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Nope.Says 55GB available space required. Nothing about download size With most games actual download will be less and there will be uncompression on install.
BUMP. Anyone?
Interesting. Imagine if cases had external mounting points similar to how some cases have hard drive dock on the top.Obvioulsy im sure theres many reasons why this never happened such as interference on the PCIE cable and lack of room for quad SLI etc .I have seen cases in the past with GPU tunnel that slots over GPU to direct heat from front to back and not to rise, Cooler Master Cosmos had this, but again, multi GPU setup would be an issue.Interesting topic this BTW, me...
How much with block, fan, boxed,single owner. Bracket cut down to single slot. UK prices please
If you run your PC with case closed then look into positive pressure if you have not allready. It helps keep dust intake down.
Seems like you did the same as a lot of us do. I no longer fall for gimmicks or names such as "Gaming". I wasted money on Logitech G15 because it had bling and the whole "Gamer" thing image but at the end of the day i went through 3 of them in RMA within 6 months before i concluded that they were just utter crap in terms of reliability and quality. Choose your stuff based on reviews not on colours, brands and bling. Theres always lots of unbiased opinions her on OCN...
Just tried this on a single GTX480 with Path of Exile and it works perfectly, no issue. Now, screenshots....i took 2 screenshots using Steam while in game,1 at 1920x1200 and the 2nd at 3840x2400 and i dont see a difference in the screenshots but its working in game for sure. FPS drop at higher res and i can see my GPU taking higher load on MSI AB gadget on my 2nd monitor. How can i take screenshots that show the difference?
Being the owner of GTX480 SLi and somebody who already downsamples in almost all games i find this very interesting. Im off to try this out and see what i can get, i usually run 2560x1600 on my 1920x1200 monitor so would be nice to see if i can push for more
Just sounds like standard overclock instability. Start from scratch with a new OC, do it properly and stress test it. You cant expect to just punch in random numbers and have it stable without testing.
Your talking about Startcraft 2 right?If so then its CPU bottlneck is not due to "poor programming" its due to the the fact it was optimized with Dual Core CPU in mind as at the time it was developed thats what most people likely to play where using, i remember reading about how they gathered data on people most likely to play and found that most people in Asia where in fact still running dual core CPU' at that time.I suppose its kinda lame they didnt build the game around...
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