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Can anyone say if these include the new Gamestream Co-op? Or are they in to come in a later version
Typically some things in games that you could lower to take the strain off the CPU: Ambient occlusion Shadows Particles Although this will vary from game to game, due to the engine used and if those are processed using GPU or CPU. Seen as i do not own Crysis 3 i would not be able to make solid sugesstions. Good work on capturing the CPU and GPU load at the same time, MSI AB is very good for this, you can then see quite clearly if CPU bottlneck is the cause. If you were...
Nice screenshots. For the CPU it would be better if you could get a way to show us the CPU load at the exact time the FPS drops. I see high CPU load on each core in the screenshots, makes me wonder if it possible that the CPU is almost flat out at times and this could be the point the fps drops? As somebody already said unpark cores may help a little
Post a screenshot of CPU usage while this happens, need to see each core individualy. Something like task manager and if you have MSI AB then the graph to show CPU and GPU usage while in gaming. What PSU? What are temps? What driver version?
How many monitors running? I know my son has this one his PC but thats an entirely differrent GPU and type (AMD 7970)
If you were to use a ram cache or ram drive then you could put it to use yes. I use PrimoCache with prefetch of last cache on boot, the game files last requested are loaded up from a specified amount of ram you configure. You could put it to use in a scenario where you are contstantly playing/reloading the same game, for example i play Planetside 2 and the load times are much quicker using a cache with boot prefetch. On boot up the last or locked cache is reloaded in...
Too bad im not close enough (UK) i would love to get my hands on this for my X58 motherboard as i often rip using handbrake and my son uses my rig to edit his gaming videos for Youtube. I have been after an X5660/70 or similar 12thread 1366 for a while now but easch time bills seem to swallow up my cash Sure i may get a chance at some point. Anyway, great giveaway and good luck guys
Wow i had always thought Sapphire were serial based warranty as well. Maybe they changed warranty terms now then.
Yeah i was looking on the site earlier while getting ideas for X-mas pressie for son and noticed they are not out until 2016 Q1, have to look at something else now
Exactly which GTX580? picture or model number would do. Has it worked previosuly? You baked already? for me that would have been last resort after ruling out OS, PSU and motherboard.
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