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Sweet deal, I only need it for the avatar so a trial run is perfect for this scenario, hopefully its not complicated lol, will it allow me to clean up the current image? Im really rather horrible at drawingis that free?EDIT: ninja post lolI did use GIMP for transperant signatures at my last job, worked out nice for that.
Try looking around for a refurb G46vw, there usually around 600. 660m, i5 dual core and 1366x768 However the main benefit is being able to upgrade the CPU to i7 and to a higher res panel later when you want With the BIOS mod I believe the 660m can hit 1Ghz core as well
Ok cool, either way, what program would be a good way to eliminate the pixelation?
No Hard Drive, no OS to copy
Thanks for the input guys, would it do well for the image to clean it up in png or will uploading to OCN > JPEG be just as bad as jped to jpeg? However yes, I dont do much with artwork since I tend to be a perfectionist so I dont dally much in this type of software lol Spent a few hours cleaning up the pixelation just to have it back when I was finished I was looking here for software to try out? I dont...
Im trying to clean up my avatar... Can you guys point me in the right direction? I have been using MS PAINT but it doesnt seem to keep the image cleaned up Thanks OCN!
I do not have a desktop, this would be a great starting point for getting back into the desktop scene. I would probably use it to further efficiency of time and continue working with my Virtual Machines and certification exams Good luck to everyone here!
It also doesnt seem to have a name for it either, just "interposer" card which doesnt really say much as that seems to mean a lot of things especially in the server world. Thanks for the tip though!
HWMonitor is one of the best out there but if you have multiple readings saying the same thing then you narrowed down your constant to the GPU temps For GPU, try also looking at MSI Afterburner
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