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Amazon realized you can't make more or enough money selling stinky Chinese trinkets on Amazon. People have to eat everyday and buying a well established brand with clientele with upper income bracket is the right step. WF is my favorite store since I can't stand typical American rubbish food being peddled at other stores.Also, it will be very difficult for WF to compete with ALDI. ALDI being privately owned has a lot more flexibility.
After buying my first ever Macbook Pro 2015 for a great price a month ago I can say Windows feels like **** and OS X is really good. Microsoft Office runs better on it than on Windows. Go figure. Jobs was right to say that Microsoft has no taste. It's a dinosaur like Intel.
Mute internal speakers.
I agree. People are jerking off because it's so cheap. So cheeeeeeeap, so good.
Better curve, better build, 100Hz native out of box, joystick for menu, and probably as rumors were indicating- eliminate scan lines issue. It's still an Acer.
GTX 1080Ti for 1080p?
It's a very decent offering. It's priced well and performs as expected. The prices will drop even further within a couple of months. Good job, AMD!
Every time I hear that guy from Blizzard talking about Overwatch it makes me want to puke. They're worse than EA.
What's new? Will it be able to compete with i7-2600k?
It won't outperform an overclocked i7-2600k. You'll see.
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