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Lol so true. Weird shiet happens in the Ocala National Forest at night.-10/10 will never go out at night again.
Hopefully it doesn't go to Anime studio standards for workers in the next few years.
My confidence of de-liding is not good, I always mess something up when it's stuff like that. lolAfter letting it stress overnight @ 1.14v it crashed (knew it would be too good to be true haha). I went back up to 1.16v and it's fine at that voltage.After my new Maximus VII Hero comes in I might try for a high clock speed.
That's kinda what happened to me.Everything was on a surge protector but my coax line. Lightning when from the coax to the modem to my router & to my PC.I now have a UPS that has surge connectors for everything.Last weeks lightning strike cost me $1,480.93
Nah, lightning took out my motherboard & GPU.So I decided it's time for a upgrade.Wow that SC+ EVGA card I linked is already OOS. lol
Just bought my EVGA 980 Ti SC+ & Asus Maximus VII Hero! Newegg finally got them back in stock.
I'm about to order my new motherboard since my lan port died on my current one, so while I'm getting a new board I thought I might buy a 980 Ti too... Or so I thought, been trying to get my hands on a EVGA SC but that seems out of stock along with a lot of 980 Ti cards. Any ideas on when these cards might come back in stock at their MSRP? (I'm shopping on Newegg) Thanks.
Temping but I'm not that extreme.Did a 15 minute stability test @ 1.16 & it did good, time to keep moving down.EDIT:@ 1.14 now & still doing good.
Seems stable at 1.18v (keyword "Seems" still testing), I'm surprised, I remember my 2500k needed a lot of voltage. Never bothered overclocking this chip. My ambient temp is pretty high, I need to reseat the H100 block & really need to clean my filters to help with the temps. Hasn't been a long test test (test is still going as I type this) but I'm surprised.
Heck it's already going to be 13% for me since their latest changes to fees coming this month.
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