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Got my turntable hooked up recently, been really enjoying some old (read: original pressings) albums that were my father's. It's a Technics SL-DL1 w/an AT-122LP cart, run to the PP2i, to the Fiio E17 to Senn 598s.
Clean the dust out of them. I had a similar issue creeping up when I had CFX 6970s, and a good cleaning solved the issue. Running multiple monitors will always bump the clocks up on the main card, but 70C is insane.
I'm usually too far gone for SFC to be of any help, but I do try to give it a shot if it boots.
Check event viewer. Then sob and reinstall. This kind of thing happens to me (doesn't manifest quite this way) when I go stupid and try insane overclocks, think they're stable, and end up with a botched Windows installation a week later.
Woulda been pretty sweet if the weather didn't go all Chicago on us again. You know, 80 degrees on Saturday and 29 + snow yesterday. Stupid Midwest.
It doesn't take much. There are probably some videos demonstrating it, I'll try to find some.
Nice job! We used to polish acrylic back in the day with stepped sanding or routing -- but instead of that plastic polish, you can also use a map gas torch to get to another level of clarity with a lot less time spent rubbing.
I'm stoked they keep adding tracks -- Road America was the biggest one for me, since I have fond, fond memories of being towed out of the gravel at Turn 1 back in 2005.
I get them once in a while on my 6970 -- I don't think I've ever seen a Core 16 on my 7970s.
I'm still getting them on all three 7970s every time I fire them up, which is odd.
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