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Need one for a FreeNAS build. Not interested in running FreeNAS off a USB drive. Basically just need something reliable with regular SATA. It doesn't have to be
Thank you!
1) EVGA 780 Ti Superclocked w/ ACX cooler Model # 03G-P4-2884-KR ~420 days of warranty left No backplate Links: EVGA's site has been down since yesterday but the link should be correct. Note it is a refurbished card. I bought a new card from Micro Center, had to RMA it to EVGA due to artifacts and...
Yeah, it was stupid for real.I was working on the computer in the morning, had to go somewhere, left it open and rested the keyboard against its side. In my absence the keyboard must have slipped so that it was resting against something inside the computer. When I came home and tried to get the keyboard back from under the desk, I noticed that it wasn't in the same position I'd left it in, but I tried wiggling it out anyway, without looking at what I was actually doing and...
Thanks dude!
A stupid move by me while the fan was running caused one of the fins to break clean off. It's the stock top fan of a Cooler Master HAF 922 case that I bought in 2010. Gonna replace the fan, it looks like is what I need, but I was hoping someone could confirm that so I don't buy the wrong fan like an idiot Thanks!
I did consider it and I just don't feel like dealing with it. I'm very familiar with VMware products (VCP5-DCV certified, but expired), but there's just not much point in this instance. All this would get me is that remote console thing I was talking about and a whole lot of potential headaches. I don't need multiple machines running on there, but if that ever changes, I'll just use KVM on top of the bare metal Linux install.
Nah, it's not a server board, just the board from my 2010 gaming computer (X58/LGA1366 for first-generation Core i7). No biggie, I can live without the remote console.
Eh, this remote console thing is not worth the management overhead of virtualization, I want this to be simple and have as few moving parts as possible. If it means not getting the "VNC" thing, then no biggie, I should be alright without it. Good suggestion, though!
Thanks! I'll be alright installing Linux, I've done it plenty of times and I work with Amazon Linux a lot, I'm pretty comfortable with it but far from an expert. I have a fair bit of experience managing web servers and Docker containers, but I've never had to worry about the file system or serving files in general. I'll be using Chef to manage my machine's configuration. I'm going to start coding the cookbooks soon
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