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newegg accepts only USA cards. Amazon is selling for $6, so im fine with paying additional $1 (gotta have a US Add for this transaction though).
Should have gone to bed 2hrs later.
Guess I'll switch back to steinheil tonight. Cant stand looking at it for another second.
Items have arrive. Gottta admit it's got really poor cut-out.Luckily their cheap.
Got the new HI-DEF to try out and paid via PayPal! Thanks!
Uncharted 1,2 and 3... And Winning Eleven 2013!!!
I'd say, yes... You can always pop in a blu-ray and enjoy when not gaming...
In... =) This'll be the second Biostar board... =)
hey everyone! just got this mobo with a phenom II 965 BE.. apparently its been auto-rebooting nonstop and showing a black screen with gray stripes and hangs there frequently... isit due to my ram setting? am using the ddr3 1600mhz team xtreem LV 7-7-721 (1.65v) and cpuz's only showing approx 600mhz... please advice, thanks a million!
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