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So, you tested the lens for a few hours and wrote it off? I can't help but feel like there's a fair amount of expectation bias being applied here due to other users' suggestions and online reviews.
This has less to do with processing than it does with the technical aspects of shooting, though. I think it's important to make the distinction between technical proficiency and the need to make processing adjustments to fit style/taste/sensor type/print medium, etc.
Woof, that red wood is hard to look at.
Unless you're planning to shoot JPG, that's an unrealistic goal. Consider that all film needs processing and adjustments during print/dev, and ask yourself why the same wouldn't be true for digital RAW.
Cad degree? I've never even heard of that.Yes, I know. I have a BFA in photography, but I am currently working as a sysadmin at an HFT firm.
Again... if you're pursuing a degree, it means you want to make a career out of it -- which involves money.
So.... which is it? My recommendations would vary wildly between whether you're serious or curious.
Why? The recommended adjustment would be to slow that shutter down before cranking up ISO.
The only people that say this are those who don't understand or misuse perspective. You know, internet specialists.
That's fair, I was just curious.
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