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i would update the BIOS.
Considering Wildstar (supposedly the next best thing since WoW) hasnt released any concrete player subscriber #s (Some estimate in the 3 millions, with it already starting to decline), WoW is still doing very, very well. and its 10 freakin years old.
If you guys haven't seen the WoW documentary, i highly recommend it (esp for you wow/former wow players)pretty much describes a lot of hurdles they had to overcome due to being the only hugely successful mmo at the did you figure that? I think their artists probably number at least 50 for wow alone. I mean the fact that they have 10+ positions open for WoW alone on their career site is an indication that it's not that small..
according to this blizz hasnt seen sub #s in the 10 millions since Q3 '12. Surprising amount of new/re-subs with WoD.
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Yeah, what other mmo has to deal with what is probably millions of concurrent users hitting servers at the same time, and getting DDos-ed in the process?
\They only give you one boost to 90, and that's not even max level.You also don't have to use the boost if you want some sense of "reward"
got back into WoW just for WoD. Enjoying my time so far (leveling up an 80 i havent touched since 09)
i've been running the preview build and manually flashed the factory image yesterday. Glad it seems like they fixed the Android OS wake lock issue with this final version on the nex 5. UI is greatly improved and its good to see the gapps take on this new interface design as well.
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