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Well done !
: nice
Nice rig !
Just a little Teaser PS: Of course a full copper block and alu has no water contact
Teaser Video: ....english written review is already released at another page which starts with L and ends with Reviews
Howdy Folks, I got a new neat little toy named "Eisfluegel" . You can watch it allday if u got no fishtank or so Or just use the little buddy as optical flow indicator
Piece it together, still the best choice . There are good AIO´s which can be upgraded like the swiftech Hxx series, but if just 1 part is defective, you have to RMA the whole kit
An Alphacool Eisbecher Res. with Laing DDC or D5 would fit in that case
Exactly, for most of ddr4 ram if not all you need to add those extra modules and dismount the ram heatspreaders by yourself like shown in many video guides @YT In general: There is no need to watercool ram and you´ll may loose the guarantee, so think twice if you really wanna do it
Nah there isn´t a big difference, just have a look at some roundups with cpu waterblocks, like this one : Same with gpu blocks
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