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If that gets the same customer service from AT&T as everywhere else, better steer clear
I don't see at first glance why this shouldn't work, however do note that the C6100 is not on VMware's list of supported hardware for ESXi 5.5. It is on the ESXi 5.1 compatibility list, though. Since you don't really have anything configured, do you care to overwrite 5.5 with 5.1 instead and see what happens?
Yeah, it kind of saddened me that trading is completely gone. I get why they did it but I have a little stockpile of legendaries I no longer need since they're too weak for my character, I wanted to give one to one of my friends who would benefit from it, but the stupid thing is bound to my account :|
I can't fault you for that, but I reinstalled the game when Loot 2.0 came out (after not playing it since about 6 weeks after the game first came out) and convinced one of my friends to do it as well despite his even deeper apprehension and we've been having a ton of fun. I suggest you do the same, just start a brand new character of any class and have fun. Or pick up any of your old characters, regear them a bit with the help of the blacksmith and go from there.You can...
Thanks for that -- I guess I should have mentioned that I get Amazon gift cards all the time from various sources so I always maintain a healthy balance (I'm at $260 currently). The money doesn't actually come out of my pocket, but since Amazon credit is as close to real money as it can be without being real money (since you can buy pretty much everything off Amazon), I also don't want to blow $50 away if there's a chance it'll be on sale in 2 weeks, y'see?
I've been putting off getting BF4 Premium because I got BF3 Premium on sale from Amazon for, like, $15 or 20 (I forget) so I was hoping to catch BF4 Premium for a similar kind of deal, but that hasn't happened yet. Then again it had probably been longer between BF3's release and the time Premium went on sale, than the time that has elapsed between BF4's release and now, so I'm probably hoping for nothing. Think it's time I sucked it up and blew the $50 on BF4 Premium?
Not hardcore gaming enough
No, the motherboard will detect that you're trying to run Office-like apps and block them Seriously, sure, you can, there's just no reason. I bet these motherboards will cost extra money, and that extra expense would be wasted on an office computer.
From the source:Is that a fact?
Alright, thanks!
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