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it's the risk people take when buying from the grey market at discount prices. Don't expect the manufacturer to support the product at all. I created a separate steam account for this very purpose with knowledge that it might be closed.
"but at the same time, other manufacturers' drives don't." it's like racing several hundred toyota corollas against civics on a track. nearly half of the corollas fail, Civics keep on going. I'd rather buy the Civic even if i'm just driving around on the street.
if Chess is considered a sport by the Olympic committee, then I dont see why gaming can't be considered a sport. Despite what the dude on ESPN said about gaming not being a sport, they still broadcasted the LoL finals. i'd argue that gamers perform more physical movements than chess players.
Meh, game seems to be a little overhyped. I played it and while yeah it's fun initially, I can see it fading away just like Titanfall.
oops, totally didnt notice pcgamer's source was the same article.
more than one site is saying it as well: i'm betting some guy at their booth/hotel room is spouting that 'membrane like' feel.
dunno, but i can't imagine it being significantly different than mx browns with shorter travel and actuation..
no it is an LED. There is no rubber at all in this switch.
what's this talk about a copycat topre switch? looks nothing like a topre and doesnt even have a dome in it.
you can actually install a grey water system in a home. Seems like a lot of work though.
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