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I agree. People are jerking off because it's so cheap. So cheeeeeeeap, so good.
Better curve, better build, 100Hz native out of box, joystick for menu, and probably as rumors were indicating- eliminate scan lines issue. It's still an Acer.
GTX 1080Ti for 1080p?
It's a very decent offering. It's priced well and performs as expected. The prices will drop even further within a couple of months. Good job, AMD!
Every time I hear that guy from Blizzard talking about Overwatch it makes me want to puke. They're worse than EA.
What's new? Will it be able to compete with i7-2600k?
It won't outperform an overclocked i7-2600k. You'll see.
Asus is dominating a gaming market with their monitors. They established themselves way ahead of everyone else. People may express their dissatisfaction about different issues but undeniably Asus is the brand to go in terms of features, design and quality. Their OSD is just great, even Dell doesn't come close.
Still no scan lines. What's new?
What do you mean? Compare against other displays on the market and decide.
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