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P650SE Might be a good match for you
It might just require purchasing the heatsink with the GPU. However that being said it is pretty difficult to upgrade GPU's in the Asus lineup
no removable battery or sd card? T.T
The fact of the matter is, drivers are currently locked down. We have had a driver released and still no breathing room.There is also no proof that of the contrary of nvidia BIOS locking the mGPU'sThe last bit of your statement is full of ignorance I would be happy to amend, however if your choosing to remain ignorant then there is nothing I can do for you.
Wrong. Per your own quote it mentions the intention to do so.This is still not the case based on user reports on T|I and NBR with the new driver release.
You just need the spacers, and are really common in just about any hardware store
Helps to know what we're working with though.
Or any desktop for that matter lolHowever I suppose its the mods that run the show
In for Murdered Soul Suspect!
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