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Back when I was getting ready for MOA I played around with some single sided MFR and 32m. GSKill 2666 I think this was at -20c on the sticks And this would be around -120c or colder, don't have a screenshot of the run though unfortunately ]
Thanks Let me rephrase. That was the highest clock I could achieve on this form of cooling, which is dictated by the quality of the CPU. I have another here that I use for LN2 clocking that hits an easy 5GHz+ on air, but I didn't want people thinking that was the new normal on a new board..
Now that we've had a look at the physical board, let's see what it has to offer on the software side of things. First up the UEFI BIOS. GIGABYTE have used a similar interface to the old Z87X-OC with the addition of an initial startup guide for those not so invested in their bios. Here we can adjust simple options. Setting language, changing SATA settings, Boot sequence etc. Nothing too advanced here. You can also set which BIOS mode to show by default by going into...
The Z97 launch is finally here, and with it an array of new boards to sink my teeth into. I have been playing with GIGABYTE's Z97X-SOC FORCE for a while now and gave a little preview on it a week ago but now it's time to go deeper and see what this board is really about. You can click on any of the images provided for a larger version. I'll start with the box again. The GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC FORCE comes in a large box as their premium boards often do. Looking at the cover....
Nice DJ
With tight timings and stability it might be harder to come across an IMC that can handle that than you think.
1333 @ 7-10-6 on air? That's very, very optimistic Nice work Robbo, into the 18s
Haha yes, same deal with my chips. No IMC, weirdly high CBs and harder to clock by the day. Need something new.
Lots of NDA bending and breaking with this release, it has all been a bit weird really. I've put up images but no screens. Soon
Today the orange legacy continues with GIGABYTE's new Z97X-SOC FORCE motherboard, and I am lucky enough to have it on hand for a quick preview. The Z97X-SOC FORCE is based on the new Z97 chipset and supports current gen i7 1150 “Haswell” CPUs and will support the yet to be released new line from Intel, as well as Broadwell CPUs to come in another future release. The board comes packed in a chunky box from GIGABYTE. Being orange themed and featuring an F1 car on the front...
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