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Be sure to check the specs of the GPU. 850m was DDR3 for the most part save for the Apache which was GDDR5. You want to make sure its the GDDR5 iteration and not the DDR3 version as that will choke like no tomorrow.
The p650sg might be worth a look over
Like Corsair Link and flickering keyboards? Or how about the M/CX line PSU's?
If it wasn't for the shoddy reps not being able to support there corsair link software here in the forums previously I may have jumped in on this. Glad I spend time here on the forums. How many nails are needed for a coffin these days?
I've not had any luck with Seagate in any form or fashion.
That GPU is suitable for the resolution that is supplied with that machine.
LOL You must have gotten some nvidia fanboys. 820m is just a media solution, not a gaming solution. Also the 840m while having a nice GPU core (GTX 750) is cut down to the point of no return. 64-bit memory interface will choke like no tomorrow these days. NBR has some good members there, but lately its a lot of shills too
You would very likely have much more success at Tech|Inferno
It was requested to supply a machine for 500, I supplied that.Otherwise, as previously stated everyone's needs are relative to circumstance to their day to day scenario.I would admit though that if MGS5 was PS4 exclusive I would have to suck it up for a used console and game to play it. Thankfully I dont have to do that this time around. As MGS4 was the only reason I had a PS3 back in the day, beat the game like 7 times over and resold my PS3 shortly after.
I did not spend twice the money.I might have a go at Fractured Space that I also got for free this last weekend for simply clicking on it lol.
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