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I do not have a desktop, this would be a great starting point for getting back into the desktop scene. I would probably use it to further efficiency of time and continue working with my Virtual Machines and certification exams Good luck to everyone here!
It also doesnt seem to have a name for it either, just "interposer" card which doesnt really say much as that seems to mean a lot of things especially in the server world. Thanks for the tip though!
HWMonitor is one of the best out there but if you have multiple readings saying the same thing then you narrowed down your constant to the GPU temps For GPU, try also looking at MSI Afterburner
Immersion is subjective, and will naturally approach individuals in different avenues.Not to mention Oculus is such a sensitive subject now since the buy-out, why would I want to involve myself with the drama that comes packaged with Oculus?
well never hurts to have an extra computer for the home, but anyways some questions first.. budget? location? purpose of laptop? preferred resolution?
Yep definitely need a repaste for sure. Im surprised the laptop didnt throttle or shut down on you to be honest lol
I would try that first
Westmere-EP clocks around 4.6Ghz to 5.2Ghz as well 1366 is still plenty viable in todays market
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