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All this draama I just want to see more memory clocks
Now you're in the zone, nice work mate
There is potential in the EVGA boards, but you do have to work for it Unfortunately I lost my good Samsung kit to an MSI board so I couldn't test any more.
Many pentiums won't bench at 6ghz, so yours might just be average. My advice would also be to boot in with a low voltage and clock and clock up in windows using software, that way you don't have to be stable enough to post and boot to OS. Also no boot or postcode can be a cold boot bug, something to keep in mind. Nice pictures, I'm sure you'll get some results next time
Almost 19s with psc on air, strong!
Thanks a bunch man, you guys have been laying down some awesome times, I'm having to work hard I think there is a board issue with the gene at the moment with training 9-9-7 on those thirds, but once I get around that I should see 16s.
Thanks buddy Voltage is reading from vccin, vcore was 1.2 or something like that
2840 C6 anybody?
Man it's been a while since my last post in this thread. Good to be running 32m again JJJC - 7M 17.344 [4790K], Ram @ 1420 ~ 6-10-6-26 LN2 2.25v Will re-run soon for a better time. Waza dialled back to get a pass here, should be a second in it
That looks good to me Stubass, nice work I wouldn't add any eraser to the cpu area now as that whole bit will just freeze anyway, won't cause issues. Maybe just a little bit of eraser after your ram slots before the oc buttons as water can develop there sometimes. Overall looks good!
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