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You forgot the P650SE should be found at the XoticPC site as well, last I saw the base model was around 1250, not sure what its at right now
Ill continue to sit tight on Windows 7 until I feel there is a need to upgrade, just like any other part of my system.
Hey no problem at all, I just know when I updated mine that the notes for the update were mostly of adding actual support for the m6100 GPU to the m6600 so I thought it might be worth mentioning Glad its resolved
The m6100 is closer to the 860m while the 7970m is now closer to the 965m if I recall correctly. Sorry I didnt see this thread before, I would have been able to give you more confidence. The 7970m has been successful as well as some fermi based GPU's. Though anything after that seemed to be plagued with issues and unlocking the BIOS is impossible since its encrypted. Make sure your BIOS is on the latest for the best official results
True, I just worry that I wont be able to reseal it as well as it is now, and I have my NEX-5T for photos to hit the scrap book and memories. Phone camera was only used until I picked it up so never took the risk. Now if it was a laptop or a desktop then I would have no problem tearing it down lol
Know the feeling, did a IT contract for one of the largest coal mine/refineries in East Texas. That was a rough environment, dropped my phone a few times, made me appreciate the aluminum body on my phone since its held up thus far...Just wish the darned thing didnt have a faulty camera...
Unfortunately its completely subjective to be quite direct. At least in my experiences.
How do you guys break your phones :0 Occupational hazard?! Though admittedly I need to replace the faulty camera I have in my M7, ill get around to it eventually
welcome to the end of your wallet! Not that would shamelessly spend your money or anything, we will fight to the bitter smoldering end to justify your purchase for you
ignorance? These guys are experts in the field bud, they were trying to troubleshoot for you.If its indeed something else, then you can resolve it without ISP assistance.
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