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Multiple brands have models labeled "Nexus 5". Which ones are worth looking at?
I haven't owned a cell phone since 1998. Having not had a need for one, I've not kept up with what's available. Now that I'm in the market for one, I'm not sure where to begin looking or what models offer what features, so I'm hoping some friendly OCN people can help me out. The primary purpose for wanting a cell phone is safety. I'll be doing some traveling soon, and would like to be able to get driving directions and keep in contact with the people I have plans to...
Props to the Devil Dogs. Ya'll put up a helluva fight last night during the E3 trailer recording - the 666'th clearly plays at a higher level than any native Mattherson TR or NC outfit. It was the most exciting gaming session I've had in a long time. I thought we were going to take The Ascent when we had a 54/46 pop advantage, but then you got reinforced and swung it to 40/60 in your favor. It was too much given our poor choice of Sunderer placement. The After Action...
Got my Ace wings tonight - 5 air to air kills in one life. I've been looking forward to this day for a while now, and feel like bragging a little bit now that I finally pulled it off.
I've heard people saying that success in Planetside 2 is less about twitch skill and tactics, and more about effective communication with your squad. They're probably right.
The default equipment on an ESF is ideal for flying in formation with a squad of other ESF's who are all using the same loadout. Afterburner tanks help a lot in dogfights, while the stock nose cannon is adequate for A2G and A2A.It kinda sucks at solo play however.I've been running Pods ($2.33 + 91 certs for upgrades), Rotary (292 certs after upgrades), Stealth 1 (30 certs), Flares 1 (100 certs), and Dogfighter Frame 2 (300 certs).So it costs about as much as a bag of...
Hotmail died years ago when they decided to delete peoples' accounts for not logging in every 30 days.
I'd {verb} a {noun} to get my lag down to a mere 30 seconds. I could not play at all on Mattherson yesterday it was so bad. Log on, world flicker, crash, repeat . . . . The day before I was able to play for a while without crashing, but I timed the delay for opening an equipment terminal at 123 seconds. And then the game crashed again some minutes later. It runs great from about 4AM to 6AM
One more reason not to use Steam. (as if needing an internet connection to start any of your games was not reason enough)
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