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lol ya right ie is terrible
holly crap thats an amazing deal.. i got my samsung 40'' 120hz for a steal @ $599, but this is even better since you get 2 more inches plus its cheaper. i wouldnt mind having this for another room in the house!
there is so many more features for the iphone 4, the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad for this phone. the only "issue" is losing signal....... sometimes. i hardly ever do, but yes, i have noticed it. for me i jumped from a 3g to a 4. the screen is MUCH better, you have front and back cameras which is pretty awesome i must say. the processor is super fast multitasking works like a charm. for me i did have the upgrade so it was a no brainer... and i would have spent the...
i hope not because i have still yet to play! i think i still need an invite from the admin.. i tried joining last week and still wouldnt let me.
keep your laptop, the cpu in it is already really good, same with the gpu, the only thing i'd do is maybe upgrade the hard drive, but thats just a maybe, and its only upgrade in speed. you gain no available room, 128gb is not that much and can fill up pretty quickly. i would maybe think of putting most the money elsewhere. your laptop is already pretty solid.
yeah, they shouldnt release it and are very smart for not releasing it until then, they just have mor work to do if they do release it early. plus the iphone "death grip" should be cleared up very soon, i assume. so i bet we have it jailbroken by the end of the month.
i have the older version of it and love it. but no use for it anymore now that i have a ps3. and only downside is that it doesnt have HDMI (my model does, and am thankful for that!)
solid laptop especially for the price. i'd jump on it if thats what you're looking to get!
same thing, i meant million and was going to use 1 bil as an exageration, either way earth didnt have life on it 450 billion years ago.... or even 251 million years ago.
lol earth being 251 billion years old w/ life on it.. yeah right
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