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It was an objective analysis, while your debate is largely in the realm of subjective reasoning.Either way, it seems you dont wish to participate in a debate amongst peers, which is fine. Feel free to ignore further posts from myself.
Thats not too surprising, hopefully they go with a ground up build at the very least...
As long as you understand your merely voicing an opinion in a debate, dont be offended when your peers cant take you seriously.If you didnt need validation of your opinion, you wouldnt have posted here to begin with.My opinion was that the trailer shows an unrealistic jacket pocket. My source is the trailer itself.
Any updates on this?
You made the claim, if you want anyone to acknowledge your claim, you need to provide a source or "proof".Otherwise your just announcing an opinion.
Your mistake is assuming everyone has the same post per page setting. It's been a total of 2 pages thus far.Everything you mention is largely subjective however, not everyone will react the same way to positive influences and vice versa.Most depressing movies I find to be ironic, most 'happy' movies I find to be skeptical.It seems though you just don't like the narrative of the game, I don't either. So I won't be playing it.
I'd wait for big maxwell and make your considerations then, 680 is still pretty good for gaming
And so will I, grab an egpu and watch it max utilization just like your desktop of the same generation
Sold your desktop to get another desktop?
Probably about as disappointing as every CPU release since 2011.
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