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they're already celebrities, pewdiepie has already something like 26,022,257 subscribers. If that's not celebrity status then I dont know what is.
true, but when he mentioned 4770 i kind of assumed he meant the client side of the whole exchange. I doubt any server is running a 4770. sccm can transfer program packages and quite a bit of data using only HTTPS. Dont see too much of a load on even a 1 core 1 threaded VM client.
^i dont think that's how HTTPS\SSL works. or it's not nearly as taxing as you think it is to require a 4770 to work well.
i've seen mice similar to this in the workplace and they're pretty comfortable. I wouldnt mind having one at work. clearly by the picture they're not really aiming for the gaming crowd anyway.
huh? this is the first time i posted in or saw this thread. edit: this thread is so confusing lol.
Dang, so defensive. Just making a point that I guess was already stated before. My bad.
dunno, just some minor issues you had in your OP was to be expected.
to be fair, Windows 7 isn't even listed as a supported OS for Office 2003.. and that actually makes a lot of sense because at my old job one of my users was using '03 outlook and it would always freak out when the server guys would bounce Exchange. It couldnt recover on its own.
i think the problem was with copyright. we'd effectively steal hits by posting the full article here.
Try a WRT54G V8. it blows.2 differrent V8s with both stock and DDWRT always froze up.
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