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Nah the first generation phenoms are pretty rubbish clockers, I used LN2 to get one to 4ghz once for the lols. Don't expect too much out of them.
Just FYI, the dollar being down is overall very good for the Australian economy and allows exports to remain competitive. Helps with tourism too.
I'm not sure where you guys shop. JB Hifi, EB, Target, etc are always in a head lock for beating each other on launch prices (and always stock the PC copy). There's usually a good deal to be had if you take a quick shop around for the best price. DOOM in EB was $38 weeks after launch. BF1 launched at $60. These are not entirely rare occurrences.
Yes, I am very aware.I am making the point that Steam prices are similar or higher to that of retail stores already paying this tax. If publishers or Valve suggest that there is no room in their 'profits' to absorb the 10% of gst, that will be them taking us on a giant ride.
We've been paying GST in Australia for over 16 years. This is not a new tax, it's a new enforcement for overseas suppliers selling to Australia online. Really there is no reason prices should go up at all, if they do it will be Valve and publishers taking us for even more of a ride than before.
I don't mind GST being introduced for international online storefronts offering services and sales to Australians. Local suppliers have to allow for it, so anybody supplying to Australia in volume like Steam does should be held to the same standard. Really they have been charging the same (or in some cases more thanks to the USD conversion) as local retail sales so publishers and steam have been given a free ride on not paying tax and cashing in on the extra money via...
Nah I don't think so mate, must be somebody else
The Rampage and Gigabyte EP45T boards ruled the roost for 775 CPU benching for the most part, not many still bench that old gear anyway so it's probably more valuable on a shelf in your own home mate. Might come in handy for something someday, or you may get the urge to muck about yourself. I live in Perth and was once an LN2 bencher but that's all mostly behind me now. It is a fun hobby, just expensive to keep up.
Nailed it, great run
Turned out to be a very tidy open air setup, nice work!
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