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375. And I agree that he might have been able to do better if he had a little more patience. However if he can game on the go then it should be OK. Just a bummer it's not sandybridge as that would have lasted a lot longer for the money.
Glad it worked out for ya bud
Either or, it helps others when they look for the part you need This could be what your looking for? You dont want HDMI for this as you would be limited to 30hz above 1080p
What kind of shops are available to you?
See hereNot much of a boost but maybe things are different now. However with Windows 10 on the horizon I would just sit back and wait for its release
Then it seems Unclewebb's info is right on the money, I apologize for recommending it without proper knowledge. If the goal is to lower temps then repaste would likely be the best route to go
Problem with NBR is that they have outside influence on the content they have in their forums. So being critical of things that should be publicized is difficult there.Tech|Inferno doesnt have that problem. Plus all the BIOS mods for laptops are bred from that forum
1990 FTW! 90's kid checking in for duty!
Its surprising what machines have it, my own m6600 had UEFI mode set by default and it caused me a lot of issues when I installed Windows 7 back onto it.
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