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As long as you sign into the windows 10 store with the emailed tied to your Xbox gamertag.The game comes with Xbox One & PC in one purchase.
My photomode still looks like it downsamples. Seems finding an online free roam without Xbox players is also impossible. I keep getting servers with terrible Xbox microphones. Is muting a thing? Suck because I have to play on my old R9 280X until my 980Ti comes back from Corsair. If any of you want to add me my tag is "Sideways Nissan".
I've been tracking versions.Still mode still looks bad.
I was so excited for this. They knew it was terrible, that's why no demo was released..
I'm in need of an i7 or Xeon 1155 CPU for my home server. I'm looking to spend about 160.00. I'm also looking for ram so if you have 8GBs ram & can make a deal please let me know. (CPU support list for my MB, yes I know I won't get some of those for $160.00) i7: Core i7-2600 Core i7-2600K Core i7-2600S Core i7-2700K Xeon: Intel Xeon E3-1230 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 Intel Xeon E3-1245 v2 Thanks!
Appendix. I hate that word so much. Worst experience of my life, I was very close to death because of incompetent doctors.
*Instant sadness*
But how will they distribute it? We don't need another GFWL.
Same.Was great.HTML5 Version:
I heard using iFPSClamp= in the Fallout4.ini will allow higher frame rates without messed up animations.What I've been doing:iPresentInterval=0 in the Fallout4.ini (Disable Vsync)iFPSClamp=70 added under [General] in the Fallout4.iniRivaTuner FPS cap of 75 in Fallout 4I only did this because I have a 144Hz monitor & I can run a smooth 75 FPS.Animations seem fine for me with those edits & settings.It's a lot of work around for smooth FPS above 60 or 72 without vSync.
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