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Some Ivy-E CPUs do have a coldbug around the -170c mark, not sure why this is. A few of the lucky clocking chips have CBs even, I think there is one around that benches 6300 at -160.
Nice dude, good score for 6.4 and that gpu frequency. My imc one day jumped out of a window on my fifth floor apartment, hailed the nearest cab and was never seen or heard from again. At least I can still do 6.5
Looking good Bull, nice work dude Any of the subtests pass at 6.5ghz or just a 6.4 straight run? That imc is starting to look like mine, l312b515 is a cursed imc batch!
Wow, very nice Loud! Getting back into memory clocking after a small hiatus. Testing some old Samsung sticks I bought when Ivy first came out. Not super tight here, but looking pretty good. Board is evga classified, big improvement over earlier generations. Vdimm = 2.2v
Hehe, I like Bullant
$260 for 100L (110 actually, but that's our little secret )
Hey mate, give this a read through. Just one of many ways to insulate a board
^ Maybe you have a bad chip zero? I can still use 2666 8-12-8 on this board but 3rds need some work to train.
welcome to the addiction
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