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Hey there - a reminder to everyone to keep AMD graphics-related issues in the AMD/ATI forum where you will get better answers :) I've moved this thread there. Regards, -xd
Are you sure either 10-10-10-27 or 9-9-10-25 are the rated settings? On 8GB (2x4GB kits) 9-9-9-24 is the usual norm. You may wish to consider whether your kit may require a voltage higher than 1.5V (some kits rated at 1.65). As well, secondary RAM timings (i.e. 9-9-9-24-32-160ns-1T) can be important determinators in system stability.
MAJOR UPDATEWCCF just did a new benchmark post that contains a number of HSA-enabled benchmarks.... showcasing absolutely fabulous gains. AMD Kaveri vs i5-4670k Benchnmarks Showdown Continued - HSA Features Test  I haven't got my Kaveri in yet due to paycheque timing, but my next one rolling in on Monday will prompt a visit to MemoryExpress soon...
I'm forwarding your info to the AMD HSA info thread I created. Thanks for the post!
A few recommendations I can made from a quick look include switching the processor as the newer, more power efficient FX-4300 core is just $7 more and definitely the motherboard - you don't want to try to oc and 3.8Ghz on a lower-end AM3+ MSI platform mobo without VRM cooling. You may wish to switch the entire motherboard/CPU platform (it would be more cost-efficient and better on the performance end to grab an Athlon x4 750k (newer cores, better performance, lower power)...
Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Hardware Canucks basically botched their review by bottlenecking the A10 in benchmarks with DDR3-1600. There was a post further back that showed the impressive gains when Kaveri is paired with DDR3-2133, hidden in a spoiler.
Here's a snippet from the Kaveri launch thread. Looks like Corel's product suite is already HSA-enabled. I'll be looking for more info on that when I get home tonight from classes. The LibreOffice chart is particularly impressive! 
AIDA64 is HSA ready already, actually. You can benchmark the benefits.
You guys have to realize that with HSA, the GPU is now as much of a usable processor as the CPU, which really justifies the higher than usual price. HSA optimization was designed to be as easy and fast to code/compile as regular C++. Also, those HSA foundation partnerships have to go somewhere. Widespread adoption is likely to come very quickly.
The HSA revolution begins! This thread will be updated with further information on HSA enabled software. As you can see, AIDA64 is already HSA optimized so you can use its benchmarks to measure the performance benefit. I'm returning to work this month and will have money immediately for a 7850k drop-in, so I'll post results sometime!
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