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Had some subzero play this weekend for the first time in a while (aside from events). Played with some cold PSC on Asus M7G, very solid board. I need to dial in some more settings but I was running 2666 6-10-6 so looking good. Also busted out an old 5770 for a play around and took #1 3D01 in my testing. Core is weak, but memory is nice which helps. Can't believe these little red cards are busting out 140k runs now, will need to bring the 580 and 780Ti out soon.
I think it just comes down to not doing them up too tightly. I got some new spreaders a couple of weeks ago and since stripping the first set I have just been gentler with the screws on this one and they're fine - had them on and off plenty.I really like the EK pot, it's what I use now. I haven't tried the ECC pot though. I also have the kingpin pot but I do prefer the EK.
Some Ivy-E CPUs do have a coldbug around the -170c mark, not sure why this is. A few of the lucky clocking chips have CBs even, I think there is one around that benches 6300 at -160.
Nice dude, good score for 6.4 and that gpu frequency. My imc one day jumped out of a window on my fifth floor apartment, hailed the nearest cab and was never seen or heard from again. At least I can still do 6.5
Looking good Bull, nice work dude Any of the subtests pass at 6.5ghz or just a 6.4 straight run? That imc is starting to look like mine, l312b515 is a cursed imc batch!
Wow, very nice Loud! Getting back into memory clocking after a small hiatus. Testing some old Samsung sticks I bought when Ivy first came out. Not super tight here, but looking pretty good. Board is evga classified, big improvement over earlier generations. Vdimm = 2.2v
Hehe, I like Bullant
$260 for 100L (110 actually, but that's our little secret )
Hey mate, give this a read through. Just one of many ways to insulate a board
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