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Hi all, I was trying to lock my GTX 1070 at a constant 1800MHz core (and various other frequencies). What software can I use to keep the card locked at the frequency I specify? Thank you.
Looking to buy dead non working (out of warranty) Nvidia 10 Series GPU's. Have to be in good aesthetic condition. If you're wondering why I want a dead gpu it's becaue I'm a GPU junkie and enjoy collecting GPU's from all generations to add to mycollage on my wall.
Selling a brand new Gigabyte BRIXpro with an i7 4770R @ 3.9GHz, IrisPro P5200 Integrated Intel graphics, 16GB of Crucial low voltage memory and a 500GB Samsung 840 Series SSD. I have not had the chance to make use of this system at home, I've been using my work laptop to take care of all my needs instead. I will pre-install a trial windows 8.1 enterprise and install memory, ssd and all drivers so that the machine is ready to use when you receive it.
Looking for an appraisal on a brand new Gigabyte BRIX Pro GB-BXI7-4770R with 8gb (1 dimm) of ram and a Samsung 840 series 500gb ssd. Comes with Windows 8.1 unactivated. Thank you,
I'm looking to purchase DOA non working Nvidia 700-800 Series GPU's. Please PM me with the details of the dead gou and an offer.
Hi guys I'm looking for detailed information on VR technology on things like rendering pipeline, time warps and hardware acceleration for various headsets. Are there any websites or dev forums that have this kind of information that anyone may know about?
Hi guys I'm trying to capture the CPU and GPU information (temp, usage, frequency etc) during gameplay over a certain period of time. I'd like to have that data saved to a .csv or .txt file that I can take into excel and do some averaging.
Hey guys, is it possible to disable the preview window on the monitor? It seems like unnecessary rendering for the gpu. I'm hoping this will give my a few more fps while in VR.
Hi guys I'm looking to purchase one of those new Intel Gaming NUC's and I want to utilize the Thunderbolt 3 port to connect 4 1080P monitors @ 60hz. The closest thing I can find is Thunderbolt33 to 2x DP adapter: Are there any other ways I can drive 4 1080p monitors @ 60hz via one Thunderbolt3 connection?
Hey guys I'm trying to get the HTC Vive DevKit to work with some steam games which are "VR" supported. I have my Vive working and paired correctly and I can run the SteamVR Intro (Ballons!) scene just fine. I try to start other VR games but nothing shows up in the HMD. I even tried to set the launch options to "-vr" but still nothing. Anyone have a Vive DevKit working with a game or even a demo?
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