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Yeah time doesn't matter as much as the year, if your set to 1995 or something naturally the certificates on the Web won't coincide with that of your machine and thus you get the red notification trying to go to any Web site
One more niche company going down because of management, nice.
not to mention crappy software
yeah it would be an excellent purchase, if I had the cash to spare I would snag it
Yeah I guess it ruins the surprise element though lol That or maybe a steam gift card maybe?
That is a very nice board you got there! And everyone who entered thanks for sharing!
No, my model laptop has the same motherboard shared by other models from asus at the time (K53sv) while being an x53s. is just a rare example, I wouldnt take it as a status quo
Yeah its for that reason I never purchased it since I had such a great time in only a couple of servers lolThough my brother in law did purchase it for the ps3 and I did have some fun when I visit
just report and move on fellas. Need to leave this thread open
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