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I think I read somewhere it's $1000+ for this thing. Either you're super rich or super lazy.
Stupid Apple... "Hey our user login system was affected by brute-forcing, how is it our problem..." I would hope a multi-billion dollar company has security measures on everthing to stop brute-forcing attempts.
When they do this they should cut the price on the game. Make the game $40.00., or subtract the total cost of all micro-transactions available from 60.00.
For real.How do you think you get traffic updates on Maps... it's because Google is tracking other phones with Maps & figuring out how fast they are going & relaying it to your phone so you can see how bad traffic is.
People just now found the website? Wow.
Everyone came screaming at me when they couldn't connect to my mumble server. Freaking MS always screws something up each month....
Welcome to OCN fellow Floridian. Enjoy the forums! Also screw this crazy weather/heat we've been having.
What is this reddit?
Reminders me of the old EVGA 790i Ultra.
Now strap a gun onto it & have it running at people at 28Mph. Scary stuff.
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