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Nice, $150 is a good grab. Lid shouldn't matter, I have one dewar without a lid and it loses maybe 1L more than the dewar with a lid over the period of a week. Just cover it up with something so things don't fall in
I would certainly take your position over mine, $1/L is nice
My company doesn't count lost litres in filling, just the capacity of the tank. Probably about 5 or so litres would be my guess though. If they do sting you for the extra filling, just remember to keep a litre or 2 in the bottom of the tank so its cold for next fill.
Cheers mate, have been away from 32m for far too long
Mpower seems to be the real deal this time! 2600 6-9-6 isn't too bad. Couldn't train 2666 c6 this time but I'm on a new chip/imc that didn't do too well on air so I'll need to test another chip. Can't believe I'm binning haswell for imc now
Very nice DJ!
Yup W7 is a major c(l)ock blocker, but it still came out on top when I was playing with pentiums in Taipei with Dino and Sofos. It is nice to hit a nicer score with 200mhz less, but that efficiency in XP would be gold.I'll be very intrigued as to how you go, that board was a dream for us in a certain live comp
Nice Loud, a man who does his testing
You can zombie them, but from the cards that have been modded there has been little to no benefit for them. The reference cards can handle volts, but don't scale very well for some reason. Aftermarket cards like lightning and matrix have been clocking much better on subzero cooling.
It's not impossible to do what you're talking about, but the biggest drawbacks are going to be risking your daily hardware while extreme overclocking, and drying the system between setups. You can use the same backplate and rods for your cooler of choice when switching over, here is a shot of my system while I was testing some cards with CPU on air. Just a simple backplate on top of the cooler to hold it down. Not the prettiest sight, but it does work. Switching over...
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