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Well I know a lot of the guys up here at the mine site use Intel dual cores and HD 4000/4400's most of their work but you likely wont be able to stretch that amount. Well maybe HD 4000 Then also maybe an A6/A8 equivalent?
Hmm what kind of shops are you looking at? Im not in your area so a bit unfamiliar. One easy question is if ebay is available to you
It where the thickness counts for a change lol
I would seriously hope a decision was made by now guys...
LOL So much this^
...couldnt wait eh?
Well that would be for the file, or wet sand paper of some sort. It would bother me too much if the pain wasnt exactly the same color, then I would repaint the whole thing and it would be a huge mess lol
Then file down to look nice
Quite so, thats why they have leads on the overclocking motherboards
Funny we have this thread come up since we had another thread saying DDR2 cl5 is better than DDR3 cl9
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