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Phwaaar. Epic splave!
Likely to be BBSE but good PSC can do that too. Bullants pulled out a 1377 run with 5-9-6 using PSC and there have been multiple 2800+ C6 PSC runs now.Impact was considered one of the best memory clocking boards, and there's the gigabyte LN2 board as well. Both have their ways of reducing trace length to slots etc. I've had good experiences with the M7G myself, I managed to bench some PSC at 2840 6-10-6.
Nice bullant! Getting the itch for some 32m myself, I've been away a while but I will wait for a new platform.
That is incredible! haha
Just play within your means and enjoy it when/while you can. Life starts to take over at some point and benching goes on the backburner and even when you do get the odd time for it, it is never quite the same. It's very rewarding at times, and a lot of fun. Enjoy while you can
Throwing mud back and forth over theoretical facts isn't cool. Too much broad theory/reading, not enough practical experience. If it's faster, it's faster. Who cares why. More pushing memory pls
Wow,this thread used to be cool
Epic card, nice Mike
Awesome start already Bull, looking forward to more
The 990FXA-UD3 is a solid LN2 board, especially for the price. I've had a couple, retail bios was fine for extreme overclocking from memory.
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