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Oh really? I'll have to check that then as I can just order whenever I'm ready lol Thanks again man
You really have no i&ea what your talking about here.All this can be done within the budget and quite easily so. People complain on the battle. Net forums about lack of performance with amd in raids with amd with this paticular title.No one is making this Intel vs amd. It's simply that additional cores aren't as useful here a# they would for modern titles like bf4 or another title that can take advantage of the entire cpu.No one here is talking about 2011 or x99. I don't...
Umm lol.Do the research and give a legit counterclaim and I'll accept new information.You can't get an fx6300 for 60 USD. You can get a x5650 and clock it to around 4.5 - 5.2ghz for 60 USD. Grab a Intel extreme board and have some fun.Or go the slightly cheaper route of grabbing the 1156 variant, but anymore I prefer the x58. However the motherboards can be scarce and most of the time overpriced. You can find good deals for them here and there.This is again of course only...
Guarantee it eh?Wow has always been Intel biased iirc.1156 would make for a decent upgrade, xeon chips are considerably cheaper than their mainstream counterparts and motherboards vary around 50-100 usd.Save the 4850 and just grab a 7950 when the budget comes around.
Isn't wow Intel biased? Maybe look into a used i5 760 or 875k?
Ah OK thanks very much appreciated. I guess now I just need to play the invite game when the time comes around
Here in Korea I have about 80/50 for the cheapest package Internet and TV available 13 dollars. No caps.
easily install gapps but would void the warranty of most of the Chinese oems I guess it's the one plus one for me in the future, I have also confirmed that it works well in Korea in the meantime. Just have to confirm if my phone will not work in Korea next
Was that confirmed? I was reading reports on that going for and against working in the U.S. I'm not interested in the Chinese version a# I don't think gapps works with the ColorOS
You failed to see the merit of the first point. Without participants there isn't politics. The same participants that can't be civil will also bring the worst out of others. Hence the decree from admin to not bring politics here. I am well aware of the implications. However I can discuss them through other mediums if I desire the exchange of ideas. It's not as if restricting the debate on politics on a computer enthusiast forum restrains ones ability to use the plentiful...
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