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Seems like game delays are now becoming a norm & it's kind of annoying that publishers show a release date & sell pre-orders for that date & then delay it. (Stop pre-ordering games people) I understand polishing a game (nobody wants a crap product). Developers and publishers need to pick a date they know they can release on instead of pushing it back further & then pushing back even more when they figure out they cannot finish a product on time.
That makes it even better.Code:*Dear Leader has joined the chat room*12:39:23 PM Dear Leader: Lol guys what's up.12:39:53 PM Dear Leader: Now get back to work before I kill all of you. lol*Dear Leader has left the chat room*
I do see a linux penguin sticker.He must have some mad scripts.
I could see why Sony could pull it. Everyone keeps talking about the USA, how about you stop thinking for yourselves & think about other countries. With North Korea and South Korea tension & Japan being so close. Plus not very good relations between the 3, they kinda all hate each other. We're dealing with this guy... He's ready to start WWIII from a desktop it seems.
Valve loves money. We just gotta wait.
Still kinda upset I order mine they day they announced it & I'm getting it December 17th.
I also just rolled back to 14.4, yup it worked. Come on AMD.
How about the freaking bug on 14.9 where my monitor won't wake up from a sleep state and the only way to fix it is to restart the whole computer. I had to roll back to 14.4 to fix this problem, who cares about Win + P. Priorities AMD, PRIORITIES!
I did switch to 60hz for a few days. Didn't fix anything. Also I just noticed we're both in central Florida.
But the Android TV platform will.
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