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Your boss would ask you to stop using my likeness.
I should probably pick up a new knife.
6x4.5 is massive compared to 3.5x2.4 (35mm).
The extra 6 makes it more metal.
This is basically unavoidable in a situation like that. Stop down or learn how to fix it in post. Don't buy more gear to compensate.
I'm sure if you sifted through them, you might find some really inspired photographs. Not everyone with a moustache in tight jeans is a talentless hack.
By "borrow", do you mean "purchase" as I have previously offered?
X100s have an OVF, with the EVF toggle on the front of the camera where you would expect a frameline lever to be.The X100 is not for anyone who loves to spend money on lenses and fluff, which is probably why there are a ton of them on the used market. You would have to pry mine from my cold, dead hands.
Then why did you accept the work? Amazing.
Fer yer health.
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