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Nailed it, great run
Turned out to be a very tidy open air setup, nice work!
Cool setup! I took this a while ago, but it's more or less how my benching area looks now. Just imagine z170 gear instead of z87
Thanks, that's what I thought. Not like we haven't had to overcome rubbish when benching before
Looks awesome! Maybe some cable ties or something along those lines to bundle the pcie power wires together a little for a tidier look? My only nit pick Turned out nicely man.
Killer start guys, DDR4 looks fun! Are you guys delidding every chip for LN2 benching?
Looking good, subbed for more updates
I don't think the paste under the IHS is any good this time around. Under LN2 even in some circumstances the die will read temperatures in the positive under load, at least with ES samples. Does look like the good chips are delidding and replacing that paste.
Phwaaar. Epic splave!
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