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Using the IOGEAR 2 USB Switch to quickly switch my Logitech G15 Keyboard and G5 Mouse between my two computers, I've found that if I power on the PC, the mouse and keyboard get power on the BIOS screen, but proceed to lose power at the Windows Boot- the system halts at the Windows Blue Logo with black background seen before the Windows Login screen. From my understanding, it is normal for a 8.1 boot to get stuck at the blue windows logo with black background before the...
What is the Radeon HD 8470D equivalent to? 8400?
I had an ASUS WAP and will not buy one again.
I was shocked after multiple Linksys Routers when a buddy brought over his Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. That thing destroyed my Linksys Routers. I used to discourage Apple Wi-Fi devices, but since I've bought an Apple Airport Extreme and wouldn't look back.
In case you're intrigued, it seems it may be the PSU. The issue only occurs with video cards using both 6pin pci-e power connectors. I have three cards to test with: a Radeon HD 4870 (2x 6-pin, issue occurred), a NVIDIA GTS 250 (2x 6-pin, issue occurred), and a second NVIDIA GTS 250 (1x 6-pin, issue did not occur). I have had some nasty luck with PSUs. This will be my third one for this machine.
Stuck in a cycle of blue screens of death and missing motherboard load screen so I have taken my card out to diagnose and the motherboard is saying 2E
Today, I booted my Windows 7 computer (in sig) and found that my machine wanted to 'Configure Windows Updates 0%..." After letting it do so, it skipped loading into windows, rebooted, skipped the motherboard screen and presented the Windows loading black screen with two wide white lines up the sides of the screen (about two inches wide and two inches away from the left and right side). That worried me but I wondered if it would fix after loading into Windows. Instead of...
This solved it during the last version and the latest version of AMD drivers. Thanks ZDPQ
Thanks zpdp
League of Legends: Above for free account.
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