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Have you given PPCS a call? They'll usually order it for you.. Boxgods could probably just send you what you need? Lets cut out the middle man Monsoon?
3 Loops of overkill until I add another system to the case.
Here's an example of my temps for an Intel i7 5820k overclocked @4.5 Idle temps Full Load for 30 mins
BoxGods, we appreciate you
Pretty sure Ryzen's run pretty warm that's probably a normal idle temp. Did you look to see how much vcore your stock settings are throwing at the cpu? If it's set to auto the vcore is probably higher then it would be if you overclocked it.
Did you use Mayhems Blitz kit prior to filling the loop?
Looking good! How's the angle of the tube coming from the res to the video card? Looks a little off from the pictures?? Maybe a spacer is needed? or is it straight on? Love the bends on the output of the reserviors
It's so nice to be able to buy Monsoon products on amazon hate paying the shipping price from the other guys... titan Rig seems to be stocking a lot more Monsoon products now. It's fun reading the reviews though. I have to think the reviews can't be for the right products or the people writing the reviews maybe shouldn't be water cooling. Poly-carbonate locking collars that are fragile huh? the pump cover sucks... might leak if the water gets past the O ring. Um Duh
Originally Posted by geox19 View Post so I see a bunch of threads around the forum about not mixing metals you know only nickle cooper and blah blah blah. No silver and Aluminum. I use the monsoon premium hardline fittings which If i remember correctly are made of silver or have a silver coating on the base and the bay reservoirs use silver plugs? I see that the EV2 fittings are made from stainless there's another metal right ? smile.gif ? Also my D5 pumps have aluminum...
I hear you but the thing is I didn't even bring up Mayhems fluids or anything about the nobility chart in my OP nor do I care what others use in there system nor am I trying to promote anything that has to do with water cooling. I just had a few questions about your fittings and bay res since I use around 40 somethings fittings and three bay reservoirs just trying to figure out all the metals in just one of my builds. So I can make my own choice in what I want to do or...
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