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I had no problem connecting to my games in U.S. servers from South Korea with less than 100ms ping. Must be a combination of ISP and distance.
I just ran the default settings of the application, as often times you had to pay for the full version to alter settings and what have you on certain benches. Furmark is fine, its just not something I would use for a week long test (which some people do) as it did burn out a few GPU's. Its a community bro, though keep in mind that this is a predominantly desktop forum. Thats not to say we arent here just sometimes takes longer for some of us to drop by
Stability is a relative term, you can run a full suite of benchmarks and still crash in game. Just play as you normally would after running maybe a few synthetic benchmarks except furmark. Furmark long term isn't very GPU friendly anymore. I usually ran a few runs of Unigine Heaven bench and let it idle in the benchmark for a bit while I did some other stuff around the house. Your adjusting just the frequency, and not altering any voltages so if the memory overclock...
Memory speed is what you will want to overclock to get the most benefit, as that is where your GPU is suffering the most.
960m SLI would be pretty baller
I think its time to lay off man, hes thinking that its a possibility given the fact that he just added water as a cooling medium. Its specifically why my first watercooling experience was with nonconductive water.Its a real bummer OP, but without testing the parts its difficult to say. Of course looking them over may give hints (like burned pins/caps etc), but getting a replacement PSU will give you the answer to your question.
I dont need a U.S. court to tell me a game is in complete fashion. Thats why we have reviewers. I still cant launch ME3 and BF3 still has DirectX crashes on a 4th system. Until they work, I wont be purchasing anything new from the Origin client.
Whoa, that's um... A lot of computer lol
Never mind, already purchased what I need ( I believe )
It really depends on the GPU, and much less than previous with maxwell taking the forefront on nvidia side of things.
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