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Seems you glossed over my post and took it somehow as a comparison of 5770 vs gtx 970.5770 was an early DX11 card that support eyefinity while beating out the previous 4890 (when drivers matured) with an overclock. It was considered one the best p/p cards of its time. Also Xfire scaled really well.Hence the irony of you referencing it as a crap card.
5770 was a legend for its time when it released so its funny that you reference it
Could just be a botched install, have you run the firmware update for the evo?
I dont see the need in ATX form factor.Though its seeming that there arent enough titles out there that support 4 GPUS anyways so I was thinking of shrinking to ITX insteadShipping costs for a computer from the U.S. and South Korea would be killer. especially for ATX full tower
What do they do to put load on the system? I really hope its not valuable parts lol
However it will not work for me that well. Will be using mATX if I go through with this so if Im to use another slot for GPU then it will be single slotted dual GPU Doesnt mean I cant just shut off a core if need be though
Hey guys, recently gained interest in the red team and the 295x2. How well would quadfire push 120fps in modern titles at 1080p?
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trusted sites is setting your clock correctly so that they match the certificates matched by site. The other one im not sure. Your only missing a taskbar but not explorer?
Ln2 if im not mistaken Welcome to the forums!
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