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+1 for the Swiftech kit !
Check this out:
Then a kit with a 240 rad would be fine. can run the pump with ~9v for silent operationor this kit: with poti for easy setup from silent to power, awesome fans, good rad, big reservoir - a good kit !
Those brandnew Noiseblocker ELoop 140mm fans are awesome @rad ! B14-2 for example You can find a user review via google
There are no chemicals left in a loop when using this method properly like described in the guide ! If NOT cleaning a rad before using, then it can mess up a loop later on We all know those pics. Users can decide themself which method they´re using. Fact is, that water alone isn´t enough to clean a rad properrly. I´m speaking of some splashes of CB mixed with warm water to clean a rad ! NOT the whole bottle ! Rads are cleaner inside than 5 years before. Those older rads...
If using the CB method correct, no sys will mess up ! Hundreds if not thousands of users used this method since many years Michael .- as you know, many users and companies don´t recommend to use mayhems dyes and especially premixes for several reasons, but lots of users incl. me still do because the colours (and effects) looks great
Of course you have to flush the rad with fresh water until only clear water comes out and normally just a few splashes of CB is enoughI use this method for many years now with excellent results. It´s cheap and effective
You need more than such a small 240 rad to cool your cpu + board + gpu except you´re a fan of 3000+ rpm fan speeds Add another 120 rad in the back and top and think about a push/pull fan configuration to decrease the temps You don´t need another pump and/or reservoir and your psu has way enuff power !
The sound @ 0:24 sounds that you still have some air bubbles left in the loop. I suggest to turn the case 45° left and right several times If it still sounds like this afterwards, open the loop and make a refill. best of luck
Boiling water is not enough to clean new rads except the ones from watercool/aquacomputer. I use the Cilit Bang + hot water method since many years with very good results. or you can buy something like this from mayhems:
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