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I wouldnt want to be associated with that title on an official basis either.Never said it was dead? Just that this is a majority PC forum at its roots.
LOL quite the contrasting statement compared to the arguments at hand
Nor is Bungie entitled to my money.Last I checked, it's still in my wallet. You want my money? Justify it or I'll continue putting the final nail in the coffin.It's tough crap indeed, but not for me. I'll be enjoying a nice dinner with the fiance, heck maybe even a complete movie!
I have had the same problem on all my machines before reposting. Alienware, Asus, Lenovo, I hardly think it has anything to do with branding alone.
fear 1?
I also found it to be straining my eyes, not sure what about it though considering I love playing my games at 60FPS
CapXon at that lol
Well it IS a desktop replacement lol. But yeah still would be hard to use if your on the go
I doubt this will curb that much traffic. Anyone that frequents those sites likely knows them well enough to type it in themselves. Not that I don't understand the action taken though
While I can always appreciate a mech keyboard. It looks odd lol Browns arent usually what comes to mind when your thinking of a gaming potential laptop though...
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