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Well, this thread is certainly something.
Still daily-carrying the D810 and 24/1.4, shooting whenever I have the chance (less and less frequently these days, since I'm spending more time at work). Should upload some things to Flickr one of these days when I'm not working until 22:00 on stuff halfway around the world.
Are you reading the report or just counting the number of errata? Rather, do you even know what any of them are, or are you just fear-mongering?
I can't think of a chip that's been released in the past 20 years that didn't have a spec sheet detailing numerous errata. If all you're doing is counting the number of items Intel reports, Haswell doesn't look so bright either: course, there's more to it than that, but knee-jerk reactions are so common on OCN these days that it makes...
I wouldn't think that should be the case unless you're using a tracking AF mode, but if it is, I view that as a bit of a hindrance/usability issue. Might have even been one of the reasons I moved to Nikon, it's actually been so long I wouldn't remember unless I had a Canon in-hand!
From seems like an odd default behavior, I haven't used Canon in a few years but I don't recall it ever being this stupidly complicated.
It's certainly challenging, because it's almost like reinventing the wheel when trying to consolidate so much data on one machine (really two or more for redundancy). Most of the off-the-shelf solutions are just average, and considerably more expensive. I can't exactly comment on the workload, but you can sort of visualize it by starting a tcpdump/Wireshark/Tshark capture and flooding traffic at line rate for hours.Enterprise equpiment is expensive, which is why it's not a...
They've been pretty good for us as virtual guest storage (where we use a SAN/Netapp for data storage and a Hadoop cluster for big data), but that's about the only positive use in our environment. I had tested them in a scenario where they would be used for capturing market data (I am in HFT), but they just don't have enough throughput to handle multiple connections at 10Gb line rate, so I ended up oversubscribed by about 80:1 worst-case. It's not plausible to deploy a SAN...
After the P3700 being more of a letdown than I would have imagined (it functions well enough in parts of our infra), the preliminary numbers on this look good. Still not totally there, but pretty good nonetheless.
I would argue that on a longer lens like the 135, IS would be useful. At least for me, would have been nice to have when I owned that lens.
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