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Subbed, I got to sleep now but ill come back to this tomorrow afternoon and see what I can try and dig up
Is HDMI capable of 120hz? You should be able to overclock your panel to some degree though at the very least...
Welcome to the forums! Hopefully we can see you around in the PSU forums
Well this should allow for curious onlookers to tinker around, neat!
Guys cmon, we should be uniting as one against our one and true enemy. WCCFTech. \Thread
Without a doubt the EVGA X58 mATX SLI board was the worst motherboard I ever had. Returned it and jumped on sandy bridge
Thats something I would ask SkyNet about, he seems to be more informed on the subject. However my current level of knowledge would say no
P650SE Might be a good match for you
It might just require purchasing the heatsink with the GPU. However that being said it is pretty difficult to upgrade GPU's in the Asus lineup
no removable battery or sd card? T.T
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