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Had to redo my system after a pump buggered up and was wondering if there is anything wrong with this new layout . Mainly concerned about the last run back to the res/pump if it will putting too much stress on the pumps. I've got 2 D5s in a Koolance RP-452X2 running in serial. Thank ye kindly for any help n____n
I used a batch file to do something similar. I would use the "timeout" command to check every 15 minutes whether or not my clients were folding or not. Could do something like that but it would be a bit of a pain to set up and there's probably a program that does it better
My Razer keyboard I had buggerded up within the few months I had it and some goes for my mates, Havent had a problem with my Ducky though. If you still interested in a Ducky then check out
Absolutely.I got myself the American so I was happy but my friends who have the Australian version find it pretty much unplayable due to how butchered it was.Haven't played it much due to this so I'll be stoked if it gets through
I was too, It seemed to me that what was new could have been accomplished with mods ( Apart from the new story and whatnot)But the second time I played it I thoroughly enjoyed it and is now one of my favourite games, and even better with mods ^_^On topic:So god damned stoked for this, more excited about this than The Last of Us and Bioshock: Infinite
The main reason is that I don't want to have kinks in the tubing but if there's enough room then ill just get some standard ones. I'll take a look at some builds when I finish work
No particular reason for the pump at the bottom , so ill chuck it up top. What type of extra fittings would I need to get just standard or some angled ones? Cheers to you both ^_^
I've been putting away some money to go towards getting an M8 and I've finally decided to go ahead with it ^_^ But I want to have an idea of how the water cooling is going to be laid out before I order it. Currently got this far ( Brilliant Photoshop skills) I'm going to be getting a second 360 radiator and have it in the PSU area, I was thinking having it on top and getting some 90 Degree angle fittings to connect the two together, but I'm very new to water cooling so...
Wooooot according to EOC I'm getting pretty consistant 8057s Hfm is saying 160k ppd I've got one of those big public lans over the weekend so I won't be available to fold then but I'm confidant that I'll be ready to come back by Monday. Also really liking this mobile ocn ^_^
Ahhh ok then, I was just being impatient then Well I've got one snagged now and its saying 122k PPD ^_^ Although the points aren't showing up in HFM, anyway to fix that?
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