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Anyone? Just clearing out unused stuff.
NVM Time for bed me thinks lol.
My bad, i thought this was about OP' HX1000. Thats what i was talking of.
Sorry if i missed it but...i didnt see any mention of your config with rail loading, how did you have it setup? I have a HX1000 and i had crashes just as you describe, i worked out that it must have been because i was running my CPU and GPU on the same rail, both were heavily overclocked, GPU at 900Mhz core 1.2v and CPU at 4.4Ghz 1.45v, must have been too much. I found that moving the GTX480 off the same rail the CPU was on stopped the crashes, never had one since. How...
Weird, in UK clicking the link shows £39.99 in web browser yet when you open Origin software and see the store its actually £10.04 which is a real good price NVM, Premium
You do realise thats not going to happen, ever.No crossplatform This was announced a long time ago.
Swiftech MCW60 & G80 Adapter Kit Used once for about a week on a GTX480 in loop with no dye just distilled water and PT Nuke Biocide. All mounting items included plus extra G80 Adapter kit included. UK prices inc Delivery please TIA.
Read what you wrote. Your correct that you did not say the word "Bottlneck" but by god did you describe it What you described is a CPU causing a GPU bottlneck.Anyway, like you say OP wont be playing games so theres no need for a high end GPU.@OP, you could grab an AMD R7 260X or GTX 750 Ti for a good price, no point in going higher if your not playing games. MMO that CPU intensive? Surely not. So ever since Dec 2012 beta this game has required very fast cores to get good frame rates, you definitely need 4Ghz+ to even get playable frame rates. What makes them now think it will run as good on cores at half that speed? If it utilized all 8 on the PS4 then im sure it would be different. I had assumed that the amount of time they have spent porting this from PC to PS4 was due to them enabling the game to use all 8...
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