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Sounds about right.
I thought the S5 was using the D300 chassis -- I could be wrong, and I'm far too lazy to look.
I have a feeling you can fix that in less than an hour.
Riding on the road is way more safe than sidewalks -- consider that on a sidewalk you're typically out of a motorist's line of sight. So when they hastily turn into a driveway, the cyclist on the sidewalk becomes a hood ornament (and the rider is legally responsible for damage caused). Don't buy a 6D, that's foolish. Fix your bike or buy a car, don't let wants get in the way of needs.
ATX has always been unique for cycling (the six or seven times I've visited -- exclusively to ride bikes or shoot photos of other grown men riding BMX bikes) because when you're on the road people are actually aware that you exist.You don't need a $2000 bike to ride to work -- go on CL and look for something used. I've ridden the same fixed-gear around town for seven years. Good bikes last.
Chicago is flat -- that said, the incompetence of most motorists makes it a pretty 'exciting' experience to ride a bike in the city and some surrounding suburbs.
Seven miles? Ride a bicycle, you hack. :hugs:
As far as I'm concerned, arguing about lens quality for SLR systems is pointless. There's something available in each of the "big two" systems that's comparable, and very little differentiates between them. Pick what you like and stick with it. Featuresets and overall quality are immeasurably close in 2014, so the only differentiating factor when buying into a system will be ergonomics (more or less). It's funny to see everyone defend their point of view, despite the fact...
I'm sorry, which manufacturer recently released an 800 dollar 35/2?
As someone who shot both Canon and Nikon for quite some time, I would buy another Nikon if I needed an SLR. Canon's new lens gouging pricing is terrible, and it's clear they've moved heavily toward "acceptable" stills quality and better HDSLR capability. That said, their service is miles better than Nikon's.
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