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Yeah its not like I need fine detail when I am zooming into a picture on a PC, but something nice for the phone wallpaper or portraits in the house when it comes to that Just something I can keep on hand and use for wedding pictures and cruise, korea, hong kong, jeju island and etc
Guess the days of having a potentially single expansion slot performance card are over. Ill just stick with laptops for a few more generations then
Yeah Im just interested in the mirrorless ILC, the sony looks quite nice but about 150 more than what I was originally looking at I guess I should have set a budget lol something around 500 mark would preferable, excluding tax.
Just got one of these at Frys and am quite pleased with it thus far, couple with a corsair 1400. Really what happened was my old plantronics set finally got to the point to which I was embarrassed to wear them so I stopped at the store on the way home. They didnt have the U7 that I was originally looking at, and didnt feel like waiting for shipping. Thought I might take it back but I am really liking it thus far. Also, this is to replace the sound provided from my...
I'd wait until users here get their hands on it to actually see how they perform It would be hard to step away from the X58 workhorse lol
It depends on what games you plan on playing.
It looks rather small and simple to implement, so I would have to agree it should be a rather simple pickup for hobbyist or someone wanting to take a dip into the mining world
Hey everyone, Just really looking for a camera that will have good quality image fidelity that I can grow into as time goes along. Would be keeping this camera until it finally kicks the bucket. So with that, what are some good alternatives to the NX3000 or is that camera going to be the best for the form factor and price? Thanks in advance everyone
So these things are actually in production in not some preorder scam eh? I have been wanting to play with the ASIC's and BitCoin mining as a while thanks for the information provided
I think of it as a GTA game with an actual storyline worth mentioning. It however for me falls short because of that same reason, once you get through the game one time it would be difficult for me to play again since i already know how the plot unfolds. Good game, I enjoyed it for the time I played through it
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