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Fun stuff !
Jedi Academy right? I remember enjoying I think the second one, I might have to pick those up again.Any idea how well they worked on PC?
Again with the false equivalence no one cares what you do. It was a statement against the droves of people working cubicles that dont think for themselves but are more concerned with office drama.
I didnt mention anything about sfc or chkdsk.If Windows update is your problem then you need to confirm it.
Disable the windows update service and try to boot normally to see what happens
that system already has a 290x though....
I dont think that was needed. I just said to enable the installer.skip down to the cmd portion.
The only thing I can think of is you need to enable the Windows installer in safe mode and start removing applications that aren't needed for operation.
No, not worth.Lowest you should go is a SB system to be honest.
Ill probably try adding it on the next playthrough, I've had my fill of buggy lolWell KOTOR II now crashes when loading older save, and the newer save Kreia fell out of existence and I can no longer progress the game.-le sigh-I might just give up on KOTOR II, luckily there is a skip peragus mod.
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