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Cant help you there, mining is completely outside my knowledge base, there is a mining section in these forums and they may be able to better direct you
I can just read that as - laptops are foreign to me and I dont want to take the time to learn how to pick it up. Which is entirely fine, but it doesnt make laptops complex, its just foreign to you
Probably not gaming, looks like a typical mining computer With that being said all I could find was 1 person stating that he had it working with 5 GPU's but may not be the same specific motherboard. Just mentions Asrock z170.
Dunno, must be a problem inherent to the US. I dont live there anymore, always had higher pings in the US when I lived there. After moving to Korea, I have maybe have 30-40 more ping playing in the same region, kind of crazy. I notice a lot of people playing with 30ish ping in WJA but I never had that lol. Though I dont have any ports forwarded, on WiFi, and dont have any control over my network at this time.
Well like I said its beyond 150 where the game just falls apart and becomes wildly inconsistent. 180 is probably the upper limit that I can tolerate.
JP is pretty easy, their still figuring out that I will bait extra kills with my welcome mat. US people are still figuring out that running means you cant shoot, while making tons of noise. Never played EU, 150 ping is the upper limit of functionality in this game, almost anything beyond that point and shots register a full second after.
I generally switch between WJA and WUS. I play ranked sometimes but usually more so I just play casual. I care more about playing than I do about my rank. Though I should probably play ranked as walking away with 12+ kills doesnt make the game fun for anyone on my team...
Well no, its just factually incorrect, as in reality reflects a differing statement. Its not something you can disagree with and still remain intellectually honest. I dont mean to be blunt, but its a fact. If some part breaks, you can replace the part. Unless of course you bought into BGA, in which you only have yourself to blame. Even then however, there are still many parts of BGA that can still be replaced.
Im probably going to try SLI again for giggles but it will likely crash again.
My friend really likes it but it eats up a lot of VRAM so I turned it off a long time ago, hes got a 390 8GB and plays it at 60 FPS just fine, though AKLARK is probably the most intensive map on hardware, that or FAVELAs.I now run the game on a single 755m, 1366x768p lowest settings and get about 80-90FPS. Ill be able to crank it back up again after I get my eGPU adapter (pcie 3.0@8.0).I love this game though, properly uses the hardware available to it, save for mGPU....
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