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Hi, does anyone know what the best gpu out there which doesn't require a 6 or 8 pin power source from the psu?
That'll work perfectly! Thank you very much!
Hi guys, what is the best application for CPU, GPU and RAM monitoring which will also allow me to view a log file so that I'd eventually be able to put the data in a Excel spreadsheet?. I'm basically comparing my gaming (Nvidia) to my friends(AMD) gaming rig.... We have some time on our hands
Selling my i7 4960x Extreme Edition LGA 2011 CPU. It's in perfect condition and never been overclocked. I do not have the original packaging. I'm selling the CPU to scrape together the funds for a future 4K display, no trades. Guarantee against DOA. Asking SOLD shipped via USPS Priority mail.
It's never been overclocked.
I have an i7-4960x which has had minimal use and in immaculate condition. I've been eye balling those 4k displays. Hopefully the cpu can fund me one.
I'm excited now! Thanks for sharing those links psyclum.
Wow it's ITX?! Thats really awesome. Yes Im looking to build something as small as possible yet game at 60 FPS minumum @ 1080P. I assume that Digital Storm build has a riser card to allow the GPU to be mounted like that?
HI guys, has anyone seen a Micro ATX case that supports full size GPU? Digital Storm has created the BOLT II, it's an awesome package but I'd like to build my own and save some if there is a chassis out there that will let me do it. Digital Stprm Bolt II
Do you have any recommendations for a reliable flexible riser card?
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