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Sounds like you might need to do a repaste
Im sure there are plenty of examples of such on youtube lol
Thats pretty horrid since I have 40+ FPS in the same title, I turn off AA though
Welcome to the forums!
The G505s would be ok, I just have a hard time recommending something like that
Yeah cant even get get a G46vw for that price range
Looks nice, maybe should have cleaned up the case first before the photoshoot on the first one...
Oh you will know if it was too late lol Best of luck on the diagnosis!
Isn't that why true crypt is defunct?
Only way to know for sure is to make sure the contacts are stilled soldered like they should be, you would need to take apart the laptop for that. I had a similar problem and before I took the time to figure it out the power cable melted the male end of the power connector of the laptop into the power cable. I would advise you take a look at it soon lol
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