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See if you can find L318 4770k batch, sounds like it is pretty late batch and there are a few gems around rocking that batch number.
Oh we're on the same page dude, benching on other vendors is easier (and don't have to worry about random zaps so much). I was just talking in reference to MSI Z87 vs MSI Z97.
I actually found the PSC overclocking on the Z97 Mpower to be the best I've ever seen from MSI. Unfortunately due to some issues with memory dying I have been put off using the board, even if only for superstition. Efficiency not terrible but not amazing either, no worse than Z87 from my testing.*RTLs are a touch off in that screenshot but I did manage to fix it next boot and the time is not too bad for the OS and waza I was using.Of course with those same sticks I can do...
You can clock PSC on Z87? @Clep
lmao your avatar is mesmerizing
Windows 7 SP1 x64? I seem to recall some people getting low scores if they didn't have the service pack and/or only 32bit install of windows 7. Memory performance does also play a big part in XTU scores but not to that extent.
The latest switch happened because pro benchers (some of the absolute best in the world) had no such league to compete in, which makes no sense at all as it means other extreme benchers were competing in a faux league devoid of the other top benchers. Bugs are still being ironed out and hiccups are being had but it will all sort out. It was a necessary move imo.
Hwbot breaks all the time, something you will need to learn to live with. It's actually a lot better than it used to be. Want to check up on scores while you're benching? Nope, hwbot down. Want to upload your awesome score now? Nope, hwbot down. Want to check rules of a benchmark before you start? Nope, hwbot down. At least it is online most of the time now days.
I don't know why people need to build bridges over ant mounds in this hobby. If your submission is reported and you know you're okay and are cleared by the moderation team then there's no issue for you. Not even a slight inconvenience, beyond an email notification if you have them enabled. If there is frivolous reporting going on simply send a PM to Pieter or another moderator at Hwbot and I'm sure they would have happily had a word to this user or sort it out in some way...
All this draama I just want to see more memory clocks
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