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Clean setup Mike, good luck. Sadly won't be joining you in MOA this year, October is a no go for me this time. At least I still got a couple of other live comps under my belt this year already
Too many damn poor IMCs out there!Picked up a 4790k yesterday and I'm still looking for something that will run 2730 PSC on air (I have confirmed sticks) or 2850+ Samsung. This new chip runs samsung 2800 right enough, but with ridiculous iols.More binning required Of the 4 4790ks I've tested so far though, they all do 5ghz on air with 1.32v or under. Crazy
Dayum, looking pretty sharp for Pentium there
Benching on finance, yikes What board are you using with the 4770k tatm? They should all be able to clock PSC reasonably well, 2400 at least. If you're trying to use XMP profiles though there may be some incompatibility there.
Nice, $150 is a good grab. Lid shouldn't matter, I have one dewar without a lid and it loses maybe 1L more than the dewar with a lid over the period of a week. Just cover it up with something so things don't fall in
I would certainly take your position over mine, $1/L is nice
My company doesn't count lost litres in filling, just the capacity of the tank. Probably about 5 or so litres would be my guess though. If they do sting you for the extra filling, just remember to keep a litre or 2 in the bottom of the tank so its cold for next fill.
Cheers mate, have been away from 32m for far too long
Mpower seems to be the real deal this time! 2600 6-9-6 isn't too bad. Couldn't train 2666 c6 this time but I'm on a new chip/imc that didn't do too well on air so I'll need to test another chip. Can't believe I'm binning haswell for imc now
Very nice DJ!
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