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If it performed, no one would care as much about heat with options we have for cooling that enthusiasts would likely to pick up
Ryzen Mobile yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Color me excite.
Sheep panic, its what they do. Just get them some tinfoil and they'll be fine.
Looks like your getting a hang of it I have the "Tree New Bee" and CoolerMaster U3. I personally like the U3 but its a mixed bag due to the fans not having a great rep. Best of luck in your future modding
Unless I am mistaken, 6700hq is locked to 3.1Ghz on 4 core turbo.Does that processor have a couple bins that your able to push similar to that of my 4700mq?Agree with everything else however
You'll have to do some reading on it to get a better grasp of its functions, there is a dedicated thread for it on NBR dubbed "The Throttlestop Guide" and has been used for greater control of laptops since 2010.I have older hardware so I just use it to force max turbo on my laptops but unlocked processors will allow for more tweaking.ThrottleStop Guide
This is with repaste? Are you using Intel XTU and/or Throttlestop? Theottlestop is a powerful application especially for the later processsors
This is probably a large reason why I no longer build desktops that often. It makes me long for the Fermi days and thats saying something considering how hot those cards were...
I have always read that its a bad idea to use a vacuum cleaner because of the dust so I have always used canned air for cleaning the vents.This is a new laptop however so I very much doubt that will be a of significant benefit.
Its good you got CLU and not IC Diamond. IIRC IC Diamond scratches the die. Some people just put electrical tape over the conductors on the CPU side to prevent leakage as well, havent personally read any horror stories but its worth looking into if for some reassurance. I never used liquid metal on my laptops yet, I may for my y510p in the future though...HIDEvolution and I *believe* Mythologic are a couple resellers that will do this service for you. It wouldnt surprise...
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