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Because you're either being intentionally misleading to get a reaction from someone or simply talking out of your ass. Going by the rest of your posts I've come across recently, I assume the latter.
If you're going to fabricate a scenario, keep the lie consistent:
Depending on what side quests you complete before the main quest ends, the final cinematic differs. 300 is plausible.
I bought a monopod like 8 years ago "just in case" and have only ever used it once, FWIW.
If you shoot at 135 a lot, it would make sense. Great lens, my favorite EF offering.
So, you tested the lens for a few hours and wrote it off? I can't help but feel like there's a fair amount of expectation bias being applied here due to other users' suggestions and online reviews.
This has less to do with processing than it does with the technical aspects of shooting, though. I think it's important to make the distinction between technical proficiency and the need to make processing adjustments to fit style/taste/sensor type/print medium, etc.
Woof, that red wood is hard to look at.
Unless you're planning to shoot JPG, that's an unrealistic goal. Consider that all film needs processing and adjustments during print/dev, and ask yourself why the same wouldn't be true for digital RAW.
Cad degree? I've never even heard of that.Yes, I know. I have a BFA in photography, but I am currently working as a sysadmin at an HFT firm.
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