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Sounds like a bad motherboard to me to be honest. Otherwise typically you would just have video thats bad, not both video and sound
Still wont pre-order. If the game has good reviews from critics and friends then Ill likely purchase the game.
Mark of the Ninja
FTL? Id like to see why that game was so entertaining Steam name same as ocn name
There always have been.
benchmarking? Otherwise not really in most scenarios
It will shut down if it doesnt jive with your software settings. Though personally I would undervolt and apply more power to the GPU since typically that is where you see more of a performance boost in most scenarios
Really guys? Stop thread crapping and take the discussion elsewhere.
I dont bother with those news threads because its more work to sift through all the crap and misinformation.A link would have been nice though, since thats what was requested, not the explanation from someone who obviously has made their position known.(and please dont take offense, you've made a lot of effort speaking your opinion on the matter)
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