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Yup , deffinetly dont use Furmark, not gona bore you with details (unless you want them) , just dont use it
Yes its an issue alright, i have about 180 hours in game and many of those spoiled by a flying hacker or two :/You can go days without a problem and then you can have a weekend ruined by it. Shame they never addressed the issue before adding new towns, i would imagine it would put off potential buyers to have hackers still in after 6 months time.Anyway, cracking game still
Yes Nvidia is best. Yes AMD is best. Lets just assume for 1 minute that you were actually genuine and not trolling, give more information, be more precise with your question and you will get an answer
Why not skip the keyboard and get an SSD, i dont see one in your sig?
Exactly the same as i do, microfibre clothes, i use the ones for glass. Absolutely zero streaks or marks this way
So your running with the side of your case installed then right?If not then forget possitive pressure for obvious reasons.I prefer to run with the side off on this case, even with the side panel fans on this case seems to get fairly hot, leaving the side off for me lets me run much cooler temps, i do it on one of my other desktops also, just a quick blow out every now and then with comressed air sorts dust out
Can my rig run it lol.....yes, its not a game its a series
If its the same water you used in your loop anyway i see no reason for it to cause any issue at all. Flush it out and fill it up, should be good enough
Im watching this as im keen to know the same too. I wondered how to force the same resolution/aspect ratio to see if i can get a better FOV in PlanetSide 2, i just wana try it out, i dont mind any black bars. I know how to downsample as i do this in some games already but i think the image would just get stretched full screen and distort, need to know how to force the back bars and keep the correct aspect ration, thats the bit i dont know.
Your ambient is not gona help, also are you confident that the amount of paste is correct? too much would hinder transfer of heat and actually retain heat. Every GPU i have ever had has always had way too much TIM when bought new, must be too much put on at factory. Is your card under constant 100% load because that could explain why its also hot, dont get me wrong its not dangerously hot and not gona cause damage but you can see your concerned and so would i be too.
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