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I picked up my card yesterday arvo, and people weren't kidding when they said these things were loud and hot, damn! Loving it though, the performance is looking really good, LN2 next Also has anybody tried to remove the stock cooler? I've taken all my screws out, including the ones on the PCIE bracket and it still feels pretty well fixed to the card.
Great event, and it was nice to meet FtW and MikeCDM at the event. Unfortunately things didn't go so well for them this time, but it's no worse than my first appearance last year, with a 12th finish. It's definitely an experience just to be here and I'm sure the guys are going home with a few lessons learned, I certainly am. Was really happy to bag a top 5 finish, especially so with my Australian friend sitting just above me. Bring on next year, hopefully we see some OCN...
Nice Loud, how do you keep that setup soooo clean bro?
Yeah that's completely normal, most of my chips I had to pull up to -100 or so to boot again after a crash or I'd get 00 or no post code at all.Nice scores, a bench session with scores and no deaths is a good session!
Thank goodness! I don't want to have to wade through tens of threads of people wanting to put their computers in oil or freezers before I get to the good stuff.
What temperature were you at when the 00 postcode showed up? Just sounds like CBB.
Nice Bull, I don't know how you guys deal with leaving the protective stickers on, I have to rip those suckers straight off One from me
Use the battery cmos button or whatever it's called right at the edge of the board, take battery out and remove power for 10 minutes then boot with just one stick of ram in an orange slot and see if that brings it back.
Plenty of noise to be had with Haswell mate, Ivy E is really just a replacement for SB E benching. 01, 03, 05, 06, Aqua, and others that don't immediately come to mind are all still haswell benches. You can pull good scores in FSE and 11 with haswell too, IvyE will only have a marginal advantage there. Vantage is probably really the only untouchable 3D bench that I can think of with IvyE. I have a 780 Lightning here I'm starting to play with, just waiting on the required...
Yeah better to not delid. A few people got slightly better clocks out of their chips by doing it but they didn't live very long either so you're better off leaving that alone. No cold bug on most Ivy and BD chips. Ivy has a CBB at around -100 - -120 that you will see sometimes, but you get around it with high bclk (105+) and once you're in OS you should be good to pull right down.
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