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The horse your beating, its been dead a while.No one is arguing that vaping is 100% safe, whats being argued is that its a safer alternative. Thats the point most are trying to convey. Replace "safe" with "safer".Furthermore I find it odd that your relating inorganic material with organic material as your metaphor.
Dont think I would consider 4K even with a 980m to be honest, if anything 1440 would be an interesting jump
Read the source material, they used cinnamon.
Not the place to ask that, and furthermore my interest was in 2014, not today.
Some of the experiments mentioned still arent completed or fully understood. Furthermore still need further testing, like always. Im not a medical expert in any fashion, however when you use words like "suggests", "we will ascertain", "appear to be" and finishes with "the science is woefully behind", I stopped reading facts and dived into the world of interpretation. Sounds like clickbait until a defensible conclusion is reached. its worth noting that the only flavor...
Sounds like a senior mod needs to do some reading then, better yet do some reading myself instead of relying on one. In any which case, I don't need the question answered anyways as discussing such things are against tos and can get me in trouble. The reason for the inquiry has been locked, twice. So there is no longer any relevance for it.
Do those pints come with various poisons?If so, I'll take the vodka please and thank you lolI would say it's closer to white rice vs brown rice. They both have the same amount of carbs but one still has some fiber so it can be "healthier".
I liked vaping but I still held on to the same practices. I didn't smoke around others and I didn't allow children to view my habit. Also I didn't vape inside a building unless I was at home, as it's really immature and only pisses off the smokers.Other than that I just vaping as a way to ween off entirely. It's been over 6 months since I last vaped and maybe 2 years since I last smoked a cigarette.Not sure why but many other countries get nicotine levels in cigarettes...
Next week we will see this debunked, and ironically comes down to who funded the science
Then you might want to look at your retired staff. Some of which has had it there for quite some time. Things like this should really be clarified from the onset so people aren't left to interpret what is and isn't permissible.
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