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Clockwork (scout) and enigma have also moved to overwatch.A few weeks ago I played against ksharp (cs:go)
Blizzard coming into rescue all the players from the sinking ship and balance mess that is TF2. Valve doesn't care about TF2 or making it into anything more. Top TF2 players like Seagull are fully embracing Overwatch. Overwatch's fun as heck. This game will be bigger than TF2. According to Valve the peak player count was 54,472. Not a large number at all when compared to CS:GO or even Fallout 4.
That's a bit of an overstatement. It does support T Mobile LTE, just not the 12 band (which is newish) and VoLTE. I have the nexus 5 which does not support band 12 and receive T Mobile LTE fine, therefore there are compatible T mobile LTE bands.
wouldn't be surprised if they end up locking down upgraded pirated windows 7 installations to force people to pay something. I feel like this is also a step into the 'nickel and dime-ing" model where micro-purchasing comes to Windows.
I think you might be looking for a different term to describe heroes, since matches rarely exceed 30 minutes. That's not slow paced at all...League started out with only 17 heroes. HoTS in beta has more (and not marginally more, we're talking 17 vs. 34), but i then again dont think Blizzard is going for a 2 hero per month release schedule. You cant possibly expect HotS to match the roster of a 5 year old game before it's even released. and Riot recently started tapering...
it's the risk people take when buying from the grey market at discount prices. Don't expect the manufacturer to support the product at all. I created a separate steam account for this very purpose with knowledge that it might be closed.
"but at the same time, other manufacturers' drives don't." it's like racing several hundred toyota corollas against civics on a track. nearly half of the corollas fail, Civics keep on going. I'd rather buy the Civic even if i'm just driving around on the street.
if Chess is considered a sport by the Olympic committee, then I dont see why gaming can't be considered a sport. Despite what the dude on ESPN said about gaming not being a sport, they still broadcasted the LoL finals. i'd argue that gamers perform more physical movements than chess players.
Meh, game seems to be a little overhyped. I played it and while yeah it's fun initially, I can see it fading away just like Titanfall.
oops, totally didnt notice pcgamer's source was the same article.
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