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Better be pretty great for 1800 smackers.
AF is, at least in my opinion, satisfactory for my use case (mostly street/"landscapes"). It's not the fastest thing on the planet, but I'm very rarely caught off-guard by having slow AF -- and in the cases that I might be, I prefer to use the Nikon anyway. I have not tried the 27, it's a bit of an odd duck for me in terms of focal length.
As a long-time user I'm quite satisfied with the X-Pro1, X-E1 should be fine so long as you're alright with the EVF. I've become considerably less critical of most cameras as long as they just get out of the way and let me shoot, so take that for what it's worth.
And I, you. Spaghetti.
Meh, as a human being (for all you know) I do occasionally end up with some egg on my face.
My apologies, I definitely misread your post, and you are correct. I really need to stop trying to browse OCN during on-call work hours.
This is absolutely not true. Assuming the same angle of view, the only thing that changes is depth of field.
I'm probably in the extreme minority here on OCN, but it would be great if they could include IPMI on this type of board. Their workstation boards are par at best, and not overclocking-oriented, but remote management still a great resource, as any good admin knows. And before anyone asks, yes, there is a HUGE demand for overclocking boards with IPMI in HFT, as the huge majority of the KVM-over-IP solutions are abolutely deplorable, eat up rack space and can result in cable...
Eh, I don't see $200 as an objectionable price tag considering what I carry inside of it, though I'm not blind to the fact that there are many bags that perform the same function for considerably less.
Usually my everyday bag when I carry a camera is the Incase Ari, which is just barely large enough to carry the D610 (no grip) and 24/1.4, a 13" rmbp or Surface Pro 3 (depending on what my needs for the day are), keys, a pack of smokes and a lighter, the x100 and a few other small things. It's big enough to carry all three of my Fujis at once, though I would probably never be caught in that kind of scenario. It's easily my favorite camera bag, and it's nice-looking, so I...
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