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Regardless of your position regarding steam, issuing a public death threat in response to a clerical error is hardly the choice you should even have available...
This.Metal Gear has enough story element to be a trilogy as well lol
Except Watch Dogs is a Multi Platform. RE4 and Devil May Cry 3 are examples of ports, and bad ones at that.
Welcome to the forums!
I am not well read in that application, but I assumed it would at least assist in loading models and such. I could be wrong.I put a ssd in this laptop I am currently using and made my experience with lightroom 5 and photoshop a lot easier.
I would just get an ssd first and see how that can alter his operations
Is he running an ssd or a traditional platter drive?
Been wanting one of these too lol
Is it ok to put this thread in my signature with a conservative title like "The Rep System"? Or are we still stuck in this taboo?
It was an objective analysis, while your debate is largely in the realm of subjective reasoning.Either way, it seems you dont wish to participate in a debate amongst peers, which is fine. Feel free to ignore further posts from myself.
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