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I larfed.The software has the ability to send stats to an external device over wifi -- did you think this would be done with voodoo? If you think Bonjour's inclusion is a show-stopping, CPU cycle-eating inclusion that is sodomizing your PC at every turn, perhaps you should email the developer and **GASP** ask for its inclusion to be optional.
How does a zeroconf service that enables some of the additional features of the software constitute bloat? Please do your homework before making such useless comments, Bonjour is harmless -- it runs on boot as a SYSTEM service and while active sends less hardware interrupts than an idle DirectX kernel driver.
The FUD is strong in this thread.Bonjour is just another zeroconf implementation. If you don't want to use the secondary device monitoring features, disable it.
What's the word, chumps?
Not surprised, I suppose, that R9 300 wasn't introduced, as they'll likely do that on a day where it will maximize market impact.
It's almost like you guys have never seen a publicity stunt before.
Yep. New R9 (hopefully not just Tonga) and "new" FX CPUs.
The only advantage in your case is the smaller, locking cable ends. Don't buy a DP cable if you have DVI cables laying around.
Sounds about right.
I thought the S5 was using the D300 chassis -- I could be wrong, and I'm far too lazy to look.
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