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Every time I hear that guy from Blizzard talking about Overwatch it makes me want to puke. They're worse than EA.
What's new? Will it be able to compete with i7-2600k?
It won't outperform an overclocked i7-2600k. You'll see.
Asus is dominating a gaming market with their monitors. They established themselves way ahead of everyone else. People may express their dissatisfaction about different issues but undeniably Asus is the brand to go in terms of features, design and quality. Their OSD is just great, even Dell doesn't come close.
Still no scan lines. What's new?
What do you mean? Compare against other displays on the market and decide.
Yea, I agree. People are crying left and right. Every brand has issues. That's why one has a window to exchange it.
Just because you're driving a Fiat it doesn't mean others can't afford a Benz.
What m8? Put those pills away.
I've received October 2016 batch. I will set it up and post some blb pictures later tonight.
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