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Heck it's already going to be 13% for me since their latest changes to fees coming this month.
Says they mainly want community feedback on the game so they can make the best DiRT game.I guess..
Wow people already complaining about a early access game... What did you suspect?
Comcast loves doing it.They also love big amounts of money being thrown at them.Welcome to the USA.
I pay for HBO through Directv, so I watch the episodes when they air. But I would also like to have episodes stored on my Plex server, whats the difference of that and having the episodes on my DVR?
Yet they just laid off so many people.
Seems like game delays are now becoming a norm & it's kind of annoying that publishers show a release date & sell pre-orders for that date & then delay it. (Stop pre-ordering games people) I understand polishing a game (nobody wants a crap product). Developers and publishers need to pick a date they know they can release on instead of pushing it back further & then pushing back even more when they figure out they cannot finish a product on time.
That makes it even better.Code:*Dear Leader has joined the chat room*12:39:23 PM Dear Leader: Lol guys what's up.12:39:53 PM Dear Leader: Now get back to work before I kill all of you. lol*Dear Leader has left the chat room*
I do see a linux penguin sticker.He must have some mad scripts.
I could see why Sony could pull it. Everyone keeps talking about the USA, how about you stop thinking for yourselves & think about other countries. With North Korea and South Korea tension & Japan being so close. Plus not very good relations between the 3, they kinda all hate each other. We're dealing with this guy... He's ready to start WWIII from a desktop it seems.
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