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Sounds good
Its a Titan (non X) but your likely right
List updated I have never used Rich Text Editor so bear with me everyone lol
Yeah I can keep updating the first post, sadly I cant do anything about the posts following the OP. Ill likely just move it into the OP If you guys can provide a link to what you would like to suggest it would make things a lot smoother
Its not that amazing when you consider that its been around for almost 5 years. This really shouldnt be news to people.
Fully threaded bro, clock speed will only mitigate the issue you will face.
Oh that's right, thanks for that. I type faster than I think after seeing idiotic posts and 48 hours of not sleep. It was the 780>880 that was just a bump in clocks
Do your research before claiming anything. Claiming that the 6990m is even similar in performance to the 680m is laughable and tells me that you only did a quick Google search and accepted the first forum post as correct. This is not a good practice. The 6990m was similar in performance to the 580m, not the 680m. There is a large gap between the two. Seeing as how the 580m SLI is still less powerful, your claim leaves me confused. Also, by your own link, the 680m is...
I believe the overclocking was fine up to 3.6Ghz and then it starts to consume much more power. In any case, should be fine, as mentioned above
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