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Simple, but tidy. Nice.
No worries at all mate, I had a billion questions before I got started too. Very cool to see some new faces getting into the addiction
Just stops cold vapour from the pot landing on the board and causing condensation/freezing issues The 'gas' itself isn't dangerous to components, it's just cold.
Yep, any fan that blows a lot of air, deltas are what I use.
I used to bench for the OCN team actually, many moons ago. (About 2 years ago )
In a backyard cricket tournament?
Have some moar DCUII I'm not a clean modder My card seems decent so far, still working with it at the moment.
If one can not see butterfly, does butterfly still land on rock?
I'm going to sell my F1 EE soon as its just too heavy and slow for what I want it to do. It's a great pot and does its job exactly as it should but it's just too slow. A gemini is faster and is still easy enough to manage on a CB chip. Nice purchase though, it is a great beginner's pot as it is slow but holds temperatures really well.
Taipei again this year?
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