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Yeah, it's been a day, only filthy casuals select something other than next-day shipping. REPORT.
Everybody has their own brand of advice -- most posters here are a little more long-winded than myself, but it comes down to personality more than anything.I work for a large HFT doing system infrastructure and deployment (s/w and h/w) -- the very nature of our business means buying the latest-and-greatest at the drop of a hat, but it's also done with the highest degree of objectivity you could imagine. It's probably why a lot fo my suggestions come off as dickish (and why...
Sounds like insecurity to me.
Is that white Spike Lee?
I think the issue is that the OCN culture is built around buying bleeding edge tech for miniscule gains -- this kind of mentality doesn't usually serve anyone well when buying photography equipment unless you are stupid and flush with cash.
I see these types of posts haven't stopped:I mean, hey, it's cool you want to get into photography, but... come on.
The PA248Q is good, but every single one I've seen (including mine) was too cool out of the box. Everyone buying a monitor for editing should also include a profiling tool as part of the cost, as without it you're simply relying on (not always great) factory calibration.
Unbelievable responses on here, sometimes.Mugsy, I found myself in a similar predicament recently, and 16:10 certainly seems on its way out the door -- I ended up settling for a 16:9 Dell U2713M (I don't game much anymore, pixel response times and ghosting matter much less to me than color accuracy and even backlighting). Our local Microcenter has a few open-box ZR30Ws for $550, but I didn't have the desk real estate for a 30" (it's tight already with a 27" and two 24"...
Just to add to this, it took Canon three tries to get a properly-working refurb 50D in my hands, and my initial D7000 refurb had a malfunctioning lens mount -- I don't know how any of that made me feel about buying a refurb body again (much less recommending it) because they both eventually worked out. If I was buying with any degree of immediacy (like I was when I picked up my last Fuji) I would definitely consider spending more for a new item as you're probably...
I larfed.The software has the ability to send stats to an external device over wifi -- did you think this would be done with voodoo? If you think Bonjour's inclusion is a show-stopping, CPU cycle-eating inclusion that is sodomizing your PC at every turn, perhaps you should email the developer and **GASP** ask for its inclusion to be optional.
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