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my colleague has one and i've held it. It's actually a pretty solid phone especially at that price. Would be a great alternative to the nexus 5.
shame it's not $350... but it looks pretty beefy in terms of specs. oh how i remember the nexus 5 rumors of a OIS camera. My nex 5 has been a great phone. i havent really had the desire to use custom ROMs with it too.
good luck to those of you trying to pursue a career in IT and to those 55k from HP. I lucked out and work for a pretty great company doing and learning what I love (SCCM, MDT, learning Sys Engi). Specialize in something and be very good at it. Worst case scenario you consult for a larger company. I've been eyeing PFE positions at MS when i'm good and ready.
oh definitely. My 4 companies aren't meant to be an all inclusive list of companies...hence the 'etc'Unis, hospitals, etc also tend to have full time IT staff due to privacy concerns.
really the only places to get a steady IT job is to work for a company heavily dependent on technology. I.e. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. Some of these tech companies still use IT contractors. Consulting/Contract work pays well, but as mentioned earlier if one had to travel every week to client and not spend any time at home it would suck if that person had a family or SO. I have a friend that is a consultant (not in IT) that flies to texas every week. All...
can't unsee tramp stamp.
oh wells. didnt buy the corsair and bought a novatouch tkl. new logo is gross.
ugh that ending bit of music with the drums and brass is so epic. I have always been a fan of their musical scores.
clear cmos/reset BIOS with the new CPU installed?
Hope that's sarcasm, because WoW is nearly a decade old. What decade old game has 6.8 million paying subscribers?
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