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What is the resolution on that thing?
Not enough command center and too much 21:9 lol, I have been really wanting an ultrawide, how you liking it so far?
Welcome to just about any other forum these days...
I would have to say the GT72 would be better choice overall if you have to have this particular model
It depends if three is any movement of air over the copper, otherwise it could just potentially be heatsoak
They do that as their method of anti spam, I got around it by making a few posts here in and there regarding things I know about Ill get at you soon
Its hard for me to fathom as well
You can do much better yourself...
The news threads here just make me sad panda. I'll just Continue to look at steam and when something comes on sale and it's a good title then I'll just be pleasantly surprised
The laptop GPU is mediocre even for laptop im afraid...
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