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In finance (and HPC, etc), PTP is used for time sync, and requires special hardware. I seriously doubt Intel would be bringing anything like that anywhere near the mainstream... especially considering the cost of precision oscillators.
Psh, SATA, what a peasant interface.
I don't view the D610 as an upgrade from the D600, just a couple of minor changes to get the D600 debacle out of the minds of people who felt Nikon handled the oil/dust issue poorly. Functionally, they are identical as far as I'm concerned, and the D610 is currently only a few hundred dollars more than the D7200 -- which, if you want to use FX lenses without incurring the "crop penalty" of reduced angle-of-view, is a pretty easy choice to make (especially if you're more...
Whatever helps you feel better about buying that D800, buddy."Your opinion is worthless, just my opinion."
Anything more than a single point is nice, so it doesn't really present a problem for me.
All the small Nikon/Canon/Sony bodies suck to hold, unless you have tiny hands. Even the D610 with a grip is on the verge of "too small" for me sometimes.
Someone deleting posts for containing opinions now, eh? I'd love an explanation on that one.
I'm not entirely sure what point you're trying to make. Intel markets and segmentizes their product stack so they make maximum profit. If you think for one second that they will make more money selling 8-core parts as part of their consumer line, you're wrong. Intel has a lot of highly-paid, very smart employees who are very good at what they do.
Ah, makes sense, then.
The workstation middle ground is the E5-1xxxv3, at least from a marketing standpoint.
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