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More power to them, I hope they succeed in some form or fashion to satisfaction. I appreciate intriguing scripts and the voice actors that deliver them, sometimes scripts just dont hold much power at all unless there is a specific voice that carries it.
I can actually see this as a potential reality in the future.
Yes thats possible, I have never done that before but its definitely something that has been done for some time now, it was born out of the HDD days to gain better performance.It had a bit of a resurgence with the 3.5GB 970 fiasco as people were using stand alone SSD's to resolve w/e issues they were having.Try looking this over, I am not sure if its still valid but it could be an example of how to do it.As far as I know there is no cap for page file, I've set 20GB myself...
Task manager should still only see 8GB so it should still max like it had before.I believe that is what your asking, the only way I know to look at Page File usage is through MSI Afterburner but it wouldnt surprise me to have others suggest other methods for real time usage.Otherwise yes, Page file is taking space from your HDD/SDD to use as RAM, albeit much slower since the capabilities are much different.
Works for me
TCI dont know what it is in the past few months between us but it seems my statements are not receivedI'd really like to not have to re-illustrate the same statement a third time.
TC, its a debate and that is it. Im not looking to gain anything in the slightest.Also, you more or less repeated what I stated to begin with, that I was finished with this discussion since I can already tell that this individual is not open to correct his/her views upon discussion but merely how to reinforce his/her own.I welcome you to re-read my post, as it seems it was lost in translation somewhere.
You see its using 7.44GB of RAM correct?The activity is the same on my system with a spare 400GB of space on the SSD as its the only game I played on that system.Forcing use of a larger page file hardly seems to be the solution but a band aid fix, Ill leave that up to interpretation as I know you have no inclination of correcting your views since we want to hope there are other issues present in the system forcing more ram usage in one single application, because its...
To begin I already stated that there is no such thing as a general overarching fact to resolve the question of "Is 8GB enough for games" since games is a variable it depends entirely on the game and also the hidden variable of the system.Here's one use case solution there is the same as here, making the page file larger to accommodate for what Im only to guess...
It is not, however, an empirical fact.
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