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You could use a good kit and just add a gpu cooler
Stick with Innovatek Protect, or Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Premixes, both are very good
New toys and a little comparison. Prices in Euro ( and Alphacool: 17 € BP: ~ 28 € Alphacool: 5,39 € BP: ~ 14 €
The pump of the Thermaltake Water Extreme 3 is very quiet I you wanna upgrade later on, go for a Swiftech Hxxx, Eisberg, or Fractal Kelvin
Yeah, go for a kit from a proper watercooling company
Discount codes ftw
Yeah, better order the stuff at with no risk
I would say 12/10 and 13/10mm is prefered by most people atm
You can also use a good metal hose cutter for the PETG ones like the new one from XSPC and for bending, there are many tools from 10 $ to 100 $ or you may build one yourself of some pieces of wood
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