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Enjoy that x4 PCIE bandwidth
Revo is a great uninstaller tool ^^ Very thorough
Makes me wonder why my laptop PSU hasnt exploded yet at load...
right, but AMD does have similarly named mobile GPU's See here and here
You'll hit the Vram limit quite easily at 1GB though. Unless im following incorrectly. AMD doesnt really have much to compete in the mobile space, and information is pretty sparse on there offerings
The 960m is in effect the same as the 860m with bumps in the core clock and memory. If its the same config save for the GPU, I would just get the cheaper of the two, if its the 860m you can just bump the core and memory to match if you wanted
Not that I have any Apple products, it is unfortunate that they would practice this course of action.
I like my 17"/1080p panel, I dont need AA for most games.Though my interest has grown for 21:9 of late
No problem And it isnt so much about gaming notebooks in general, it really comes down to how educated your buyer is, and what GPU is in it. Lots of people know what an Intel processor is, and that its the best choice overall in a laptop. However the 6XX series had so much iterations that it makes it difficult to know what your getting into. The 675m like I mentioned before is an updated 580m, but an overclocked BIOS unlocked 660m can likely match it. Then you have the...
Just paid 520 for a similarly specced laptop I dont see myself paying more than 600 for it, especially considering when the 675m is really just an updated 580m which the same performance can be had in an overclocked 755m
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