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128GB DIMMs will be a huge win for memory-limited scenarios, like in-memory databases and VM clustering.
I just picked up a Predator kit last week while binge-upgrading my Linux workstation to Skylake -- the fans are reasonably quiet, but there's quite a bit of pump noise around 30-40% PWM. It's not offensive, but it's definitely audible -- more so than any other closed-loop system I've encountered in the past. Upgradability and construction offset that in my mind, though this may not be the case for everyone. The previous setup was a 3960X w/a Kraken X60 using Cougar fans,...
Amusingly, this update caused the uninstallation of Office 2013 and the most recent version of Anyconnect on a few of our Surface Pro 3s at work. We don't manage updates on them with our deployment software as they're more like 'courtesy devices', so this was indeed quite a surprise.
Like many other things in the computing world, Broadwell will never get a real chance in the sun because developing for a piece of niche hardware is too costly. Certainly, though, if you're developing in-house software that can keep important data sets cache-hot, the frequency advantage of Haswell and the slight IPC advantage of Skylake can be completely negated. This has always been my issue with consumer processors -- they always lack an appropriate amount of cache since...
It's possible to cool over 800W of processor/GPU/FPGA in 1U assuming you're not locating it in an absurd space like a bedroom. I'm guessing since you're using a 1U server chassis that this isn't the case, and Supermicro should be able to provide additional fans if you need them. I've deployed a handful of these and cooling is more than acceptable.
Would be great for latency-sensitive applications, something like this would have been huge in HFT if FPGAs weren't available.
It's impossible for me to say anything here without breaking our own NDA, but I question the validity of the information provided in this post.
My detector is malfunctioning.In any case, as long as it's not as bad as New Vegas was on launch day (it was a stuttery, crash-to-desktop mess that made me realize the value of F5), it'll probably just be moderately annoying at worst. I don't get full of hatred for buggy games like some other posters here, and I certainly don't think it's necessary to wage a 30-page holy war about it, since it's... a game.
Unreal expectations, a core tenet of the PC gamer elite.
How nice of you to support your claim with empirical evidence!I can think of a couple of Windows shops off hand, but they're either very specialized (and likely augmenting with FPGA) or have very little positive cash flow as a result of being slow.
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