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Hi Guys, Alphacool just released a new waterblock and here is a first review : Check it out ! and here´s a vendor video:
You need more rad space for this setup for silent operation. Go for 2x 480 or 1x480 + 1x360. Alphacool ST30 for example and a Laing PWM pump or the Alphacool ddc310 with Eisbecher res. Second loop is for the optic at first glance The res. of TT pacific is a pain in the... because it´s hard to open the res. to refill and if you want a very long lasting res. which you can put in the dishwasher: go for aquacomputer aqualis or the brandnew watercool tube res. is producing a FTW block atm
The eLoops are awesome on rads, as long as you use them in push mode (for what they were made) Otherwise you have to use shrouds, to minimize the noise and for the pwm version(s): We have a similar discussion in my home forum with the noctuas. some guys claimed to hear a typical pwm sound (humming) , others test one of your favorite pwm fan for yourself and decide... I like both brands, but i dislike the ugly color of those noctuas, except the industrials...
BTW: The be quiet! AIO is based on the alphacool eisbaer AIO, so you could buy this AIO to save some bucks Fan advise: NB Eloop, or Noctua
I would recommend these parts for your upgrade, because the tubing and primochill fittings have US inch size, could be to loose on the alphacool stuff ...
I got this pump and compared it to others. It´s silent and has more than enough power for every "usual" loop ! Plus it don´t gets hot because of the metal bottom and max. ~3100 rpm! I made a sound / flowrate video
Well, for such an old sys. with no plans to upgrade, i may would buy used parts or an AIO like this + some upgrades:
Thx @ & THX @
Well done !
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