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New toys
If you´re in the market for an affordable but good performing waterblock, i recommend the kryos delrin, phobya, or heatkiller 3.0 lc. when some bling bling shoud be included, go for the new awesome hk 4.0
BTW: Optional fullsize backplate for the AC block is available for ~ 30 €
Hey Kidz, which one is your favorite ? Best Regards, Angela Merkel
It´s the "Ultra" Black Version ! Foiled and painted. Just have a look in my worklog
First package for my TT X9 "Yeti lives" project has arrived !
Those are Thermaltake Odin fans. Awesome case fans, but also ok for rad usage. Silent up to 7V
Finally....Pic posted in 20+ forums and 25+ FB groups and your´re the first who is asking...yay It´s a Quanum Nova Quadcopter
Next build....this time with high end custom watercooling again
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