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Welp -- there's a distinct possibility that my working directory was /Users since I probably looked at the list of directories in /Users prior to running the command, so that is probably what happened. Thanks.
I see what you're saying but it's not possible in Mac OS X as there is no /root and you can't log in as root (you can only sudo -s -- which I did) I was logged in as a local administrator so ~ would be /Users/localadministrator. Doing a sudo -s doesn't change my working directory. Unfortunately I don't remember things to the extent of what my working directory was at the time, but if it was ~, then $TMPDIR.. should only have affected /Users. But it's perfectly possible...
I just did $ echo $TMPDIR on my machine as root, it's empty. Would that default to / ? Good to know on prefixing the username with ~ to get their home path.
Isn't $_ a shortcut to repeat what one of the arguments of the previous command was? I mean, I ran basically the same command on my own Mac laptop and it didn't break anything, but somehow replacing the ~ from the original command with an absolute path did break the other computer I ran this on.
Just to be clear, I have not figured out the problem. Just what chflags did. I still don't get how I overwrote the permissions of / recursively instead of just the absolute path I had specified.
Greetings! Firstly, in the interest of full disclosure, I ran this on a Mac, but since this has more to do with Unix/bash scripting than Mac OS X, I decided to post it here because the competent Unix crowd is here Again, in the interest of full disclosure, my company is migrating Active Directory from one domain to another, and we have a few Macs. Since I have a Mac, the guy responsible for the migration asked for my help to fill in the gaps in his knowledge of Macs. I...
I got my RMA replacement yesterday, just played an hour of BF4, so far, so good, but more testing is required!
Huh, Silverstone using Seasonic for OEM'ing, that's a first.
Sending the card for RMA tomorrow
I've never touched video card BIOS flashing, and I'd be a bit nervous to do so since my card doesn't have dual BIOS as far as I know. Doesn't that void your warranty anyway? Perhaps I'll check what BIOS version I have and see if there is a more recent version available, and check with EVGA if that's OK to do. At this point I already have an RMA # with them, I just haven't gone through with it yet as I do more testing.
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