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Probably not, that would mean people need to read the thread before commenting instead of finding the first comment they wish to rebut.
No custom 480's and they will not be 200
I've actually under clocked my 290x to 950c, along with undervolting it. This way I don't have to worry about Temps as even idle fan speeds keep it under 61c (1300rpm) Couldnt be happier with it
Finally built up the courage and found that xenon HD works with this model. I've had good experience with the rom with my older nexus 7 2012. So far it's much better than the stock rom it came with, being able to weak the kernel for a higher baseline performance also helps quite a bit I imagine. Though I can already tell it's taking a hit in my battery life. Will see how it works in the coming days
It seems that your just another member that doesn't even know what this forum was made for. Pushing hardware to its limits, not necessarily how much money we spend on it.
Thats not what was stated in your quoted text.
Last time I used Netflix? Never. Next time I'll use Netflix?......
Well I should say stock t-mobile 5.1.1 Since the phone was soft bricked on arrival I didn't want to experiment further until I could replace the phone in case I brick it lol. I do want to get some other rom for it though. Not being able to fully utilize my SD card because of the r/w block is annoying. It's more so choppy with transitions, noticeable when I am surfing the Web with chrome.
Right now I have twrp installed I'm running stock 5.1.1 at the moment.
Yeah I have nova launcher on it right now but it's still choppy compared to a debloated rom with the certain tweaks not to mention opengapps I really miss skydragon it was an excellent rom with the elementalx kernel. Things don't seem as simple as flashing the m7 however, Odin is a different beast compared to what I understand
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