the stock fans seems small they are very powerful, have good CFM and not many alternatives same size with same spec. For the replacement fan to fit to the shroud its about £20 to the UK ordered off eBay. I may try this at some point in the future but im concerned...
Search for this topic, your not alone Its happened before but seems to be the older models. I found this while searching for a solution to mine that broke. Mine was non explosive though Like i say, look on here i know there are others that had the exploding XSPC Dual bay res/pump
In this case sadly not.Load the CPU and then post screenshots. iirc temps for your CPU will not show as actual until under load. Just the way the sensor works in your CPU.
Haha i do that also.I just saw 390x is 7970 and went off on i do at times Just 2 out of 3 digits wrong, but one was right
TL;DRa 390x is not "pretty much a 7970"The 280x was a beefed up 7970Ghz. both using Tahiti.The 390x is a beefed up 290x which uses Grenada280x and 290x totally different architectures.290x/390x have about 30% more transistors on die than 7970/280x due to having an different die size, same fabrication size but bigger actual die to fit in extra transistors. The layout of the die is different also. 390x is most certainly not a 7970 ......although i really wish it was as i...
Triple Titan X ? Doubt it, but that would be nice.Its well known they are about to drop a dual GPU beast any day now after the news leaks...just a case of details and a date now. My money is on Dual GM200 card.
I agree.Noticed lots of games i have to drop settings even for 1200p as i have enough GPU power but not enough room for HD textures etc.Older games are find even with AA but lots of newer games i tried use lots of Vram.I would look no lower than 4GB myself for standard HD resolutions.
Yup, it will be the new Dual GPU beast
No mines a Palit GTX 770
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