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Do you have chipset drivers insatlled ? I use torrents every day to my SSD its old and i get no issue like this. Is it really taboo to mention torrents? Or did you mean to talk about using torrents in respect of downloading copyright material?
Yeah i know that feeling very well here in UK its just as much of a rip off, wish i lived in USA sometimes, they get great prices on hardware, USA - GTX Titan X $999......UK - GTX Titan X $1488.
Agreed 1gb is not enough for a lot of games nowadays even at 1080p but the deal..... is a deal and we all know that most 5970 have just 1gb and are DX11, no news there.
I think im well jell. Nice temps also. That things beast. I bet it does alright at 4k in games right.
Was looking at these on NewEgg in UK, good price but for me the delivery was more than half of the item
Last Online: 2 days, 13 hours ago Damn, i hope your GPU didnt die
6GB and 8GB GPU already been out for ages.....or do you mean the incoming next gen of GPU?
Any update OP?
Agree except braided cable, sure looks nice but restricts movement on low weight mouse.
But that wouldnt apply for same card multi gpu as it has its own on board chip to link crossfire. I think you are reffering to all the problems people had with X58 and R290 crossfire with NF200....thats was a problem for sure on those boards that have the NF200.
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