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Looks like something is still phoning home to MS, to and/or
The amount of hyperbole and ignorance in this thread is astounding. If you don't like it, and arent willing to put a bit of time into learning how to correct what you view as "invasive", then don't use it.
Except you're really only looking at this as a gamer -- which is fair, but at least admit that bit.
Why? GP and the registry have been essential ways of controlling Windows components (among many other things) for a very long time.
OneDrive is not on by default, and using it as a storage location can be disabled in a single GPO. Hangouts has been largely fixed (in my experience I never found it to be as broken as some like to think in regards to contact nav). The Start screen is great on tablets, and largely forgettable on a desktop as it functions exactly like older versions (start typing what you need -- also, my opinion is that the Start menu is a monolithic mess, but I digress...) I will agree...
Sorry, but this is false. You can enforce local GP on Windows if you choose, but deploying those same objects to other machines is a different story.
There are a couple more that need to be enabled to completely cut off the data sharing (direct to MS), that's simply the one I used to illustrate a point. Really, it's not difficult, and group policy is infinitely more navigable for most people, at least compared to the registry.
There's a large difference between pretending you know something versus actual experience, and simply speaking about the latter isn't what I would consider condescending.
That's not really what's happening in this thread. I don't know how much more clear I can be -- if you don't wish to share information with third parties, it behooves you to go the extra mile to ensure you lock down as much as possible.
The reason Google and the like are so adept at bettering UX is because they use your data to make improvements and fix bugs. The general worry (which is evident in this thread) is that the information you knowingly agree to share (you did read the TOS, right?) can be used against you if someone in a power position sees fit. While I don't think those fears are totally unwarranted, it is entirely possible to control what information you provide and to whom (to some degree). ...
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