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The 820m is not something that is gaming capable by our day and age. I could overclock my old 540m and likely match it. The CPU's are comparable, however when your gaming your typically GPU bound so I would go for the Asus unit
It will not scale well in Windows... 1920x1080 would be best simply because its half of 4k otherwise it will just be a blurry mess.
Low output PSU =/= lack of quality.Just because it says 850w doesnt make it a "quality PSU"
Be careful what you ask for, a user here had to remove everything from this site and move houses to escape possible harm to his family as he felt the attackers were credible.Shame really
You may want to read over this thread. I guess use of "significant" can be subjectively applied.
You could look at the m4600 or the m6600 They are still very adequate for today's requirements (unless you need a new instruction set or something) For example with my current set up I get about 70-110 FPS in Deus Ex: Human Revolution at 1080p. They are obviously heavy machines though, but relatively cheap.
Wasnt that debunked some time ago on OCN?
must be new?
Oh fun card to play with
For 430 you can also get my system
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