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Everything of my computer was used, save for the CPU cooler and the case, and PSU
Ironic as thats the reason I got the m7 over the next iphone. Couldnt load popular apps like Hangouts or Kaokaotalk
Ill buy it just like Forever, definitely an IP I want to see again in the future even if DNF tanked.
Played with 4.4.4 /. 5.0 / 5.1.1 / and 6.0.1 and never had SD card issues. Never heard of that being a problem in general but never had the issue so never looked into it. As for MediaTek, isnt it up to them if they are open source? They are kind of back and forth on what open source from what I understand
I bought my machine for 715, and that was with 290x before RX 480 release. You might be able to do something similar pending the current prices of things.
The larger convenience for me was that it was stupid easy to flash, dont have to think about modems or basebands but maybe I was just lucky. I even accidentally wipe the phone of the Data and the system and was still able to rebuild it with adb-sideload with my laptop. As opposed to relying on ODIN to be able to detect the device, which when I got my phone softbricked was a serious irritation. That and it fit perfectly in the cup holder of my car, note 4 is too large
Been running cmremix for the note 4, interested in what the android community makes for my device in the future. That being said I miss my m7, was much easier to test roms
I actually enjoy Paragon quite a bit, its the only MOBA type game ill play. That being said I wouldnt bother buying nvidia for just this
maybe look into some of the xeons from the first generation 1156 platform X3440 (top end of the family) can be had for around 40 USD so I imagine the dual core variants would be cheaper, some of the motherboards are also around 50-60 USD just make sure it can overclock before purchase The 1156 official thread still gets activity seldomly of people pushing beyond 4.0Ghz so they may have the best direct advise from their experiences Best of luck on your endeavors,...
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