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Server quality is fine, its the amount of throughput is what is killing the servers. You want a crap server to play an FPS on? Go play some Ghost Recon Phantoms
Another open Beta? Sounds good to me... Biggest problem with the game so far is the idiots playing it LOL
No idea what kind of laptop your looking into getting so cant really recommend anything Could always keep an eye on slickdeals
No I mean his friend lol It sounds like his friend didn't do enough research on the laptop that peaked his interest. I don't recall batteries being good enough to actually power a gaming laptop for sustained periods of time
As long as you don't have to puncture a stocker to get to a screw, your in the clear. Otherwise if you want to keep your warranty then it may be best to send it in and use the warranty it comes with to your benefit
That's looking really good compared to before TC, I know you guys are hard at work for collaborating the aesthetics but for now onlookers won't have as harsh a filter for interest here. Me and the lively lady have a date tomorrow but maybe after that I can try testing how it works in waterfox
This is what it looks like for me on my cell.I can't view people's sigs. A lot of the time people are asking for help with a psu or laptop they aren't going to be kind enough to include those details in there post. It's assumed that because this is a dominant desktop forum that people are viewing from a 13"+ panel and not 4"-5.5" mobile devices.If I'm viewing from my mobile device, it's because I found a slot in time where I can track threads I'm working in, or track the...
Track pad gamer?
Soon is a relative term.
Dont know anything about the above but hopefully a legit bump gets some attention where its needed. As for the thread though, maybe consider a sort of time stamp for returning members to compare when they got their copy vs. what may be the new or same available version Most people can just look at the edit time, but not everyone is that...hmm...organized?
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