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RIP cheap Nexus phones.
if you're interested i would read up on lore or at least watch all the warcraft 3 cinematics/in game cinematics (can be found on youtube). I was pretty ignorant but now it's pretty neat seeing the characters from Warcraft 3 in the game.
that too. Zangarra was the other area i meant. I could walk outside Voljin's pride and there's a path not a few paces away where i've seen Alliance. If i make my way to the zangarra "flight" thing (the only way to get there as far as i know, from voljin's pride) there are skeletons strewn about there as well.makes it pretty hard and frustrating to quest (yes, i know wpvp is to be expected in a pvp server). But i've never encountered so many alliance in other contested...
i know this is just because i'm on a PvP server, but Talador and whatever that area is that starts with a Z puts both horde and alliance toons in close proximity. It's so common seeing skeletons strewn about the common areas. Wish they'd buff the guards a bit.
i would update the BIOS.
Considering Wildstar (supposedly the next best thing since WoW) hasnt released any concrete player subscriber #s (Some estimate in the 3 millions, with it already starting to decline), WoW is still doing very, very well. and its 10 freakin years old.
If you guys haven't seen the WoW documentary, i highly recommend it (esp for you wow/former wow players)pretty much describes a lot of hurdles they had to overcome due to being the only hugely successful mmo at the did you figure that? I think their artists probably number at least 50 for wow alone. I mean the fact that they have 10+ positions open for WoW alone on their career site is an indication that it's not that small..
according to this blizz hasnt seen sub #s in the 10 millions since Q3 '12. Surprising amount of new/re-subs with WoD.
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