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NO.You need to make a test bench out of mecano or lego Now that would be Ghetto imo.
Dont be doing a fresh install just yet no. Im very sure this just sounds like the problems you get when you boot into your OS with unstable memory. It very much sounds to me like you need to be looking at the timings for your ram, setting them up in bios and testing for stability. Dont loose your head just yet EDIT: ram instabilitys will make your OS act like its on acid at times, if it is ram instability and you dont sort it then eventually the OS ends up missing...
Sometimes when pushing 24gb on bloomfield it may be needed to use a higher qpi/vtt voltage but if your stock at moment i dont hink it should be an issue?Also, dont loose faith i doubt theres anything broken, just sounds unstable. Have a chill and go through your bios settings and make sure everything is as it should be.I know that feeling though when you get mad, it was only last week i had my media server in bits on living room floor and i was fuming mad with ram...
Yeah i wouldnt be put off a gtx 970 either, still a good gpu for the money and its what i will get if i can scrape some cash together as i game mostly at 1920x1200 so will be fine for most games i play. Like said above get that CPU clocked a bit faster if possible it will help push your gpu and minimize any bottlneck. Getting a GPU and knowing it may be bottlneckined by CPU may be a good thing will likely end up upgrading mobo and CPU if your like most people...
I did that a while back, plastic conduit to prop up gpu sag on a 5870 in old rig. Works perfectly I have a 120mm fan blowing on my Northbridge, i mounted it in position with mecano, can point it exaclty were i want.Have lots of mecano hanging around so it was easy to do, works well, suprised dont see more people using it for mounting stuff.Yes i have 2 different colour tubing white and clear as i ran out of white and had clear left over it went Ghetto style mash up. Also that one is well worth reading up on hes a well know bencher/overclocker, pretty solid stuff. Similar to yours just that you will have different mutiplier.
If your bios has reset then you may need to select boot drive. Make sure you have bios settings set up right
Suppose it would depend on what game you were playing, if its something single threaded then likely yes but dont mean you wont be able to play You could always get a better mobo and cpu later right
Have you tried to clear cmos and run them at stock? They look like good ram kit tbh Probs just need setting up. Try to reset cmos first and see if you can get into bios nvm. The USB settings...are they a profile saved by software in windows? if so get into windows launch the app and recover the profile but you may need to adjust mem settings for new ram set
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