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Not surprised, I suppose, that R9 300 wasn't introduced, as they'll likely do that on a day where it will maximize market impact.
It's almost like you guys have never seen a publicity stunt before.
Yep. New R9 (hopefully not just Tonga) and "new" FX CPUs.
The only advantage in your case is the smaller, locking cable ends. Don't buy a DP cable if you have DVI cables laying around.
Sounds about right.
I thought the S5 was using the D300 chassis -- I could be wrong, and I'm far too lazy to look.
I have a feeling you can fix that in less than an hour.
Riding on the road is way more safe than sidewalks -- consider that on a sidewalk you're typically out of a motorist's line of sight. So when they hastily turn into a driveway, the cyclist on the sidewalk becomes a hood ornament (and the rider is legally responsible for damage caused). Don't buy a 6D, that's foolish. Fix your bike or buy a car, don't let wants get in the way of needs.
ATX has always been unique for cycling (the six or seven times I've visited -- exclusively to ride bikes or shoot photos of other grown men riding BMX bikes) because when you're on the road people are actually aware that you exist.You don't need a $2000 bike to ride to work -- go on CL and look for something used. I've ridden the same fixed-gear around town for seven years. Good bikes last.
Chicago is flat -- that said, the incompetence of most motorists makes it a pretty 'exciting' experience to ride a bike in the city and some surrounding suburbs.
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