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I found this: But I don't know how it'll do with a PC setup.
Hi guys does anyone have a 15" or smaller 1080P 60hz monitor that they can point me to? I'm bulding a Mini-Itx PC and I want to mount the monitor directly to the case. Any info will help. Thanks!
Hi guys, Does anyone know how to make a .bat file or a shortcut of some kind to quickly toggle the Windows 7 best Appearance/Performance modes? Start > Computer (r-click) > Properties > Advances System Settings > Visual Effects (tab) > Adjust for best Appearance/ Adjust for best Performance.
Hi guys, what is the fastest low -profile gaming GPU currently on the market?
Thank you. I'll be using the i7 4790 with the 150W PSU that comes with the case.
I shoul've mentioned in my initial post that the system will only be using Integrated Intel P4600 onboard graphics. So I'm trying to keep the chassis as small as possible. So by the looks of it I'll need a chassis that'll fit that 300W Seasonic PSU.
Hi guys, I'm building a miniITX system with the "Antec ISK 300-150 Black Mini-ITX Desktop Computer Case W\ 150 Watt Power Supply". Will that 150W power supply be enough power for an i7-4770K, 16gb Ram and a 500GB ssd?
Here's what I see: The PCIE ssd is basically 2 ssd's (200gb each). I don't want to assign 2 different drive letters to each part.
I'm using the Intel 910 Series Ramsdale SSDPEDOX400G301 PCI-E 400GB PCI Express. I recently built a microATX system with a i7 4770k and 780ti 3gb. I'm currently using this as my 670 was struggling to keep 60fps at 1440p (i like max settings). I'm eventually selling both rigs and building a 780ti sli with the hsw refresh and upgrading the monitor to the Asus 144hz gsync 1440p monitor.
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