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Sig rig Y510p
I surprised you didnt get one of Repo himself lol Thanks for sharing, yours does much more justice that my cell phone
My own machine falls under not upgradable actually lol. However we are talking about "gaming" laptops in which being that we like upgrading here, can easily have that ability if choosing the the correct model laptop, of which there are plenty
Like anything in the computing world it depends on the model of the laptop whether it follows the standards laid out for these cards to work with. Your statement is false Im afraid Even if so, soldering iron wouldnt help you as the instances where its "soldered" means its just the chip that is fabricated with the motherboard itself and removing it would simply make 2 useless donations to science
I believe the difference here is Blizzards client may look for a specific folder as opposed to scanning your machine iirc
I would think it would need to be a thin rad as well otherwise the heat would cling to the rad for a longer period of time Not pretending to know facts on such matters, but would be my though process
You think suction from the bottom is enough to dissipate heat dump at a needed rate?
Dont turn this into another flame war please.The market has spoken with their wallets. Were moving on to the next OS to where Windows 8 would be considered "outdated"
sweet deal there man!
What is the desired result of this machine dB wise? A silent fan can muffle the noise from other variables, a big one that comes to mind is coil whine.
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