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Epic card, nice Mike
Awesome start already Bull, looking forward to more
The 990FXA-UD3 is a solid LN2 board, especially for the price. I've had a couple, retail bios was fine for extreme overclocking from memory.
You look bored
You can't use current gen ES in any league other than the Elite league. I don't see the issue with moving to be honest, you can't have it all your way. The rankings within the benchmark or hardware you're targeting remain the same If it turns out to be a dud then I wouldn't be quick to move. I just wouldn't toss a good chip to the side for the sake of sitting in the extreme league.
Meh if I had a good clocking ES chip I would happily move to the Elite league to use it.
No.There is an X99 SOC Champion, this is being released at CES I believe.EDIT: Actually appears there was an inhouse LN2 board, but this will be superseded by the champion as well.
Needs more CAD
GIGABYTE are now renowned for their overclocking series of boards that manage not only to appeal to the extreme overclocker, but also the serious gamer or power user. The Z87 and Z97 boards managed to achieve this, and now for the first time since X58 the OC line-up has come back to an X chipset, Intel’s “main” platform, X99. The board comes package in a nice and large premium box, as often seen in GIGABYTE’S top tier boards. The back of the board features a nice...
Nice work Steponz, look forward to seeing the ln2 results
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