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Toys for big boys
I confused it with 16/10mm fittings which had not fitted on the older hk3 but fit on hk4. sry bro
Hmm, maybe an old Hydor pump
If you want silent operation, you need more rad space. otherwise a 240 rad is ok. you could buy a kit like this just sell the cpu block if not needed
Should be no problem with nearly all 19/13mm fittings on the HK 4 , except the monsoon revolver fittings
Add an external 360 rad like alphacool st30 but when you wanna have really good temps, go for 2 more rads or think about an external monster rad like the MORA 3
Go for the mayhems tubing. Very good bang for the buck and check the comparison @extremerigs The Primo hose is not worth the higher price..imo
ELoops are awesome + Alphacool Susurro + Cooler Master Silencio
Alphacool Laing DDC 310 or Alphacool VPP655 / D5 are awesome pumps, or the new Aquacomputer Aquastream Ultimate I relased YT videos for both pumps. They are in german but you can check out the noise and flow rate
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