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1333 @ 7-10-6 on air? That's very, very optimistic Nice work Robbo, into the 18s
Haha yes, same deal with my chips. No IMC, weirdly high CBs and harder to clock by the day. Need something new.
Lots of NDA bending and breaking with this release, it has all been a bit weird really. I've put up images but no screens. Soon
Today the orange legacy continues with GIGABYTE's new Z97X-SOC FORCE motherboard, and I am lucky enough to have it on hand for a quick preview. The Z97X-SOC FORCE is based on the new Z97 chipset and supports current gen i7 1150 “Haswell” CPUs and will support the yet to be released new line from Intel, as well as Broadwell CPUs to come in another future release. The board comes packed in a chunky box from GIGABYTE. Being orange themed and featuring an F1 car on the front...
The tubing bugs me for some reason, doesn't seem to have much organisation to it. The two white ones going to cpu especially, where they cross over. Overall though not bad, nice work on getting that into a little case. 7/10
Simple, but tidy. Nice.
No worries at all mate, I had a billion questions before I got started too. Very cool to see some new faces getting into the addiction
Just stops cold vapour from the pot landing on the board and causing condensation/freezing issues The 'gas' itself isn't dangerous to components, it's just cold.
Yep, any fan that blows a lot of air, deltas are what I use.
I used to bench for the OCN team actually, many moons ago. (About 2 years ago )
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