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Nice Dhen, happy birthday bro
Been a while since anybody has streamed in here! If anybody is just going to be bored tonight or flicking through the TV trying to get hold of a bad movie then come and watch me fail hard at some benching. Just going to have a muck around with what is supposedly a very good PhenomII 965, 7ghz maybe? Haven't solo benched in a while so having a very playful session to get back into the swing before I start attacking some more serious stuff again. From 5pm GMT+8 (2 hours...
Search ddr3 tray or ram tray on ebay and some will pop up, that's where I got mine from. It was $10 or something from memory.
1.825v daamn, nice sticks. Need me some more PIS
Or nothing. Probably nothing.
4way 290x has the 3DMark 11 4way WR. Definitely go for 290x if you want to run 4way and bench.
Semi retired at 36? I want a slice of that pie
1300 being the speed reported in CPU-Z, so actually 2600. Not 667mhz, C6 with that speed is easy.
I used -50c and 1.35v for 1350, not sure I like your chances on water
Why so much hate on the epilda memory, can somebody tell me the performance difference or is everyone just going with the flock on this one? I have an epilda card benching 1650mhz memory no problems, same as on most 780s. 780s have a mix of the 2 now that Samsung is unavailable and they both clock similarly with a ~1700 wall. EDIT: Also these vendors buy bundles so to speak, it comes with memory and core together and might not be an issue of cheaping out but instead...
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