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Yeah, warm them up...or the IC' tend to like...ugh...pull off as i found out a while back
So...i was gona try SMAA injector or SweetFX but i cant seem to find any official word on doing so. Im not risking my game for it until i at least read something solid. Has anyone seen any word from the devs about injectors? or should i just asume that its too risky? MSAA kills my GPU i just dont have the powa FXAA is what im using at moment but its very poor.
Yeah its real good with hyperthreading enabled Didnt think it would make that much use of CPU, all threads get a bashing and dont get any frame drops yet unless GPU maxes out.
Yeah i looked but mine was already disabled . Also all 8 threads on my CPU finally being used in a game awesome
No, but im gona go take a look at that now. Cheers
I asked few posts back about thread loading on an i7 and a guy said its loading all 8 threads on his i7 so yeah it would be interesting to see if it loads all your 32 threads Yeah you would think it would be ok on lowest settings right. What GPU usage are you getting btw?
Thats sucks then.It does say minimum requirement of quad core on requirements but i would have thought your CPU would have put you in front of a q6600?Whats the rest of your system specs? GPU mem etc?
Luckily its very easy to change out the cables on the Loigtech and they are readily available on eBay for real cheap. Just crack it open and plug it in. I actually remade the end on my Mionix and plugged the cable back in, little shorter but enough to do this 3-4 times easily without casuing any issue. The G400 caused me a problem with its cable, broke very quickly and so did its replacement but the G400s i bought same time as my 2nd G400 came back from RMA is still going...
Yes i spotted somebody on reddit last night with it on 21:9 and said it worked perfectly, also that in surround/eyefinity that the HUD was working perfectly and the game works well on multidisplay and wide resolutions, no issues with HUD etc. Just been looking for the post but i cant seem to find it now
Awesome thats great to know its using all threads like that.Again thankyou for answering my question, i just have a few things to consider before i buy you see
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