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Well im just going of what i have read here about creative usually being better when the focus is on gaming (in this price range). How do the Asus do with the sound positioning?
Bought my son a pair of HyperX Cloud as a christmas pressent, he plays a lot of CS:GO and other FPS games. I want to buy him a sound card as his onboard is pretty crap, dont know what it is but it sucks and its weak. Gaming is priority here and im looking to get him better sound positioning so he can hear clearly the direction players are coming from. Looking about on here i see that the Soundblaster Z should be good for this. Since he will be using the mic on the headset...
Yeah its back on now, it was taken off but its been back up for a while now.
Hey OP, how you getting on with this mod? Im interested to see if your successful with this. Let us know how you get on, please post back with update
See the Nvidia Tweak Guide on the page "Shadow Quality & Fog Shadows"Nvidia say that "Shadows work both the CPU and GPU" but i have only noticed CPU take any load with shadows.
They been under £500 for about a week now here in UK just not on all sites. Think its been Scan, Eubyer and OCuk selling them sub £500 lately. Good price, very tempted for christmas.
Lol, this has its uses, some COD AW player didnt seem to be aware he was streaming....while using aimbot. Hes just got VAC ban, lmao.
I think its intentional to have a buffer to stop stream snipers, i know OBS and Xsplit have this.EDIT:seems you can already view Broadcasts via web browser:
Good question, gona try Smite now EDIT:yes, works perfect with non Steam games added to library. Looks like theres a 5-10 second buffer from cleint to host, obviously intended to stop stream sniping etc.Impressed.
Just noticed this tonight when i logged in, very happy to see this as last time i was streaming on Twitch the stream was constantly buffering no matter how low the bitrate. So, i wonder if theres a limit to how many people can watch this at once? All they need is a web browser front end to index all games and people streaming, sure that will come.
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