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Nice work guys, I'll see you there
He is
Close enough
GST included, no other costsNice pic Vaulgar
Ouch 111 costs me $333 delivered and I still think that's high.
Asrock isn't the only vendor making efficient boards
Haven't popped in here for a while so thought I would share my latest from Haswell. After having 5 chips that all maxed out at or before 6ghz this was a nice sight.
Yeah I certainly meant nothing by it, I like see results and progress as much as the next guy.
Let us know when you make sub 20s cl3p20. Seriously though, nice work man.
Vdimm is your friend. PSC and 1.92v or there abouts can boot you in 2800 C8 on really good PSC, but I would be amazed to see it bench there. With some cold maybe.
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