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What about using an AIO, which you can upgrade later on, like the brandnew Swiftech kits ? They´re awesome !
It´s quiet easy and they included an english manual. This guy shows how to mount an Alphacool top, the process is very similar to mount the res. and he´s got an older alphacool bay res. where he shows how it works: most important is, not no overtighten the screws! i got a discount code for u in case you want to order at ( 5% off): 02Aqua2016US
Check out the product video for this nice res. as well, where he descripted all functions
I think the sound level is normal for this AIO model from CM ! I made a little clip of the Nepton last year, it has the same pump built in...afaik
Noiseblocker PK1, Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B14-PS or B14-1, Enermax T.B.Silence, be quiet! Pure Wings case fan
Those Helix fans are in the midfield of the mentioned fans when it comes to delta-t I tested them all by myself
I found this review of the older kit only:
Alphacool Eisberg, Fractal Kelvin, or Swiftech Hxx are good AIO Kits
There are no differences between those sockets when it comes to the mounting material, so go on and have fun
Helix fans are good for rad usage ! I list several good fans: Noiseblocker ELoop 120mm and 140mm, Phobya / Alphacool ELoop, Cougar (orange) , Alphacool Susurro, Swiftech Helix, Noctua Industrials, Niceprice fans: : Scyhe Grand Flex and Cooler Master Silencio
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