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A million times over this ^.
Depends on what you need to do with it...
Im pretty sure just about anything you spend money on is an investment?
Is this new? I recall having to install drivers for hard drives over 2TB back when they were newly released, or was that using GPT over MBR?
Reminds me of the halo anime/cgi shorts.Only when faced with an even greater threat do we unite together lol, thanks apple!
I really like threads like these, really brings the community together.
This hits the nail on the head, any user would welcome extra performance from a more efficient OS, but when you lose that efficiency because the GUI changed, it goes back on the shelf.Hell, I have had to retrain people on how to use Windows 7 in companies that power just about all of Texas when coming from Windows XP. The enthusiasts in this thread that can appreciate Windows 8.1 Update 1 are usually quick to sweep that under the rug or tell them they shouldnt be part of...
regarding "which is better" its merely dependent on who you are interviewing with in what the feel is the "appropriate candidate" I would do both if I had the choice to be honest, if you must go the degree route, along with a tier 1 level IT job that way by the time our out you already a degree, supporting certs and experience to back it up
Thats what I have done and its suited me quite well. Of course your environment will have different work potential compared to my own, so I wouldnt use my word as credence. I would look around at what seems to be what your willing to do for your first gig. Usually this can be cabling, tier 1 Support, PC Refresh techs etc. All of which can be lucrative pending the company or if your doing this as a private contractor. I tried the school route, and its nice to work in a...
I would get some certs to get your foot in the door, then when you figure out what you want to specialize in, decide our matter of course from that point. Even if ou spend 4 years going to school, your going to keep schooling forever in this business, or die out.
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