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If your the type to use a cooling pad, you might want to look into the Cooler Master U2, might make for a good fit
In for the WIN!
Nice! How does it feel when your using it temp wise?
Its one of those test it to find out ventures though.Officially dont have support in especially older 1366 boards (EVGA comes to mind)
There shouldnt be any reason why it shouldnt
heh, good one. Though its nice to have other options in the alienware platform even if its lesser than the maxwell counterparts. Though there is the Graphics amplifier but its only x4 pcie which is saddening
It was exclusive to Apple for some time and is now also on the Alienware platform as well. Both are solder chips though, not MXM 3.0b
Ugh, Well then guess my anticipation is going to be directed towards DE: Mankind Divided
There will probably be one as soon as an official start date is declared
there is a Tonga m295x which is the newest from AMD and performs adequately However its SOB
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