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2417DG is a very polished TN panel. Gaming wise it will be incredible, though RTC error will deter casual users such as myself. It is up to personal preference.
Yes, I don't. That is the irony. You think you do.Let me give you a run down of the basics:You want to own stuff,You don't want to pay,Nor, do you want to work for it.
There is a difference with the things you own and the things you 'wear' for decoration. Technology is not fashion.
Correct me if I'm wrong - this is the first HDR monitor, am I right, or am I right?
Unless you get to sample what makes chinese workers capable of doing it without throwing a tantrum every now and then. It is easy, if it is natural. Yes, you will have to assume responsibility, but you know what? You cannot keep this infantile attitude towards work throughout your whole life. Stuff is hard when you do, but it gets easy as you do because you 'learn' the way.From the outside, you USA'ers look like the most detached community from healthy attitudes. It is as...
Can you set the gamma levels of colour channels yourselves? Since Samsung didn't include a 'cool' profile, this is what I want you to try(as is included in the one I got); 'rgb': 20/29/50%.
Maybe, it was TWIMTMP? *Slips into battlesuit*
You have fully integrated ai, now.
Well, we could look into those. *What is the time?*Btw, some pointers: this is as fake as the DRM key encrypted content playback support of some very vocally advocated gpus in recent memory. You seem to be enjoying this vicious cycle to my amusement.
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