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I root everything, mainly because I flash different roms to get what I want out of my devices.Well for the 2012 Nexus 7 Nougat at least made it useful. I had it in a box after 5.1.1 and it was basically unusable. I read this was because the I/O of the 2012 model is just not up to snuff.Lenovo announced but are late on releasing the Tab 4 8, it may be of interest to you.Only other tablet I was interested in besides the K1. Both tablets I am interested in seem to not be...
Last note for anyone coming across this thread. DO NOT BUY THE NOTE 4 They will all failed due to eMMC error which is hardware related. The note 4 was note designed to last.
I just updated my Nexus 7 2012 to 7.1.2 and can view the battery without any apps Though the tablet only responds well for maybe an hour and then the UI starts to hang until I reboot it. Still better than when it was on 5.1.1 which rendered it unusable. Just found the Nvidia shield K1 but there doesnt seem to be much stock of it anywhere. Just would like a device that I can use with plex and also use as an external display for my laptop when I need the extra space. Plus...
When I do build a desktop, its always SFF.Otherwise I am on laptopsI like stories I can get heavily immersed within, and there hasnt been a whole lot of that on PC of late.Lots and lots of multiplayer focused games, which is fine but it just cant fill that RPG itch in me lol
Last time I cared about this game was never.
I play with my m4600 in the sigGame is heavily GPU dependent. My 2670qm has no issues at all but my m5100 is fully saturated.OC is at 1.2v 1100c/1500m so its actually better than the desktop counterpart now, which was the HD 7770.I play at 1920x1080 @ low @ 65% ScaleI can play at 100% scale for about 80% of the maps but the snow map and a couple others are way harder to render than most, dragging the FPS to 40 or so which just makes it hard to play.
doubt it, not much space for RAM and GPU unless they are looking at 18.4Looking forward to overclocked 1700's first
I seem to recall having to mess with with it for Liberty City Stories, but it was some time ago and I never could hold any attention in the game (2 hours play time)Either way, I guess a lot of people are up in arms over the modding thing since its a popular game. I dont have interest for this type of gameplay, prefer immersive story lines myself.
RSC and GFWL? no wonder I never went back to it.
Which is the subject to which I am speaking about Either way, couldnt be bothered. Killed the IP altogether.
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