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You'll notice that this forum, as popular as it is, has only 3000 (including guests) users active at the moment.While I would also like to see overclock results, you have to understand we are the niche in a niche. We seem to forget that when we look at reviews like this. Then there is the fact that its inconsistent, silicon lottery is a very real attribute.You want overclock results? You go to forums like ours and get feedback from its members that belong to that niche.
AH I thought you just recently got the seasonic or something, I skimmed the page a bit much instead of reading it since it was resolved
Yeah I was going to say ebay probably the best spot for finding individual parts like that
Replace the fan?
You had a lemon eh?
Pentiums didnt have Hyperthreading until kaby lake
iirc serious streamers get a dedicated streaming PC, some of those 2x 2670 machines were built for that purpose alone
You underestimate my Powah!
Not comfy enough, there made of plastic
Got what I needed already
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