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ugh that ending bit of music with the drums and brass is so epic. I have always been a fan of their musical scores.
clear cmos/reset BIOS with the new CPU installed?
Hope that's sarcasm, because WoW is nearly a decade old. What decade old game has 6.8 million paying subscribers?
go to the store, you might be able to exchange for a newer one. You normally have 2 weeks to return an apple product purchased at an apple store or site.
Never hurts to have a little more RAM.
Enterprise grade and the article even states it probably wont make it into the consumer market for a long time. When it does come into the consumer market, 8TB is also a lot of data to lose in a single drive. might as well buy at least 2 for a mirror or more redundancy while you're at it.
aaand this is why i play heroes of the storm. there are a few players that get annoying, but you can always just mute them and continue playing. i usually play with a premade 5 and we're all pretty laid back. If we lose it's not a big deal, and with team leveling no one in particular is at fault if we lose.
I would get the 780T...
i mean they just revealed Bing integration with OS X yosemite so... there's not that much irony in the OP anymore.
i think it would be "funny" if they were running non-mac hardware..but alas, they're utilizing bootcamp, a feature they fully support and advertise on mac hardware. meh, nothing to see.
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