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Everyone came screaming at me when they couldn't connect to my mumble server. Freaking MS always screws something up each month....
Welcome to OCN fellow Floridian. Enjoy the forums! Also screw this crazy weather/heat we've been having.
What is this reddit?
Reminders me of the old EVGA 790i Ultra.
Now strap a gun onto it & have it running at people at 28Mph. Scary stuff.
I updated the thread with the winners. Been busy with some web design stuff today. Congrats everyone!
Closed as of this post, winners will be PM'd.
I have 3 spare 1 year licenses of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. Help keep members of the forum safe & give them away. Just post in the thread to enter. I'll end the giveaway on 5/30/14. Sorry about the delay, had to take care of some stuff. Winners! 2 = pokerapar88 7 = sabbathcrazy 12 = TheN00bBuilder
Lose touch-wiz?
The new Tab 4 isn't bad. 4.4 Quad-Core Okay 1280x800 display Micro SD card support
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