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I did switch to 60hz for a few days. Didn't fix anything. Also I just noticed we're both in central Florida.
But the Android TV platform will.
I noticed we both have high hz monitors, I wonder if that's it?I guess I could put my monitor on 60hz for a few days & see if that fixes it.
I've always had this problem but it's not sleep, it's just waking the monitor up. My pc is on 24/7 but the monitor shuts off after 10 minutes. If I let the pc sit for a few hours I cannot wake the monitor back up from the mouse or keyboard (mouse optical light is on & keyboard has it's backlight keys on). Super annoying because the I have to hit the restart button every time or leave the monitor on 24/7.
People cry about 8 being new, nasty and metro and cry for a windows 7 type interface. Microsoft listens and gives the people something like what they wanted, then those people still cry because it's like windows 7 and is "Old". Seriously... I hate these people we have on the internet, grow up.
My crummy little room.
American light beer, the product of horses.
I think I read somewhere it's $1000+ for this thing. Either you're super rich or super lazy.
Stupid Apple... "Hey our user login system was affected by brute-forcing, how is it our problem..." I would hope a multi-billion dollar company has security measures on everthing to stop brute-forcing attempts.
When they do this they should cut the price on the game. Make the game $40.00., or subtract the total cost of all micro-transactions available from 60.00.
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