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Holy Necro.
Post a pic of CPU-Z Memory tab plz.
Well i have give them a bit of a test on my GTX 770 and so far not a single issue but i have only played Tera, done few runs of 3DMark Vantage and few runs of 3DMark 11. I keep seeing mention of MSI thing to note is that i always keep my version up to date and also the rivatuner is updated each release. Perhaps theres a link between the 2?
Im gona give this a go later on and see what happens Will report back.
Check that when the screws are in that the GPU is not being pulled out the PCIE slot a little. Had this in the past with a low quality case were the slots at rear were not perfect, had to make a little bending on the bracket to compensate for the GPU being misaligned in PCIE slot, its was out slightly at one side.
Just as it should be. Glad to hear MSI are like that, will keep this in mind next time im buying a new GPU
Well, i have not had any but on the other hand my sons had a heck of a lot as usual. He plays a LOT of CS:GO compet matches were as i dont play that much CS:GO at all.I would say that from what i can see based on our 2 accounts bots are still adding
Whats the game your most into mate? I have been playing a bit of Tera as its gone F2P on Steam, i get massive fps drops in heavily populated areas even with my CPU at 4.4Ghz Time i got a new Mobo/CPU for sure.
Do you happen to have the setup already? or is this a proposed build? Every system has a bottlneck. You may suffer CPU bottlneck in one game and not in another. Theres many variables to work through to give you an exact and correct answer. Depends on the game, depends on the fps your hoping to acheive. If you played an MMO that only runs on 1 or 2 cores and you were trying to shoot for 120fps then i could see the possability of a bottlneck in terms of not being able to...
G502 has ridge on left but nowt on the right.
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