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It's too bad people have had as many issues as they have. This game has worked remarkably well for me and I've only had a few crashes and graphical errors (like the texture stutters), and of course many trade-kills (reminds me of Halo). Overall, my experience has been a very positive one. When this game works as intended, it's a blast to play.
With the recent price drops, I would go with the GTX 780. My GTX 770 performs amazingly well at 1080p resolutions, so I don't see a need to jump up in price to the GTX 780Ti.
The game is loading the map while the scene is playing (if you hit Esc early in the scene to skip it, it will tell you in the corner that things are loading). This hasn't caused any stuttering for my system, but your CPU and hard drive are working in the background, so that might cause a hiccup sometimes.
That turned out a lot better than I anticipated. Looks nice!
Ayrthon, it's nice to see another blue build! Looks great.
Haven't posted here in a while, but I thought I'd give a kudos to Corsair. My Cooling Kit didn't work correctly out of the box, and a correctly-executed attempt to update the device ended up bricking it. I put in a support ticket with Corsair, and it took them almost a month to response. However, once they did, they asked for some details and promptly sent me a replacement, free of charge, with no expectation of an RMA. I was fully expecting to ship everything back at...
What code the game uses really has little to do with the FPS the game runs at. Each developer can do whatever they think is best for their game, be it 20fps, 60fps, or anywhere in between. It just depends on what they feel is necessary to enjoy their game.
A typical PSU has the fan facing down, drawing air from below the case and exhausting it out the back. The air traveling through the PSU never really mixes with the air in the case.
I like the Link software just fine. If you need to update, read carefully in their forums on how to update the software and firmware. They haven't really organized their information very well, and you can mess it up easily.You can read through the stickied threads here in their forums for any information you need.
The Commander unit is 3.5" form factor, same as a hard drive. The Cooling node and Lighting node both come with some simple double-sided tape. I taped the Lighting node on the back side of the 5" bay slots, and the Cooling node in the middle of the motherboard tray. I should take a picture with the panel off, but you can't see any extra wires. It's very easy to route the cables and hide everything.
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