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Well to me I would just dedicate it to cpu grunt work. See if anything interests you and have at it
Still overclockable?
Does it boot with any ram? Might be a good plex / transcoding cpu, don't need much ram since it's all cpu grunt. Otherwise tough loss, been there time to time cutting corners due to impatience. Once accidently ripped off the power switch to my primary laptop at the time and ended up only having mobile for a week until the new switch arrived to replace it lol live and learn.
Just keep the old skin optional like they do and I'm sure everyone will be fine.
A lot of people like to use a second pc for streaming these days so that may be something to consider if your concerned about your fps As for ram, 8gb is fine if the game is the only thing running. At least for rainbow six siege it uses 5gb ram, along with system use of about 1-1.5gb which doesn't leave much. Open a browser and there goes my remaining capacity. I believe others have experienced this to some degree which is why 16gb is recommended for system builds. God...
Probably subsidized due to sales made via data collection. The fine print makes the difference lol
Bump Would still like to know what it is that benefits browsers the most in order to determine what to do with the laptop. Thanks
Since I run sff machines since 2010 or so I have been on the aio train for quite some time now. Yet to have any fail on me. Pump noise is really the benchmark to look for in my opinion.
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