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But it doesn't have 38MP!
I understand the need for comfort, but a D700 is gigantic compared to even a D7100:,44043% weight increase is substantial, and this is coming from the owner of an RB67.
People still shrink the pagefile? Such a horribly misguided thing to do, leave it as-is.
I can assure you, a D7200 won't be less than $1200. Be careful what you wish for when you say "larger body" as well -- there have been almost zero times where I wanted a larger camera in my bag, but about a million where I wanted something a little lighter and more compact.
7D2 was a huge jump under the hood from the 7D, though. Scott, at the current cost of a D610 (new, $1500 USD) or a used D800 (good condition, $1600-1700 USD), you should think about an FX camera as a real upgrade. edit: I see you have all kinds of DX lenses so nevermind.
Except cameras are more than just specs. When Sony gets a real-deal lens system together, maybe it'll be time to stop laughing at them.
I'm not saying they don't resemble the Leica aesthetic, but it's one of those designs that's been tweaked by so many manufacturers over the years that it's almost unfair to say Leica "owns" it. I've never owned a Leica -- and I probably never will. But the similarities are few between the X series and the Leica M line; the Fujis are more Contax in spirit than Leica, so IMO it's futile to compare the two. There's more stigma and glamour surrounding the red dot than anything...
I will have to snap a pic of the x100, X-Pro and GA645 side-by-side tomorrow -- it becomes pretty obvious that a lot of the design cues have stuck for.... more years than I am willing to admit I have been around for.
Fuji has been making rangefinders for a good long time, though -- mostly medium format, so nobody knows about them. A lot of the tech in the GA645 has made its way into the X-Series, but obviously modernized and refined (i.e. AF with frameline adjustment for parallax).
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