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Hey Guys, Alphacool recently released those Alphacool Aurora HardTube LEDs . How do you like them and do you have plans to use them in your next build ? Vendor video: BR
Hi Guys, Here are some first pics of my brandnew Alphacool Eiswand. It´s a complete set, especially for beginners. I will make some tests with the system later on. Ok now, let´s start with the pics, hope you like them. And here is a link to an unboxing video from the manufacturer: and you may have a look at my own little channel: Best Regards from Germany, Andy aka Reviewer...
Hi Guys, Alphacool released some pics of prototypes. What do you think about the products ?
Yeah, exactly !
JFYI: They´re also making blocks for Thermaltake
New products from Alphacool @ CES 2017 Hi Guys, I found this video about new products from the german watercooling company ALPHACOOL. What do you think about their new stuff, hot or not ? Check it out: @Firedrops: Of course there is a huge difference ! here is a lighttower in his natural habitat : and the eisbecher family :
I got a GTX1080 block from them, looking good !
Hi Guys, Alphacool just released a new waterblock and here is a first review : Check it out ! and here´s a vendor video:
You need more rad space for this setup for silent operation. Go for 2x 480 or 1x480 + 1x360. Alphacool ST30 for example and a Laing PWM pump or the Alphacool ddc310 with Eisbecher res. Second loop is for the optic at first glance The res. of TT pacific is a pain in the... because it´s hard to open the res. to refill and if you want a very long lasting res. which you can put in the dishwasher: go for aquacomputer aqualis or the brandnew watercool tube res. is producing a FTW block atm
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