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Same.Was great.HTML5 Version:
I heard using iFPSClamp= in the Fallout4.ini will allow higher frame rates without messed up animations.What I've been doing:iPresentInterval=0 in the Fallout4.ini (Disable Vsync)iFPSClamp=70 added under [General] in the Fallout4.iniRivaTuner FPS cap of 75 in Fallout 4I only did this because I have a 144Hz monitor & I can run a smooth 75 FPS.Animations seem fine for me with those edits & settings.It's a lot of work around for smooth FPS above 60 or 72 without vSync.
Comcast happens to be the only ISP around me. Save us magic rabbit! Please!
Hmm. Try another USB port?
Yup definitely sounds like a RAT.Whoever is doing it must be an idiot to actually remote control the computer via mouse.You can use TDSSKiller for finding rootkits XAslanX said use Avira as it's probably the best I've seen for catching RATS.You can also use ESET SysRescue probably came from something torrented (One of the most popular way to distribute a RAT)Possibly came from a Java Drive-By...
The RWB Porsches have already been in past trailers.Not a big surprise.I was more surprised the got Risky Devil a Chicago street drifting crew to be part of their game.Almost kind of cringey.
Risky Devils are in a NFS game. What.
Lol so true. Weird shiet happens in the Ocala National Forest at night.-10/10 will never go out at night again.
Hopefully it doesn't go to Anime studio standards for workers in the next few years.
My confidence of de-liding is not good, I always mess something up when it's stuff like that. lolAfter letting it stress overnight @ 1.14v it crashed (knew it would be too good to be true haha). I went back up to 1.16v and it's fine at that voltage.After my new Maximus VII Hero comes in I might try for a high clock speed.
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