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Probably DSA:
The Bronica 645 I had is now in the hands of @Conspiracy, was quite good for what I had paid for it.
Lots of Mamiya stuff is great, and quite affordable.
Yet here I sit, an old BMXer, waiting patiently for an updated Dave Mirra game (yeah right).
Have you tried bouncing the interface while it's connected?
More or less, though higher clocks inevitably lead to loosening up timing, so there's a very narrow sweet spot for latency reduction in regards to memory overclocking. It is, however, becoming less of a point of contention in our industry as FPGAs and super-fast L2/L1.5 networking gear become more ubiquitous.
While technically correct, the impact so minimal that it's largely irrelevant. Working in HFT, our entire industry is built on latency -- and even though you might lose a couple of nanos with DDR4, it's much easier to make up the difference somewhere else in the chain than to stick with legacy DDR3-based systems.
Ok, so:1.) Focus peaking -- still mostly a video tool, not available in any SLR without moving to the workflow-murdering Live View method. Notice the emphasis on SLR.2.) PIP is only available on the X100T, which is all well and good, but it has no relation to the discussion at hand.There's the problem -- I don't care about video creation. I do appreciate that manual-focus lenses have their place in that scenario, but then I would assume it would be more appropriate to...
Methinks ye doth partake of the Zeiss Kool-Aid. I also would disagree heavily on the precision part, since none of the modern SLRs are equipped with any of the manual-focus aids of cameras past (quality ground glass, split window, etc).
That 35/2 better be something really special for ~1200 USD.
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