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As long as your not going to overload the chanell should be fine i have done this many times. Check the max load of controller then check the draw of the fan, do the math.
Ughhh shows up as £39.99 here in UK, i can get it for £11.30 already. Cheers anyway.
So an i7 970 would bottlneck a GTX 750Ti, GTX760, GTX770 and GTX780?Perhaps in some games yes depending on the game engine, and threads used, but then that would also be down to core speed, we dont know the speed op has his CPU so without this i think it fair for me to say your just guessing.
Well yes and no.It was annouced months ago (June) but now its live.There were only a handfull of clips in 60fps at the announmcment but now its available to all uploaders to use.
Zero suprise here, moving on.
Depends where you got your recommened from i suppose You would be shocked at how high qpi/vtt can be run safely long term.Myself i have to run it very high for 4.4Ghz, something like 1.55v qpi/vtt . Although XMP will recommend a qpi/vtt thats with a CPU stock clock, higher CPU clock and XMP reccomended qpi/vtt goes out the window.I have run qpi/vtt well above recommended for years now with not a single issue but cooling is important and i have always been on custom water...
Good to hear its all working then
If thats 1.5Vcore then somethings wrong.With the i7 950 and that mobo i would expect no less than 4.3Ghz HT enabled with less than 1.45Vcore.For 1.45Vcore i can get 4.4Ghz HT enabled or 4.5Ghz HT disbaled. Now i know not all CPU are the same with overclocking but the i7 950 has an advantage over my i7 930 as it has a higher multiplier and you should really be able to get higher clocks than me because of the multiplier.I notice you have a lot of ram, i have 16GB and noticed...
They sure did, it was deffinetly added to my account but when i checked back a few minutes later it had been removed, cheers anyway
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