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Ouch Loving my M6600 thus far, no throttling to see yet lol
You'll probably need more SSD + RAM for long term photoshop use
Yep but also read through and see what issues people ran into to find a possible resolution as well for later
I've yet to own a laptop that had acceptable temperatures out of the box and/or second hand purchases. My knowledge was built on desktop building and converted over so I suppose my perspective is a little different with wanting to teardown everything to see what I'm working. Even the y510p had horrid Temps, same with my m11x r2, g53, g46, k53sv the list goes on lol Your right though, absolutely right. I just don't expect decent support from vendors so I'm OK with teardowns
You'd have to check the reviews for that data. For some reason that unit has been largely ignored for the most part. I just like the 4 core 3.2ghz bit Otherwise early reports did state some cooling issues but it's likely because of bad Tim application as we know most companies seem to just suck at it
That model is soldered. However You can probably get 3-4 years out of the GPU. What's important to remember is that AA isnt needed as much as desktop's as you have 1080p at 15" so you have higher PPI. The GPU's in mobile typically have a smaller memory bus anyways so it helps to let the GPU core shine with better frame rates in most cases.
Asus GL551 is 800 on Amazon right now with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM / 4720hq 3.4Ghz turbo on 4 cores
Definitely an uh-oh there...
Up until recently i5's in laptops were Dual Core Hyperthreaded, so i7's were the only quad variants, of which you can just turn off hyperthreading for when you dont need it.Otherwise unless a majority of your games used hyperthreading well then yes its typically a waste. Though most people I dont think only use laptops for just games. I'd use myself as an example but sample size 1 isnt very good for a debate lol
I still do just fine on mine lol Its nice to remain on a socketed platform for sure though for possible unlocked processors 3-4 years down the line Mobile processors can also be overclocked. The later CPU's of late has had more breathing room for pushing the limits with ThrottleStop and IntelXTU The 4700mq had the potential to hit 2 additional multipliers and its not even unlocked. NBR isnt known for having the brightest community. A lot of the knowledge bearing...
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